Ripple XRP: 🚨 Financial CYBER ATTACK May Come! (We Are WARNING You!)

What’s up guys, I hope your week is coming
along well so far. Now, today I have some XRP news that you cannot
afford to miss out on. If we quickly look at the state of the crypto
market, we can clearly see that we’ve been trending sideways. We might be looking at a massive combo for
the storm that’s about to come. But once the storm is over, there will be
a creation of a massive wave of millionaires. Today, we have a lot to talk about guys! As always, welcome back to Money Side- your
favorite crypto news channel. If you are new here, welcome to the XRP Fam.

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the notifications to not miss out on our daily crypto news updates. Before we get into today’s topic, if you
got to watch the Bitcoin Miami Conference, there were some pretty wild moments in there. Remember, this conference was full of Bitcoin
maximalists who descended there in thousands to glorify Bitcoin. In this conference, all we could see is people
talking of Bitcoin, this Bitcoin that, and when you tried to challenge their ideas, they
would boo you.

It all comes down to the fact that Bitcoin
will be around for quite a while, but we need to admit it was never the chosen one. Especially the fact that there is nothing
more to it than its store of value gives other cryptos like XRP the chance to overrun Bitcoin. In fact, in just a few years, even XRP could
make it to be a store of value.

In this section, I want us to quickly go over
some crucial quotes from an Interview with Alan Cohen. As you all already know, Alan Cohen served
as the Senior Policy Advisor to the former SEC chairman Jay Clayton from 2017 to 2021. On top of that, he was the Global Head of
Compliance at Goldman’s Sachs from 2004 to 2017. We have a few quotes from his interview where
he discusses the current state of cryptocurrency regulation in the U.S. In his interview, Cohen states that a second
major area of regulatory focus is the application of blockchain technology to fiat currency
and the global payments system, which appears to be heading towards a new digital era. On the global stage, the Financial Stability
Board (FSB), comprised of G20 Finance Masters, central banks, the Bank for International
Settlements (BIS), and other international organizations and global standard-setting
bodies-is hard at work on an overhaul of the global payment system that will likely embrace
crypto assets in the form of fiat digital currency.

That new system will replace or supplement
the existing SWIFT system that has been the backbone of the global bank-to-bank payment
system for decades. Further, Cohen states that the implication
of fiat digital currency for existing cryptocurrencies is unclear. But let’s not forget the old adage, “Don’t
bet against the Fed.” You might modify that to say, “Don’t bet
against the central banks of the world” to relinquish control over their money supply
and currency. With that being said, we can see a tweet from
@XRPcryptowolf that says, “The European Central Bank has warned other banks that they’re
in a digital currency race against big tech who will soon introduce their versions of
digital currencies.” Right now, the biggest threat to central banks
is big tech and some cryptos that are posing a threat to central banks of the world. And as Cohen said in his interview, these
central banks and politicians will not allow their currencies to be dethrown.

Currencies from all these central banks will
continue to exist just now in the form of CBDCs, which is something we have discussed
time and again here on this channel. And as we have seen so far, the CBDCs will
run on XRP and other cryptos that will support digital fiat currencies. However, we will see a big massacre for cryptos
that will not help in the adoption of CBDCs. Such cryptos that don’t have any utility
will go to zero, and people will lose their money. But still, there is no bigger threat to your
funds than not having cryptos at all. Lucky us, who chose XRP a long time ago. We saw the vision that XRP had that most people
didn’t. Also, we have seen the conferences. Looking over at Twitter, @it_pamp shared this
picture accompanies by the tweet “This is what important conferences look
like. Over 2 years ago now, boy, oh boy, how far
on they must be since then. Christine Lagarde behind the scenes, not a
bunch of coked-up annoying dwarves.” We were in the same rooms with such influential
heads, and still, people dare to question the legitimacy of XRP.

