Ripple XRP: ⚠️They Are WARNING You!⚠️(You Won’t BELIEVE It!)

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research I do about Ripple and XRP, the more I   find things that still amazes me. We are going to 
get into all that good stuff later in the video.   As we all know, we are almost in September, and 
we are about to see some exciting things happen.   Now that's out of the way, let's roll that intro.
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tweet from @1Crypticpoet that says, "JUST IN;   Ripple partner Standard Chartered launches 
blockchain trade platform with Chinese fintech."   This is an old article, but I want you to pay 
close attention to what is being said here. If we   look at that highlighted section, it says, "This 
investment will further accelerate the Bank's   digitization agenda in the areas of distributed 
ledger technology as it explores new ways   of adding value to its clients and the industry."
Now further in that tweet, we have an article of   today on with the headline, 
"Standard Chartered Launches Blockchain Trade   Platform with Chinese Fintech." And as we just 
mentioned, they are using Ripplenet. The joint   venture operating the new blockchain-powered 
platform will be headquartered in Singapore   and led by SC Ventures' Amelia Ng as CEO.
As we all can see, Ripple is really taking   over the industry in Asia.

Another good 
example is stated in that article as we can see   'Standard Chartered became Linklogis' first global 
bank investor in 2020, one year after the two   entities had signed a memorandum of understanding 
to jointly explore and develop solutions for the   supply chain finance ecosystem. The bank has 
previously worked with China-based fintech   leaders, including Alipay owner Ant Group, whose 
Antchain-based global trade platform, Trusple,   has been used by Standard Chartered, Citi, 
DBS Bank, and Deutsche Bank and many others.'  More banks and huge companies have been mentioned 
in this article, which shows you the grand plan   that Ripple has.

Further in the article, we 
can see that 'Standard Chartered has itself   previously collaborated on using blockchain 
for trade finance with many of these same   banks through the eTrade Connect blockchain trade 
finance platform launched in Hong Kong in 2018.   That same year, the digital trade finance 
platform — which counts HSBC, Rabobank,   Santander, Societe Generale, UniCredit, Deutsche 
Bank and others as founder banks — collaborated   with the Hyperledger Fabric-powered IBM 
blockchain to complete its first live operations.'  Moving ahead, we have another tweet from 
@RoslynLayton that says, "The crypto uprising   the SEC didn't see coming." She shares a link 
to this article posted on

Well, they   will tell us that the SEC didn't see this coming, 
but they actually did. All that's happening was   pre-planned, so it's all happening by design. 
Looking further into that article posted on   Forbes, we can see that, 'When the US Securities 
and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed its bombshell   lawsuit against cryptocurrency innovator Ripple 
Labs in December 2020, it didn't expect blowback.   But during the pre-trial phase, Ripple's legal 
team has put the SEC itself on trial after years   of conflicting and confusing guidance on the rules 
for cryptocurrencies. No one expected the tsunami   of legal, political and social media action from 
retail cryptocurrency investors, outraged by the   betrayal from an agency claiming to protect 
their interests. The meltdown of the SEC's   credibility with this $2 trillion global investor 
community exposes a costly SEC miscalculation.'  Even Forbes itself is stating that there is 
much confusion surrounding the guidance on the   rules for cryptocurrencies. Right now, people 
are reaching the media with this information.   When finally, the mainstream media decides to 
hammer all these things down, we will have such   an impressive situation there for Ripple.

Forbes will call it a miscalculation by the SEC,   they don't know that that's exactly how they 
planned it to be. It's the Ripple test, you guys!  Ripple will not win this lawsuit; the best we will 
get is a settlement. Why? Because the SEC will not   allow itself to lose against a cryptocurrency 
company. And if we are looking at the future,   the SEC losing against Ripple would create a 
significant problem for the cryptocurrencies   that will be regulated in the future. That's 
why I insist everyone understand that what's   happening here with Ripple and the SEC is all 
by design. The Ripple case will always be used   as reference for future cryptocurrency 
regulations when the settlement is made.  Towards the end of that article, we see 
that 'The uprising against the SEC is not   particularly pro-Ripple but a backlash against 
regulation by enforcement and deliberate market   confusion that has exasperated investors and 
driven developers overseas.

The main points of   the SEC's lawsuit demonstrate why the case 
was the last straw for crypto enthusiasts.   The agency alleges not only that Ripple's 
distribution of the cryptocurrency XRP has been   "one long unregistered securities trade" since 
2013, but that the digital asset itself – a token   that operates on a fully decentralized ledger 
– is a security with no utility other than as   an investment contract in a single company. 
Further, the agency insists that every market   participant on Earth should have known that 
XRP is a security for the last eight years   even though the agency admits it wasn't clear on 
its status until the day it filed the lawsuit.'  Now, moving further ahead, we have another 
tweet from @Filanlaw that says, "Below are   the Public Call-In details for the Telephone 
Conference on Tuesday, August 31, 2021, at 12:00   p.m.

