Ripple XRP: 🚨Two Things Are Coming, And They Will Be UNSTOPPABLE! 🚨(Breaking NEWS!)

We all know XRP is going to the moon, and
even the non-believers have now converted to full-time believers. This coin has proven to the entire crypto
community that it's a complete fighter. Ripple and XRP have been through a lot these
last couple of months, but it just so happens, something is coming, and these two will be
unstoppable. Yes, that's right! Stick around to the end to find out more about
that. Hello and welcome to Money Side, your favorite
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down to business, shall we? The SEC is currently working to slow down
their case with Ripple, and the only logical explanation is the fact that the government
is working to create their own CBDCs.

Yes, I said it! If you haven't noticed, Fed coin is now becoming
an inevitable fate, and so are the crypto regulations. And it seems, according to the regulatory
body, unofficially, of course, RippleNet is challenging this authority. That's because the network was initially designed
to handle CBDCs, and that means it's been in business for longer than the Central Bank's
alleged digital coin that is set to launch soon. A tweet shared by @truthseek33 suggests that
XRP will hit $1000 and hold through it. It's the true schizo style. And I believe that that is true; this coin
is just getting started with its all-time high. XRP has been moving for that top spot ever
since the launch of this coin. XRP was designed to be the bridge currency
between crypto and fiat. And now, this crypto is making it happen. That said, the $1000 mark is not so far-fetched.

The only thing holding this coin up is the
court case. Speaking of the court case, here's an article
to highlight precisely what is happening in court. 'The Securities and Exchange Commission has
replied to the court in further support of its motion to compel Ripple to search and
produce relevant Slack messages to or from 22 key employees. The plaintiff argued that Ripple did not dispute
it had agreed to do that and raised no objection in doing so until July 30. "While Ripple now tries to paint the Slack
messages it refuses to search as not "[u]niquely [r]elevant" to this litigation (presumptively,
as Ripple has not reviewed them), Ripple's motion to seal concedes that at least "some"
Slack messages are relevant. In fact, since the SEC filed its Motion, Ripple
has produced new, highly relevant Slack messages", the SEC said in the letter. The agency is replying to Ripple's refusal
to hand over the terabytes of Slack messages, which the blockchain firm argues are unreasonably
duplicative of Ripple's extensive production of over one million pages of discovery.

In addition, the defendants claimed such demand
would likely take months to complete and come at a very significant cost. In its reply, the SEC said the time-consuming
process "should present no issue in this case" as the SEC does not object to Ripple's production
of the Slack messages while expert discovery occurs or even afterwards. "The Individual Defendant's motions to dismiss
are still pending, the parties plan to file motions for summary judgment, and no trial
date is imminent", the SEC stated. "In sum, there is no realistic prospect that
the parties will fully resolve this case for several months, if not longer". For that reason, the SEC says there is no
need to cut off discovery of documents that are critical to the trial and that Ripple
agreed to produce until last month. Jeremy Hogan, a popular attorney within the
XRP community, said in June that with the 50-day extension for discovery, no settlement
is expected to happen until its close.

"So, any settlement is likely to be after
at least the close of fact discovery and that is now early September and even more likely
to be after October 16." What if both parties don't reach a deal? "Then I believe the two main issues will be
decided by Judge Torres at the summary judgment". Motions must be filed within 30 days of the
close of discovery and that should be November 16, but responses to motions and sur-replies
could push any summary judgment to an unknown date in the future. "I don't see the case being decided at summary
judgment until early 2022 – maybe January", he concluded.' From that article, it's clear that the SEC
is trying really hard to hold on to the case. As the article suggests, this lawsuit is far
from over. All in all, it hasn't stopped Ripple from
continuing with its ambition to become a worldwide cross-border network.

The company is already partnering with Japanese
banks to expand its real-life application. Ripple recently announced this partnership
a few months ago where SBI Remit was teaming up with and Ripple was responsible
for providing on-demand liquidity. @jacquiHeinrich tweeted that,
'Police cars revolving lightBREAKING, thread: The State Department has been hit by a cyber
attack, and notifications of a possible serious breach were made by the Department of Defense
Cyber Command.' That's how you understand that something grand
is about to happen.

