¿Puede Enjin Coín (ENJ) hacerte RICO? 💵 qué es y cómo funciona

Hello, how are you entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs, your friend Esteban Cardenas greets you today, we are going to talk about engine coin, which is how it works and how we can generate money with this excellent cryptocurrency, also everything related to this excellent project. stay until the end and do not miss this spectacular video if you have not yet subscribed to my channel I invite you to subscribe and activate the bell in the all option so you do not miss any video we begin that it is in nj it is a platform of cryptocurrencies and bluyin designed specifically for the video game industry uses an interior-based blockchain rc 1155 and helps more than 20 million players to create communities around their favorite games currently more than 2,500 projects using the rc 1155 have been created on the endy platform because it is considered one and is competing for a part of the market for virtual video game items of 50,000 million dollars is a market that has grown rapidly in the last five years and is expected to grow more than 20% annually by 2025 by then a market of almost 200 billion is expected to be the company behind the engine coin in the largest online gaming community building platform launched in 2009 the company receives 60 million visits per month and transacts millions of US dollars each month at its community stores key partnerships for engine samsung microsoft unite and scx atari finance blood change dotcom among other engine coin growth potential is expected to grow a minimum of 1000 percent and a maximum of 62,900 percent in this bull run where we can save on jets in my ether wallet in 3 wallet in engine wallet among others where to buy we can buy in bits in dj fitness and in perfect balance if we go to cohen gekko dotcom we see that the price is 2.66 dollars is in the ran king number 47 of the best cryptocurrencies globally is an indoor network rs-20 token has a total number of coins of 1 billion and has a circulating amount of 934 million coins in the last hour engine coin has grown by 1.1 percent in the last 24 hours a 7.0 percent in the last seven days a 60.5 percent in the last 14 days with 122 points 5 percent in the last 30 days 400 11.8 percent and in the last year with 4 982 points percent almost 15 thousand percent has grown this excellent crypto currency which has the potential to continue growing in an incredible way we can find it in pods with park nj sdp in bcs with park nj sdp in digite fitness with it pair of nj ups dt in pods with the park nj be tc and in it be 'tc with the park nj etc information about engine with the price of engine coin nj today is 2 dollars with 66 with a trading volume of one billion 014 187 thousand 862 dollars in 24 hours band is the mer cate more active you are performing operations with this currency personally I see very good growth potential this crypto currency is part of my portfolio is worth noting that is not your need financial advice you do own research if you invest or not invest in this Well thought out cryptocurrency I am certainly going to leave the official engine coin page for you to go and see all the links in the description and in the first comment posted here, you can then connect to see much more about this great project and this that I It seems super interesting at the moment it drives more than 2 billion non-fungible tokens nfc the tokens that are currently in fashion I leave it to you so that you can observe it perfectly we are going to move on to the topic of how we can make money with this excellent crypto currency for this we simply have to buy it, store it and wait for this currency to appreciate and thus have excellent income With engine coin for this, then the first thing we have to do is create an account in pods to download the link in the description of this video and in the first comment posted, you simply go to create an account, upload your documents, verify yourself and you can trade in the finance exchange well after creating the account in the balance exchange the first thing you have to do is deposit bitcoin or deposit any crypto currency for this we are going to go to the wallet option and we are going to go to the spot wallet option you You can buy the bitcoin directly in balance or if not I am going to leave you a video in which I explain how to buy bitcoin safely, it will be appearing in this part so that you can see how the process of how to buy perfect bitcoin is like after And we have the bitcoin in balance we will appear in this part here in this area I have this amount of bitcoin 0.00 17 which we simply deposit d We use the deposit option and the address appears for us to send us the bitcoins after we have the bitcoins, the next thing we are going to do, exchange them for the crypt humanity of Indian for this we are going to go to trading we are going to go to the advanced option we are going to choose the pair here in that part we are going to select nj we write nj and we are going to select nj etc after that we are going to go to the right part we are going to choose the market option it is important to select that this option and we can perform 100% which they are giving us 37 nj or 37 engine after that we proceed to the buy button and it automatically offers us this message that tells us that we already have the engine in the spot wallet we are going to check then we give wallet then perfect spot wallet Here we see the amount of engine that we have, the 37 that we have just exchanged for bitcoin, the next thing we are going to do is store them safely for them.

Is I recommend the wallet of three which I am going to leave you the link also in the description of this video and in the first posted comment bruce wallet is an application in which you can download it on apple or you can also download it on android without any type of problem just peace the downloads will give you 12 words of recovery you keep them very well remember that these are as if they were the keys to our house you should not take screenshots you just have to write them and keep them in a safe place make several copies if you wish perfect after having downloaded the application of your which on our cell phone and having correctly saved the recovery phrases and having added a password the next thing we are going to do we are going to enter the application and we are going to get our address from engine wallet to add then the crypt currency or the token we are simply going to go to the top we touch and we are going to e scribe engine is going to seem uninhabited to us we simply enable it and after that we are going to touch and here we see the option to send receive copy and more options for this occasion we are going to give the option to receive we touch to receive and we give it the option to copy that way then we already have our engine address which we are going to use in pods to send us our tokens and keep them safely remember also that in yen it is an rc 20 token of the etel network in which we must have exterior in the moment that we want to withdraw our token engine from our truck wallet well to send our token engine andrew wallet then we will simply go to the spot wallet and after that we will select engine we will give the option to withdraw we will to proceed to copy our wallet address and therefore here we are always going to select 20 as it appears by default we are going to give the maximum option and We give him the option to send and that would be the whole process to keep our tokens safely in our trust wallet, he also left Esteban Cardenas's channel in which I also share valuable content in the description of this video and in The first comment fixes perfect if you liked this information, remember to like it, subscribe to my channel, if you are not subscribed, I also leave my social networks, no longer being your friend and server, Esteban Cardenas, God bless you bye bye

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