Price Predictions: EOS ($EOS), Qtum ($QTUM), NEO ($NEO), Ethereum Classic ($ETC), Litecoin ($LTC)!

On snipers my email a baby here I hope all of you guys are having a wonderful day today if you're watching this video after its published This is our live stream, so if it's an hour long I do apologize feel free to use the 1.25 X speed in the settings of the video But other than that we're gonna be taking price predictions from our audience. We're gonna be answering audience questions. We're gonna be interacting It's going to be an awesome night guys, so let's go ahead and just dive right into it so Currently looking at this chart here, we're watching a OSB TC here you can see this huge rounding bottom here We're gonna be utilizing multiple different indicators today utilizing our trading view charts and links in the description below for this as well Let's go ahead an insert indicator here And let's go ahead and do the favourites volume the three moving averages the RSI and the MACD here we're gonna also utilize the auto Fit quite a bit today And we're gonna be progressing in and out of that indicator just to be looking at different price movements you can see we're starting to Get a little bit far away from this 50-day moving average right now currently about 53.99 Seconds To pull the price down you can see MACD levels are extremely high and one interesting thing about the MACD are starting to see is We're seeing this crossover right here You can see that's starting to cross down And that's why you see this price movements kind of following that MACD with this RSI overbought here when it's over 70 It's definitely a determinant that it's overbought I actually got a comment on one of our videos today Saying if the are sighs like under 30 like 29.99 Is that hitting a bottom and yes? It is anything under 30 if it drops under 30 hits 29 point nine eight that is Considered a bottom as long as it pops right back up typically it will go a little bit further than that but sometimes it does Actually, go that low I mean if you pull up this our site.

You can see there are some instances where I'll just touch 28.9. But that does indicate that it's the bottom That's where you see these sharp parabolic run ups on the RSI as soon as it hits those levels so looking at this current chart it does look like over the next couple of hours and days we may start to see a little bit of some prices tilting to This right-hand side heading down into a little bit of those lower levels So let's go ahead and see who else we have online on our live dream Heroes pop out our chat here and give a couple shoutouts here to some of our viewers here we got Christopher young in the house Smith this a bug crypto Pig Big B in the house saying joining our team on discord for sure Sanjeev XRP price going to high somebody said.

I love you, man You are a genius awesome pets are thank you man bryan rivers in the house James Peterson carmine Limone Linden dimes on Dil Erin mark Josiah Shawn the simple coffee Jared Nick mark yaqoub Kevin fig house Hector Alex Christopher Sam I feel like a radio host right now Let's go ahead and dive into our next price analysis here in just a second here. Let's pull up our chart once again Let's go ahead and pick out LTC BTC by the way for those of you on our Discord I am going to be discussing the futures of snipers tube And I do want to do this with a smaller group of people So because of that we're gonna be doing a ruby and above night out tonight, so the world overs you that are Ruby patrons we're gonna be doing Ruby and above night owl' that's gonna be taking place right here in the Ruby plus area of our discord and The reason we're doing Ruby and above night now is because I want to discuss a little bit of the futures of snipers too in Terms of our educational component and where we're gonna be taking the discord and possibly even a independent proprietary website that we might start utilizing For our systemic education so it's gonna be under the Ruby Plus area anybody here over Ruby and above so all rubies Sapphires emeralds diamonds moderators are all gonna be allowed there So I can't wait to see some of you guys there in our Ruby and above night-owl, so let's go ahead and pull up our LTC chart here we have all of our indicators pulled up We've got a little bit of a triangle here that we formed here quite a couple days ago here Let's go ahead and remove all these drawing tools for just a second And start to look at this parabolic run-up that we saw here with litecoin Really the best buying point here for light corners when this RSI was extremely low you can see we're under that 50-day moving average right around that point 9.8.

