Rimedio definitivo trapano a colonna Parkside LIDL ptbm 500 D4. Ultimo modello. Soluzioni SPINDLE E5

Hi guys. Today I'm going to review, more in depth, of how Arrange (or as I arranged) the small defects in my drill shaft PARKSIDE. Model PTBM 500 D4. It is the latest model, it was released on January 29, 2018. It has a few, small, and annoying problems that, in all, go into Shaping, a product that doesn't seem to work … but it actually works. It should only be reviewed by the end users, because like all products from the economical range, It is not subject to quality controls at the end of the process Production. So we have to get it from us alone … but on the other hand we are gods The craftsmen and we have fun together that take a lot of things away. Qunedi will also install and dismantle column pits, To make it effective for what we need. It couldn't be more! This drill column, he has Twisted tangerines … not all samples, but many of these drills, From parkside … very cheap 79 €, they have slightly crooked claws. And not only! They have some flaws, which unfortunately have a sign. Like all economical products, they do not have them Quality control, which should be carried out prior to commissioning Sale.

They are, however, valid products, which once our buyers are minimized, It becomes almost excellent. They became good product gods, always to do it yourself. Now I will show you the solutions I found, read on the Internet, Workout, etc., to make this drill column, really Nice to use, and this there swear by all languages ​​of the world. I'll show you, like this spindle, many hate it, in fact you can Enjoyable to use.

I'll show you what comes down now. The spindle moves excessively. This movement here is crazy! But we can solve it in a little more. Now I'll show you how. Ie if you have He bought parkside column drills, I tried it like this, then Didn't move and I was happy! As this is almost immobile motion What you see is the movement of the limb distorting itself … not the role of the spindle. This from here is the party movement. For now, the drill is not fixed, therefore Everything can move. But here is that hint. While lowering it … Well by getting out of kicking motion Becomes excessive. The more salt, the lower it is. This is the tension that pushes him towards it High level, which keeps it still, and therefore does not Notice the movement as you lift it. When he lowers, he separates and has two The surprise Now I'll show you how to solve it.

to solve a problem To move the spindle, you have to work on three screws located one place outside of it Two inside the room that housed Emergency button. I open the compartment of the red button that Allows to prevent spindle rotation, then turn Excavation, if it occurs, needs to be prevented. These screws must be unscrewed (Which I see now is bad due to a firing system placed in the foreground) Therefore, the two screws that are unscrewed inside. One right and one left. Once loosened, remove this plastic e Set aside. So the cause of our spindle movement is found Connected boat to himself. I will immediately show you how to solve the problem. This nut here, in fact, serves Stop the screw, which acts as a guide for our boat. If we untangle everything, then we see that part of here from karma, He has the exact measure, to go in here (in the groove).

So he guides you through this hole to the boat. It makes sure that you do not rotate on itself, completely descending straight and aligning. In order to get this cost reduced, these trainers do not receive checks Security then they get there these little flaws. If we prey on This karma, giving possibility at the other end that I have you They hadn't seen a little while ago, to reach a small boat, And we'll make it more we can, until it's blocked, We will see that he will stop the descent Of the spindle. So we have to unscrew this nut, while tightening the screw in question. As you can see, it leaves a small groove Inside of the feather. Because I stressed it too much and The sleeve does not rise again.

When I unzip, instead it comes back. So the vine serves to give a clue to the same boat. We must tighten Everything, see if that's hard (now it's hard, doesn't get off) so we don't dictate it. Loosen it a little … just enough to make sure the feather slides off without being Braked. If so, in a little while this little sign will be generated Inside milling guide. Which, however, is going on with the material Soft, its guide will soon be established, keep dropping nicely. Once we find the exact location of the pin, we tighten it Nut. Tight time, no more will move.

Sorry but I moved These narrow spaces … only one hand has something to do with it. Once you get down, don't move it further. Now the tube from our drill a shaft is finally flattened. Now we have a screw adjustment that guides How much … we narrowed the nuts around, If we try to lower our shaft pits, all of a sudden Don't move anymore. It is stable and steady. It's solid! How it should be. Now the whole drill is moved because it is not fixed to the working level. But the spindle does not have it There is no game. It descends and returns along its movement … which should be perpendicular To a business plan, but it does not have to Side work. This is the first solution to a problem The largest of this column is the pits from the garden side. Now that we've set this up, we can see that it turns out pretty well.

Now it is the limb that is crooked, but the spindle is completely still. So we can be satisfied with this issue … that It is the main reason for all proceeds, which are implemented on this the product. Now I'm going to show you a couple Adjustments, how should the belt be changed, modification of the work plan … And a little more. Another problem, so another reason why I read so often I heard complaints about this drilling, This is the vibration experienced by using. Actually, turn it on, we see that wobble. This vibration must be dependent. Act on this butterfly handle. These handles are the positions one on this side and one on the opposite top. You will ask yourself: Why is this engine moving like this? Why are these handles there? Well … because you have to act on them to be able to step in, Once the bobbin compartment is open, loosen this He lives here.

