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Welcome back to Make Money Online. Today, we'll look at the expectations over export growth
and twenty, twenty one, not minding the SEC lawsuit and subscribe to this channel to watch more interesting videos. Apple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, one of the world's richest men,
according to reports, has spoken out on the chances of XRP this year, despite the SEC lawsuit that originally seemed
as if it would drown the cryptocurrency. The light was merely hidden for a while, but as things have
surfaced even in the season, the coin is still very much capable of moving forward on its own, even when it seems as
if a world sized embargo lead on it.

Its initial dip following the lawsuit has been shown to be
nothing more than a step back a momentary retreat for the coin to consolidate its roots before aiming for a lofty
surge back to prominence. This was the expected result as the news of the lawsuit was
meant to shatter the stands of XRP in the crypto industry. The most damning consequence of this was the supposed
delisting or halting of the trading of the crypto by literally all exchanges in the world. The notion was discussed in some circles that a total
de-listing would lead to the price of the coin returning to zero sum. I pronounce that even without that, the price
would fall below 10 cents. However, Coinbase and finance, alongside other crypto
exchanges, have either halted the trading or delisted XRP, and their users can no longer buy XRP on their platforms. This had its own effect as the coin slipped to twenty two
cents from an initial high of about 50 cents. This was majorly because there was an immense sell out of
the crypto by users of the exchanges after the announcement of the deadline for total disruption of all trading
activities of the coin.

Twenty twenty was a challenging at times chaotic and
stressful year for RIPPLE. Nevertheless, it was also a milestone year. Last year, for example, processed nearly three million
transactions are triple net, five times the volume of twenty nineteen, replies a tech company that does not rely too
heavily on physical assets to run its operations while the dust settles after the first wave of the evangelical four
digit overnight pump of Dogecoin, its impetus might go to other major alt coins. With XRP leading the pack, XRP added 15 percent in mere
minutes. Today, an interesting correlation between the two pumps as
those coins and state run begins to wane. XRP tokens surged from twenty six cents to thirty cents in
about an hour on some exchanges. The XRP upsurge printed a notable twenty percent increase
amidst a flat market at the time of recording Exergy Price movement is losing its steam.

Meanwhile, it's still in the Green Zone, changing hands at
twenty eight cents or up 11 percent in twenty four hours on demand. Liquidity as the basis of solution of rural net saw
even stronger demand and experienced 12 times a year over year growth, with twenty twenty transactions reaching a
notional value of around two point four billion dollars. Furthermore, the rebel team close to an average of two new
customer deals per week and more than 40 countries around the world, with 18 being new triple net. In twenty, twenty one, it's expected that most of the US
based exchanges will halt XRP training. However, exchanges outside the US do not seem to be much
bothered about the lawsuit and have continued to extend support to repeal and XRP. In fact, many exchanges, even sites, are taking the top
spot in terms of daily traded volume above Bitcoin and Ethereum. It's currently selling at a premium on money
exchanges. Asian markets are one of the key markets for this year, and
thus XRP is fairly popular owing to top remittance services such as S.P.

And Pass and Wire, Bali being net partners. This is happening at a time when many in the US believe
excerpts price would crash into oblivion due to the lawsuit. While talking about one of the bright spots for XRP, all of
the banks can use Obelix AARP's ledger for issuing stable coins billed for payments. The AP ledger can also be used to support the issuance of
stable coins with a unique, fungible token functionality called issued currencies. Issued currencies is designed to be the ideal stable coin
platform, providing simple but rich management functionality for the issuer.

That makes it easy to create issue and
manage any asset, including stable coins. Considering studies held last year, block change standards
were predicted to increase in twenty twenty one, albeit a fall from grace. XRP is now the fifth largest
cryptocurrency, which is aiming for a lot of developments in twenty twenty one. Looking at the huge potential of RIPPLE,
regardless of its troubles, there are further indications that XRP could be in for a more prosperous twenty. Twenty one RIPPLE executives announced a prospective
transactional partnership with Ethereum. This would enable applications based on the Ethereum
platform to access the IP ledger, as well as vice versa.