Satoshi level, which wasn't too long ago I mean this was around the December timeframe, and that's really where we saw this huge run-up once. We saw this run-up It looks like we found some support right here around looks like 1.4 Million Satoshi's and we found some resistance right here around one point nine million Satoshi's, and this is really where litecoin stands right now So if we go into this graph when we start to look at what litecoin is progressing to and what it's headed to do Right now you can see it's bouncing up and down along these support resistance lines forming this inside channel So if we go ahead and drop down on this three our you know we're actually gonna utilize eight our chart I don't utilize this much often, but the in our chart is an interesting chart It really allows you to kind of zoom right into these charts really these these Timeframes here are extremely important, and you can even add your own so for example if you want you can add a six-hour So a lot of people I know you can do this, but yeah You can add eight hours six hour a four hour a three hour two hour 1 hour 45 minutes 30 minutes 40 minutes 5 minutes 30 minutes 1 minute you can do whatever you want to really get into these really really more specific candlesticks to see Where these price levels are getting and as you can see with these wicks levels some of these wicks actually turn into bodies Once you zoom in so for example you see this little channel here in these wicks if you zoom into the one hour you see how those wicks Turn into actual bodies here.

See this was actually the channel that we were watching you can see how that wicks turned into an actual Candle body so it's very interesting and you can really draw out some more Concise and specific support and resistance lines which are extremely important here How many of you guys know how to utilize support and resistance lines already? Let's go ahead and take a quick community vote here who here knows how to use a support and resistance line somebody said micro machine commercial guy oh man, I used to do a Telecommunication sale so I gotten really good at talking I guess that makes mean I really fast at talking so he says let's look at BC PT Bloch Mason credit protocol They have a crypto lending app coming soon for sending and receiving and tracking debt interesting Kevin Madden.

Thanks for mentioning Are you a familiar? Are you related mr.. Madden Madden? 2018 I used to play Madden all the time Julio Torres is in the house is Neo and gas related in some way 100 percent good question Let's go ahead and teach you something Julio Torres 33 for being a viewer for more than a month. I know you've been on our Live streams for a very long time, and I really appreciate that sonio actually rewards you in gas, and if you see here neo Right here is number seven if you go down. You can pull up gas here number 55 You actually get rewarded gas for holding neo, so it's almost like their way of utilizing proof of stake right so you've got this neo here $159 and then is given so if you pull up the gas website here It takes you to Neos website so neo apps network for smart economy the first neo, Def Con will take place on January And then you can see here right where it talks about gas if you go down here You can see it will actually where was that I remember I was looking at this if we open up the white paper here.

You can actually see exactly what I'm talking about Download page, where's the white paper, man. I haven't been on this website in a while Menu is really Honestly if you go on their white and their github They haven't really updated much recently and that's one thing that kind of has deterred me oh By the way guys I watched this Interview today actually it was a video, and I'll actually talk about a little bit in the Ruby and above night out tonight But it was actually a it was it was at my friend's so my friend gets on just through a conference Room so you can see apply for an EO gas, so gas is pretty much given to you Here's the technical documents So let's see if I can pull it off because they have a really good way of describing it here And it makes it extremely easy to understand But when you pull up front contracting senses White paper here so you can see here Where they talk about gas and how that's rewarded To you and I'll actually link this for you Matter of fact I think that's what I'm gonna.

Do I'm gonna link this because I'm not I can go through a whole White paper over this livestream here, I'm gonna link this over to the live stream And then you can actually look at that Julio maybe I'll help you out, but yes gas, and you are extremely correlated It's it's gas right. Let's give it to you matter of fact Aetherium is the gas reward of the etherium blockchain and protocol so we can get into more of that But check this out so my friend gets on he actually just had to I co called the Jibril Network, so if you go to Jibril Network and he threw a conference recently and I believe it was in New York and The CEO and founder of by Nance actually attended that conference and had a speaking engagement And oh my gosh did we hear a lot? This is my friend.

He is on here I've known him for a pretty short amount of time actually, but he's been a family acquaintance of mine for over 10 years My mother actually used to babysit him when he was extremely young Back in the United Kingdom, so we have a whole story We go back to in the days And I I recently met him at a wedding that you know my whole family attended And he sat next to me, and we just started conversation.

I was like You know I always talk about Krypto in some way shape or form and I mentioned Krypto and say oh, yeah I just had an ICO, and then we just kind of engaged from there And you know now he's become a mentor of mine And you know we were talking today actually so we're always talking we're talking about taxes today actually uh-huh so if any of you guys are familiar with the Puerto Rican Tax laws send me a message on Twitter. I would love to talk to you because Taxes are extremely vague here in the United States, but apparently in Puerto Rico You can avoid capital gains tax if you go, and you register the residence in Puerto Rico, and you spend 186 days in Puerto Rico you actually can avoid Capital gains tax because they recently implemented its act 20 in act 22 in the US tax law For that territory in which it enables you to not have to pay any sort of federal US income tax And if so, it's up to 4% if it's a service provided to US customers But if it's products and services you are subject to normal taxes However, if you are going to be under the Act 20 in act 22 Then you are gonna be able to avoid capital gains tax so if you hold any crypto you tick technically you won't get taxed at all so I Hear a lot of crypto people making money is you know they're moving out to Puerto Rico so
If you guys know anything about if any of you guys have actually you know looked into doing that it might have like some extensive Knowledge I'd love to hear a little bit.

