Q4 e-tron 1st Impressions – The EV I’d actually buy 4K

(0:00) Introduction Hello and welcome to EV Review Ireland. My name is Derek Reilly and today we will see our first impressions of the Audi q4 e-tron. Let's begin (music) Today's video is sponsored by easy-go and is Ireland's largest EV charging network easy-go supports over 10,000 Irish EVs Driver in the search and use of more than 1200 This works with active charging points via the easy go app across the island of Ireland in the north and South The easy go team also offers charging stations for the home Workplace and public charging stations together Fleet management and payment solutions Service solutions ideal for companies, who are converting their fleets to electric driving (0:51) Tour of the Outside Let's start with the outside and you can see it's that bi-toned on the 40 it has the bi-toned color so it has this body color culture down here and then it's that other color and then you have the chrome and Which the fully enclosed grille is in contrast to but its bigger brother has the opening slats, that is Fully Sealed Audi has also completely closed this one, so it's there is now the radar.

You now have no radar on the underside and behind that you have your fan and fins, sorry, fins that are up which open and close as needed. You have your sensors too really nice front for parking really distinctive, nice lines Some nice wrinkles on this car that I really like, I love this wrinkle really very nice here and that comes down Under the outside mirror and then there is this nice fold over the back Arch starts here and goes all the way around and ends right at the top of the the lights off. Beautiful. You have your sunroof on this one They also have the roof rails that is the side profile, super sunny. Today I apologize. I shouldn't care for the sunshine to apologize. You have this light bar Light bar that goes over the back But yes, very nice, really very nice.

Not too big, nice. They come with LED lights and you can and you can upgrade the LED matrix light, so it's the different pattern and you can choose which pattern you want, but overall beautiful outside on the front front you have the e-tron emblem at the lower end of the radiator grille and also at the rear you also have the e-tron down at the bottom here everyone will know you are driving You have this light bar and you have the light bar, the q4 on the one side and and on the other side you have the 40 e-tron so 35-40 are the two models that are currently on the market and the 50s will be the quattro. be quattro, we're just waiting for them Prices, but that's probably only going to be Come to the Irish shores in 2022.

Let's take a look inside (3:13) Facts, numbers, load times, and price before we go inside, let's take a look at some of the statistics and numbers like that the entry-level model q4 q435 e-tron has a net battery of 51.5 kilowatts With alternating current it charges with up to 7.2 kilowatts and hours with direct current it can generate up to 110 kilowatts with a wltp range of 335 and on 40 it obviously has that larger battery with 76.6 nit it can deliver up to 11 kilowatts on ac and up to 125 kilowatts in direct current operation with a range of 511. If you You agonize and are new to the world of electric cars and yourself ask what the ac dc and the loading capabilities of Check out my latest video with it Colin Whelan on the basics of EB loading, I will put a link in the description It was a live presentation that we made to have. and then on the line in case you find yourself if you are wondering if you have the actual area check out a video that I recently met with Dr.

Ewan McTurk made it all about it what's the the wltp range and why they sometimes go The car I had today was obviously the q440 and it has a 150 kilowatt motor with 310 newton meters of torque and acceleration of 8.5 it is rear wheel drive and it has a length of 4.6 wheelbase 2.76 the SUV has 520 liters of luggage space with almost 1500 liters with the seats folded down, the chassis is set to sport for sports he has set a tropic of 10.2 meters and he has drum brakes in the back and Disc brakes on the front for regeneration, it has regeneration and has three and has three stages, but you can do that too but you can also adjust it individually how you like it.

i think this is a really nice feature the prices for the q4 e-tron start at 41 465. You can pause the screen there and and look at the different tax rates and what you get back and the various Trim levels and then the q440 that I drove today the advanced, the sport and the s line go from 51 odd to 63 You can get the q4 in eight different colors in eight different colors, black, gray blue, silver and also at the bottom right Corner you will see a purple (5:22) Interior cabin front what does it look like inside the q4 e-tron nice start from the side you have a lot of storage space for the big chunky door Spurs and a really ingenious bottle holder that too great big door but that good one again chunky German engineer and that's what You want it's a flat top and flat bottom of the steering wheel You have this 10.25 instrument cluster for the driver, one odd 10 inch mmi screen and that will if you You can have a bigger one if you want.

which you can specify later in the year, however but this one is big enough you have your physical buttons underneath for that for dual climate control and then you have this floating one Console with the driving mode selector reverse gear neutral two-stage regenerative Brakes d and b but then you too can you can die regenerative braking also with the paddles you have your audio here, but there is too capacitive touch buttons on the steering wheel as well as underneath are the two USB Type-C ports and a traditional 12 volt and also holders for coffee mugs or water bottle holders and a Armrest Armrest and this armrest can also be At the top you have the beautiful panoramic sunroof and I love a panoramic sunroof e-tron lettering here on the dashboard You have half a glove compartment because of that Fuse box with this size but high quality materials Leather and soft-touch plastic carbon effect on the cross on top of the the dashboard, which also comes with an extended heads-up display as an option or depending on the equipment of the equipment variant, i.e.

The 40, i.e. the price, because it is available in 35, 40 and there will be a 50 that will be quattro, so that's the 40 and each of the 35 and 40 at the moment moment there are three equipment lines: advance sport and s line. So this is the q4 e-tron 40 and he also has the advanced and he also has the advanced option, so the entry-level version, but it has a lot of extras and I have the datasheet here So that's the optional one Furnishing. has the interior package, that's that split folding rear seat steering wheel with the chrome with the chrome elements on the sill protection with aluminum Inlays in the front accent surface, glossy black lacquered interior in aluminum look ambient lighting package mm navigation plus wizard package on the panel Glass sunroof the 19-inch 5w-spoke arrow light alloy wheels it has 60-pack equipment package air conditioning package acoustic glass comfort package dynamic package the price for this q4 e-tron 40 advance is 55 100 they have 12.5 thousand euros in extras extras and metallic, making this car today at 68 445 euros.

