(ERICK): It must be really hard to be in here
, huh .. And I know, I understand you, I've never been in a mirror, but I understand you
(MIRROR) (ERICK): Let me out, let me out .. look at
that I would even let you out, but I don't know how, it's useless to ask me to let you out,
I don't know as my friend, I don't know just how (MIRROR)
(ERICK): Sure .. You're coming back again and I have to run until I can? I want to
help you and you threaten me? Why do you always look so bad? By now you and I have known each other
for a long time, you have to be nice to people, because otherwise you could make
a bad impression (ERICK): ah Dominick, did you hear it this time?
You heard him, huh? this time you saw the monster in the mirror, huh?
(DOMINICK): Erick stop talking to your imaginary friend in the mirror
(ERICK): I'm not imagining it, it's really there, it's in here! Stupid monster, why don't
you talk to her too? Because? Speak out! Come on, come on ..
(DOMINICK): Erick is crazy (ERICK): If you keep going so dear, I won't let
you out, for me you can stay in there for eternity, ok?
Hello guys, I'm Erick and I'm Dominick
And who are we? Tell who we are, tell me together! I Dinsieme yes!
("FABLE" SONG) (DOMINICK): Erick, but have you eaten all
the candy that was inside this pumpkin yet? You haven't even left one, why is there any
paper? (ERICK): About paper? No, I haven't finished the
candies that were inside the skullcap, I have finished the ones that were inside the head of
dracula, indeed, let's fill this empty head (ERICK): But those inside the pumpkin don't,
Dominick ..

Wait, where did they go? Who ate them?
(DOMINICK): How strange, look .. (SPIRIT): You've learned the basics of Halloween,
but now let's increase the difficulty (ERICK): Increase the difficulty? But
weren't we already playing on the hard level? (SPIRIT): Take a ticket and turn
into the monster, the other person has to blindfold and guess which is the scary monster!
(ERICK): Becoming a monster? But I don't want to become anything!
(DOMINICK): Did you hear it? It is the spirit of halloween, today is the eve of halloween,
I was sure that he would show up again today, as every year now he has decorated
our whole house, he has put strange things and forces us to celebrate Halloween in a
strange way, like he wants him (DOMINICK): The halloween spirit
is nice at times but it's also scary, mostly mysterious, so neither of us are going
to make him angry (ERICK): So he put these cards
in here and if we catch them we become gods. monsters?
(DOMINICK): Mh .. but how do we become monsters? This thing is very strange
(ERICK): It's terrifying, and I don't want to fish anything, here
(DOMINICK): Erick, maybe we have to try first, maybe it's not so weird and terrifying
(ERICK): You try it if you dare , come on, take a ticket and let's see what happens
(DOMINICK): Ok, I'll draw it ..

You'll see nothing terrible will happen , but if
something happens you will help me, ok? (ERICK): But if you become a monster how can
I help you? (DOMINICK): You'll find a way!
(ERICK): Ok, I'll do my best, good luck (DOMINICK): Ok .. you guys like
this video below if you think the halloween spirit is a very weird guy and subscribe
to the channel by activating the bell so you don't miss anything , because strange things always
happen, come on, I draw one (DOMINICK): Let's see ..

Ok, I'll take any ..
(ERICK): Make a good choice .. (DOMINICK): Let's hope so .. This!
(ERICK): Show, what's it written? (DOMINICK): What? No Erick, haven't you felt
the spirit of halloween? Haven't you listened to the rules of this game?
(DOMINICK): I fished so you have to blindfold yourself, you don't have to see what's going to happen, but you will have to
guess blindfolded what monster it is, so now it's my turn to open this note
by myself, you blindfolded (ERICK): I have a little 'of anxiety, who knows what
will happen .. (DOMINICK): Well guys, we're alone, let's open
this note, cross our fingers. (DOMINICK): What's written ..? Witch, it
says witch .. Am I okay, am I whole? Do you see me the same? I think so,
nothing happened to me and it says witch here, what does that mean? We turn into the
monsters we fish (DOMINICK): I get it! It's halloween, so
on halloween we dress up, we have to draw the cards and disguise ourselves from what
is written, in this case I will have to dress up as a witch, ok, I like it! I'll have to have
a good disguise, and we'll see if Erick will be able to guess it blindfolded
(DOMINICK): Come on, let's go find what we need
(ERICK): Who knows what's written on the note that Dominick caught ..

And then not I see nothing
(DOMINICK): I am ready, I must say that I am very particular. Erick, I'm on my way. Oh .. I
bang my head, ok .. I pass it (ERICK): Hey Dominick, are you okay? Alright?
What happened to you? (DOMINICK): Yes, I'm fine, in great shape, but
I can't explain to you, well, we have to respect the rules of the game, if we don't want to get
the spirit of halloween, even if now I'm not afraid of anything
anymore (ERICK) : Why are you talking so strange Dominick?
(DOMINICK): Oh, don't worry, let's get started! (ERICK): Ok, what should I do?
(DOMINICK): Do you guys think he'll be able to guess? Or not, write it in the comments!
(DOMINICK): Well Erick, now give me your hands, and get up.
(ERICK): So I have to guess what you are, right?
(DOMINICK): Wait, let's try first ..

