Review of the most popular Tezos Block Explorers: TzStats, TzKT, Tezblock

Hello everybody! Today we'll compare top Tezos blockchain explorers These are tzstats, tezblock and TzKT and we will try to highlight the most often cases of Explorer using So let's begin Network statistics This information is on the main page of the Explorer and the most extensive statistics is on tzstats The progress of current cycle when you click it on you can see a snapshot info For example, what percentage of coins participate in the cycle staking, how many holders of nodes etc. Information on baking is a cycle on the cycle health tab Here is a stating activity information about current voting transaction volume and the supply information Here's the current price and the market cap on tzstats market cap is apparently correct on the tezblock It does not seem the same.

On the tezblock we see current cycle Circulating supply, price and last blocks and last transactions. What can we see on the TZKT? only the fat cat 🙂 So if you looking for some statistics on the current state of the network then as this moment tzstats is the best choice Entity exploration how to see a list of all existing accounts transactions etc. TEZblock has such information but only for some types of operations not for all and for accounts and bakers other explorers haven't obviously, TEZblock definitely wins at this point general account information how to use your account in two cases simple user
and a baker This is a simple way to check your balance and operations and filter them by type and date Notice that there are additional types of operation on the transaction that makes the complete account history for example, look at this account other explorers does not show bootstrap operation is the initialization of the balance when starting the blockchain and That's why it looks unclear why the transfer was made, like wallets and the money we did not receive So if you need to look and analyze the history of the account Then your choice is TZKT because there are more details displayed and the list has no misses The advantage of TZKT is that sometimes the secret becomes visible Account allegation status On the TZ-stats in the TEZblock everything is clear.

You can see that Baker here That the adress is delegated but besides TZKT has a status What the status it is? In Tezos Network your balance from the moment of delegation does not immediately involve in staking Two cycles or about six days have to go after delegation Then your assets will be added to the Baker's balance snapshot and we will get the baking rights Accordingly immediately after delegation your delegation status is "pending" "Confirmed" is when two cycles are gone and your balance is already going to bake Active is when an address is already involved in baking and receiving rewards In general all three explorers show complete and correct data. All credit! next delegate rewards This is about to see your reward for stacking TEZblock and TZ-stats This can only be found in the list of other incoming transactions or by picking a baker which is completely inconvenient TZKT it is the same – we can see only in the operation list, but! There is a button switching to baking bad Which shows it very clever So now one of them displays rewards in a form convenient for delegates, therefore used baking bad Related contracts.

If you didn't know how to check create Kt address – here they are So there is nothing to notice all of them is doing well Bakerinformation. On this page you can find your Baker by using name search For example, let's take p2p. Here we can see the balance frozen, available balance Delegate list,baking schedules, bonds, rewards by cycles The TEZblock in TZ-stats when you click on the small button shows a reward tab but TEZblock without sorting by balance So TZ-stats have more useful information than the rest and if you need to see details about the baker it's better to use it Operations Operation content. TEZblock has gas used and storage used tabs But shows incorrect values in the balance and burnt columns TZ-stats and TZKT everything is clear.

All the info is displayed and everything is correct Plus on TZKT you can click on raw RPC view Failed operation. Here is the sample of the failed operation TEZblock shows nothing about it. Just a red line. On TZ-stats only an error code On TZKT everything is clear Operation groups. On the TZ-stats you can't see information for each operation inside the group on The other explores – Yes, you can Conclusion all explorers is ok, but TCK team more user-friendly at least because of the description of errors Voting participate. To check the baker roads, you may click here on TZ-stats And here on the TEZblock On TZKT it's a bit tricker Exporting of data. TZ-stats had no export functions, TEZblock only certain types of operations TZKT exports completely the whole history. Verdict – TZKT wins this one Developers will find useful to use a piece documentation It's shown here. On TZ-stats in the lower left corner TZKT made this button more notable.

The TEZblock does not have it at all So as you can see in this short review, none of these explorers can be called the best TZ-stats in general have the widest functionality but TZKT and TEZblock have some features that other haven't Plus, tizzy kitty has a very cute cats. Thank you for watching. Goodbye!.

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