PulseChain Update Day 5 – How to sacrifice Tron & Cardano

Welcome to Day 595 of my Hex Journey I hope you are doing well thanks to my new subscriber Ryan Long Welcome to the hood project Now please make sure they smash the 'like' button let's update this video 500 likes Hit the subscribe button and activate it after a notification to be Notify you of every new video and it starts now I started with today's episode today the video will be short I will give you statistics about hexagons, what is the hexagon shape? conducted over the past 24 hours. neue Token zu ziehen to wurden der Opferliste jetzt hinzugefügt für beispiel du kannst auch tron . opfern eos cordano or stellar lumen and i just saw maddox and polynetwork were added to the list as well and for demo purposes i'm going to show you how to cardano and tron because those sacrifice tokens have to be sacrificed differently i'm going to show this in today's video so now let's start right away if you have a quick look at gohex.com we can see on the current day 595 we have still a steady total supply of hex 573 billion hex tokens for demo purposes i also made some stakes already earned some decent interest of 0.868 hex so this take just sits there to show you guys once the snapshot happened once the mainnet is life we will see this stake on our pulse chain as well i still have some liquid hex just to sacrifice dc in over time every day a little bit we will see this as well we have some great new updates on the stat side but for now let's cover first the hex stats if we zoom in a little bit to the t-shirts you can see the daily close price in usd came down a little bit yeste rday one t-shirt and fifty was 2754 and if we scroll down a little bit more you can see also the daily payout per t-share and you can see we are still way above average average is down here around five point seven hecks per share so yesterday we received six point three hex this is pretty damn amazing and it results in an api of 41.7 percent if you move on to hex info.io you can see the imported market data for hex compared to the us dollar hex is now up 280 x compared to bitcoin we are up 68 118 x's and compared to ethereum we are up 20 944 x's wonderful stats move on to graphics.

Rocks you can see the numbers are going crazy we have now nine point five four six percent of the total circulating supply staked zero point two one nine percent of all the hex existing are sacrificed yesterday this number was below zero 0.1 percent now it's already 0.2 this is just crazy as well we can observe the liquidity on the uni-swap pools so you can see 48 million on the version 2 and 17 million on th e version 3. some ethereum is left on both version as well totally we have now staked over 9 billion us dollars the current apy sits at 42.39 percent for one hex it went up a little bit you have now to pay 15 cents already one t- shirt at the moment costs you around two thousand eight hundred sixty eight dollars and you can check the price down here you have two charts you can see in yellow the t share price this is what matters and you can see the hex price after the recent little Correct we just recovered maybe the bottom is in maybe it's just a little tiny fake out just to shake out some weak sacrifices and after that it could go up to higher levels because over one billion hex tokens has been sacrificed but it could also just go sideways or down we will never know this is crypto baby so you will figure it out on your own if you move on to hex dot vision you can see on the main page the stakes are getting more and more it's going crazy today we already have 664 stakes in yesterday we closed with 1473 stakes and the day before with 1475.

