Ripple XRP: ūüö®ELITES Are Showing Us The PLAN!ūüö® (Don’t MISS Out!)

XRP has done it again. There’s so much that 
has been happening this week and we need to   highlight all of them in this video. We have 
a lot to talk about today and it’s time to see   XRP with two digits. We have some really 
good stuff and you will see that this month,   XRP has a likelihood of reaching to that 
two digit. But first, let’s roll that intro.  Hello there and Welcome to Money side, your 
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It’s September! I don’t think we will have to   continue with this lawsuit past 
mid of this month and afterwards,   XRP will head straight to the moon.
Reborn shared a tweet showing his   analysis of the way XRP is about to behave and, 
as much as we are going to go into deep detail   about the price movement of XRP at the end of 
this video, it doesn’t hurt to acknowledge this   concept. From what he shared, XRP is about to 
head straight to the moon in the next few months   and that will change the game completely.

SEC is the only body that’s holding back the   future of XRP and once they let this crypto be, 
the coin will likely turn most crypto holders   into millionaires, if not billionaires.
Another tweet that highlights a lot about   what is happening with the SEC is this one that 
was shared by @digitalassetbuy which reads,¬† ‚ÄėWe want a level playing field. The SEC can't¬†
have one set of rules for one digital asset   and another for the rest. Already given up on 
the #wallstreetmedia Where are you Congress?   @RepTomEmmer @RepMaxineWaters @ewarren’
The SEC is currently unfair to Ripple and   keeps treating this crypto company differently. 
That’s doing too much when it comes to regulating   the crypto market. Without a doubt, the SEC is 
supposed to be protect the whole crypto community   and treat everyone the same. Another article
Another tweet that also talks about what   is happening in the SEC is 
this one by @BakkupBradley,¬† ‚ÄėRecently granted Amicus Curiae to the Court¬†
for Ripple vs SEC Lilya Tessler and Former   SEC Staffer @ Token Summit III NYC 2018 Just 
days before the #HinmanSpeech #retweet #Follow   @s_alderoty @bgarlinghouse @Ripple 
@attorneyjeremy1 @FilanLaw @JohnEDeaton1’  That shows that the SEC is not sure how to handle 

More importantly, this regulatory   body is also trying to hide skeletons in their 
closet. It’s true the SEC has a lot of dark   secrets and now this court case is bringing all 
that out. An article published on   goes into deep detail about what is happening.
‚ÄėRipple, the creators of the XRP token,¬†¬† has been ordered to produce one million missing¬†
Slack messages between its employees. This order   comes after the Securities and Exchange Commission 
(SEC) petitioned Ripple to hand them over.’  I’m sure supporters of SEC are now celebrating 
this win. But I honestly don’t think there’s any   information that can be found in these documents. 
The SEC is just trying to grasp at straws because   they’ve seen that Ripple is coming for them, 
all guns blazing.

The article continues to say,¬† ‚ÄėThe SEC stated that Ripple had agreed to¬†
produce this information at the beginning of   the discovery phase but they later changed 
their minds stating that the exercise¬†¬† is an ‚Äúextensive and costly fishing expedition‚Ä̬†
that will take up significant time and resources.  Ripple stated that it would cost up to 
$1 million to produce these messages but   judge Sarah Netburn deemed the messages critical 
and unique evidence for the SEC’s ongoing case   against the multi-billion-dollar company 
for selling unregistered securities.’  The unfortunate part about retrieving these 
messages is the cost that comes with it. The   SEC should’ve been a bit considerate but hey, 
it‚Äôs the SEC. They only do what‚Äôs good for them.¬† ‚ÄėAccording to the order, Ripple now has to produce¬†
Slack messages from 22 custodians listed out by   the SEC. The order further ruled that Slack 
messages are relevant to both the parties   and Ripple’s perceived burden is outweighed 
by its previous agreement to produce the same.  This order from the judge comes after the SEC 
was compelled to release some documents.

