Revelo Cuanto Gano Minando ethereum Con 700 MH/s al día de Hoy

Well, people, it was time to tell you if Ethereum today is profitable with 700 Mega hashes, check out this is my rig but I'm going to close my rig I'm going to close this to show you specifically that that was a video that I made previously where I show that I am Taking the 3090 out of my rig in this case I took it out and I have approximately 700 Mega hashes, mining in Ethereum and I have the 3090 mining Dogecoin that I also made a video where it shows how many Dogecoin and it gives me this card in 24 hours so those links to you I'm going to leave it in the description in case it motivates you if you want to get into this world of cryptocurrency today and here I have 700 I had to lower one of the graphs a bit because the temperature is very high and sometimes it rises a bit.

The temperature and look at the errors and failures that are producing these problems but approximately with a regular temperature I get more or less 700 Mega hashes, the million dollar question is and it is profitable to mine this cryptocurrency Today well I would say yes because even though the cryptocurrency is on the ground that the market is very bad I must tell you that if it is profitable for me and before continuing with the video it is good that you know that if you decide to get into this world of cryptocurrencies that is your responsibility this is a video that I am doing in a personal capacity I will also tell you at the end of the video if it is more profitable than mining with discs you know that I too I'm stuck in that chia world where I'm mining and with hard drives and I have more than 138 Tebibyte, in case you're new to the channel, it's also good that you see what's going on, I'll also show you my wallet so you can see how much I am gaining today in Ethereum taking into account the market fall and seeing that the prices of the cryptocurrency lately are very bad or very cheap very volatile one day it has a price tomorrow it has another price but nothing we go what we came and This is a page that gives you an estimate of what you can earn with the gpu that you have, you also have to take into account the energy consumption in this video I am not going to talk about energy consumption because you know that it varies by each country, in one country it is expensive in another country it is not so expensive and this is something that you already have to see on your own so I am going to leave you there is also this link in the description so that you can go and see how much energy consumption you have and how much you can earn with the graphs that you decide to put in a rigid and that is under your responsibility I am not telling anyone to get into this cryptocurrency because this is something that many times even in the long term and in some occasions in the short term, mining with gpu for me you see short-term results and that is what I am going to show you next, look at me I put 700 Mega hashes here which is approximately what I have more because with the 3090 they would be 800 but I'm getting other cr Ito with those gpu, well look at 700 Mega hashes I'm going to leave everything so I'm not going to be putting here to select graphics or anything like that, which I know I reached 700 and even a little more if I put a little more overclocking on the graph when the temperature is good that it is a little cold let's say look, it is paying me 46 dollars a day that is how the price is right now that if you, if you look at the Ethereum today it costs 2,115 dollars and It has dropped less -2.4% so at this moment it is going down but if it stays at that price I would be charging daily I would be charging 46 dollars than for 5 for 5 where is the calculator, that for 5 we are going to say wait, I am going to put the calculator Here that for 46×5 those are 230 dollars because for 5 because I charge every five days I have it I have programmed my miner and programmed through the pool I use to mine Ethereum that every 5 days they must make me in the deposit as long as that the rigid are on gone because at this moment I am turning off the rigid in the hottest hours the hours between 2:30 in the afternoon or 6 or 7 at night the rigid's are off because I am not going to risk burning a gpu for being on ambitious, not me the temperature sometimes goes up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and what I do is that I turn off the rigid and then it comes at night when the temperature is, more or less well I turn it on and it is good that you know this in case you decide to get into this world of cryptocurrency that the issue of energy consumption, the issue of temperature, the issue of and that the gpu drop because when you have more than 2 or 3, 4.10 gpu then get ready because that loosens An infernal heat is a hot one that if you have it in a separate room with air conditioning that is very cold, much better because that releases an excessively aggressive heat and you know that on this channel I tell things as they are and the energy consumption is High and the temperature issue is also a super problem well but let's go what we came 230 according to the calculations I did on this page which is very exact I recommend it because the calculations that I do here always come out literally the same and look at it here this is my wallet, this is my wallet of coinbase and if I go here, look how much, how much I sold yesterday I sold 0.2 Ethereum and for this they paid me $ 497 as it was in the currency in it and yesterday and maybe a lot of need later because they see it later because yes, the I sell because I need the money many times and I have to sell it is not the idea in which the one who is in this world of cryptocurrency knows that in the long term if you decide to save your currency then this with the future can solve many problems but I have made a very large investment in gpu, notice that I have about 17 cpu that and I have even had to buy it at a more expensive price than what they would be in the market and apart from this the shortage becomes very difficult gpu is super difficult or not at this moment there is stop I will leave you in the description of this video 2 link for you to go and buy your gpu because today there is stop there is this of the 3070 3080 and 3080, 3070 you like this I'm going to leave you two links here in the description of the clip so that you can buy your graphics and if you do this it is not my fault what happens is that video cards are selling a lot because of the issue of mining with gpu al Today it is still profitable and profitable for this reason that I just showed you every 4 hours every 5 days I receive a payment in Ethireum or Ethereum of 0.1 Ethereum and I can sell it to the market at that time, notice that I usually always I sell it I receive a payment I sell it, receive a payment I sell it because also of this money that you are seeing here was that I bought most of the records for me to mine for me to farm in Chia that I have 138 Tebibyte and I am more or less making like a regame from here I take out to buy there and that's how For me I am not having to sacrifice my regular payments and my regular expenses for this world of crypto, but I am already squeezing all this out of the same crypto currency, that is, what I earn I reinvest in the same cryptocurrency as in this In case I got into the world of chia, to this day things are not very good let's say that I have also made many videos talking about chia and the problems but look at my payments are recurring every 5 days I receive them around here I made a pause that the rig lasted for about 4 days it lasted because due to a personal situation I had to turn it off for about 3 or 4 days and I also took the opportunity to give it maintenance because it is important that you keep the cpu very clean and change it thermal paste from time to time but that is also going to be a video that I'm going to do separately.

