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welcome back to the show everybody we got another great one lined up for you here 2.2 billion in bitcoin scooped up during the dip have you been buying a dip because somebody's been buying the dip all right federal trade commission and binance comes under fire we're going to get into a department of justice new crypto czar you won't believe how well-versed she is in crypto we're going to get into that 62 million xrp shifted in coinbase a minute i thought coinbase wasn't buying and selling xrp why are they moving so much around bis augustin carsten he is speaking about cbdc's and he is delivering what i believe is a very chilling message you are going to want to know it and we're also going to hear from matt hamilton head of ripple development ripple x i believe development relations and we're going to hear on him about the idea and notion of ripple creating a stable coin let's go ahead and roll that beautiful intro this is digital perspectives with brad kymes subscribe for new content notifications now here's brad kinds come on in [Music] welcome back to the show everybody you can follow me on twitter at backup bradley above and everything that we're talking about here today let's go ahead and get into it 6221 that's where the price is 62 cents the low range of that is 6217 so we are almost at that low range and we are off by one point one four percent right now in the on the 24 hour the high range is at 64.87 again 67 66 67 cents has been a key resistance point for xrp it has rolled down a bit since yesterday so continuing into the weekend if we don't see anything change we could roll all the way over we could also just consolidate and stay where we are but we could roll over don't be surprised if we see 55 45 cents revisited and if it continues maybe we even see 38 we don't know but nevertheless let's keep moving head on a swivel this is crypto we start right here santonder uk joins in the blocking of money moving payments to binance now this is the second one to join the pack here we saw this happen last week and it was announced and i forget what was it barclays barclays said that they were stopping payments for their customers to finance platform and now we see santander uk joining the fight here and this is due to the federal uh financial conduct authority out of the uk warning to keep its customers safe finances come under heavy fire and it's not over yet we'll talk about that in a second but looking right here coinbase shifts 62 million xrp thank you to hall of famer bond crypt xrp that is a lot of money that's 38 million plus in fiat the transaction was made between the internal wallets of the crypto trading company coinbase has not yet resumed trading xrp are they about to that's what it always makes me think of looking right here another hall of famer here michael says crypto whales accumulated 2.2 billion dollars in bitcoin this week now we see look i just want to remind people i think there's near-term pain for proof-of-work tokens like bitcoin i think we have seen many many investors like kevin o'leary and others make that call to bring the mining back to the u.s we've seen china shutting down mining like crazy if you haven't seen my first video this morning you should watch it i show you a company that is moving bitcoin miners to the united states and they're setting up shop here for either cheaper electricity or renewable and sustainable energy and i believe that's going to play a key factor and don't forget chris larson's call to action to move away from proof of work altogether to something like proof of stake or federated consensus he says it would be hard but not impossible now looking right here this is the ftc the federal trade commission not to be messed with here received over 700 complaints and 760 complaints to be exact in the last 12 months about binance we are not talking about binance u.s we are talking about binance cz now i'm going to read you this because i think you need to know about it so the united states regulator ftc federal trade commission has received 760 customer complaints against cryptocurrency exchange binance since june 2020 a year ago and we're looking here financial conduct authorities shared the complaints with the technology website gizmodo the most notable complaint was on a large-scale customers who were unable to get their money from binance notably accounts were flagged for suspicious activity but could not make the withdrawals even with verifying their identity another popular complaint was on customers failing or falling for scams excuse me while trying to contact the company's customer care however this common problem among the majors to curb the scam binance is encouraging its customers to utilize the chat bot on its website and not some other form which could be taken over by a hacker and then acting as if they're binance itself if people see issues uh while using our services they can reach out to binance live chat the ai bot will suggest solutions based on information provided by the customers finance spokesperson lilly lee said this is a common scam uh with other companies as well like tinder notably binance also lack customer service through email interestingly see some complaints also emanated from individuals who have never interacted with binance at all however the complaint is in this line is likely to fall under scams so that's where we are today and notably in cz's favor he says the company seeks to double the compliance team by the end of the year without specific are specifying the number at the same time uh cz has also said that finance international compliance team and the advisory board had grown by 500 percent since last year so growing pains or is this about to be a poster child for what we're not going to have internationally with binance it's hard to know but what i do know is is that the department of justice krypto czar joins benson in brand new role and here's why it matters and if you think she's new to the crypto game you better check yourself or you wreck yourself because this isn't going away you can see the preparation i believe between watching what's happened with binance and i don't believe the u.s tether game is over at all and we will see what comes at that too but here michelle korver's appointment to the u.s financial crimes enforcement network promises to reduce illicit financial practices within the crypto space in her monthly expert take column silva ozeli an international tax attorney cpa covers the intersection between emerging technologies and sustainability and provides the latest developments around taxes aml cft regulations and legal issues affecting crypto and blockchain now taxes are the real big question here for everything you know whether we had a question about the you know never done before airdrop would flare or whether it's a question about just the everyday crypto you hold right i mean this needs to be a very very clear understood approach to these new digital assets no matter what we're talking about talk about ending a stellar career at the united states department of justice with a bang listen to this the doj's first ever crypto czar michelle korver advised government attorneys federal agents the department of treasury's financial stability oversight council and the u.s delegation to the financial action task force on cryptocurrency matters and she developed cryptocurrency seizure and force pitcher for picture policy and legislation while she was wrapping up her last day on the job an affiliate of the notorious rebel gang which is the best known for extorting 11 million dollars worth of bitcoin from meat processor jbs after an attack on memorial day executed the single biggest global ransomware attack on record to kick off the july 4th holiday weekend this is a lady who knows and listen i mean you talk about