Projects Building on Polkadot (DOT): Our Top Picks

Hey Cadets! This is Captain 
Crypto, coming straight to you LIVE   from the Cryptonauts academy 
of institutional money *hahaha* It’s no secret that the bears are back in 
town… So today, we’d like to focus on some   upcoming technology that we think has potential 
to change the game. What I’m talking about is the   timeless pattern consisting of filled circles 
of the same size. Polka dots are commonly seen   on children's clothing, toys, furniture, 
ceramics, and Central European folk art… …Just kidding! Of course we’re talking about the 
infamous Polkadot created by Gavin Wood. For those   of you that need a quick refresher, Polkadot 
(DOT) is a scalable, interoperable & secure   network protocol for the next generation, 
web 3.0. So what does this mean exactly??   Think about how Uniswap runs on the Ethereum 

Essentially, polkadot is the Ethereum   platform, but for blockchains… Meaning 
that the Ethereum blockchain can run   on top of the polkadot network, in parallel 
with any other blockchains like cosmos,   stellar lumens and even Dogecoin (which 
runs on litecoin). These blockchains will   be able to communicate and transact with each 
other simultaneously on the polkadot network. So Yes, Polkadot is awesome! And today, 
we wanted to take this opportunity to   share some upcoming projects building on 
polkadot that we are super excited about…   So without further ado, let’s jump in! The first polkadot project we have our eyes 
on, is aiming to revolutionize the way we watch   and interact with advertising for Web 3.0… 
PARAMI offers a full stack protocol for building   a user-centric tokenized advertising 

How does this work? First,   they are creating blockchain-verifiable 
digital identities also known as DID. This   DID is created with your personalized 
advertising “profile,” if you will,   and YOU have full control over your advertising 
preferences. Similar to the brave browser,   the user receives incentives or rewards for 
giving their attention or time to advertisements.   The DID can also be used for payments 
requiring ID verification! Pretty cool, right? As the internet progresses and continues to 
evolve, our privacy and data become more valuable.   No one wants to use google drive 
forever, knowing that they control 100%   of your data… I certainly don’t. Well look 
no further because Crust Network provides a   decentralized storage network for the Web3 
ecosystem. It supports multiple storage   layer protocols such as IPFS, and exposes 
storage interfaces to the application layer.   It is designed to build a decentralized cloud 
ecosystem that values data privacy and ownership. Crust has two tokens: CRU is the 
native token for the Crust Main Net,   and CSM is the token for Crust Shadow, 
which is designed for the Parachain   slot auction.

CSM is also used in the Crust 
Storage Market. With Polkadot and Kusama’s   Parachain auctions heating up, it’s good 
to know that cloud storage is on the menu. Remember DeFi lending platforms like Compound 
or Curve Finance? Parallel Finance brings asset   lending and staking to the polkadot 
ecosystem, making it interoperable,   scalable, and more secure. While lending on 
Ethereum was all the craze last summer, we quickly   saw its limitations with gas fees shooting up 
over $200 per transaction.

That makes it virtually   unaffordable for normal users and poor people like 
myself, to participate in these lending protocols.   Supporting both Kusama and Polkadot assets, 
Parallel enables token holders and projects   to seamlessly put their idle capital to earn 
interests. We’re working on a full-length   and in-depth video for Parallel, so keep an 
eye out! We’re super excited for this one. Alright Cadets! What do you think about 
Polkadot?? We certainly think it has   potential to overtake Ethereum in the long run, 
and we’re already seeing more and more projects   make the transition to the DOT ecosystem. 
With the likes of NFTs, file storage,   DeFi protocols, and scalability, the sky's 
the limit! If there are any projects you’d   like to see us review, let us know in 
the comments. If you enjoyed this video,   please give us a like and subscribe. This is 
Captain Crypto signing off, and until next time-   HODL, secure your crypto, and may Satoshi, 
Vitalik and Gavin Wood be with you always..

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