And because it costs over 60,000 euros, you are getting nothing back from funding. expensive car comes with a lot of good standard equipment but we only have it for a short time today we want to give you a few impressions very nice, really very nice, like I said before I think this is my favorite EV so far on the channel so far, I like the Audi build quality just now i still have a lot to talk about, i have I haven't discussed the Skoda Enyak yet. not yet we had of course not yet the KIA ev6 or the Hyundai ioniq 5 but I'm already I drove a lot outside in the Volkswagen ig4 and that was a nice one Auto nicer ev very popular, he will capture some market share and that is for people who want an Audi want an electric Audi this will be their entry-level model his in the moment and he's beautiful, that's the seat hired for me let's sit in the back and see what a place behind the bush is really very good behind (9:02) Interior of the rear cabin I am 187 centimeters, the seat is 1.80 m tall for me is about 25 20 25 millimeters between so good He also has that Notches in the seat.

So if you had five passengers, that would be it's a bit tight in the middle, but you would fit five and you have your Isofix in the front and two in the rear. You have your nets, you have your coat hooks and that sunroof. that I in all evs, I like very much. Evs i'm testing. and those beautiful door storage compartments with the water bottle holder, that's really great the door is also a good size and easy to open. You have your air conditioner back with two vents. If I'm not mistaken, they don't have a USB type c, so there are no loading options in the back, which is unusual Armrest with the two cup holders in it Yes, beautiful lights in the rear and that Roof also sensitive to touch, good space, good headroom Space Yes, nice 10:10 Boot trunk of the Audi q4 e-tron is not is driven, it goes a good way up Altitude there will be an electric option because the button is there and it has storage under the cables which is very convenient.

Great and the 20 40 20 40 you have your tote bag hooks on both of them Side your lights and you have a 12 volt outlet on that left on the left This floor can be lowered. It's flat ground right now, but he is but it can be dropped on the way down. Let's go for a spin if you think so. If you think this car is for something You is, you can contact easy go and register Sign up for the app through the link on the screen or in the description 11:00 Off for a ride like driving the q4 e-tron more beautiful is so quiet, so gentle, well weighted This is rear-wheel drive, so not the typical quattro from Audi and it will a quattro is coming, but it's beautiful, great Sitting position Position the steering wheel is well weighted the view is great, we also have the panoramic sunroof so good that I'm really looking forward to a longer ride with it a few bumps to be sure to make sure the suspension is heavy is.

You can tell that it is heavy and it is to the one for the heavier suspension bushing. Really nice. This is going to be a big best seller for Audi Yes, you could see people being enticed with the upper level enyaks and id4 so they are so in their own market share of the Family but when you put these four rings in one in one electric Version and this is your entry-level model and one of my last reviews was the Mercedes eqa There is no comparison between this and the Mercedes eqa wins in size The space available in the Boosh is unbeatable below it's a basic ev approach it's the one MEB platform it's the wheels at the end of it, so You have an interior so that it is roughly outside the same size as a Q3 if you know what the Q3 looks like.

but inside it's almost as big as a q5 and that's the beauty of this MEB Platform Mercedes is a beautiful car, don't get me wrong. Not correct. but if i had to choose i would go for this one. I hope, You like the report. You can leave a comment can subscribe, if you can leave a like, leave a comment, what you think. the queue is the right one for everyone is right for you, let me know what you are think I've had this for an hour and need to bring it back.

I have to bring it back and I don't want to bring it back. Really nice. Is this the car that Derrick will buy the Derrick? I don't need a car so I won't buy it. But if I needed a car, I wouldn't buy it. This is the second time I've come across this about the Q4 E-Tron. Take a look at mine second channel that I run. with Blake Bowland called "ev platform" where we are about the introduction when it was launched. Feedback from an international audience and it is more of a general discussion about the q4 e-tron, but we were impressed with it then in kind we are impressed by him i am impressed I am impressed with him and when we have him for We will definitely do the longer test report at eb platform, since we are currently the q4 e-tron and i was wondering why the panoramic sliding roof has a beam in the middle Has. that's because it will actually open up can. it just keeps getting better, check this out I need my sunglasses for that Panoramic sunroof and one that can be opened (Music) where can I register just as a reminder Today's video was sponsored by easy go who now offer free driving for one year if easy go a charter at your home or office Installed in your home or business for more information or to get a quote to request click on the link on the screen or in the description 14:24 Conclusion & Outro these are my first impressions Video of the q4 e-tron from Audi I'm looking forward to it for it is longer these hour-long test drives very difficult to get a feel for care Bush of what I've already seen and what I have it's definitely Audi it has that premium feel I think it will will be a great success for Audi.

It's up against a lot of competition you have they have their own cousins, the ID4, the Skoda Enyak and then there's that Tesla Model Y will hit the market at the end of this year, early next year this year, early next year, the Hyundai ioniq 5 range of the KIA ev6 it there are so many that is the point everyone is looking for the sweet spot everyone is looking for is the midsize to compact SUV shape that is That's what That's what buyers are looking for may not like it Audrey's on the trail of a winner here and if I'm honest and if I'm honest, after what I've experienced so far and I haven't ridden the Enyak yet, but this is probably my favorite EV at the moment, den that I discussed on the channel. I hope you enjoyed the report, if you can subscribe to the channel, leave You comment below and let me know what you think like the video and remember if you think an EV review is for you, leave it me and i will check, thanks for watching.

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