A quick check on the current addresses by the way we just reached over 300 000 addresses holding hex tokens so if we do the math right we should have roughly 1 200 new addresses holding hex tokens in the last 24 hours this is the new wallets so this steady growth is pretty damn bullish if we check the penalty situation 19.5 million hex tokens were paid out to the stakers and the way address thank you very much xerox 3 for 7.4 million hex tokens thank you very much xerox a1 for 3.6 million hex tokens and thank you very much 0x27 for 3.5 million hex tokens paid to the staker class thank you for your service let's move on to the gas prices the gas prices are going up and down a little bit all the time you can see this if you zoom into the chart it is spiking up but now we just came down a little bit more and we went around to the range of 30 still pretty damn cheap but what will be cheaper is the upcoming pulse chain you will experience this once it is out let's check quickly the charts we can see we have some sidewise actions in the last two days but you can also observe that the spikes to the upside are quite heavily we are going to the range of 22 even some 27 cents and this could be just a signal that hex is once again before an explosion if we're going to visualize this with our random lines i just want to show you maybe we're just going to continue to trade in this range a couple days but for all the haters just from the recent all-time low we are now up one thousand and sixty six percent so congratulations for that just keep in mind one billion hex tokens just got sacrificed in total and is away from the market and if we have a quick look at the market in general the top cryptocurrencies by market cap we can see some red days again and i told you guys if all the cryptocurrencies are red hex is mostly green and look at that up ten percent bitcoin sits around thirty thousand eight hundred forty eight d ollars down almost one point five percent ethereum chills at one thousand eight hundred and twenty six dollars down four point four percent and hex just recovered and is knocking on sixteen cent again up ten percent with a decent market cap of ninety billion dollars if we scroll further down we can see way way way down we have 62 billion with tether finance coins are also there cardano this one we're going to sacrifice today together if we scroll further down we will maybe find tron somewhere but i think tron is already gone as well you can now sacrifice stellar matic polygon but maybe where's tron finally we found tron on position 13 we're gonna sacrifice this as well just to show you guys how to do it so now let's come to the sacrifice stats if you have a quick look and give a refresh to the website on the theorem address which is the sacrifice stuff going to for the theorem based tokens we can observe over 1.38 billion hex tokens were sacrificed so far this is an amazing and outs tanding number we have 67 million us dollars in usdc coin 20 million in die 8.5 in tether 6.9 wrapped bitcoin and some other tokens as well if we check quickly how many theorem already was sent to this address we can see two thousand nine hundred and thirty three theorem were sent almost everything was sent out probably to sell or whatever have no expectation of the work of others just enjoy the amount which is going into the sacrifice phase this will be a steady dollar amount for the upcoming pulse chain so let's quickly check pulsechain .com congratulation the pulse change sacrifice phase has started this is nothing new keep in mind after the first five days the rate increases five percent we have now finally also a nice countdown so you can see you have 14 hours to go until the sacrifice phase day five will end and after that the rate will increase you can see this down here how the rate increases over time for the whole 19 days so that's the update for the pulsejain.com websi te the second update is on posted info you can see now if you connect your metamask wallet you open the drop down menu and you can see that we have some new coins added finance chain binate smart chain are both now in here in the list we have as well cardano eos which is new we have as well polygon and stellar network as well tron added to the list but first let me do my daily sacrifice on the theorem blockchain for this i just gonna choose ethereum in the drop down menu i'm gonna copy the address which is provided in here please double check the address on the social profiles down here and then you hop over to your meta mask if you're gonna click the button send i can paste this address in here choose hex from my tokens for example let's sacrifice two thousand tax with an average gas fee hit next and then we can confirm the transaction and it's gone second update i would like to give you is the pulse lead xyz website this website is just monitoring what's going on on the ethereum bloc kchain we have two countdowns in here as well the day 5 ends in roughly 14 hours the total sacrifice phase ends in 14 days and 13 hours 57 minutes you have the top leaderboard down here this is pretty amazing and by the way hextopia and your crew is amazing you have now as well a search function where you can directly search your address but keep in mind you only see the transactions on the theme blockchain so for this demo account i already sacrificed two thousand four hundred fifty dollars my actual rank at the moment is seven thousand seven hundred twenty seven if we click on view all transactions we can see all the single transactions we have made so far you have to wait roughly an hour until the latest sacrifice is visible if you sacrifice other coins you will not see them in here so let's go back to pulse.info and now this time i'm gonna show you how to sacrifice some drone and as well some cordano we have two different coins and two different processes how to sacrifice so l et's check it out first we're going to sacrifice some tron so all you do you have to choose tron in this drop down menu so this is really important only sent from an address you own the private keys no exchanges you cannot sacrifice from an exchange so you have to hold your drone in a wallet kinda like metamask back in the days i used tronling and i just found this tron wallet with 20 bucks on and because i hold the private keys also for this wallet where my tron sits in i'm all good this is not an exchange so let me just copy this address we open again our draw on wallet we're gonna click send and we can paste in here the receiving address we gonna send the max tron i have in this wallet in this case 157 tron we're gonna hit send confirm now the transaction and click accept and the transaction has already been submitted to the tron network and is sacrificed this drawn is gone you will not get any confirmation about your sacrifice but you could for example copy this address you just go to a drone explorer and you search your sacrifice address you can see we have in total 138 731 tron sacrificed if we go down a little bit we should see somewhere to transactions voila and here we have an unconfirmed transaction that's me we have 157 john sacrificed to this address so everything looks pretty good if we click on the transaction you can also see now after a while it is successfully confirmed so once again i repeat tron you cannot sacrifice from exchanges you need to hold your own wallet in the second example of this tutorial We're gonna sacrifice some cordano because there are no smart contracts and you can already see this changed a little bit the process to sacrifice if i zoom in you can read it even better send only cardano to the generated address you can send directly from an exchange to this address on this chain because you are issued a unique address to send to you can sacrifice to this address below so in this example you see tron you could not sacrifice from an exchange but cardano you can send directly from an exchange because this is just your address where you sacrifice to so let's go let's sacrifice some cardano for this i'm gonna quickly change the screen i hold some cardano on my mobile phone you can see 118 cardano and if we would like to sacrifice this kind of coins we just gonna click the button sent i already copied and pasted the address so i can only paste it up in here let's choose the mount of course you have no max button so let's just go with 118 cordano click button send and we have to enter a wonderful password and you can confirm the transaction right away confirm submitting transaction this will take a little while until the cordano will reach his destination so let me switch back to our screen so let's just copy this address go to a cardano blockchain explorer paste your address in here hit enter and you can see the 118 cardano was sent to this wallet so i assume the sacrifice process for cardano worked well if we go back just please really make sure whatever coin you would like to sacrifice if you would like to sacrifice somatic polygon only sent from an address where you hold the private keys again no exchanges so please really make sure to read the damn instructions that you sacrificed the right way and with this we are already by the end of this video for today if you found any value in it please leave a like subscribe to the channel this would be really appreciated and helps the channel to grow drop a comment below if you have any questions sacrifice a lot take long and fast stay safe out there and see you in the next one peace [Music] you

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