Ripple XRP: ⚠️ You MUST See What’s Happening! ⚠️ (This Is CRAZY!)

So how many XRP do you think will make you a millionaire by the end of the year? Well this This is a constant issue in the minds of most cryptocurrency investors. Recently, this cryptocurrency Has been fluctuating at the $1 mark in the past few weeks, and there is almost a solid bull market going on . But guys, I have prepared a lot for you in this video. So, stick to it till the end. What's wrong, guys! Welcome to Money Side, we let money do the talking. If you haven’t already, please click the subscribe button and open the notification to get The latest news about the crypto market. Having said that, let's get to the topic. Let us begin today with the news that the US Securities and Exchange Commission is currently filing a lawsuit against Ripple Labs. This article was published on and I must say that this is a victory for Ripple Labs. Judge recently denied U.S.

Securities and Exchange Commission access to blockchain Corporate legal communications. These communications are intended to be used against Ripple Labs, Claims that the company has received sales of XRP Legal advice subject to federal securities laws. If this is the case, then Ripple Labs and its two executives May lose this lawsuit. That's because communication can Used to indicate that the company and its executives even know that they may have violated some federal securities laws, Still continue to sell. Is this good for Ripple Labs? Yes it is, of course. But usually, it also shows that these legal communications There may be something hidden.

All in all, Judge Netburn ruled that the lawyer-client privilege Should be strictly limited to the narrowest possible scope consistent with its principle and logic . Fortunately, all legal communication is included in the lawyer-client privilege, This is a victory for the company. Jeremy Hogan also posted this tweet, he is A well-known lawyer, he has also been following up the SEC v. Ripple case. We might Will soon witness the victory of XRP and Ripple Labs. Attorney Jeremy Hogan knows very well Some legal consequences of winning the defense with fair notice. He said that if Ripple wins, So from now on, any crypto company sued by the SEC will be very difficult. That's because the SEC will have a difficult task to win other cases they submit to the courts. Here is a bigger picture. Even if Ripple Labs loses, they can still rule Appeal. When the Court of Appeal determined that Judge Torres was wrong And when Ripple is not notified fairly, the SEC will run into trouble because The ruling is binding on every ensuing encryption lawsuit.

But we have to wait and see and see What will happen next in these court proceedings. Ideally, Ripple Labs’ litigation There are many voices in the encrypted world. Technically, it will change the perception of how cryptocurrencies work. If XRP is classified as a security, it may lead to a series of regulatory laws Applies to most altcoins we have today. There are many ways that altcoins work with XRP Similarly, they will be classified as securities.

Therefore, we may see again The price of the entire crypto market has fallen. However, if Ripple wins, then we can all sit back and relax. In other news, XRP successfully avoided harming all other The cryptocurrency market for cryptocurrencies collapsed. As the cryptocurrency market continues to recover from the crash last month, The price of XRP soared by 15% over the weekend. notorious Bitcoin, the king of cryptocurrencies, fell below the $40,000 mark, leading to a total loss. Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Cardano all fell, but XRP managed to avoid this trend. After the surge in fraud reports, advanced banks began to wage war against cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Banks will use technology to prohibit millions of customers from buying any digital currency. Ashley Hart, head of fraud at TSB, said: “Platforms and exchanges are full of fraudsters. Many Platforms and exchanges do not have appropriate control measures to prevent victims from losing large sums of money.

" In addition to Elon Musk’s tweets, another reason for the collapse of the crypto market led to Most crypto investors lost millions of dollars. But hey, we all know that the market is turbulent, And it won't stop soon. So, invest you are willing to lose instead of more Funding is always a good idea. If the market is beneficial to you, you may make a considerable profit. But if the market is not good for you, then there is nothing to worry about. Let's be frank, XRP is currently a popular cryptocurrency on the market. But the most recent The drop frightened most cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and it might scare away any newcomer in the field. but, As we all know, the cryptocurrency market is like a bed of roses. You must be ready to meet the thorns, In order to obtain long-term benefits.

Therefore, if this is not your first exposure to cryptocurrency, You should definitely invest in XRP. If this is your first exposure to cryptocurrency cryptocurrency, Then take a moment to understand that it fell a few times before being afraid, and finally lost A lot of money. We understand that when trading is negative for any long-term trader, But if it has a considerable loss, you should hold the transaction. Not all losses are worth holding, Sometimes it's better to quit, but not always.

This is your experience The skills acquired are also skills that most people always forget when trading cryptocurrencies. If you are ready to invest in XRP, let's take a look at the technical analysis to get a more vivid picture. XRP has formed a double bottom within the 12-hour time frame of the swing high in 2018 , As a support. From now to June and July, As the market cooled and the FUD narrative ceased to spread, I saw a period of continued integration.

I also believe that XRP will defeat their lawsuit when ETH fixes EIP-1559 And won. From here, we will see the price discovery area And the previous stable ATH 2.48 USD test. But in order to reach this price, we need to maintain patient. It did not come as soon as we hoped. There are still many levels to break through , And the recently created swing highs need time to calm down before they can rise again.

When we started to rise to July in late June, these are the directions for the next TP: The first take profit point is $1.84. This is the creation of a valley , It blocked the price created on April 11, once XRP closed above this level and found It serves as a support and it easily surpassed $2. The second TP is $2.48. Obtain substantial profits from my XRP holdings The third TP is 2.75 US dollars, but I will cash out 3 US dollars, and then HODL a moon package Just in case it reaches $589 or $1,000. From my daily perspective, XRP has shown a strong trend in the past two days, forming a huge double bottom. The neckline is approximately $1.1. Market attention Can it be surpassed here. A few days ago, the US Securities and Exchange Commission The request to disclose information to Ripple was denied.

The market is positive and soaring. Even in an uncertain market where the whereabouts of the trial greatly affects the market, Attention to XRP is also increasing. From the latest trend, It is very likely to break through 1.1 USD. After that, it is expected to rise to around US$1.6. Can the market push up prices this week? Let me know in the comments section. The medium-term trend depends on the price movement this week. Safely trade as always, guys! Please remember that we are not a licensed financial advisor. All videos on this channel For entertainment purposes only.

Tell us what you think in the comments section below , Let's have a conversation. Thank you very much for watching. Don't Forgot to like this video and click the subscribe button below. Open the notification to Get notified when we post great content. See you in the next video..

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