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hello everyone friends with you Morgan Torbians and in this video we will talk about ripple xrp let's go guys in my previous video I talked about the crazy potential of the ripple xrp movement and yes I wrote that I was crazy I sold my bitcoins and bought ripple xrp it was on May 26 2020, of course, many will think that I was in a hurry, but guys, look today what our rate is ripple xrp if we look at my balance we will see what is real three times I have increased the number of bitcoins and for the whole ripple xrp community I have a very good news quite recently, Brian Brooks, the US Currency Controller wrote that we we really need some clarity as to what is allowed and therefore we need some management, for example, can banks directly connect to our grandmother as payment networks and what do you think about what it is about of course we are talking about ripple xrp and in his interview Brian Brooks said that regulation will come in 6-8 weeks, yes, yes, exactly six to eight weeks and you will not I heard this specific timeframe that Brian Brooks said and I think that six or eight weeks we will see tu ze moon, many guys on my channel if you have not subscribed to my telegram channel please subscribe the link in the description tells me why are you morgan before still haven't sold xrp why didn’t you fix three X's which you got the present moment and for many of you, and I want to show what else lies ahead of us, I kept xrp all these three years not for that to fix these pennies today I kept, but in order to earn real x10, x20 x and maybe more if we take with you stretch the fibonacci then we will see that we did not even reach the first line of resistance, which we now have 6335 satosh accordingly, we can still move at least twice, even three times, cure the course from current in relation to bitcoin and as you can see ripple xrp and on your chart several times already I made such rockets and it seems to me that it is lower than this level and this movement today's prices are about six times, there is no point in selling, of course, there is no point in probably keeping to the very top, but I will sell ripple xrp exactly on these zones at 18000 419 satosh and today many people ask how the price of ripple xrp will move if we look then we will see that we now have a bullish flag and there can be a real way out of this bullish flag in any direction, but guys please look at the volumes that we have in excel our peak I have already told the guys about the channel and showed if we come back with you, let's go back and see what it was in 2017, then we will see that these volumes are rather big and these volumes are constantly unfortunately, uni trading shows the entire volume, it only shows on the poloniex exchange, but if we take all the volumes, then we will see that these are the volumes that are today more than 2017 and the price, in principle, is holding up quite well during bitcoin corrections and now we see that there is still a fairly large potential for price movement and I am waiting for this movement and potential, now I trade on the Ben once exchange and I advise you to definitely open your second account if you have an account why because you will have the opportunity to get additional a discount on my referral link which will be according to these videos and you can really save 25 percent due to my referral link plus the discount that gives 12 if you use a token bambi when buying and selling cryptocurrency, so 2 discounts are summed up and your account will have a significant discount at the end of the year, and for my part, I constantly buy them, we endure at the first the same opportunity and a little feat came out when we flew away on 073 got fiat and I want more from bathing cryptocurrency if we fall to the level of 47 cents let's see there is a very interesting Opinion Paul Magic Popcorn is a trader who has good enough credibility and enough has been considering all patterns for xrp for a long time, I really like his thoughts and I want to show you what maybe the price for xrp in the near future what he writes he writes here is a technical example of how ripley xrp and can raise a daughter 340 dollars yes this price is of course very high for you but let's listen to the end to the end now before we move on to the analysis, I know that there will be people who will comment on how this will increase the value of xrp to trillions about 20 trillion dollars according to my calculations and what such a feat is not possible for such a cryptocurrency as xrp i just wanna end this argument fill everyone that the world's money oil is constant increasing hard to imagine a $ 20 trillion Caterpie market cap with the current global money supply, but globally, the money supply already looks like enter a period of accelerated growth, he means continuous hyperinflation print runaway inflation could easily make this possible amid looming global debt crisis and nothing goes beyond reasonable as you can see 2015 ripley caterpie had an extended bear market strikingly similar to the one we had with 2018 history is constantly repeating itself you can see here a large accumulation of exit prices then the accumulation of the price output and now 2020 very much resembles the movement that was in 2015 what writes next magic popcorn now if we return to the original interrupt 2017, this breakout, we see that the first resistance level was at the retracement level 2 618 here it is which resistance is being pulled back 2 618 is literally $ 9 so if the church works in a similar way, you will need to see massive rallies to 9 dollars in the near future which is quite realistic as it was in previous periods from here we we will see that they endured eventually rose to the level of recovery 16 then to the level of 128 then is, if we focus on the past, then we will see that 16 is quite real the level that has been overcome since 2015 in 2017, but y is 16, respectively the level and the same 16 in 2020 is 54 dollars which took place and in any case, if you endure we work in a personal way, then it grows to the level of $ 55, that is, if we see that there was level 128 where xrp was $ 3 each, then 128 we will have it in general, almost $ 400 what the magic porn writes about further you may not think and the chain can reach 440 dollars but you probably also do not think that a loaf of bread can cost $ 100 the thing is again about inflation aggregate the purchasing power of fiat currencies around the world is steadily declining given the fact that that the debt crisis is on the brink of global financial disruption simple loss of a controller then a single rate could cause hyperinflation worldwide $ 440 churches is entirely possible and what I think, yes, of course, it sounds like $ 440 is a cosmic price, but guys, let's remember but the fact that experts are now not regulated if there is regulation, then banks will be able to keep money backster pi funds will accordingly be bought by large institutional and, accordingly, the price can grow and in principle, I think that people who bought them will endure zero point zero zero Of course, $ 48 was surprised by this growth where the price was 042, I'm afraid that he is one before kept until this course, then there he owned some kind of insider information, nevertheless, if the growth of s 004 it seems to you that it is very large, then there is nothing more in this potential for price movement modest than it could be from these directions to the level of 128, therefore, in fact, in cryptocurrency anything is possible I do not hope for $ 440 but at least that it may cost $ 50 dollars, I sincerely believe and believe that this movement that has just begun is the very the beginning but for those who are tired of the flu lexer pi and I also want to say where I earn, I think that for many it will be interesting and I would like to draw your attention to two adeches that started the first one is venus in which I stuck part of the sold xrp and get constant income 18 6 percent per annum in the current not xvs, including interest accrued without token 539 per dollar which I have here for the steaks this div and is associated with been an myself I think about the safety of this defy at a high enough level, so you can try part of your cryptocurrency for a stake like me and receive a certain profitability, you also have the opportunity to receive a certain profitability in pancake, that is, you can simulate VAI tokens here like me and yes and in general then if you imitate vai tokens you can partially stake it against pancakes with you and too get a certain profitability let's see what pools there is a pool VAI BUSD profitability 50 percent per annum actual stay balcony is also very steep yield pancake swap also supported by the benz exchange this project is one of which began to develop, including talking haig he passed the listing on both Nancy well and the third defect with which I also multiply my cryptocurrency this is a hard protocol, you can receive hard cryptocurrency as an additional source of income if you you will start to drain hard and maybe some of you will dare to quickly as xrp tokens are wrapped finances, and finally, and I want to tell everyone that have patience this is a cryptocurrency market to earn only the most patient if you have patience you can take very a good move in this direction, we are now in a bull market, this is only the most start look at what level we are at a very large price movement potential and the most patient will be rewarded at least so says Warren Buffett therefore thank you all for subscribing to my channel subscribe put like click on bell with you was Morgan Torbians and channel all cryptocurrencies value investment all bye bye

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