See this have been my payments at 0. here I put together 2 payments 0.2 because it was very cheap and I said we are not going to wait for it to be put 2,000 dollars and there I decided and that was by the way it was yesterday there is the 30 I change it I have that money in my account thank God and approximately I am receiving if you calculate every five days 497 for every 5 days would be how we are going to decide the sorry these were 10 days were 2 payments of 0.1 for a total of 497 that is to say that this would be this for 3 to 30 this for 3 would be earning about a thousand dollars to how the currency is today because this may vary it is possible that tomorrow it will be at Another price and it is super important that you know it well I will continue to show it down here because I have a lot I have a few months already mining and all this has been very good in the sense that here you see money if you want short-term results Well despite and despite the fact that the market is bad because here I had a quick result, the investment is large because investing in 16 or 17 gpu is not cheap if there is a very high investment but the good thing about this is that if you keep the equipment running Well, you get this investment in the short term, that is, you begin to recover the investment that you make is very fast because look at where I am receiving approximately so I am going to throw you a gross value because the market goes up and down but approximately as This is the cryptocurrency Ethereum as of today because it would already be generating about 1,000 dollars a month that with this amount of money because you solve many problems in many countries, for example, I am from the Dominican Republic, I am Dominican and there, 1,000 dollars would be this 57 the el Dominican peso would be 57 thousand pesos that is a good salary for many people of course you have to subtract you have to take out the energy costs, the electricity and that but I imagine that you will have a percentage that you will be able to solve many things and that that I believe that the DR is the country that has the most expensive electricity in the world I believe that there is not a country on this planet that does not have the most expensive electricity than my country and it is a shame to say I think that the moon is already so expensive and I am very sorry but here I say things as they are and the Dominican Republic and apart from the fact that the light is expensive, it is also a tropical country there is always heat and those who are mining there are not I know how they are doing it because I think it is not profitable to get into this business in the DR because of the temperature issue unless you do not live in a region in a province that is not so hot but in the capital in Santo Domingo to get involved in this It would be very dangerous because of the temperature issue but this is not the issue guys this issue that based on my experience based on the time I have had mining with gpu I must tell you that if today it is profitable if you get in you can do That you see your money faster I repeat I do not recommend anyone to do it or I think that we are quite big for us to know how to make our own decision of whether to enter or not enter or how much money we should invest I want short or long-term profit my opinion Final ion about this is that look how good the crypt currency was to save it, I hope I can save all these coins that in fact that is my purpose of starting to save it for the moment I can not because what I am doing is recovering my investment when I have already recovered my investment that I already say well, I have recovered from the expense I made in graphics in gpu because now what I am going to do is save or I already have the capacity that I wanted to mine and I know more or less approximately how much money I can earn Well then I can save it for the moment even if I want to, I can't because what I'm doing is recovering my investment by taking out the money for me to say well, I already recovered from this expense in graphics, because now what I have left is to save the Ethereum for see what I know 2, 3, 4, 10 years to see how much money I can earn mining in this cryptocurrency if it is maintained because in the future we do not know if this will last long because they also want to remove and m Ether other cryptocurrencies and it is possible that you can no longer mine with gpu so if you decide to get into this it is good that you investigate well before investing your money in this world of mining so this is Tech Time give me a subscription If you liked this video, it is also important that you give it the Like so that it reaches more people and many users in Latin America and Europe can continue to see content like this and this is Tech Time, thank you very much and I'll see you in the next installment bey, bey until next video

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