EST to discuss the Ripple Defendants' 
Motion to Compel the SEC to produce certain   documents the SEC has designated as privileged."
To keep you up to speed with what's happening   here, the Judge ordered the SEC to provide these 
internal documents to Ripple's team. However,   the SEC has been dragging for the longest 
time now. They have been coming up with all   kinds of excuses, but we will now see 
what they have to say. But we all know   why all these delays are happening.
The SEC clearly has a lot to hide;   talk of all the corruption, conflicts 
of interest and a lot of hypocrisy   and lying. I'm pretty sure a lot will emerge 
from this telephone conference. We just have to   wait and see if there will be another significant 
turn of events. There have been so many documents   showing the SEC's hypocrisy, corruption, 
and conflicts of interest in recent times.  Now, before we wind up on today's video, 
we have this tweet from @ISO_XRP that says,   "@GaryGensler, what's losing this case going 
to do for your legacy? Why are you continuing   this charade when it wasn't your fight? It's 
not too late to rightfully place this atrocity   on Clayton & Hinman where it belongs and 
move on; otherwise, you will OWN this loss!"  He shares an image that says, "As the discovery 
phase draws to an end and the public backlash   intensifies, one wonders why SEC Chairman 
Gary Gensler would continue risking his legacy   on taking the Ripple case to trial.

His fumbling 
defense of non-existent "clarity" has only widened   the agency's credibility gap and hurt his 
image as a heretofore champion of crypto,   who, among other things, taught a course on the 
subject at MIT before taking the SEC Chair role.   Aside from the unprecedented restrictions on the 
SEC's power that a losing verdict will inflict,   can Gensler effectively lead an agency that 
is provoking so much hostility from the very   constituency it claims to be defending? With a 
razor-thin Democrat majority in Congress heading   into the midterms, the Biden Administration can 
ill afford turning against the crypto community."  Lastly, we have this tweet from @Ripple that says, 
"NFTs are changing the landscape of the blockchain   world.

Our CTO, Joel Katz, breaks down what 
they are and how they work." Below that tweet,   Ripple shares a link to a video where Ripple's 
CTO David Schwartz recently sat down with our   internal teams to discuss the world's current 
most famous piece of blockchain technology,   non-fungible tokens (NFT).
A quick overview of the video,   David shares, 'To begin, let's review what it 
means for something to be fungible. Something   is fungible if it's identical to all of the other 
items of value around it. In other words, 'like   can be replaced by like'. Non-fungible tokens, 
on the other hand, are unique in the marketplace   and hold their own inherent value. Unlike fungible 
tokens, they are generally not divisible because   it's difficult to understand what a fraction 
of one of them would mean.

For example, an NFT   might represent a piece of physical artwork. How 
would that artwork be divisible because unless you   have all three-thirds of that very artwork, you 
don't actually have it.' With that in mind guys,   now let’s take a look at the charts.
We are looking at the 4-hour timeframe   perspectives. XRPUSD in recent times is forming an 
important constellation as it managed to advance   bullish broadly on the global perspectives it 
initially developed an overbought condition which   should not be kept by side here. Mainly XRP is a 
cryptocurrency at the moment forming a different   structure compared to other major cryptocurrencies 
like Bitcoin or Ethereum, therefore, when looking   at my chart we can watch there how XRPUSD 
develops this main descending-wedge-formation   with the coherent wave-count within and the waves 
A to C already completed. Now XRP is about to   form the further wave D in the schedule which 
will move directly into the distribution range   again marked in red in my chart from 
where the next distribution and therefore   origin of the wave E will be highly likely.
Once the wave-E has emerged as it is shown in   my chart the actual crucial developments will come 
when XRPUSD finally completes the wave-count with   the wave E within the accumulation-range marked in 
green in my chart, XRPUSD then will either bounce   substantially within this zone to continue 
with a dedicated bullish breakout above the   upper-boundary of XRP will increase with 
bearish price-action further to continue   with a wave-E-extension below the lower boundary. 
In the current circumstance, it is necessary to   await the further wave-developments and how 
XRP continues with these in the structure,   especially with what pace and momentum bearish 
or bullish price-action show up, this will   determine the final direction and break out of 
the whole formation.

As always trade safely guys!  Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed 
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