This will enhance service functionality and also increase
the demand for XRP. Given XRP price trends, the experts believe that
disposition position to enter into countless financial institutional partnerships. As a result, it's deemed to likely even touch the two
dollar mark. An analyst made a very optimistic, bullish prediction, for
example, in twenty twenty one, as he predicted, the twenty twenty one was first going to be a rough year for RIPPLE at
the start. But he later stated that XRP might reach as high as twenty
dollars by the end of the year. Etcher is unexpected as the coin further depreciated with
Coinbase slapping its parent company with a lawsuit. Well known cryptocurrency prediction website also stated
that by the end of twenty twenty one, XRP would attain newer heights and reach twenty two dollars and seventy nine cents
with a circulating supply of thirty eight billion XRP. Such are the hopes that await fulfillment in twenty twenty
one. And ultimately our eyes are already off the security or no
security debate between RIPPLE and the SEC.

Some analysts predicted that the price of XRP will reach
about 95 cents before the end of twenty twenty one, representing an increase of around three hundred and ninety
five percent on its current price of twenty four cents per XRP. Other analysts are also optimistic about Lexar peace
prospects in twenty twenty one and predict that the price will hit close to thirty three cents by the end of January. RIPPLE CEO has continually enjoined XRP holders that
holding long term positions on the cryptocurrency is the most sensible approach. Everyone should ignore the naysayers and stick to
Houghtaling and buying any dip of surfaces. That's when we can get to enjoy the staggering return. Gather a big amount of XRP in your portfolio and just wait
it out. He urged any investors to not dwell on earnings short term
gains, but consider the long term investment spending months and years as opposed to days and weeks.

Things are going to set the crypto on quite the run,
especially with the increasing institutional investor interest skyrocketing when it rallies in the market. In addition to the growing list of believers in the
development of XRP, we're sticking to their optimistic outlook, claiming that they can expect the price of XRP
could hit two and a half dollars at some point during twenty twenty one. If all things pan out, this is a whopping
increase of more than eight hundred and fifty four percent. Several factors could potentially drive this level of
change, with the SEC presenting a major challenge to XRP. We believe that if the US government reaches a consensus on
cryptocurrency regulations, the demand for XRP will skyrocket, which is a pretty good track record, quietly
working with government agencies to ensure compliance for years. Therefore, it was deemed far less likely to be
affected by new rules or taxation measures that could send investors racing away for more conventional cryptos.

According to another prediction, the value of the XRP token
could rise to forty six cents by the very end of February, consolidating at fifty eight cents and twenty twenty one
and achieving a mean price of two dollars and thirty two cents by twenty twenty two. That's a modest but steady increase yet subject to change. That is, things can only get better with high exchange
rates and legacy systems making it more difficult for companies to make online payments. More are likely to look towards technology such as RIPPLE. With the developments in place, Ripple will soon be able to
offer smart contracts if more banks start to adopt it. The demand, for example, will increase successfully driving
up the price. Looking at the four hour chart here, twenty four and a half
cents marks the top of the accumulation zone and a prime point for an entry, we believe XRP will bounce off this
level. Looks like after the August bump in twenty twenty excerpted
back down to twenty four and a half cents and then pumped from that level again to newer highs and sixty two days, a
little over two months now I suppose, found support at the same levels and will continue to accumulate for two months.

And that puts it right at the end of February after the SEC
case. XRP is in an ascending channel and can go to the thirty
five to forty cents level. After that it starts rising. But because of the SEC, no big pumps are coming. Twenty eight cents to thirty six cents is still possible. If the SEC lawsuit is resolved, there's huge potential to
forty four and a half cents to one dollar by February to April. Where do you think the price of XRP is going? Here we can see the price has been holding above the
support structure for a long time and the price bounced from support as expected. If Bryce continues to hold above the structure, we expect
the price to move higher, the price holds above the support at twenty five cents, breaking the resistance to twenty
eight cents indicated by the green lines, touching the slope of the orange line. The price trend is set at 30 cents and
has two targets ahead. The first target is set at 33 cents, where it's expected to
first consolidate before going for a higher target at thirty seven cents.

However, before hitting the second target and
may first drop to a support level of twenty eight cents, which was the former resistance following a dip from the
first target before finally surging towards the second target. We hope you enjoyed this video. And if you did, please give it a thumbs up. Subscribe and click on that notification bell. What do you think of XRP Spike today? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. See you next time..

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