Maybe talk to you a little bit that's actually something I need to talk to somebody about I've been looking for more mentors in that realm of Accounting and stuff which I met with the account at today, so we can go more into that in the night owl But it's a pretty cool thing right. Let's see if we got any questions Somebody says Puerto Rico will be a crypto Haven Somebody says name is dropping out here dropping Jen's That's hilarious, man. I don't even see this as gems so he says now you're talking Nayeem. Yeah, man I've been a little down for the past couple of days. I've been so putting my head down working on some stuff That's why tonight We're gonna be doing in Reuben above night out gonna be talking about the future of snipers too because I'm really just trying to mesh everything together and uh comp Contemplate what I want to do and where I want to take this Channel long term because I know I want to take an educational approach I know what I want to do with the community, but I also have different methods of doing it And I need to find out what the most productive and most beneficial method for the community is so We're gonna be talking about that doing some community consensus in our patreon Ruby and above night out tonight so that's gonna be under the Ruby and above tonight so under patreon exclusive if you're a ruby sapphire emerald or Moderator you guys are gonna.

Have the ability to go down there to ruby and above so somebody says uh I'm gonna go crazy without an e TN overview not discord disclaimer use something else bruh Somebody says well bit connect recover. Well. You might as well use those, but connect. Thanks tokens. Let's all move to Puerto Rico Heather B says trips to Puerto Rico That is hilarious How much of an effect there's an aetherium chart for a points group the technicals of a b TCH are for example this exa let? Me th starts screw up.

We kept an handle an excellent VTC um garrett Sereno It's literally exactly what it's meant to be right so an aetherium tart is with you if you're trading aetherium It's showing you exactly what the value is of something against the theorem so if you do xlm Eth then you're seeing the exact value against aetherium. It's very different than the excel MVT See chart where it's a whole different type of pattern so you can see we're still following this remember We talked about this cup and handle being over stretched. That's exactly what's occurring somebody mentioned ET N elect cream I do want to mention that cuz it's a coin that i've been touting and obviously i'm obligated to at least talk About it because it's a going that I'm invested in – but electro diem is down right now, but it's not that bad I mean, I'm not too worried about it to be honest with you.

I mean you can see 17% down no big deal point 9. I'm really not that worried about it I you know I've seen this in the market multiple times if any of you guys watch that CNBC interview I don't know if any of you guys saw that where the guy was like these are the three best tips if you're investing in crypto he's like some Technical stock chart analyst I may be a Forex trader He's like number one you have to you have to have I think it was like emotional stability you have to hold right huddle He's like don't get rekt. It is if you see a coin go down 50% Don't sell you know like and he had some really good advice. I was surprised. I'm like man. I'm learning I started taking some notes. I was like rekt. I've never heard that before our ekt, and it was kind of funny Um but anyways yes Somebody says do you have a disc or are you kidding? Man? Of course we got a disco dude? We just hit 23,000 members on this chord This isn't the best resource available to all of you guys if you guys are not on our discord I'm telling you it might look pretty Crazy out here in the discord.

There's so many different channels, but all of them actually mean something that we have community consensus We have voting systems for different coins if you go down to here to tools trading 101 We got resources we got everything here guys helpful reads. We got every single coin chat here, and you literally can just ask Somebody that add a coin chat and we'll add a coin here if you guys want to talk about it you see people are talking about electroni of today icon amis gonna NAB Leo verge, Tron Neos teller and so forth somebody says uh Let's see Franz Marc de kalsa name equals Superman France, Krishna said Nayeem Dodge what can I reach that site how can I reach that site? somebody our mods if you guys can spam instead of spamming just the patron could you please spam the discord as well Sarah and Big B and whoever else is on please. Thank you. Thank you Neo would be awesome.