Can you see us? (ERICK): No
(DOMINICK): How many are these? Oh look, a candy!
(ERICK): Where ?! (DOMINICK): Okay, he can't see .. Now you have to
guess which scary halloween monster I am
(ERICK): Aaah! (DOMINICK): Erick why are you yelling?
(ERICK): You're a halloween monster! (DOMINICK): Yeah, do you remember what the game was like?
(ERICK): Are you a real hallloween monster? (DOMINICK): True, very true.
(ERICK): Aaah! (DOMINICK): Erick calm down! You guess, so it
will come back Dominick no monster (ERICK): Ok ..

And how can I guess?
(DOMINICK): I don't know, are you asking me? You're blindfolded, so try to touch or smell,
I don't know (ERICK): Ok, I'm going .. Are you .. hairy
(DOMINICK): Hairy? (ERICK): No, it's not hairy, velvety, yes ..
(DOMINICK): Unfortunately I can't give clues (ERICK): Let's see ..
(DOMINICK): What are you doing, the massages? (ERICK): What is this thing?
(DOMINICK): No, you don't have to bite it! (ERICK): It smells like plastic ..
(DOMINICK): It could be a clue. (ERICK): You're a plastic
maker. (DOMINICK): Could you be more delicate please?
(ERICK): Oh, yeah, sure .. (DOMINICK): Ok ..
(ERICK): Let's see, I just go with one finger (DOMINICK): Well .. Ouch, it's even worse
than before! (ERICK): You have a cloak
(DOMINICK): A cloak you say? (ERICK): This is a cloak
(DOMINICK): What are you doing, you can't take my clothes off!
(ERICK): You have a tube, then …

Do you also have, is it a skirt, is it a skirt?
(DOMINICK): It could be (ERICK): So it's a skirt, ouch .. Oh .. Ouch ..
(DOMINICK): Ouch, softly (ERICK): Ouch skin instead of hair
(DOMINICK): Really? Oh, I didn't notice (ERICK): what is it? A trumpet!
(DOMINICK): One what? what's this? (ERICK): It's a trumpet! Dominick, why
do you have a trumpet in your head? (DOMINICK): Erick controls better, controls
better (ERICK): You have two trumpets in your head!
(DOMINICK): Do you think they are trumpets? And what am I, the thrombus monster?
(ERICK): No, it's not a trumpet, it's a horn! (DOMINICK): Oh, a horn, what a weird thing.
(ERICK): And this? I understand what you are Dominick! (DOMINICK): Right? Did you understand?
(ERICK): You are the terrible halloween monster called the black unicorn with two horns!
(DOMINICK): What? (ERICK): Yes!
(DOMINICK): But where did you see this monster? (ERICK): I read it on the internet
(DOMINICK): Erick listen to me (ERICK): Wait, let me check one last
thing (DOMINICK): Maybe it's better, check ..

is it? What are you doing? (ERICK): Yes, I'm extremely sure, you
are a black unicorn with two horns. (DOMINICK): What? Oh Erick!
(ERICK): I won, right? It was too easy though Dominick
(DOMINICK): Halloween spirit, what if Erick lost?
(ERICK): But that's not the case, because I won.
(DOMINICK): Ha ha .. Maybe you shouldn't be so sure
(ERICK): What do you mean? (DOMINICK): Come on Erick, get crazy and find out
for yourself! (ERICK): Where are you?
(DOMINICK): I'm over here (ERICK): Aaah!
(DOMINICK): Why are you screaming? (ERICK): But you are not a black unicorn with two
horns (DOMINICK): No, I would say no
(ERICK): What are you? (DOMINICK): You still don't understand? Is
this disguise really that bad? But look at Erick, look at these horns, they are black and then
I have a long black dress, they are ..

(ERICK): A goat!
(DOMINICK): One what? (ERICK): Yes, you are a goat! Doesn't it look
like a goat? (DOMINICK): What are you saying? I don't look like a
goat, I'm a witch Erick, I'm a witch! These here are typical witch horns
(ERICK): I have never seen a witch with horns
(DOMINICK): Because you are not informed enough, sorry Erick but you lost, I don't know what
will happen but for now we have to keep playing
(ERICK): But you have very long horns, don't you hit the roof?
(DOMINICK): Yes, it already happened. (ERICK): Really?
(DOMINICK): Yes (ERICK): So you have to dress up, then
I like it, I fish me and you dominick you have to blindfold, I'll take .. Reminds me of bingo
(DOMINICK): Come on Erick, fish (ERICK): This one
(DOMINICK): Ok, I'll wait here for you. (ERICK): Here is the note, I'm really
curious to see what it says, so .. let's see .. What? Pumpkin? But how do I dress
up as a pumpkin? I'm a human, it's impossible, I 'm not a vegetable!
(ERIKC): A pumpkin is orange, so I took all the orange things I found
around the house, but this is the highlight, remember? This here is a terrifying pumpkin mask
(ERICK): Just wear it to become
a beautiful and terrifying pumpkin for halloween! Let's go to Dominick, let's say it's a little
hard to move with this (ERICK): Dominick, I'm on my way! I
don't see …

