Rentabilité / Rentability Cloud Mining Monero #1 – genesis mining

Hi guys, hope u doin good ! Fisrt of all, thx to
all new followers and subscribers during my
journey, means a lot for me ! Today we continue calculation of rentbility and today it's Monero time ! The second crypto we can mine on genesis-mining. Like on video for the Ethereum, same informations = prices when i do the video. Also 3 simulations = 60 H/s, 1000 H/s et 3000 H/s. Like usual, to know if profitable or not. For the first one, 60. Power and power cost still 0. don't touch difficulty (will change like all others altcoins) Price 0.018668, we are good ! Hardware Cost = 48.49 $ with promo code for 3% off. Click Calculate So we have 0.21$ daily and 6.21 $ monthly. ROI = 234 days (7.8 months) and 12.82% per month. A currencie…..Monero is rising too. Good rise and can be a good one in top 10-15 of altcoins. Second simulation, 1000 H/s and price 794.43 $ Here and price… 4 days less, 230 days Near 7.5 months, not big.

It's not very significant. 3.45 $ daily and 103.43 $ monthly 2 years contract, no fees, like Ethereum. For the third simulation, It's not…….difference is not big… for 2327.03$. 6 days less. Not also significant here too. 10.34 $ daily and 310.30 $ monthly. A little less than 7.5 monthsfor ROI. And 13.35% per month…not big but…. still profitable cause 2 years contract. Monero will evolve and price will (for me) rise in long term. Here's what u need to know about Monero. Up to u to buy contracts. Monero is profitable, and will be more if price pump like others altcoins, if u have some in stock 😉 See u guys maybe tomorrow for an other video, Ethereum rentibility will be done.

And in 2 days, back to Monero. i will alternate between those 2 until others comes back. That's why i put date, to
have a "follow" on all simulations we do here
and when price change. Have a nice day guys ! Thx to subscribe and if it's not done yet, smash this button ! :p If u have questions, i aswer as fast as i can, so u can go on as much as u can ! 😉 Have a good day guys ! SEE YAA !!! PEACEEEE OUTTT !

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