We have been in rooms with some of the most
prominent financial heads on the planet. Not because we had some milk and cookies but
because we are the future of revolutionizing the global payment systems. And we couldn’t agree more; this is precisely
what XRP was born to do. Now, far from that, we have another eye-catching
headline on MarketWatch that I would like us to go over. In an article by Market Watch, we can see
that the SEC and FINRA are going after brokers who don’t do enough to protect their customers. “It’s not just corporations that are facing
an epidemic of cyber-attacks- American retail investors are struggling to contend with a
surge in hackers taking over their investment accounts, regulators warn.” As we all know, most of the retail investors
right now are in the stock market and crypto. Of course, there are few who got footed out
in the last 50% correction. However, we still have a majority of them
invested in the money markets than ever before. And as we have seen before, retail always
gets annihilated, especially now with the prospects of this hack; the retail will be
wholly destroyed.

Possibly, this hack could become the catalyst
for upgrading and revolutionizing the global financial system. With things like these being warned about
time and time again, we can’t just close our eyes and rule them out. Such things can’t just be dismissed; we
must stay prepared for them. This is the time we all need to get our cold
wallets to protect our crypto holdings. Yes, there is no taking risks here; we must
protect our digital assets to avoid coming out on the other end as toast.

No matter the amount of holdings you have,
it could be thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands but having a cold wallet is no
longer an option; it is a necessity. Now, as we approach the end of this video,
we will look into some news on the possibility of the U.S. power grid being shut down. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm issued
a warning to American companies: our adversaries have the capability to shut down the entire
U.S. power grid. When Granholm was asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper
about vulnerabilities in the electricity grid and whether a foreign actor has the ability
to shut it down, Granholm said, “Yeah, they do. There are thousands of attacks on all aspects
of the energy sector and the private sector generally.”She added, “It’s happening
all the time. This is why the private sector and the public
sector have to work together.” In recent months, cyberattacks have led to
temporary shutdowns of the country’s largest fuel pipeline network and the world’s largest
meatpacking company, both believed to have been carried out by Russian hackers.

The hackers target companies through weaknesses
in their cybersecurity and then hold hostage specific data and systems, demanding payment
to restore control back to the company. Granholm emphasized that companies need to
defend themselves against this threat by increasing their cybersecurity measures. “Everyone needs to wake up and up their
game in terms of protecting themselves, but also in terms of telling the federal government
if they are a target of attacks,” she said. The secretary also noted that new regulations
from the Transportation Security Agency now mandate that pipeline companies report cyber
incidents to the federal government immediately when they happen, but Granholm urged companies
not to pay the ransom, saying that “it only encourages the bad guys.” Granholm’s comments echoed those of FBI
Director Christopher Wray, who told the Wall Street Journal last week, “The scale of
this problem is one that I think the country has to come to terms with.” As we can see, we have a lot to prepare for. Everyone who probably thought it was all a
drill can now see it all on the horizon.

A clash in the financial system is fast approaching,
currency crisis and infrastructure crisis that we need to be prepared for as well. Things are about to get very volatile in the
crypto market, and when such volatility arises, it’s time for new changes. As a direct consequence, the changes will
make us crypto holders millionaires. But the trick is preparing and bracing yourself
for impact now. We are closer than we have ever been but now
is not time to sit back. It’s actually time to work harder than we
have before. . With that in mind, let's take a look at
the price action of XRP on the charts. Now we are looking at 4 hour time frame. Price now receives the first and strong support
of 0.61% of Fibo level and after that, we have second support that is an orange cycle
and is daily support of trendline.

If that trendline breaks then we are looking
for dump and more correction. If we look at daily chart, We broke down from
the smaller triangle (there was also a short-term ascending channel from which we broke down). Reached the bottom of the larger triangle
and now we need to see whether it will bounce from here again like the previous 2 times
or whether we will see a move down to the indicated targets.

The first major support is at 0.75 which if
broken will take us to the next major support at 0.63 (a move that I have been waiting for
for some time). Below that we will go all the way to around
0.47. RSI is moving down and MACD about to cross
-. The 20EMA is about to cross below the 100EMA
and that is not a very good sign. Moving up we have immediate resistance at
0.9 than at 1.0 and then 1. 05 to deal with. If we break down from the big triangle and
restest is unsuccessful we will definitely be tested the aforementioned targets. But this area has provided decent support
in the past so let's see what happens. As always trade safely guys! Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed
financial advisor. All videos on this channel are intended for
entertainment purposes only.

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