Reportage: Bitcoin in Europe – Teil 2 Prag | Prague /w english subtitles

Hello and Welcome to our second part of our documentary series: Bitcoin in Europe The team of BTC-ECHO travels to various cities in europe to talk to people from businesses and politics about Bitcoin and bBlockchain We're now on our way to the Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference here in Prag and we're looking forward for exciting interviews made by We're here at crypviser's booth at Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference Prague Next to me is Sergey from Crypviser, Hello Sergey! – Hello Can you explain to us, what is crypviser and what is your team doing? Yes! Crypviser is an all-in-one communication platform which is solving the problems of their customers and leads them on their way in reference to secure communication, data storage and encryption we're offering a communication platform which tackles these problems and which takes these very seriously it makes sure that we have a secure communication between users through our own designed protocols Okay and what are you doing specifically to provide this? What are your tools? The tools are the well known SALSA 20/20 protocols the most advanced tools that are being used today, which are modified by us for our own protocol because the public key exchange, the centerpiece of asymmetric cryptography is problematic, and we're offering a solution to this with our own protocol Okay and what about the progress? Are you planning to do an ICO? What's in the plan? Yes, we're coming up with an ICO for our app for August 1st An ICO which is seperately for our CV coin is dated prior to that the app is still in internal alpha stage you can also test it today, we got it on our phones the development takes progress and we're quite confident that we can demonstrate a product in august Exciting! Last question: what's up with the coins? Do they have a purpose, or are they just stake? Yes, absolutely! In our case the coins do not only have a physical worth, but also a purpose to provide our customers with anonymity we connected the coins to our subscription model the premium version is set for 9,99 €/month this will in turn get calculated back in 10 CV coins and for this the price calculates to 9,99€/coin for us it's not only important to make an ICO that brings a certain coin the coin represents the security and authenticity of crypviser the coin enables the customer to get our premium features anonymously Great! Thanks for the interview! – Thank you too! Here at the Institute of Cryptoanarchy we got a Bitcoin ATM and this is a two-way Bitcoin ATM, which means I am not only able to buy but also sell Bitcoin I just opened my Jaxx wallet and I will sell some Bitcoin and receive Czech Crowns I already set up "german" and press "sell bitcoins" and I see, I want less than 15.000 Czech Crowns How many do I want? I just select 1.000 Czech Crowns That's 0.02 Bitcoin Alright, sell Bitcoins "Do you want to keep track of the transaction via SMS?" – I don't need that right now, it's pretty fast anyways okay, alright.

I asked to sell my Bitcoins I have to send the Bitcoins in less than 45 minutes I got an adress here and to this adress I have to send this amount I got my wallet here and I press "send" I just scan the QR-code the QR-code got scanned and it automatically sets up the amount that I have to send so i don't have to manually enter the amount because the QR-code already did it for me I press "send" alright, I confirm this alright, got confirmed I just send Bitcoins to this adress and this machine has a little camera I got my QR-code here and I present it to the camera Alright, it received the code you see, transaction was successful now it ejects money "Please take the money from the ejector, it will arrive in some seconds" the machine is working as you can hear and I got 1.000 Czech Crowns while selling Bitcoins now I'll pay A t-shirt and I got two postcards I'm scanning the QR-code I just hover over this the amount is already entered, I only have to click "send" I press "confirm" Then I enter my PIN, which you're not allowed to see and done! so we just bought another postcard as you can see here and the cool thing is, this is paid with Bitcoin they handle this we got to know that there, I just put that here done We're here in Czech Republics biggest electronic retail company "Alza" and now we can pay with Bitcoin that's why we bought some batteries and now do the payment so, I just confirm that and the transaction is done as you can see, it's done "Alright you got a paper here, what's that for?" "With this paper we can take our batteries we just paid with Bitcoin" That's the batteries we just bought with Bitcoin Unfortunately the transaction took quite some time from that we can see that we urgently need a solution for the block size debate but in the future they will also add Litecoin and Ethereum to their payment options "Prague seems insignificant, but it's THE place for Bitcoin enthusiasts" "We will probably hear more about Prague in the future" "Our next destination will be the 'Bitcoinstad' Anhem in the Netherlands"

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