The only way XRP will take over that top spot
is if there's a change in power. And that's exactly what is happening currently. Aside from that, there are speculations that
the black swan is up on the horizon. When that happens, be sure XRP will turn out
to be the top crypto in the entire crypto space. Additionally, most crypto enthusiasts argued
that the central banks are only into RippleNet and Ripple, but they don't want anything to
do with XRP. That's not entirely true. Even though it might look that way, banks
still use XRP. That is why these partnerships will help sky-rocket
XRP price to the top. Theirs is no way the RippleNet can exist without
XRP. That's because the network converts currency
into XRP, making it easier to get almost instant pay-outs and also reducing the cross-border
fees. So, as you see, RippleNet needs XRP just as
XRP needs RippleNet. The short version is; this crypto will continue
to soar even higher with its price thanks to this interdependency. On top of that, XRP is also connected to Ethereum,
the second-largest cryptocurrency through Flare.

With the Flare network, users can comfortably
use XRP on the Ethereum platform to trade. That means it's becoming interconnected with
the crypto world as well. I don't know if you can see what is happening
here? This cryptocurrency didn't come to joke. If Ripple's plan was to create a bridge currency,
then the company tech team and everyone within Ripple is working overtime to ensure this
is possible. I believe the SEC is scared of what Ripple
and XRP will become in the future. Bitcoin is formidable, but the fact that the
founder isn't available to upgrade its systems means that it can never grow to anything more.

Bitcoin will remain to be the crowned prince
of the crypto community but, the truth of the matter is that this coin doesn't have
anything great to offer rather than the fact that it's an overprice virtual gold. Sorry to my bitcoin fans, but let's be frank
with each other here. Don't get me wrong! Bitcoin will continue to survive. In fact, the fact that this crypto has survived
for this long still amuses me. Therefore, I believe that it will continue
to exist even if no upgrades are made to it. However, it's not the best place to put all
your crypto investment. Other coins like Doge are making people rich,
but at the same time, this coin is also breaking the bank of most crypto traders. That's because, without Elon Musk and other
celebrities who are trying their best to hype it up, this coin doesn't have any future.

Yes, Elon keeps suggesting that Doge is the
crypto of the future. And I would be wrong to bet against one of
the wealthiest people alive, but I think Elon made a mistake here. Or he has already made his profits, and now
Elon is just hyping the coin for fun. But at what end? And at what cost? I'm sure currently everyone is worried about
the future of this coin, even if Elon keeps hyping it. Now take all that information and compare
these coins with XRP. Without a doubt, XRP has a strong future and
an unshakeable mission. On top of that, this crypto is not a hype
coin. On the contrary, one of the reasons it's so
famous is because of the lawsuit with the SEC. Meaning it has a solid future no matter what
happens. Even when it's placed against a regulatory
body, XRP still keeps thriving. Unless you are blind, XRP is the next big
crypto in the market. With that in mind, let's take a look at the
technical analysis. A website created by some researchers in the
XRP community to watch Jed McCaleb's XRP balance melt shows that the co-founder of the fintech
behemoth Ripple has 821 million XRP left overall on the balance of all of his wallets, including
"tacostand." In fiat, that sum constitutes a staggering
$1 billion USD.

On Thursday, the Twitter handle of the Japanese
crypto exchange Liquid announced that the platform had been attacked by hackers. They managed to withdraw $80 in cryptocurrencies,
including 11 million XRP, as well as TRX , Bitcoin and Ethereum . The Liquid’s tweet says that
the malefactors managed to steal over 100 Bitcoin , almost 10 million TRX , 11 million
of Ripple-affiliated XRP, and close to $60 million in Ethereum and various ERC20-based
tokens. Technically, we see XRP making a bigger correction
in this area before shooting to the upside. We forecast a pretty balanced set of probabilities
for this pair in the upcoming week. One scenario is a move to the downside to
reach at least the low of $1.04 or the support area marked on the chart before going to the
upside or a continuation to the upside from this consolidation.

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