Rare aluminium penny to auction for USD 500,000: California man found coin in trunk of car

a rare coin once kept in the trunk of a southern california man's car is expected to bring in as much as 500 000 at auction according to experts at the long beach coin currency stamp and sports collectible expo specifically what this coin is is in 1974 the u.s mint was experimenting with different types of metals in ways to save costs on production of the one cent piece and so they experimented with metals you know copper zinc uh bronze aluminum and plastic all sorts of different things this particular piece was struck in aluminum they were struck in mass quantities but they never made it into general commerce into general circulation the california man inherited the coin 30 years ago from his father who worked at the denver mint he kept it in storage completely unaware of its true value the owner of the coin is an interesting guy he had the coin for many many years in his possession it belonged to his father before him and he literally kept it in her drawer and literally even sat in the trunk of his car uh for a while before he brought it into a coin shop in southern california and he brought into the coin shop and the coin shop owner looked at it and realized it was something a little bit special but not quite exactly sure the rare 1974 penny of which about 10 were ever made will go under the hammer in april

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