REVEALED Why Elon Musk Is Buying Cardano ADA & Ethereum ETH!

you would probably know about elon musk with the number of videos that have been surfacing on youtube in recent times have you ever wondered what exactly he's been up to lately with such a huge number of followers and how is he still trying to make his life and the world a better place to live stay tuned to this video to learn more about this we will be looking into the major update that elon musk has been up to hi cardano lovers welcome to cardanoland your daily dose of cardano if you're interested in everything around cardano this is the place for you make sure to hit the like button and subscribe for us to provide you with more cardano news and let us know in the comments how much you think cardano will cost next week let's get to it elon musk is a person with extreme importance in the crypto world he has been one among those whose words have played a major significance in predictions and market analysis of cryptocurrencies as he's been getting into the research we've been seeing some shreds of evidence that suggests that he might soon start getting into one of the two major coins other than bitcoin this must certainly be one among either ethereum or ada this might have been something out of the scope if he had heard about us some time ago before he started investing in bitcoin now that we know that he has a huge amount of bitcoin there are a lot of chances that elon musk might also be looking to get into one of the other cryptocurrencies in the world this is where the other major players step in as we know ethereum is one of the best old coins in the market at the moment and elon musk's liking to the best is not at all a new thing he looks for the best among everything and works to make it even better this is actually the secret to his success similarly recently through the sources we have we found out that he might invest in ethereum really soon in this case there are high possibilities that we'll see a major price spike in ethereum the news does not end here apart from ethereum there are also chances that he might invest in cardano many might be confused as to why elon musk would ever invest in cardano which is not exactly on the top of the list at the moment the answers are definite according to us this could be because of the advanced technology used in cardano even though ethereum is top on the list and is just below bitcoin the technology that they use is much more different than that of cardano the energy consumption efficiency and technology are all far ahead of the other two to the best of how we know elon this is a fortune for him more work being done through the use of lesser resources making the world more sustainable for each transaction he bought 1.5 billion dollars worth of bitcoin lately and also started payments in the form of bitcoin for his company in the long run this could have been a step that will make him even richer than he already is owing to the changes in the price and the fluctuations we see too often there are high chances that elon musk will be able to accumulate a lot more than what we think he could by accepting the payments through bitcoin perplexed on how it could be possible let us explain as bitcoin goes down a bit people might panic and decide to sell or dispose of it rapidly this is when many people will think of using it instead of cashing the money out when this happens tesla may charge a higher number of bitcoins to match the then current value to the value of their product but it will not be a long time to the point where bitcoin raises back to the prices and the amount they charge for their car in the past will rise up significantly this could also be how the system would work if in the case he really does start investing in the other cryptocurrencies as you know the cost of bitcoin but coin is really high for many people to afford this being the case many of the customers of tesla could be left behind since they do not own much bitcoin also this means that they could get really lesser profits in the long run through each sale this could be the reason why we feel elon musk could move into cardano and ethereum which are currently at a much lower price compared to bitcoin with these speculations coming once these turn true we can be sure that not only will it benefit the two coins but it will also benefit his companies as well this is why we said that this could make him even richer than he already is the first time elon musk spoke about ethereum was in july last year he says that he does not build anything for ethereum he then added on by saying that it is not based on being for or against cryptocurrency and he does not use or own the same in any manner or in any quantity however there is some part of it that is very interesting this was actually a reply to a tweet by william shatner that he posted a year earlier in may 2019 this means that for the duration of time elon musk was very speculative about it and he has been looking in and out of it the matter came to our eyes when we saw that he did respond to the tweet a year later therefore confirming that he did research about these coins he confirmed that he has not invested anything in ethereum but this was just an update and does not mean that he will not invest after this the next time we saw elon speaking about ethereum was on twitter again while responding to peter schiff even though the talks were about bitcoin elon went ahead to comment that bitcoin and ethereum do seem high this was on february 19 2021 it was right after this that he bought around 1.5 billion dollars worth of bitcoin this could mean that the next turn could be of ethereum there are high chances that since elon has been speaking bullishly about both coins he might start investing in both of them gradually by understanding each and every element of it just the way elon does regularly let us make things a bit spicier for you on may 1st 2021 we saw a tweet this time by elon musk which says that the tesla stock price is too high this was something that he said based on his perception what exactly does that mean back then the value of the tesla stock was somewhere around the 150 dollar range let us compare that to the current price currently the prices stand around 680 now do you think that just the way elon musk could in a broad sense control the spikes in dogecoin could accomplish the same for tesla as well we think yes relating both these tweets together while keeping in mind the similarity in the tone that he's speaking we do think that there are high chances that the next step on his list could be getting into ethereum this is given the fact that he's already made a step into bitcoin the result of this move could really end up with a huge price hike the next topic we have is about elon musk's interest in cardano remember how we have been bullish about elon musk's profile picture which was a fork in the road and how we all associated it with being bullish about dogecoin well now there seems to be a bit of a change in the vents now heading to the website of cardano which describes cryptocurrency to be our fork in the road we see that there is a ton of similarity between the two now was this the real reason for him to change his profile picture only time will tell us about that what we can say is about the possibilities elon musk is a very distinctive character with the genius he has he could give us hints that could take a lot of time for us to decipher take for example the fork in the road profile picture even though many like us could decipher we saw many being bullish on dogecoin and misinterpreting these signs left by him well let us now see where things go and we will be the first ones to inform you about it if you think just the way we do and like what we said make sure you leave us a like also let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are on how much you think cardano will cost next week also make sure to subscribe and give us a thumbs up see you next time in cardanoland

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