Ripple XRP: $589 RESET In The Autumn, After Economies CRASH! (Are You READY?)

What's up, guys? I hope you all had a 
fantastic weekend and a lovely 4th of July.   We are off to the start of yet another week, 
and the price of XRP today stands at $0.6788,   and clearly, we are a bit in the red zone 
over the last 24 hours. Today's video is   about to get very interesting, so buckle up 
and let's enjoy the ride. But before we get   into all the good stuff that's been happening to 
XRP in the XRP community, let's roll that intro.  As always, Welcome back to Money Side- your 
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First, we are getting this party started   with this tweet from @bliponscreen that says, 
"Now that you've all 'diversified' out of XRP   into distraction XDC (follow the trends). XRP 
will launch. Where do trends come from? Why did   every Youtuber interview an open-source dev out 
of nowhere? Why now? XRP is ready.

See ya." I will   just continue saying what I do best; distractions 
are and have always been a thing in the crypto   world. That's why we are told to keep our eyes 
on the prize. Not many will get to reap the   fruits. So, stay committed as XRP will skyrocket 
soon enough. We are definitely closer than ever.  Right next up is this tweet from @Naturalmed777 
that says, "If SEC settlement by EOY and XRP is   deemed a liquidity token and rise to $15- 30, 
what percentage of your XRP would you sell?"   He shares this video from @digitalassetinvestor 
where you guys could be looking at about $30   in XRP price once the SEC lawsuit is settled 
in a bullish way. I think you should all find   this video, listen to it, and let me know 
what you think in the comments section.  Further from that, we have this tweet from 
@XRProphet13; he tweeted saying, "On July 4,   2020, XRP was at 0.1776, on July 4, 
2021, XRP was at 0.6771 at 1:33 AM"   We cannot make up these kinds of things.

look it up for yourself and see, don't just take   my word for it! I see quite a similar trend with 
things here, and it's pretty exciting to watch.  @RedCollie1, "Personally, I suspect now that the 
STORM will begin this month in July of 2021. Mr.   Pool assures us there will be a '589'reset in 
the autumn, after economies crash. Trump, 1-7,   and Mr. Pool have all talked about a STORM.

have been three crop pictures, not human-made."   Something monumental is definitely up on the 
horizon. The only question is, are you ready?  Moving forward, by the looks of things, @Bitboy 
is turning to be an XRP maximalist again.   He is talking about XRP now more often. This 
is pretty interesting breaking news so let's   dive in right away. And see what he had to 
say in a video posted by @XRPisOurFuture   Now, from this video, this guy clearly has some 
pretty key take-aways. It's relatively simple,   and there has been a lot happening behind the 
scenes. So, let's go over some of the essential   things he brings to us in the XRP community.
First, he points out that Ripple dropped a   boatload of money on the Brazilian bank. Now, 
this bank has many ties, and they want to use   XRP to be the leading coin.

This is something that 
we have been talking about time and again here on   this channel. You can bet even without listening 
to this guy specifically that we have said XRP is   going to be the one coin that rules them all. XRP 
is like the heart of the new-age financial system   that's about to go up. Right now, we may not be 
sure when this new economic system will go live,   but when it finally does, XRP will be 
right there at the heart of it all.  Everything is happening before our eyes. We can't 
quite say that we didn't see this coming. No! We   already knew what was coming as all this had been 
pre-planned. Don't ever sit back and imagine that   some of these things that occur in the crypto 
market just happen out of impulse. Everything   is always pre-planned to reach the bigger goal.
On top of that, we need to keep in mind that the   central banks around the world are going 
to use XRP.

As he stated in the video,   they will use XRP as the leading coin. And we 
all know what this will do for the price of   XRP. We will see the price of XRP shoot through 
the ceiling all the way to the stratosphere.  What's more, Bitboy Crypto in the video also 
talks about the post-SEC settlement or news   actions ready. So, here's my guess, 
guys… they will make all this happen   after the SEC settlement occurs. And as he says in 
the video, 'Ripple will get a slap on the wrist,   they pay the fine and then will be all good 
to go.' Do you all think this is how things   are going to play out, guys? I'd love to hear what 
you think about all this in the comments section.  But the one thing that we pick up from this video 
is that Bitboy gives us the green light that XRP   will be the one. That's because XRP is going to 
be implemented into the financial banking system.   These things we cannot make up. We have 
all the facts to back up these claims.   I can't wait to see how things go once the 
new financial system is up and running.   The banks around the world will all be needing 
XRP to facilitate their international transfers.   It's just crazy how the whole world will be 
intertwined and connected together with XRP,   helping to move money seamlessly.
Now, let's take a look at this   tweet from @great_martis that says, "Nasdaq… 
last let it seems.