Somebody said what's your take on vibe? I've talked about vibe now you please check out the pennant. We'll look at these charts guys come on well I want some questions. I hate just looking at tons of requests. I'm like man like could somebody have a Intelligent question that I can answer it cuz I have so much knowledge in my mind guys like let me share my knowledge and ask Me questions somebody says no crypto tax in Slovenia Pick my brain guys the one thing about having a mentor is Typically they're unaccessible right so when you have access to your mentor take advantage of it I hate spending an or at wasting time with my mentor. I hate spending time that is wasted with my mentors You know not saying. I'm your mentor. I don't have to be but I definitely have some knowledge I could hopefully add value to some of your conversations and questions, but I'm sure you guys have knowledge, too Which is why we do our night owls right so you know Rubina bub night Alf you guys are not rubies and above there's already over 80 people here in our voice one or two chats So even if you guys aren't Ruby patrons you guys can even just hop into these voice to chats Kind of go in there the reason I'm doing Ruby and above those because I am gonna discuss the futures of snipers, too And I want to have more of a closed group individuals That are a little bit more vested in the brand and what we're doing and I think it's gonna be a lot More productive doing it that way Somebody says some Aussie dollars for you mate.

Thank You Jonah Hilarious dude. That's awesome. Somebody says check the description homie All right, let's see what questions now. What is your overall outlook for the next 30 days not just in price but news sentiment accent a good question Jake Esposito So I listen so I was watching the interview today or the speaking engagement by net CEO Let me tell you this he is awesome. You know he's very humble. I can tell a lot of these entrepreneurs that come from the Chinese Descent a really humble for some reason you know and I'm saying that with all due respect You know you look at the founder of Alibaba highly respected individual in my in Jack Ma Very highly respected individual in my opinion working in conjunction apparently doing some sort of collaborations at least Alibaba has a corporation doing some sort of Conjunctions and collaborations with Tron and Justin son, but apart from that the CEO of – I don't know if he is he's definitely an Asian descent But very very humble individual, and he talked about a lot of important things about buying it's different I SEOs one thing he talked about check this out.

He said I think in a couple years He said in the next couple of years in the next few years. There are going to be millions of coins He says every person from every country every individual every corporation is gonna have the ability to have their own coins That blew my mind because I thought of it in a more realistic Rationalized approach and in a more realist approach and I was like that makes so much sense imagine a world where every can have their own sort of fundraising by creating their own coins, and I think the progression into this new realm of blockchain and distributed ledger technology with this consensus system of Decentralization is gonna create a world sorry for bumping them like creating a world that is going to be interconnected in a manner that The best ideas are gonna rule the best ideas are gonna. Be consensual eyes by individuals that will Consensual eyes it by investing into that specific coin or idea, so it's highly probable he's actually mentioned He said there's over 5,000 coin requests on Finance right now that are pending right and there's also another thing he mentioned You said any sort of coin that is requested to become a part of by Nance There's never gonna be a set date to when it's gonna be released on an exchange so he said if you're ever reading a white Paper looking at a coins website.

It says we're gonna be on bye Nance at this exact day He says disregard that that company's already being distrustful and dishonest because we don't give exact dates however We do try to get the coins up as fast as possible so that's another thing to notate write all of these things It's what's called Diamond being dynamic right all of these aspects allow you to become more dynamic when analyzing and researching different coins And I cos I just had a friend of mine make six million dollars last month just In Las Vegas with people skills getting into these icos and these pre-sales by attending conferences in Las Vegas that have to do with blockchain And Bitcoin where there's all these ICO is being developed He was able to just take his people skills and develop and create for himself a six million dollar Passive return on his investment because he was able to get in on these priests LIC.

