Reddit Picks the WINNER!? HINTS Lead to This Coin!!

What the FUNK!? What the freak?? The coins of old are a pumping & that is when
you know something reeks. What’s that smell??? Take a whiff cuz it’s time for Chico Crypto!! The coins of old? That was just a politically correct intro…what
I really meant was the absolute dog crap, the shatcoins, zombiechains, ghosttowns…they
are a pumping & I knew it was a coming. I made two videos over the past month, trying
to warn of these chains, who are either completely dead, no transactions, have zero value transactions,
or are just littered with spam aka fake transactions. So who is a pumping? Well, one who I showed in my videos is…XRP. It it littered with zero value transactions,
which I covered in that video…and Evan Van Ness, tweeted this a few days ago “I know
today is zombiechain pump day, but let's remind people of the $XRP, $XTZ and $EOS fundamentals:
which is a retweet of a tweet he posted in may that says: 3 ghost chains with billions
in market cap but zero use: $eos, $xtz and $xrp.

Academic paper finds: 95% of EOS transactions
from airdrop of valueless token, 82% of Tezos throughput used for baking, and 98% of XRP
transactions have 0 value. And pulling out there 14 day charts, each
coin, they all look very similar, with the pumps coming all around the same time…so
fundamental building? A pump based on fundamental, like the chain
is being used?? No, not whatsoever because..thing like Verge
are now even going bananas…..with 70 percent 24 hour gains. So I could bring the haterade for another
episode, but I’m not going to set my content on repeat. Today, since we are in the middle doing the
altcoin dance…I’m going to cover the fundamentals, coins, companies and projects with actual
use….as Liveliness on a chain, meaning dapps being launched …and activity on those dapps
or products… that is all that really matters. So, who is a pretty damn lively chain with
“organic” transactions. Well one I’ve picked as the short to mid
term scaling solution….Xdai. Over 31 thousand tx’s per day as of right
now, and it’s peaked at nearly 100k.

Need a comparison? OMG network…their mainnet in total has only
9,557 transactions, that is all time and in the past 24 hours, it’s done just 8 transactions. Aka it’s not being used. And these two? They are both competing for the WIN, with
the reddit scaling competition. We haven’t heard jack mcsqootybooty in awhile
about that competition. Last one was in September, on the competition
submission post they said “: We are still working on finalizing our scaling solution. We've been very impressed with the breadth
and depth of proposals submitted in this Bake-Off. Many projects have done great work, and it's
good to see so many ideas in the Ethereum ecosystem. While we are continuing our due diligence,
it's taking a bit longer than we expected to understand all the options in detail. As soon as we have more to share, we will
make an update here. Thank you for your patience. Nearly 2 months now since those last words. You would think that a decision, should be
able to be drawn in that amount of time, as they have had 2 months before that delay to
review too.

4 months, an entire quarter, yes a decision
can be made…jeezus christ. Personally I think the reason for the delays
was not for more time to “review” but they were “waiting” for something, aka
some sort of rollup to be ready. Optimistic or ZK… But rollups aren’t going to be ready, and
Reddit seriously would like to capitalize on these moving markets… So they are going to look at an option, which
can serve the needs right now. And in my opinion, that’s Xdai & possibly
in reddit's opinion too.

What do I mean? Well 14 days ago, 2 weeks, an issue was brought
forward on Github. Specifically in the POA network aka xdai and
the, blockscout section.. The title…Verification of contracts with
constructors from genesis block fails and in the body we can see the certain developer
is playing with a certain environment including “Blockscout Version/branch: v3.3.3-beta
from xdai…futher in the body we can see this certain developer is playing around with
posdao contracts, from xdai… And as we can see a victor barinov, xdai core
Dev, and lead of nifty wallet and blockscout jumps right in to help this certain developer. So who is this certain developer? As we can see it’s TWT on github, so who
is this? Well it’s a Tim Tickle…shoot that makes
me giggle.

