PulseChain Sacrifice Day 2 – Numbers are CRAZY !!!

Welcome to Day 592 of my Hex Journey I hope you are doing well Thank you to my new subscribers Hello welcome my hot brother and please make sure to hit the Like button now Get up to 300 likes Subscribe to this button and activate the mail role Notification to be done Notify everyone New video Now let's start with one today We'll do in the next day's video First look at the hex It's the hex stat that's going crazy We had good pumps in France The price is going to have a big impact on this First half stats Video We'll quickly check out the hexagon The stats in part et sur nomix.com et pour la dernière partie Je vais tout vous montrer de cette vidéo die Adressen und wie viel wird uns schließlich geopfert have some stat sites out there as well and you can of course everything on the blockchain directly so let's jump right into it on day 592 we still have a steady supply of 573 billion hex tokens and you can see i created another youtube wallet for you guys ju st the purpose of this world will be to show you what will happen to your e-hex on the theorem blockchain if you're staked if you hold any liquid and of course if you want to sacrifice we did this yesterday we're gonna do this today as well i'm gonna hold by the end some liquid some staked hex in this wallet and i will also participate in the sacrificing phase so i can show you on screen everything what will happen so if we scroll down a little bit you can see the t-share price went bananas yesterday 3 125 and 10 cents if i have a look at the theorem price this is at the moment one thousand nine hundred and eleven dollars so we are going strong to two ethereum per t-share this is pretty crazy as well what was crazy not yesterday was decent but the day before we had this payout of 7.177 hex per t-share yesterday we received 6.419 expertise share so overall you can see this has a crazy impact on the apy if we zoom in a little bit you can see it even better 42.18 yesterday 47 th e day before this is crazy normally we are hoovering in the range of 37 38 which is already pretty damn good but 47 this is a pretty damn massive bonus and it's also due to a massive penalty and staking action from some dudes so the next site which we'll have a look is quickly the pulse infosight you can sacrifice let's sacrifice a little bit compared to yesterday we went up in price i think around two to three cents so we're gonna do a smaller sacrifice today let's check out how much you will sacrifice so i would say 2 000 hex for today let's go with an average fee next this is good it's around dollars plus seven bucks for the fee confirmed and it's gone it's sacrificed and it will be tracked on my ethereum because i'm holding my own keys so this will be the perfect example for you guys this is how you can sacrifice some ethereum tokens you have down the list what you can sacrifice all we will see in the last part of this video how much is flowing actually in but i already can tell yo u now the stats are crazy continued with the stats let's visit hex info toyota hex data imported market data and look at this compared to the us dollar hex from the all-time low we are now up 287 553 x and compared to bitcoin we are up 67 015 x compared to ethereum it looks really nice 20 351 x from the all-time low so crazy stats from the beginning if we move on now to graph hex dot rocks you can see there is some change going on we have now 0.112 of all the existing hex sacrifice this is quite a big number if you ask me if we hover over the uni swap pools we can see the liquidity is drying up this is not a bad sign people buying up the hex you can see 46 million plus 8 million plus 18 million and four million but of course if you have a look at the latest pump hex did a massive move from around 8 cents up to all the way 16 cents so once again it made a nice double and the t-shape price is of course also changing and ratching up accordingly if you move over to hackstar division we can see the staking action is also going on we have now the last 30 days i guess let's take the last 90 days just to show you guys that it is going up quite heavily once the chart is updated you can see we had this pre-pre- viral bull run in staking action then it went down a little bit and the last days are just crazy today we already have 956 stakes on yesterday we closed with 1783 stakes and the day before with 1616.