she's tied in you know the what we talk about the us treasury why do you think she's advising the financial stability oversight council and the delegation to the financial action task force again these are huge signals and huge flags to me to say it's full steam ahead there is regulation coming there is a framework coming and they are sorting out very quickly without publicly acknowledging how they're going to oversee and what agency oversees what who falls under whose purview this is getting dialed in and when you have somebody with this level of expertise i can tell you she knows exactly what's going on here this woman has no learning curve and in fact i think there's some actors out here that may be bad actors that are working with the learning curve you better watch out and there's more to come it doesn't stop there this is bond crypt another hall of famer here imf world bank bis champion central bank digital currencies at the g20 the creation of central bank digital currencies could offer a clean slate that would enable global financial systems to significantly enhance the efficiency of cross-border payments central bank digital currencies being the paper dollars of the countries around the world being turned into digital dollars that's all we're talking about right keeping the serial number on the dollar and throwing the paper away that's what we're talking about well here's hall of famer michael and he tells you right here what's going on the bis wants absolute control of your money now bis the bank of international settlements is the central bank of central banks that would be augustine karstens and we're about to hear from him and he's about to give you a very chilling message if you think he's playing he ain't playing we don't know who's using a hundred dollar bills today and we don't know who's using 1 000 pesos bill today the key difference with the cbdc is the central bank will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use of that expression now wait to hear him say it the way he says it listen very very carefully and you have to go past the accent listen very carefully our analysis on cbdc in particular for the use of general to the general use we tend to establish the equivalence with cash and there is a huge difference there for example in cash we don't know for example who is using a 100 bill today we don't know who is using a 1 000 peso bill today a a key difference in with the cbdc is that central bank will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use of that expression of central bank liability and also we will have the technology to enforce that those are those two issues are extremely important and that makes a huge difference with respect to what she to what cash is and if you ever wanted to know what the catalyst would be for him and every other central banker to go you know we don't want it we don't want it we don't want to do it let's just stay where we are until the head of the central bank of central banks and this is from obviously october of 2020 when he says this but it is absolutely relevant because they're rolling it out now and what they're saying is clearly this not only will we control what the regulation of it is but once it's released we'll be able to control what while you hold it in other words if you're doing something you shouldn't be doing we could turn the money off if we need to impose negative interest rates and you have dollars in the bank and we want to impose a three percent negative interest rate you wake up tomorrow morning with 97 digital dollars come on in yeah they call that a pimp move in my old neighborhood yeah that's the original pimp right there you might not like it but that's what a real story is the central banks of the world aren't having they're going to go for all this and all of this is going to happen but you can bet it's going to happen in the framework that the world establishes together so that the central banks of the world do not lose control relevance and power don't believe it he just told you it's true and they like it because they're going to have even more power and more control the growth in euro stable coins spurs dreams of digital forex market well what a timely article this is i wonder if anybody's ever heard of the decentralized ledger xrp ledger right has anybody ever heard of that because that is originally the decentralized ledger really designed for the world and all the world's money and if you remember we covered the other day there was big boy who came out as a bitcoin has recently found xrp to be a viable investment for himself and is telling everyone from a mountaintop and shout out to bitboy but here was brought up a question off some news that he has said that he has privy information about which is ripple potentially having a white paper for launching a stable coin it is asked here by right coast crypto and others and shout out to them for asking and matt hamilton the head of developer relations i believe at ripple x i think it is right is that correct i think that is yes at ripple x developer and he rightfully asked here and i appreciate him taking the time to do so he said it would not make any sense ripple issuing their own stable coin but the xrp ledger itself was first blockchain to introduce stable coins and there has been usd and euro on there for nearly a decade so to clarify i said so not ripple but the xrp ledger has had stable coins for nearly a decade for the usd and euro thank you for the clarification he says correct ripple's never been an issuer on the xrp ledger stable coins have been issued by bitstamp and gatehub etc and i appreciate matt hamilton making that clarification there we'll have to see if bitboy produces those documents what i would suggest is is the next question or two to consider about this information that bitboy may have or may not have but if he does produce the white paper for ripple and i hope he does share information about a stable coin whatever that is that he has there so we can all get a look at it but i wonder if a couple things one you know could we see a stable coin developed off of xrp for the central bank in clearing houses that wouldn't be from ripple he said ripple would not make a stable coin i believe that i believe that's absolutely accurate i think matt hamilton's clearing the air there the question is is would we see the central banking system develop a stable coin off of the underlying asset xrp itself for a reliable trading instrument wholesale back in with no volatility to it the other question is is if they did that why would they do that instead of just using xrp the asset itself and if we don't have the answer to that would it in fact be due to a scenario of some kind of a classification that would require the development of a cbdc not a cbd excuse me but a stable coin off of the underlying asset xrp those are questions that i have and i think they're legitimate questions and if matt hamilton would like to answer them that would be great too or anyone else that may may not have the answer so that would be good and i think those are really good questions for us to move forward to try to analyze what this market's going to look like and what the classification of xrp may or may not be and why in fact a stable coin could possibly help those entities move forward potentially in the future that's going to do it for me make sure you hit the like and subscribe leave a comment below make sure you check out all the links in the description box and the comment section they are trusted vetted links of products and services i use each and every day purevpn is one of the many different layers of protection i use when i'm online to help hide my anonymity help protect yourself and check out the most recent deals they have i'll catch all of you on the next one

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