Rare Coins Queen Elizabeth ll F.D 1980-2003 Coin Price #coinaz

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get latest news and oldest coins   2003 2 pounds mintage 17 million diameter 
28.40 millimeters thickness 2.60 millimeters   weight 12 grams material bimetallic nickel 
brass ring and copper nickel center orientation   metal mint england british royal mint edge 
type read it with inscription edge inscription   standing on the shoulders of giants designer 
bruce russian prices five dollars twelve dollars   two different two pounds coins were 
issued in 2003 a commemorative coin   to mark the discovery of dna in 1953 and 
one with the standard ages of man reverse 20 pence 1982 mintage 740 815 000 diameter 
21.40 millimeters thickness 1.70 millimeters   weight 5 grams material copper nickel orientation 
metal mint england british royal mint edge type   plain designer arnold match and rev christopher 
ironside price two minus three dollars twenty   and fifty pence coins are legal tender only up 
to the sum of ten pounds this means that it is   permissible to refuse payment of sums greater than 
this amount in 20p coins in order to settle a debt 5 since 1962 of canada country 
canada queen elizabeth ii 1952 date   type standard circulation 
coin years 1955 1962 value   5 cents currency canadian dollar 1858 date 
composition nickel weight 4.54 grams diameter   21 millimeters thickness 1.7 millimeters 
shaped doticagonal 12-sided orientation   metal alignment price 3.00 the portrait of 
queen elizabeth the second facing right from   when she was 27 years old surrounded with the 
inscription elizabeth the second day gracia regina 50 pence 1997 the country great britain 
denomination 50 pence year 1997 period   queen elizabeth ii 1982-2021 min type regular 
release ruler elizabeth ii material copper nickel   edge smooth the form 7-sided weight 
8 grams diameter 27.3 millimeters   thickness 1.78 millimeters price 1-3 the obverse 
portrait of the queen by rafael mclough was   used on all uk coinage from 1985 to 1997 and 
was the third portrait of the queen used on coinage you can also follow us on instagram we are every 
day sharing oldest coins from our collections 10 pence 1992 the country great britain 
denomination 10 pence year 1992-1997   period queen elizabeth ii 1982-2021 min type 
regular release ruler elizabeth ii material   copper nickel edge ribbed the form a circle weight 
6.5 grams diameter 24.5 millimeters thickness   millimeters price 35 third crown portrait 
of hm queen elizabeth the second right   wearing the george the fourth 
state diadem legend around two pence 1997 the country great 
britain denomination two pence year 1992   period queen elizabeth ii 1982-2021 
min type regular release ruler   elizabeth ii material copper-plated 
steel edge smooth the form a circle   weight 7.12 grams diameter 25.9 grams 
thickness 2.03 grams three to five dollars   the united kingdom 2p coin was one of three new 
coins introduced into general circulation on the   15th of february 1971 when the united kingdom 
adopted a new decimal currency system the other   two new coins were the one half p and one p coins 
five p 10 p and 50 p had been introduced earlier   two pence 1980 mintage 408 million 
diameter 26 millimeters thickness   1.85 millimeters weight 7.12 grams material bronze 
orientation metal mint england british royal mint   edge type plane designer arnold match and 
christopher ironside price five to seven dollars please subscribe to our channel for get latest 
news and oldest coins thanks for watching

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