O's so Very big industry I SEOs in my opinion are really gonna shape the world and I think that's why I'm so bullish on coins like stellar coins like AOS coins like once again We'll pull up a coin right now aetherium right let's pull up et Cie classic Why don't we do a quick technical here for e TC unless you guys want me to continue talking about by nancy, EO What do you guys want you guys like that? Somebody says what do you think happen to the crypto market cap if there is a recession? I think it will soar through the roof mr. Marwood good, and your mark in the stock market Ray Dalio says that every market corrects itself seven to ten years So I think that more money will act as a hedge against the stocks utilizing cryptocurrency, so That's right, but I think somebody says, btg Bitcoin gold, so let's go ahead and uh Let's go ahead and look here somebody says finance Júlio pill Paxton says could you talk about privacy coins? We did a little quick privacy coin video today? Yeah It was ridiculous somebody comments on the video like why don't you do are you ever gonna do more like could you please do? Fundamental analysis because seems like you all you do is technical when in the first 30 seconds of the video I specifically said I'm not gonna go into fundamentals because of and I literally said exactly why I wasn't going to fundamentals like This guy literally just repeated what I said in the comments cuz he didn't even watch the video And he just wanted to go straight to the comment because he saw a chart as soon as you open the video People were so naive like you make yourself look stupid to be honest with you So even if you're watching this stop making yourself look stupid You're not a bad person.

I'm just saying he looked stupid when you repeat the First thing and yeah, I mean the comments show somebody says uh This is Brian rivers watching the live. That's what I said about people becoming their own avatar That is awesome, man. Yeah for sure Brian Yeah, dude. I agree with you. By the way if you guys want to uh you guys want to call then we're gonna try something a little bit new if you guys want to call into the live stream and Have a discussion The phone number is three two one five nine three five zero one six Once again three two one five nine three five zero one six if you guys want to ask some questions call in it would be featured here on the live chat you guys can call me right now if you want and We can talk so let's go ahead and look at UTC until we get our first caller Pulling up ET.

See you can see here currently revolving right around this price point through the one-day chart Let's go ahead and see what is happening here. We're seeing some resistance This is aetherium classic by the way we're seeing some very Clear resistance levels you're right on thirty one thousand eight hundred and ninety satoshis, so he says what's the phone number again the two one? five nine three Five zero one six if any of you want to call in an ask a question or maybe give a shout out There's something productive something that adds value feel free to call in right now. We'll take your uh.

We'll take your questions Audrey jr.. Just became a new Ruby. I'll see you tonight in the night our brother Audrey It's gonna be fun to hear your opinion today And hear your input on what the vision for snipers tube is gonna be The phone number is in the description by the way if you guys really want it You can give a call you can also use whatsapp and ring it so We're seeing some clear resistance here, okay there we go look at that snipers Welcome snipers What's going on oh Man, they hung up Come on. Don't be shy come on Show a little maturity don't get stage fright They got stage fright so Look in here.

We're seeing some clear resistance right around thirty 1787 satoshis there you go, we got another one we got another caller What's going on How are you doing man? Cool man how long you been watching snipers tube That is awesome man, what is your user name it may be I recognized you I appreciate them, and if you have any uh how long you been in crypto in general? That is awesome Aaron really good time to jump in yeah this is Yeah, you're doing a livestream No man oh Yeah, go ahead Have a question I am new to all this but I'm I'm realizing when I'm looking at coin market cap they have Based on US dollar now when I'm in finance And COO coin for example the graphs show the coin I want to purchase against like ethereum for example I using diamond trade So what do you think about that? Like I keep looking at USD value on here, but these graphs are up against the ethereum value So I'm kind of confused cuz when I go to trade in it shows like with me.

I'm Percent well when I look at the ethereum value when I trade it in I it seems like I'm at a loss What do you think about that as viewing um? The value against USD versus the value against like youth area So you you want to use that's a great question man you want to utilize the pairings? That are appropriate to what you're trading So let's say you're trading if you're on by nets if you're watching the live stream You can mute it so that doesn't echo, but if you're watching the live stream You can go on exchange you can click like basic for example when you're on buying it And you're actually trading and once you're on your exchange You can literally go on this top right and you can trade all these different pairings Which I'm sure you know about so you got BTC ETH B&B and USD T so if you're trading ETH Then my suggestion what I would recommend is use the ETH chart and what you can Also do on coin market cap is on this top hand where it says USD you can actually change this to ETH value, and it will literally adjust everything to the ETH valuation So it'll actually change these percentages on the right to what the etherium valuation is you can see ripples 4.25% up in terms of eth valuation, but in USD valuation, it's or if we do a BTC valuation ripple is at a different valuation i'd I just lost it but does that make sense so you want to use the appropriate pairing because Whatever you're using if you're trading that and it's dropping in value Against that pairing then it's better to just hold that period not even invest in that coin until it's at an appropriate level to invest in does that make sense USD, but I'm down to 6% to the ethereum value even I should hold it until I gain value on the Farion because technically if I trade in I may be up on USD but I'm technically using on the trade incorrect I'm giving up carrying value exactly So you've given up the value of a theory so you might as well hold it and trade it at a latter price much So you know one big thing I talk about when any new trader is coming into the market.

