Raydium Protocol – Panoramica Trading, Swap, Farming e Staking sulla Blockchain di Solana

good morning to all the guys and welcome back to my channel in today's video let's go and see in the first part of this video what the project reedio its token is and why it needs to improve the de fi thanks to the solana brochure let's go and see lilium after the function acronym of the def ai passes through the name de fai first a word is now used to define a decentralized finance ecosystem the define in the cryptography world hatches to enclose and embody the real essence or decentralization thanks to the fai more and more people have managed to have access to financial services perhaps up to the average one precluded the de fai ecosystem as we have seen it is not without problems obviously first of all are the high transaction costs if the fai protocol we are using currently still runs on brooke sheen and tir youm another problem may be the speed of the exchange and transactions returns I always love the example of shots at very high fees because the network at the moment is congested, so in addition to having these high gas costs also a greater slowness with regards to transactions on theirs on its blog chain and as regards def transactions at 15 that e tir hume will still be at the center of the world from the blog chain even more for the define that it will be increasingly difficult for users to be able to take advantage of it is a high profit due to the problems of the problems we have seen a little while ago.

How to renew wall and solve these problems lei hume is different from the usual on-chain platforms all the feature that distinguishes riyom from others from other platforms of this type is the brooks chain or turns on the solana solana blog chain very high transaction speed and very low costs for cold gas routes as you have seen it runs on solana but also manages to be a bridge for what it concerns the net and the shooting so there is a sort of connection both solana because it was born on it but above all also towards and tir hume reghium completely decentralized with integrated prof ovi store protocol in ri thanks to solana and her record of transactions or 65 thousand transactions per second with the resolution of each block every 400 milliseconds the LEED protocol also does not allow the insertion of 20 consecutive orders with spreads reduced to a minimum.

An oracle is also integrated into the protocol to manage at best all the variable data that there are between the various suap and obviously from the bridge of solana and tir youm therefore the advantages of this protocol are the first of the first speed and economy thanks to the blues chain of solana it is undoubtedly faster the withdrawals a gas path I am not saying that non-existent but almost second advantage will practically supply liquidity let's call it so infinite to the third order portfolios.

Ca very clean interface both as regards its opening the liquidity but above all as regards the trading therefore the reed hume trading platform is really easy and intuitive so not a single protocol in a single system we have the decentralized possibility to carry out the trading make the stop of tokens add liquidity to the purees go and stake our talks in the pools and farm like most protocols of the fai also the idiom has its utility touch we find it on the as market cap al rennes which 228 by market capitalization with a watch list of 9,000 227 people a current value of 8 euros via verona boasts four with an increase in the last 24 hours from 18.30 percent currently the total supply stands at around 555 million tokens in circulation we find 7 percent of the supply or 36 just over 36 million I would say can be purchased through these e change fbx gate points or a suap successful up mxi wannenes and serious a desk this token will allow you to staking it to increase your passive interests earn small percentages of the transaction costs for the token holders and obviously to be used as a toga in governance it will also be used to vote and make decisions within the community as regards the development of the project to carry out a swap, for example, there will be a transaction rate of 0.25 percent while the 0 22 percent is re-deposited in the liquidity pool and will be used for the reward of those who have provided liquidity the remaining 0.03 percent will be sent between the stacking and will be used as a reward for all users who will put their token ray in sticks we have arrived at the end of our appointment for today I hope it has been to your liking I recommend you sign up to the canal if you have not already done so, join ours with millions of toe le grand to have a chat re with us comment below and let me know what you think but above all comment on themes but also asking me to smoke some presentations on the projects you like most I will try to please everyone at the next one

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