Programmer explains EOS – Ethereum killer? – Part 1

hey what up guys welcome back to my channel and today we're going to talk about us we're going to discuss why it might be disruptive to the space of decentralized applications we're going to discuss how it works and we're going to discuss how the users the normal people who use Internet can benefit from this technology and guys if you are in a theorem investor I think you should really really learn about eros because it has the potential to disrupt a theorem I think and yes as you know I am very positive on the theorem and I'm very bullish on the theorem but I think we need everyone needs to keep track of the different projects and we need to discuss how for example eros might beat a theorem that might very well happen so guys let's get into it let's talk about us before we can understand the unique value proposition of eros I think we need to talk about steam it guys you might know that steam it is this social network based on blockchain and when users use steam it many of them don't even know that they use something based on the blockchain they only care about the features the unique features of steam it namely that you can earn money on your content that is what regular people care about they don't care about a business decentralization and the blockchain at all compared to how we technical people people do and so in order to go mainstream in order to build decentralized applications that are really adopted on on the world's market we need to build applications such that when people use them they don't realize that these are decentralized applications because they shouldn't be harder to use for example in theorem you need to you need to buy either to be able to interact with smart contracts now as we discussed on the stream yesterday if the room are going to have some contracts that are free that can pay for themselves but this is a problem that aetherium realizes that it's a huge barrier to m you need to download this client you need to synced with the blockchain then you need to buy ethers and then you can interact with the system but in some steam it you don't have to do any of that you just go to the website and you use it and we I think we need to talk about Dan Larimer which is the person behind bitshares graphene and steam it and he's also the person behind us so when he developed these projects he realized that many many features that he had to implement in steam it was exactly the same as in bitshares so for example the set of features that handle the accounts the database account recovery is very very similar in steam it as in pictures so the whole idea of a OS is to bundle this functionality and release it to the public so that you and I can build decentralized applications such that steam it such that beaches where people can use our applications without having to download the abduction on their computer they can use it by only interacting with the with the website and this is what a OS is it closes the gap between the decentralized computer which is the blockchain and the decentralized applications because for example in a theorem if I need to do some kind of account some database I would have to implement it myself so I would need to close this gap between my app and the decentralize computer myself and many different gaps might close this gap in different ways so we might implement account system in different ways we might implement database systems in different ways and this might be confusing to the user the user wants a common interface between between the applications and the decentralized computer and developers also want a common interface because we we as developers want to build our adapts as quickly as possible and win and we want to focus on the actual part of the application that made that makes it different from every other application so instead of building this infrastructure that all other applications also need to solve in some way we don't want to do that instead we only want to focus on the unique features of the experience the users are going to experience on our website or in our decentralized application and so guys this is the value proposition of us to be this gap to close this gap between the decentralized computer or their blockchain and the decentralized applications so Yeo's is going to be a blockchain if not it's not going to be based on for example a theorem it is its own blockchain but it has many features we as developers can use that that it has and it has provides us with all this amazing functionality for example account management database management and we can have database basis with database schemes we can we can have account recovery all these features that are common to many applications and that many applications are going to use and so this is much like computers and operating systems work nowadays so when I write an application or when you write an application you just tell the operating system you tell Windows to give you just tell it give me network access and Windows will give you access to the network you don't need to go to the computer you don't need to go to the hardware and actually interact with the hardware itself this is done by windows and thing is many computers different computers might have different hardware and so it would be very very difficult for you as an app developer to actually handle all of this different cases like on this computer we have this network hardware so I need to interact with the computer in this way you don't care about that you just tell Windows give me Network Windows figures out the rest how to communicate with the hardware and gives you the access to the network the same with IO you just tell it save this file in this location and this will figure out which we drive it it should interact with and like all of the different hardware aspects of this interaction and so this is just as a comparison to this you as a DAP developer don't need to implement all of these features much like here you don't need to implement all of the network features and you don't need to interact with the hardware you just tell windows to give you the network so I hope you guys understand that es is this utility layer that we can use as developers but II use is also this blockchain that people can base their own applications on so for example here is a a demonstration of how steam it and bitshares could be based on Y so now in reality they are not based on use but theoretically they share many many features and so steam it blockchain could be based on the EOS blockchain and use the features in EU s the same in the same way that bitshares can use the features in ES and this would be the backend part so as you see B e back end and here's F Y front end so the back end would be the symud blockchain that is based on the EOS blockchain and the front end for steam it would be the steam it con website which is a centralized server basically that