I say always You know don't like if you want to buy a coin like right now I say I want to invest in stellar and then I go and I go on the chart And I automatically invest in it like within the same 30 minute time frame It's typically in to be a bad investment Or a bad price position because it's almost impossible to think about wanting to invest in something and then having an actual entry point that's appropriate at that exact time frame, so The way you'll know that is if you think about an investment like hey I want to buy some stellar it shouldn't just be immediate you should open the graph And you should literally go through and do some technical analysis look at some fundamentals.

See if there's anything being released there's actually another resource that not a lot of people talk about on our Dischord if you go here – To Reese you go to resources and you go to calendar crypto calendar You can actually see what's being released for most of the coins on the market and You literally can set up your entry point and that's the importance of having an entry point in an exit point and then you always Want to do that with the pairing that you're trading does that help out a little bit Look at captain Yeah for sure man well, thank you for calling in man I'm gonna continue the live stream, but maybe I'll see it the night owl tonight or maybe we'll talk sometime soon For sure man take care All right guys good questions.

You're not gonna take a ton of questions like that I mean, that's gonna take quite a while, but isn't that kind of cool. Do you should we do that more often? We probably should for sure So let's go ahead and die let's take some Let's take some other questions here. Let's see what people are saying Somebody says that was a great question watch the chateaux. She's that is funny ah Somebody said dumb question don't be cynical. There's too many cynical people out there, man Like you have to be appropriate. I mean don't like You probably I mean to be honest most cynical people were bullied when they were younger like that's really a truth.

They have a psychological Part inside of them that is lacking. You know it's typically a Psychological issue that people have and they become cynical And you know you kind of want to feel bad for them at the same time It's like dude get around people that aren't as cynical right like if you were bully when you were little that's fine I understand I mean empathize for you but at the same time Don't just hate yourself forever right you need to get her on people that Can bring you up and make you better and lift you up because if you're around other people that have been bullied then they have low self-esteem low self-image low self confidence low Ego right, you want to have a certain ego You go not too much is bad, but you want to have a what I call an appropriate ego Right because you want to have some sort of confidence And if you're not around people that have that or have that confidence you're never gonna get it so The best way to change yourself or become better or grow into what you want to become is to get her on people that are where you're at or what you want to become so I Feel bad for cynical people right people that make fun of others and that like to hate or spread news or drama like Come on man like seriously Psychologically you guys need some help Not all of you, but I'm just saying and it's even harder to trade somebody says ego suicide That's funny This is a good question somebody said how many people? Somebody said How do people in the United States invest in ICS when the government regulates them Corey D a lot of people I'm not advocating this once again But a lot of people will utilize you know other sorts of methods to get into these icy OHS that restrict us investors So let's go ahead and complete some quick analysis here Let's see if etc' is a good buy because actually it is possibly gonna be a trade that can be made here You can see prices are pretty low Volume is starting to increase There's a couple things you that I like about this graph.

You can see volume here getting a little bit higher Not only is the volume increasing you can see we have some very clear Support lines right around fourteen thousand two hundred and fifty eight satoshis And then along with that volume level you can see we're starting to roll around this channel we hit double top here twice drop down typically when you see these double tops guys this would be an indicator that you're gonna probably go down in price so when you see These two long green and red candlesticks right here. This is an indicator of a possible Drop and that's why you saw this so be mindful of that in the future And then as you can see these prices started to increase a little bit with this channel forming Horizontal once it hit that previous bottom see these are very predictable trades guys. You can see RSI hit here hit bottom here and You could have predicted see here's another way that you guys can utilize swing trades and make tons of profit by being focused on these RSI levels so when you see That prices hit bottom at a specific price point You could also assume that if it's gonna go back to that price point if you see it here But the RSI isn't that low but at that same price point it was Really low at one point you could also determine that this is a bottom.