And if we check out how many new addresses are holding hex right now we can see this is almost 3 000 new addresses in the last 24 hours this is crazy i have never seen this before normally we were hoovering around 1000 then we broke down again now we are on 3 000 new addresses and if we move on to the hex penalties we can see it's nice again 26.5 million hex tokens were paid out to the stakers and oh address thank you very much xerox 33 for 5.1 million hex tokens paid out to the stakers as well 0x68 for as well 5.1 million hex tokens 0x633 paid 2.3 million and 0x21 paid 1.5 mil hex talkers thank you very much for your service just continue to click this red button if you need a quick look at the gas prices it was a little bit predicted yesterday we have a heavy spike up here now sitting around a hundred quake i'm pretty sure it will come down around the range 50 way we can see this also on the 30-day heat map it is pretty damn green sometimes you have some red bastards instead but normally you can do some stuff on the student blockchain for around 30 to 50 way we can also see this in the average slow gas price per day on sunday is a good day on saturday is a good day but all the other days are pretty good as well just maybe don't do it on tuesday it's a little bit more expensive so if we see the last chart on hacksaw division we can observe the 15-year staking chart and we can see the first 10 years it's going up we have some changes some more stuff is coming in people are trying to stake at least for 10 years because they want to get the bonus shares they want to get a little bit ahead of the average staking length but also consider that we have an average staking length for example on the staker app of 11 years that is crazy so this is already in this range here a lot of stake wrap guys are hanging around here so if you want to get the stake app just type in your browserstaker.hold.talk and you will be redirected to the app store accordingly so let me move on now to the second part of this video the price action we can see the top cryptocurrencies by market cap bitcoin sits around thirty one thousand eight hundred dollars ethereum around two thousand dollars and have a look hex is just sitting at spot number three with sixteen cents up eleven percent with a decent market cap of now ninety three billion us dollars if we move on to the charts we can first see on the unisof version one historical chart we can see it's going up and to the right we have now a slight correction if we check this on the version two chart we were drawing this channel once again and we just went sideways in this channel then the sacrifice phase started and if we have a look at all the wicks here it's really crazy just on a visual basis you can observe that the wicks are pounding up and we have less weeks down here as well in here so maybe the next price range 25 cents a lot of people talk about 25 cents i'm not yet there guys but 25 cents could be a next target for hex we will see this as well if you have a quick look at the weekly chart it like we just broke out heavily now looks we correct it a little bit hex is still getting bought back up and people are sacrificing a lot of hex if it closed above 12 cents i would be already happy but with this price action i think we will go more up and to the right so now to the last part of this video the sacrifice phase we have some statistics first i'm going to show you the pulse lead board this is the ethereum statistics you can see this site only tracks the following cryptocurrencies avet link dye ether hex maker nbtc usdc usdt uni wrapped bitcoin and wrapped ethereum so we have a leaderboard of around 100 addresses in here you can check what they do for the moment we have the leader on the position number one with roughly 11 million dollars sacrificed in the first two days this is crazy then it already goes down five million four million three million if you scroll in the middle you can see you sit around three hundred thousand dollars and if you have a look all the way on the bottom it's still above 100k minimum to be in the top hundred so i guess those numbers will change because i'm pretty sure a lot of hexagons are waiting a little bit just delaying a little bit the sacrifice strategy because the price of hex could go up and you would get even more in the first five days for your hex sacrifice so this is just the first site where you can track all the theorem stats we have the same on etherscan.io where you can track the theorem address you can see and be aware that ethereu m balance is changing all the time the theorem gets sent out on a regular basis but the tokens are holding strong in this world so we are now above 156 million us in dollars sacrifice tokens of course we see as well if i zoom in a little bit so you guys can see this better top leader of course is hex 706 million hex tokens were sacrificed with a total value of almost 120 million us dollars usd coin we have 22 million us dollars stay stable coin 12 million us dollar then we have around 3.3 million headers other tokens just around 10 000 and you see it's already going down and guys please consider please read the damn instructions you should not sacrifice all the kind of tokens in here we have a lot of tokens which are not on the list but in this wallet so people are sacrificing whatever tokens they want we will see if this will turn out well for them but anyway if you want to sacrifice ethereum based tokens go on pulse.info you can see the list down here and please only sacrifice these kind of tokens if you hold the private keys to them so once again the stats are crazy over 156 million us dollars in token sacrifice at the moment i don't know how much ethereum totally went into this address but it gets sent out on a regular basis as said before but we saw already a lot of ethereum flowing into the sacrifice phase as well the second sacrifice mechanism is you can sacrifice bitcoin for example we can see we have 53.4 bitcoin sacrificed another coin is away we can see we have only 601 always so far the next one would be doge only 43.3 dogecoins were sacrificed maybe crypto bit lord could sacrifice some of his doge back for a nice decent pulse back if we have a quick look on the bitcoin cash site 0.039 bitcoin cash were so far sacrificed and if we have a look on the c cash we have 0.08 c cash sacrifice for the sense foundation we can see the first behavior this you have to know you cannot sacrifice any hex to the sense foundation because they cannot dump this on coinbase because everything which you are sacrificing to the sense foundation in a donation act this will get sold instantly on coinbase so for example you can see three hours ago they receive 10 000 usdc coins they send them to coinbase roughly two to three minutes later and they're gonna dump this for fiat because they need fiat to do their own research so this is one site where you can track the donations for the sense foundation we also had a recent tweet from aubrey the gray we are all working tirelessly to keep up with donors and hold up our part of the process we are probably closing in on the 20 million mark now and donations are still coming in thank you so very much richard hart this is amazing in the first two days already almost 20 million us dollars donated to the sense foundation and i think this is a really great achievement for the whole community and as well for richard hart and with that we are already by the end of this video for today if you found any value and please leave a like and subscribe to the channel this would be really appreciated and helps the channel to grow join us in the telegram group drop a comment down below stay long and fat sacrifice enough be safe out there and see you in the next one [Music] peace [Music] you

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