Proyecto “Asset-O-tron” 1ª edición Ruby on Rails.

and hello good afternoon welcome us or us israel of course curious names we come from roy dalits as well that of nigris and even so there is a difference to it and mine is another according to us assured our mentor Alejandro and that indeed he has two lines of business and in one all the projects finish well another and in another all the products to cavendish min then ours was related with making this agreement with the courses and the other one I am the one related to books Well, my cousin I remember if that no, don't blame us jce according to the idea of leave all the blame on him but he couldn't attend today so it's not us possible we will talk remotely today raise your hand the talented talented by some vice that is complicated here is a very important point and that not only that but also there is no talent without without talent scouts the treatments and here you have in fact there are also angels imposed some scenes no longer raise hands but that guide me and then we talk in the network part I already believe it, well, first of all we are going to talk about the team of glued team deal that are real rock star rock stars of the programming I go that what I expected when I started waiting I go to be there filling auditoriums in case we have not yet reached that level that precisely on my property positive some something first not so young the youngest and the youngest that would be me then we have done there as a bit of background that is at the beginning and at the end the first row there are the not so young who are the ones who have the most with others have thrown the code and then what we have thrown the most design would be those who gender second row that we would be from there everyone because the truth was that I had enough we communicate quite well we had a turning point in the first week we could get over it I think And the truth is that many also spoke about Alejandro Andrés who is ours mentor is the ceo of redrado and as you can see and the truth is that he is an uncle very facilitated the truth has given us all things has helped us has let him be in his office even doing code tests and he has us helped to make everything in the end with an old woman with our project that we will later pass the linkedin criteria that if you don't know how to come is the important part of our project and then you are going to come around good good afternoon well like him and brin our radio company so there is not much to tell is something that good He also dedicates himself a bit to making their own designs, images, videos and such then what our tool intends to do is that within it company can manage the digital resources they have between their projects because digital resources can be images, videos, audio, books, inés, more focused on documents and in our focused on digital resources the user You can create projects in turn within those projects you have created or in the who is involved you can upload digital resources you can edit them put comments like our colleagues but it is only internal to the company is more it can be applied to other companies obviously then it is very Useful s Yes and no It is a bit peculiar so that's why we have not made a video but we have done something a little further and that is that we have deployed the application then everything you have a mobile elisa tablet and qr code or if you do not use that url and you can test the application here live if you wonder the address of today after is a broken and unstitched definition of the weeks that a status of the project the first page you have all our the main page that you took out the same team with our sad our linkedin and you can now access the application even pretty You can access the application and it comes out on Sunday as soon as you leave and you say to that address that password and you can enter the application that you can try it and well, as I have told you on the first page, you have all our networks I think we are a group that we have drawn a lot on that topic and for I'm going to talk more in depth about how we have used social networks and agile methodologies Well, good afternoon I am Nerea and I would like to explain that although due to the typology of our project an internal project we have not worked with social networks we all attach great importance to the implementation of the communication in online projects on line and that is why we did not want to lose the opportunity to develop a small campaign on social networks if we had had more time we would have created a blog where through the generation of contained the labels in the categories we would have reached the good positioning here is our twitter that We have 103 followers and Instagram has finally given me the difficult task to put the closure to this presentation and with it puts the clasp to four months of intense work great joys and moments of crashing but of all they have resurfaced as the most valuable and strongest phoenix after the expositions of my colleagues and as you said hand I want to talk about the way because for us today it is not the goal but it is a stage we enter here we count our capacities and limitations at the individual level and we leave feeling that we are part of a group with a team goal sorry with a common way those of us who until now did not know the programming we have discovered the charm and usefulness of a world so far unknown to unknown to us and those who had already played some key next to the others a truly know what really means is the programmer four months ago things of destiny the Madrid metro wanted me to be late for class the first day and just stay hole in the last row a projector too far and bad glasses graduates made pineapple shapes from the beginning with my colleagues and that we have always worked towards common learning none of us advanced but make sure the others do as well they had made our progress it has been impressive the five of us are people very passionate and nothing better than the satisfaction of a job well done no there is better gasoline than the desire to always want to improve every day last to say that everything we have changed in such a short time is funny because our ambitions today are much higher than what we would have come to imagine before meeting, thank you very much

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