Could falter at any time.   1000 point max upside will be an interesting 12 
months and beyond." If you look closer at the   images, you can see what he's trying to explain 
here; the market could dump at any time. You all   have no choice but to be prepared for this market 
as things are about to take a rollercoaster.  Another tweet here from @SUTOPuoyknahT says, "June 
11, 2021, XDC begins value breakout against XRP.   April, May, June, July watch closely. 
Opportunity to reinvest XDC into XRP coming soon?   I'm watching." Well, well, it 
seems like XRP is rising next.  Now, before we get to the last tweet, there 
have been some pretty exciting news that   happened earlier today. Looking over at an 
article on, we can see the headlines,   "195.5 Million XRP transferred by Three Major 
Exchanges while XRP Keeps trading at $0.6"   Let's quickly see what this article says.
According to the data posted by the Whale Alert   blockchain service, 'Over the past sixteen hours, 
close to a whopping 200 million XRP has been   shifted by cryptocurrency trading venues.

crypto traders move 195.5 million XRP. As per the   data shared by the Whale Alert team, over the last 
sixteen hours, three top-tier crypto exchanges   have shifted over 195 million XRP tokens – an 
equivalent of $131,742,145 in traditional fiat   currency. Three digital exchanges were involved 
in these transfers. The most extensive XRP stash   was moved by the Bybit platform to Binance – 
109,678,062 XRP (74,586,574 in US dollars).  The other three crypto transactions were made by 
the US-based Poloniex exchange – three transfers   of slightly over 28,500,000 XRP. Overall, 
Poloniex moved $57,810,033 worth of XRP   (85,500,000 tokens). As reported by U.Today 
last week, the crypto behemoth Ripple unleashed   another billion XRP tokens from escrow – a 
tradition it has been following since 2018   to support the coin's liquidity and cover 
the company's operational expenses.

However,   recently, the blockchain decacorn has begun 
locking almost all of the released sum back in   escrow – usually, that's about 800 million XRP.'
As we wind up today's video, we will close it off   with this tweet from one of our favorite XRP 
maximalists, @reb0rn13. He tweeted, saying,   "Do me a favor, go out for a 13-mile run, right 
now. What you will find is that the two hardest   parts are the start and the last mile. XRP is 
currently at the last mile. Ride the storm."   The finale is imminent; we just have to buckle 
up as this ride is about to get a little bumpy.   Their plan worked phenomenally. Make XRP hard 
to get & not attractive due to the lawsuit.   Steer all the new investors to 
the shit coins. Dump everything.   Now only the seasoned investors are brave enough 
to buy the blood & still have cash on the side   while everyone is rekt. With that in mind, let’s 
take a look at the technical picture of XRP!  Now we are looking at the 12-hour timeframe 

As I discovered recently XRP   is forming a very interesting formation in the 
structure that has the ability to convert into a   determined continuation especially because the 
formation recently completed with a breakout   and therefore validation of the whole 
formation. As when looking at my chart now   we can watch there how XRP has formed this major 
descending-triangle-formation with the coherent   wave-count in the formation almost already 
completed. XRP is now above the upper boundary and   already pulled back to it to bounce from it giving 
the proper setup for the upcoming continuations.   These continuations will follow up and 
firstly approach the initial target zone   marked in my chart in blue in the 0.898 level.
When this initial target is reached it has   to be elevated how XRP continues further 
and how a continuation of the established   volatility can look like or there firstly comes 
a pullback which also is possible in this case,   it will be an important and interesting 
development ahead.

As always trade safely guys!  Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed 
financial advisor. All videos on this channel   are intended for entertainment purposes only.
Tell us what you think in the comment section   below and let's have a conversation.
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