Once the cabin is opened, It will show up again, and the engine will stop rotating, for safety. Now turned on … I open, and the motor stops rotating immediately. Because putting your hands down can hurt myself a lot. The engine stops immediately. This motor here, has this motion, because these screws Here they are not tight at the moment of production. They are so screws They allow the engine to move, when maintenance is being performed … or a change Speed, running on pulleys … these screws, allow you to hold the motor, Then let out the tapes (it must be changed while respecting the schedule), Get a number Laps shown side by side indicate a combination of a bobbin and so on. Their jaw, it goes on, it moves, tilts and then you have a chance To remove them, simply with one hand.

With extreme ease … and repositioned The piacimentin is based on the speed of up, always with one hand. Once this job is done, the engine must be done again Tightening. The duration of this should be necessary to ensure that they do not escape Transformation. They do not need to be very tense. Just the right tension, l We see that the belt is completely housed inside rooms roller. So it is not necessary anymore to act, withdraw. Closes and can be Quietly restore functionality. This belt is here, it needs to be removed Before the engine that we have spoken a little while ago. Alternatively, the central bobbin It is free to move. It has a locking system that It remains fixed on one side. It is located in the center Stick …

And spin, practically, back and forth You can reposition everything at will. Then he puts the belt back on, approaches the motor and it's all portable. It brings as we just said a little while ago. Not excessive, but plenty enough, to create the right one Effort. So far, we have seen how to eliminate engine vibration, That minimal movement, however, still has. Because he nevertheless has a system that does not Securely fixed. It will always be this movement, so it is natural to vibrate A little.

We've seen how to block the spindle, and make sure of it Completely stable. Now we have to see how it is positioned As we wish … And then, as we do inclined, the business plan. This work surface, you can adjust the height, by acting on this mounting system, Which allows you to rotate this pin so behind and secure with a bolt. I'll show you from here … like this Then you work on it, it opens and stays put In the position you want Front 19 gauge nut. The business plan can be deciphered Adjust at tilt.

Obviously after adjusting it, you should tighten it up. You will have to fix the nut again before. It has a graded scale, above, I don't know How to be trusted. Therefore, it could be You have an idea, up and down grades. Up to 45 It is fixed at 0 ° for it completely Perpendicular to the edge. But it's very rough … because the fissure anyway, doesn't have an exact indication. It will have a show About 3mm. However, the alignment will come with a little wedge of about 1 mm. So you won't have a good hint Accurate. However, it's really a thing … if you don't need to do anything Especially delicate buildings, the sixth could be fine. But on the other hand, this Drill press, not designed for Build something, be it Basically accurate.

Because otherwise, you wouldn't use this type of exercise. From Hence, even lots of scores are approximate, you can be fine. If you're going to be using something a little more subtle, there is I recommend buying a product of both the upper layer. but this Obviously, it has a higher price. Because spending only 79 euros, You can't get a product that doesn't have: Smudge-proof … Small precise spindle … noise … vibrations. they All the symptoms and all of them share everything that is cheap. But in every area That's it. Not only in the drill shaft. If you want something more performance, you should Push it for what it is. I am sincere to solve this once Little problems, I can say so I feel relieved. Clearly mine Column drill works well.

It doesn't have any kind of problem. Of course, he doesn't work very hard … because lately I have very little time To dedicate it. But all he had to do, He did it well. I can show it with a little bit bigger, where is it Notice any more wobbles. I will show you that it is not there The reason is absolutely to be a replacement or return, for any Vibrations, which are no longer present. The tip is aligned perfectly. For this demo, I'm using a woodworking tip. This is the tip He works to make sure that on wood the head of the vine is received without it Create the edges. Now I'll show you this is completely straight As you can see it is perfectly aligned. He has no movement. All this is possible thanks to Adjusting screw and nut that are here.

So, I regret your return to neozio. I'm sorry if the spindle looks wrong …. Because it actually was! But this movement does not do that was due to a bug in construction. But from the pool! Underworld, there I spoke a little while ago, that is. It's very raw, Light and cheap. But it works fine. It must be fixed with two or more Bolts, to a board that I talked about a little while ago.

Once placed, you can Adapt to taste and tighten up based on what you must preserve Fixed, and then drilled. Now I salute you … I think I told you everything I invite you to put like on the video. I remind you Subscribe to my channel. See you in the next reviews and To the following videos, which I realize in mine is a small laboratory … where I am building Sometimes something.

By subscribing to the channel, you will have Being able to see the videos that I do. This is the video that A little bit of everything. From "do it yourself" to everything that delights me. Of motorcycles To arm … then the tools that I buy. But also the accessories that you need for Our safety and much more. I invite you once again to subscribe and put I would love to this video. See you next time a video..

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