just gives you the HTML and the CSS files and the reason why we can have the front-end centralized for example steamy calm it is a centralized front-end they give you the there is a server that serves you these files but that is okay because the backend is decentralized and in theory we can have we could have several steam it front ends and they can view this blockchain this is just a blockchain Explorer Explorer steamy comm is just a blockchain Explorer and it will use the steam in blockchain and it can interact with it so in theory we could have many different such clients or such front-end so this blueprint can really really take the blockchain technology mainstream in my opinion because Yeo's will be available to anyone we can start building our own steam eights with the same functionality that users can just create an account they can start using the our website and the website is decentralized we don't need to implement this blockchain take ourselves out ourselves we get this functionality from us together with all of these other features like account management database management and I think steam it has really really proved that this architecture works because steam it has developed so fast and it has so many users and many people who are not technical people use it for example for example grant cardone uses it I am not sure you know if you know who he is but he's a business success guru that I follow on Facebook and on YouTube and I was surprised that he uses he uses steam it and this was really mind-blowing for me because he's not a technical person he likes innovation he likes new products but it was also surprising to see him on steam it and I think that this model can really work for other applications and if we start using us to to build this new websites that will use blockchain that will use us blockchain but that people will not even realize that you're using a blockchain and people can just use it and they use the special features in those websites without caring about that is actually awesome blockchain and without having any barrier to entry for example we talked about if theorem you need to have your ethers you need to have your wallet in order to interact with the blockchain but here you just log on and you use the website without even knowing that it is decentralized and in my opinion this can really really take blockchain technology mainstream guys there's some some sounds outside so this can really take the blockchain technology mainstream and I think we have covered the value proposition of AOS blockchain and I think you can understand the vision on a more general on a high level of view and how this is different from a theorem because in a theorem you number one it's very hard currently to build an application such that when user use this application they don't realize that it is a blockchain brigade application because there's so much friction with downloading the wallet and syncing getting the ether and all of that yes we will have several videos on iOS so in this video we just covered like the general overview in the next video we're going to talk about how euros can handle millions of transactions each second which is compared to Visa and MasterCard we're going to discuss delegated proof of stake which is a consensus algorithm that is going to be used in years and there is just so much to cover with us but on a more general view we have just covered how it can be used as a as a foundation for building these cool websites and cool apps that people can use and they don't really even realize that it is a blockchain application that guys in my view is why it is so exciting I just want to mention the token I know many of you watch my videos because you're interesting in the in the token itself in the and in the economy and we will talk more about the token in the future videos but guys whenever you have an application on us your application is great limited what does it mean it means that the more tokens you own the more resources you can use on this us blockchain so for example let's say that we are the owners of steam it which we are not but let's just imagine that we are the owners of steam it and let's say we have some US coins from the beginning and this will give us access to some portion of the resources on us however one more and more users join our network we will need to add more coins to the to our stake to get more resources from the blockchain much like when you have a centralized application today you need to buy more servers you need to rent more servers maybe you are renting from Amazon or Google so the more people join the more tokens you will need to own guys here's another architectural difference between iOS and the theorem in iOS you only need to own tokens to get access to the resources well while in the theorem you actually spend the tokens in order to access to the resources and it is a big difference in my opinion because here you don't lose your tokens you the more tokens you own the more resources you have but you don't lose them and we're going to talk more about that in the future video as well guys that's it for today we covered us on a more high-level view I think it can really it can take blockchain mainstream honestly we have seen the success of steam it and this is basically they're basically taking the foundation of steam it and they're giving it to everyone so that everyone can build things like steam it and we've seen steaming gain some kind of mainstream adoption but as a mainstream I mean that people who are not technical people can use steam it and they enjoy i steam it and if we just can use their foundation because the problem is right now if I want to build something like steam it I would need to implement the whole blocks in myself and that is of course very very requiring of a development team but if we can get this blockchain as a service as if we can just base our applications on eros and the more tokens we have the more resources we can use from this I think this can be the key to taking the blockchain technology mainstream and the reason why I think it can disrupt a theorem is because it is just so much easier to use applications that are built in this way compared to dabs on a theorem and of course you might be wondering how on earth can they achieve millions transactions a second on years and we are going to cover that in the next video so next video we are going to talk about delegated proof of stake and how consensus will work on ears thank you so much for watching guys and if you are a new viewer and you like blockchain technology Experion beat coin Stratus all of these new projects that are popping up icos you should definitely subscribe to the channel guys because you will find this channel interesting I myself am a software developer and I post videos every single day so today we we talked about us I'll see you guys tomorrow

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