Just because you can almost Cross-reference RSI levels with the price zones, and that's also another strategy of utilizing RSI So it's called cross Referencing and you definitely want to utilize that in some cases you can see now we're starting from a more gradual pattern up That's a little bit more stable riding along that 50-day moving average here with etc' So I think if it can continue to ride along this if it breaks this pattern I think we can see it most likely go back up to these previous resistance lines And that would really be the best swing trade here for this we can jump from this channel this channel I spoke the autofit really quick see our goal is to find some sort of good trades today At least one see if we can find one good trade today. This has been a pretty down market So you can see that also correlates with Fibonacci, so looks pretty good there Let's look at some requests here some questions who do we got online Leroy in the house? Somebody says So name What do you sell us right now and buy back when I our side goes lower if you had a profit feel free to take? Profits man never never say no to profits Marius So he says Seiyya coin interesting very interesting made a very good conversation about that do we have a night owl tonight Yes our night out tonight guys I want to get into a little bit more about the future of snipers suit tonight So I want a little bit more of a closed group, so it's gonna be patreon Ruby and above Members Only So we're gonna be under Ruby plus here if you're not a patron Ruby in a pub.

That's fine You guys can go into voice two we got tons of people here as well chatting great knowledge there however for the night owl that I'm personally gonna be answering questions in talking about what I heard about from the by Nance CEO and from my friend He is on It's all gonna be under rubian above you can see Alibaba is the first one there right now Look at that ahead of the game. I like people that are head of the game I'm gonna say congrats to him Congrats look at that, and he's a sharpshooter He's a sharpshooter – look at that. That's awesome. There's different levels on the discord. It's our form of gamification Justice Allah said last tune I tells you were not they're naive.

I said up until 4:00 a.m. Yeah, I apologize I did apologize though in the night owl, so you sure you did hear that part of it I do apologize man We had something happen in the discord that we had to handle and you know exactly what that was if you were there, so Apologize about that Do you think the future of crypto is going to be most beneficial to the logistics AI or privacy coins? I think first logistics Second privacy coins and then third AI the reason I put in that order Casey's good I think ai ai in general artificial intelligence has some way to go I think logistics is more of a disruption industry so once blockchain can disrupt it It's a lot easier to disrupt an industry like uber did then to create or implement yourself into a new industry And then I think privacy coins after logistics because privacy coins in my opinion will come as currency comes into blockchain But there's a lot already tons of different blockchain implementations that are currently occurring right now, so We got a sniper's calling right now Maybe we'll take some calls we got eight missed calls right now so far that is awesome, so somebody says You're very welcome Casey Snipers tube discord is the best yes.

It is s Thomas an thank you brother. I appreciate that Those ruby night owl plus rated buzzer good – how do you come to Ruby? It's on the patreon? Em dog so we have the patron. I think yeah, we have Ruby's left's so if you go to Here this is how the page will look and then all you have to do is look at the different tiers that we have All the Ruby's get they all they get all of our instant trade alerts portfolio updates podcasts Oh by the way. I am gonna be enhancing some of the trade alerts soon guys I'm really excited to announce that soon as well.

We have this whole new system That's gonna come and revamp it so we can actually have long term short term and midterm swing and trade alerts that we can actually post that we can have a Multitude of that four day traders swing traders and value investors, so we're working on all these systems And that's kind of what the net Alison to be about tonight We're gonna talk about the futures of Sniper students and where we think the community wants to go And that's why I'm only gonna open it for those that are at least some in some way vested into the community And that's actually part of being a ruby you get access to these life calls every now And then so you get bonus content life calls and night owl, so these are all the bonus contents that we post for the rubies So I can't wait for that tonight.

That's alright. We're gonna try to get this live stream out of the way Let's go ahead and do our next coin request really quick so we can kind of scroll through this quantum BTC There's another coin that we have here. Let's go ahead and see what's going on with quantum You can see on this one day chart. We've just jumped over that 50-day moving average I'm telling you guys if you guys would have watched this coin before this Jump up. You could have realized it right here December 7th. It was under that 50 day best time to buy over this 50-day moving average Everything turns around. You know look RSI goes over 40 you see RSI flipped inverted, right? It was on that ladder, and now it's on the higher End and you can see that all happens with that RSI shoots up.

Not only that shoots on top of that 50-day MACD crosses over We may see an initial uptrend right now based on this MACD level This is a fast line here in blue, and then there's a slow line in orange So if you guys want to look at this MACD and how it works you double click it The fast length is set at 12 the slow Ling's it set at 26 the signal at 9:00 And that fast length is in blue anytime.