During   the conference call held on 31 August 
regarding the SEC’s privilege dispute,   the judge also ordered the regulatory watchdog to 
produce internal documents regarding discussions   over the nature of XRP and ETH, for 
which she will hold an in-camera review.’  What you should know
‚ÄĘ The lawsuit started in December 2020¬†¬† when the SEC filed against Ripple alleging that¬†
Brad Garlinghouse and co-founder and former CEO,   Chris Larsen had been conducting an “unregistered, 
ongoing digital asset securities offering‚Ä̬†¬† with their XRP token sales.
‚ÄĘ This caused the XRP token¬†¬† to nosedive by over 50% when the news broke¬†
as investors panic sold the cryptocurrency.   XRP has however recovered since 
then, trading nearly $2 at the   peak of the bull run before the May 2021 crash.
‚ÄĘ In June, Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen¬†¬† filed a twin motion to dismiss the SEC case by¬†
petitioning international authorities to request   documents from several other non-U.S.-based crypto 
exchanges including Bitstamp, Huobi and Upbit.   These documents requested from these exchanges are 
expected to exonerate the pair from all charges.  XRP is trading $1.27 as of the time of this 
writing, up over 16% in the last 7 days as   the altcoin market maintains bullish stature.’
Next, we have this tweet from @RipplePandaXRP   that says, “Evasive responses “must be treated 
as a failure to disclose, answer, or respond’,   the letter added, putting further pressure 
on the SEC which has been quite evasive   in regard to its deliberative process. 
Ripple is pushing hard for clarity!‚Ä̬† He further shares a tweet that talks about how¬†
Ripple cornered the SEC with motion on how Howie   Test applies to XRP.

Looking at that article, we 
can see that “Ripple and Chris Larsen have filed a   motion to compel the SEC to answer the defendants’ 
interrogatories seeking “binding representations   from the SEC as to how it contends Howey applies 
to this case, as well as identification of the¬†¬† factual support (if any) for those contentions‚ÄĚ
‚ÄúThis is absolutely basic information essential¬†¬† to the defense‚ÄĚ, the letter continued. ‚ÄúRule 33¬†
requires the SEC to answer each interrogatory¬†¬† ‚Äúseparately and fully,‚ÄĚ and in a manner that is¬†
as ‚Äúspecific as possible and not evasive‚ÄĚ [‚Ķ] in¬†¬† order to ‚Äėminimize uncertainty concerning the¬†
scope of [the SEC’s] claims.

“Evasive responses   “must be treated as a failure to disclose, 
answer, or respond‚ÄĚ, the letter added, putting¬†¬† further pressure on the SEC which has been quite¬†
evasive in regard to its deliberative process.‚Ä̬† Well, we can all agree that this motion, as well¬†
as many others before, aim to further strengthen   Ripple’s argument that the SEC failed to provide 
fair notice that XRP could be deemed a security,   therefore under the scope of the regulator.
It has been increasingly debated if the Howie Test   can be used to determine the nature of digital 
assets as the emergent asset class seems to follow   different rules altogether, in the eyes of many 
experts. While SEC Chair Gary Gensler reiterates   that Howie works for crypto, a number of academics 
have said otherwise, including in Rutgers Law   School and the American Enterprise Institute, 
suggesting a different approach to digital assets.  Let’s be honest, the SEC is on the hunt for 
XRP and Ripple but the end game for this is   not defined.

That’s because the SEC seems like it 
has a hidden agenda to how they are planning to   tackle Ripple. And here’s the most intriguing 
part: what will happen with Ripple right now   will act as the benchmark of what will happen 
with the whole crypto market in the future.   That’s because the SEC are planning to use this as 
a way to draft crypto rules. When, and I insists,   when Ripple wins, XRP will end up being the crypt 
that rules them all. XRP is designed to become the   head of the whole crypto nation and that’s a fact.
The only different right now is that it’s going   through a tough stage with the SEC but 
other governments have already decided   to work hand in hand with RippleNet.

And we 
all know, RippleNet can’t exist without XRP.   If you are a XRP supporter and possibly 
holder, all you have to do is wait.  As we’ve seen severally in the crypto market, 
patience pays. XRP will head straight to   two digits before the end of this month and 
possibly keep soaring higher. In the meantime,   the SEC sounds like the biggest challenge 
this company has to face. But have you asked   yourself, why is North America the only 
government opposing XRP? Food for thought!   Now lets check out the technical analysis.
XRP Price is trending up. Triangle formed   (shown in green) and price may be breaking 
out of it to the upside (watch for strong   daily candle close with some volume behind 
it). Hidden Bullish Divergence showed up on   RSI. Stochastic RSI looks ready to head back up. 
The 1.618 fib level (not shown) is around $1.75.  We have different potential barriers. 
If BTCUSD or ETHUSD sell-off,   this could affect XRP/USD.

It seems we often don't 
get a re-test on breakouts, so missing a big,   fast move is possible. There's local resistance 
around the $1.30 to $1.35 zone that the price   needs to overcome, in order to reach the $1.60 
resistance zone. Guys, Good luck, and have fun.  Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed 
financial advisor. All videos on this channel   are intended for entertainment purposes only. 
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