Not because of the last name, but because
of who Tim Tickle is. Going to his LinkedIN, we can see he is Staff
Engineer, of blockchain security for Reddit and he is no joker in the “security space”
as before this, he was the head of security for Bitmex, and security engineer at both
uber and facebook. At BitMEX he secured the exchanges infrastructure,
and Reddit swiped him up in April of this year, to secure their community “points
infrastructure”. So Tim playing around with posdao contracts,
blockscout, and talking with Victor…it points to something, as you can’t find him playing
around or asking questions about the others.

So me thinks, xdai is getting reliability
tests initiated by reddit’s big dog decision makers. Is it secure enough for the community points
to launch on? That’s a question I can’t answer for sure,
but things are definitely looking good compared with the others. So dont’ be afraid of Ethereum Xdai, know
that xdai is friend… Now, once again, Chico knows each little “run”
needs a kicker to sustain it, keep it going. DeFi had it’s run, NFTs had a mini run,
and now I believe it’s time for DAOs to shine. DAOs are decentralized autonomous organizations. Basically, companies, run autonomously, by
the members. And going to deepdao, which tracks this crypto
sector, we can see the top daos, and one that has been peeking my major interest lately
is the number 4 with assets under managements, DXdao. Out of the top 4 based on AUM, it has the
2nd largest number of dao members only behind piedao. So, I covered the basics of dxdao over the
weekend livestream, but to sum that content up dxdao focuses on creating awesome dapps,
protocols, and projects within the defi ethereum ecosystem…through a developer and investor

As we can see from their website the DXD token,
gives holders an economic claim to the DXdao´s revenue from these dapps and it also grants
its owners future access to a suite of services and premium features in these dapps, such
as gasless transactions, feeless anonymizing of assets, reduced trading fees on DEX protocols
and more. And right now, they have 4 dapp defi based

As we can see the collectively owned products
include mix.eth, a portfolio manager with privacy and security at its core. Omen.eth, a prediction market built on top
of Gnosis’s conditional token framework. open source interface for Gnosis,
which includes a fully permissionless DEX, and dxswapeth, a protocol for exchanging erc20
tokens. And good ole vitalik has even promoted one
of their dapps. Omen. In september he tweeted “Honestly prediction
markets may be the one of the most underrated categories of ethereum dapps right now. Omen and Augur v2 are both running and have
active markets with pretty decent liquidity; go ahead and try them! With links to both & omen is linked 1st. Now here is what is bullish to me…DXDao
was launched over a year ago, here is the ethereum reddit post about it in May of last
year. The title “The dxDAO is a large experiment
in on-chain governance. It just started and we invite you to join”
And as we can see, the first comment is…”Congratulations to the entire Gnosis and DAOstack teams for
shepherding the process of instantiating this DAO experiment to this point” Ya Gnosis & daostack is behind this “experiment”
this DAO…that tis super bullish to me…but there is a feature of this DAO, which makes
me like it even more.

How governance is handled. So, DXD, it’s not a governance token perse…like
in the traditional governance token we are all accustomed to, like from Uniswap, or even
Compound…this is a liquid governance model. At Uniswap only whales can create proposals,
it’s based on your holdings, and there is a threshold to submit. With DXDAO, Anyone with an Ethereum wallet
address can create proposals & creating a proposal doesn’t require having Reputation
or voting power in the DAO. Reputation. What is that? REP is a token, given to a wallet, but it’s
just a voting power token, it’s non transferable, thus not exchangeable. A person's Votes within the DXDAO are amplified
by a user’s Reputation balance. Initially, there were voting periods to earn
reputation, but those initial ones are done. Today Members can earn REP by providing work
to the DAO. They can also earn REP by creating and passing
proposals. Also, reputation staking distributions can
be voted on again, and I wouldn’t doubt another comes down the road.

This is illiquid governance & it’s stark
contrast to how other governance tokens work. DxDAO, took the whale, which can equal sometimes
bad influence, as we see with some happenings at Uniswap… out of the proposal process. They will be integrating governance powers
to DXD holders, down the road they just wanted the investor out of the initial equation…which
is a good thing, if you want strong dapps, with a community focus getting the project
off the initial ground. Cheers, I’ll see you next time!

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