I don't see the steps (DOMINICK): Hey Erick, are you okay?
(ERICK): All right! (DOMINICK): Why is your voice so strange?
(ERICK): So evil! (DOMINICK): Are you sure you're okay? Could it be
that the spirit of halloween has already punished you for making a mistake?
(ERICK): No! Come on Dominick, I'm ready! So you can get
up (ERICK): Ok, but take it easy! (DOMINICK): What are you wearing? This fabric is weird
.. (ERICK): I know, it's an evil fabric!
(DOMINICK): Evil? Oh, you're hairy .. (ERICK): No, no, this here is my arm,
I know it's hairy, but it's not a disguise .. It's my arm
(DOMINICK): Oh right, I was forgetting , come back here, where are you?
(DOMINICK): Oh, how weird, what's on your mind? (ERICK): This here is my head!
(DOMINICK): Your head? (ERICK): Yes, my head! Ouch ..
(DOMINICK): You're plastic! (ERICK): Ouch ..
(DOMINICK): What are you wearing? have you completely covered your head in plastic? But why?
(ERICK): I haven't covered my head with plastic, I am, I can't tell you what I am!
(DOMINICK): It shows .. (ERICK): Be quiet, don't beat me up
(DOMINICK): What do you have, a retina? Are you a fisherman?
(ERICK): No, I'm not a fisherman (DOMINICK): Right, fishermen aren't
scary, why should they? Weird ..

(ERICK): Dominick, come on, take it easy, leave me!
Tickling .. (DOMINICK): What kind of monster are you, a ticklish monster
? (ERICK): Sorry
(DOMINICK): Let me check, I have to win, I can't risk losing like you did
(ERICK): Yeah but slow, take it easy
(DOMINICK): What do you have here? But do you have jeans? (ERICK): Yes, let's say my disguise
is incomplete (DOMINICK): Oh, but you're a bad monster ..
(ERICK): Yes, but you still haven't found out what I am!
(DOMINICK): Oh, why are you talking to me like that? Is that a clue? Maybe you are a ghost?
(ERICK): I don't know (DOMINICK): But I've never seen a
plastic ghost, that is, I've never actually seen a ghost, but also because
maybe ghosts are not seen (DOMINICK): Anyway, let me focus, so
if I shake you make a noise (ERICK): Easy!
(DOMINICK): No, then you're not a clown (ERICK): A clown?
(DOMINICK): It was my guess (ERICK): No I'm a clown
(DOMINICK): Do this, hide nothing (ERICK): Ahah enough, enough!
(DOMINICK): This is really difficult.

(ERICK): Very difficult.
(DOMINICK): Please give me some clues, I don't want to lose!
(ERICK): Dominick, I can't give you clues .. what is it?
(DOMINICK): I'm smelling you! (ERICK): And what do you feel?
(DOMINICK): You make a little stink. (ERICK): What?
(DOMINICK): Yes, but did you take a shower? (ERICK): Yeah ..
(DOMINICK): It smells like .. plastic and monster (ERICK): Look how the head moves
(DOMINICK): But I can't see you .. (ERICK): Ouch, ouch ..
(DOMINICK ): It's plastic ..

Wait, but you look .. I get it, you're the lid monster!
(ERICK): The lid monster? (DOMINICK): This is the lid, isn't it?
(ERICK): Ouch, ouch .. Ok, I have a mask, do n't unmask me!
(DOMINICK): Aren't you the lid monster? (ERICK): No.
(DOMINICK): This thing is really difficult, how can I guess?
(ERICK): How can you guess? Dominick, you should get a move on, here
(DOMINICK): Don't rush me (ERICK): Ok, take it easy ..
(DOMINICK): This maybe a horn then, a cut horn
(ERICK): A cut horn? (DOMINICK): Wait … maybe I'm there, you have a
dress with a strange fabric, a very strange head, a strange shape, or maybe it's
your hair, what do I know (ERICK): Ouch, ouch ..
(DOMINICK ): I understand, you are a creature with really mysterious unknown shapes
(ERICK): Good, you're getting there (DOMINICK): So you're not a human, no, no,
you definitely are (ERICK): Say it, say it!
(DOMINICK): An alien! Yes, I guessed it! (ERICK): What?
(DOMINICK): Yes, an alien, because you are weird, you are not human and you dress a little weird.
(ERICK): What? (DOMINICK): You're an alien, yes, you're too
different from us humans (ERICK): Dominick, look at me, get out of your way
(DOMINICK): May I? (DOMINICK): aaah!
(ERICK): Do I look like an alien to you? I say, do I look like an alien to you?
(DOMINICK): What a scare, my mom Erick ..

You were really ugly
(ERICK): I take it as a compliment this time! Dominick, you lost too .. I lost too
.. (DOMINICK): Erick you shouldn't be so
happy, we lost to the halloween spirit.
(SPIRIT): You're ignorant! I thought you were better, there is still a lot to do.
(ERICK): oh oh .. maybe we had to try harder
(DOMINICK): Oh no, we're full stop, what will the halloween spirit come up with now?

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