Retire RICH with Crypto in 2021 (How to Retire EARLY)

everyone wants to retire early and up until the last five years probably thought the only way you would ever be able to retire early be if you won 42 million bucks on a powerball ticket but let's be honest even if you want it you probably have a hard time finding that ticket lost in your trailer i mean heck it's a mess should probably clean that thing up but guys it's 2020 and the bull run is upon us retiring early is no longer a fantasy but it could be a reality what would it take for you to retire by the end of next year today we're going to examine how much crypto you need and how you can position yourself to take it easy let's get it welcome to bitboy crypto the hardest working channel in cryptocurrency we never retire here now if you're new hit that subscribe button join both my telegram groups to learn more about crypto or connect with me and the bit squad also to help you with your retirement i'm giving away a whole bitcoin to ethereum and to litecoin at the end of september to take part in that giveaway please make sure to visit for details only subscribers are eligible of course also going to be giving away a nimit branded ledger nano s a little later in this video so stick around for your chance to win all right guys today we're going to be looking at how you can possibly get yourself in early retirement plenty of people retired at the end of 2017 if they were able to cash out at the top for those poor souls who huddled bitcoin or their alts all the way back down they got crushed in fact they're probably crushing up m m's and your mcflurries right now and this is a very important lesson to learn your crypto is no good if it drops 97 so we look at how you can leverage the next year to year and a half in order to set yourself up financially for the rest of your life we have to look at a few things first we got to look at best practices then we will examine where you should be putting your investments and how much crypto realistically could get you to an early retirement so how do you get from point a to point b too many people are focused on the amount of crypto that you should own and that is important but more important is how you manage that crypto we've already looked on this channel and portfolio management and why it's so key but let's look at a few pivotal points first make sure your portfolio is balanced the best way to keep it balanced is to make sure you have bitcoin and other top 10 coins taking up a decent percentage of your portfolio these are less risky coins take bitcoin for instance it's now hit 12k three times in three years so even if bitcoin were to crash again you could feel pretty confident you could get your investment back now of course that's not guaranteed but most likely you could you can also feel confident in ethereum litecoin and others that are consistently performing well but that coin ranked number 742 hey they could exit this game overnight i'm going to try to lead you guys in directions that don't end in disaster but the further we go down coin market cap or coin gecko the fact is the projects get riskier so you need to balance your portfolio in case of a disaster you also want to balance it in terms of the amount of projects you're investing in you don't want to have too many or too few in your portfolio you need about 8 to ten winners top heavy with solid projects but enough speculative ones that you could get the big come up once you have your portfolio balanced correctly next you have to make sure it's secure the traditional way of thinking is not your keys not your crypto this means if you don't own your own coins and private key then it's not really yours but the fact is for many beginners with no experience there's been more crypto lost in sloppy transactions than off of hacks from major exchanges the point is to make sure that you know what you're doing when you are using your own wallets and being responsible for your own crypto if you're brand new you may want to consider you won't hear anybody else tell you this you may want to consider keeping your crypto on coinbase or binance until you have a solid understanding of transacting crypto if you do have a good understanding then you probably want to consider getting a ledger nano s or nano x hardware wallet let's actually go ahead and give one away on this video all you got to do comment down below on how much crypto you think can make someone a millionaire and we'll pick a winner to send a nimik branded ledger nano s2 now if you want to go ahead and buy a ledger you can also do that at a hardware wallet will help you keep your crypto safe and secure because remember your crypto is not worth anything if it's in someone else's wallet so your portfolio is balanced your wallet is secure and now you are ready to rock crypto prices start spiking and boom you're a millionaire for one day then prizes tank well that was fun guys you gotta cash out at some point nobody else tells you this but it's true this isn't what crypto enthusiasts want to hear me say they want to hear me say crypto is forever the dollar will be destroyed own bitcoin over time so emotional but guys that's probably not reality to see our future we just need to look at our past when crypto prices spiked in 2017 they then returned to the abyss and many projects saw 97 downturns bitcoin itself saw about 85 to 87 downturn and that's average on bitcoin cycles you don't get a medal for hoddling it's just a meme guys nothing more nothing less when you earn brownie points from strangers on the internet you lose actual value of your net worth i do not suggest huddling when markets speak you consider cashing out much of your profit when the bull market starts winding down in late summer to early fall in 2021 that's what the numbers say that's what history says you want to be on the right side of history in this aspect you can also consider using a card to spend your crypto at the top of the market it's a sneaky way to cash out and also support adoption at the same time you guys got to get those brownie points if you want to try the card to get 50 bucks for free you do that at mcoc so let's recap what you have to do in order to retire early off crypto number one balance your portfolio number two secure your wallets number three do not huddle sell at the top now that we've got that straightened out we need to look at how much crypto you need to have in order to reach that million dollar level now a million dollars depending on where you live may not be enough to retire on but if we take one million dollars as a starting point you can figure out the rest from there like if you want 10 million dollars to retire then all you got to do is multiply today's numbers by 10.

So let's start by looking at bitcoin we're going to look at two numbers a 100 000 bitcoin and a 300 000 bitcoin that's our range 100k pretty conservative estimate in my opinion and 300k is the most bullish prediction we have if bitcoin goes to 100k then you need 10 btc to get to a million dollars the bath is simple if it goes to 300k you need about 3.3 btc to get there all that's great if you're lucky enough to be able to afford somewhere between 3.3 to 10 btc but we all know most people aren't that's why we rely on altcoins they are the fastest path and most dangerous path to get to the level of bitcoin we desire at its peak ethereum was worth 10 percent of btc right now it's worth 3.5 percent of btc so assuming ethereum could once again reach 10 percent of btc's value which i think it will actually reach more this means you only need to hold 35 percent as much eath as you would bitcoin so for ethereum you would need 3.5 btc's worth in our 100k scenario or 1.1 btc in our 300k scenario as of right now that means you need somewhere between 31 and 94 east of course we understand many altcoins may outgain ethereum but ultimately we can only look at our portfolios in either btc or ethereum value in order to create some type of baseline for judgment those are your numbers to get to a million dollars right there so if you're following outside of that range to the underside then you need to figure out how to get in that range one way to do that is through making gains against each with small unit swap gyms which is a pretty good strategy i've been using lately unless of course you pick the wrong one so make sure to be careful with your selections and you're picking long-term winners but now it's your turn how much crypto do you think it will take to get you to a million dollars or to retire let me know down below in the comments also don't forget to visit to enter our full bitcoin giveaway it might just change your life hope you enjoyed this video if you did please make sure to smash the like button and hit subscribe to become a member of the biz squad thank you so much for watching have a blessed day big boy out so [Music]

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