It crosses. You can see right here We saw this price swing right over here You see that price swing same thing look RSI crossed over right when that happened so typically the RS arm Sorry the MACD typically in MACD is a little bit late When this happens so this will happen before the Mac that you will cross But it's also a good indicator of how parabolic or steep these swings are occurring so hopefully that helps out a little bit But looking at this chart here.

You can see we're finding some clear support here right around 293,000 satoshis finding some resistance levels right around four hundred and eight thousand satoshis And then we've performing that Clear Channel forming right over there Now we're starting to see parabolic run ups coming and starting to form there, so let's take some requests here and see Somebody says I've been searching for a channel just like this for so long I hope you release how much you are helping people naive realize how much you were helping people Knight.

Thank you Marius I really appreciate that brother that means a lot to me. Man. I really really do appreciate that Do you ever have limit buy and sell orders placed at the same time I to be honest with you I've used it less often than I do in traditional stock So this is something I do want to announce here This will help a lot of you guys that use limit buy and sell orders in Traditional stocks traditional markets I use that quite a bit often And I'll tell you exactly why let's say I was trading the Apple stock, right But you don't typically want to date the Apple stock. I mean you can but it's not the most volatile thing out there But you can see there's not as many of these wicks right because it's such more it's such a stable market You don't see these wicks that form like that right. Do you guys see that you don't see this right here? This is unheard of here like if you pull this Fibonacci out You know you don't see these wicks that are extremely parabolic that we've seen before like these wicks are a little bit more Rigid and concise so setting up a stop loss right down here is pretty safe You're not gonna expect this and just drop down like that and trigger that stop-loss and anytime that wicks Drops like that it triggers the stop losses so what I've taken my approach here with this market that has these crazy You know look at this way way higher that these wicks are way more Look at that.

This is just insane the Approach that I've taken is to just set up trade a lot alerts so I set up stop-loss it alerts That's what I call it so if I put it right here I'll literally just right click this and then click Add alert on trend line and then I'll get myself an alert instead of actually having That actual stop-loss set up because a lot of you guys will get burned doing that and those stop losses triggered on accident so he says what's the meaning of a stop loss on by Nance it's I believe a Greater than or equal to order or a conditional order one of those That might be mixed up with bit Rick's somebody says Can't avoid market crash unless you sell it for USD T Interesting you're very welcome Who else we got Zack Crocker dent nice channel? Thank you brother? What is the rave protocol pill Paxton the rave protocol is actually a protocol implemented with Virg in? Which Virg is actually implementing a cross hybrid breed of a Manero Virg type of coin? Which basically means Virg was known to have the ITP? verification or The shielding which actually shields the IP addresses through the Tor network and that allows you to send these Transactions that can't be tracked in terms of IP address to a certain degree.

I mean if we go to you know We've done this beforehand the voice chats. We've gotten programmers on delay well You can actually track any VPN if you just cross-reference this and that and that's true But the fact is it uses toward networks – I'm sorry it uses tor networks – to shield these VIPs So that's Virg right shielding IPS mineiro is known for a private ledger. What is a private ledger? Well if you go on bitcoin you type in bitcoin Ledger you can see all the transactions actually if you type in Bitcoin rich list that's a better idea you can see the people who own the Largest amount the wallets that have the largest amount of Bitcoin in them so you can see all of these wallets and you can also crop for a cross-reference where these coins came from so you can actually click on these and see the Transactions that occurred within this wallet, so it's not necessarily like 100% anonymous in the fact that Somebody has your public key in public wallet address they can actually tell where the coins are at so you can see the top Wallet right now has one hundred and seventy nine thousand two hundred and three Bitcoin in it which is 2.5 or 2 billion dollars? the next one Is BitFenix this is your cold wallet? So this is actually this exchanges wallet that has one point six billion dollars in it And then you can see there's other wallets here that are pretty public like if you go down Kraken has its own wallet with 254 million dollars Bit Maine has a wallet here public and then some of these other ones are exchange wallets that they just don't list it there, so You can't do that with Manero if you do Manero rich list look what it does.

It's actually kind of funny I like how they did it you actually click Manero rich listen, then it says Manero is fundamentally private I thought you knew come on man really really it is it is based on the crypto note protocol uses unique one-time addresses for each Transaction so that only the receiver knows where the money went This is good believe me, and then it goes into that so that's kind of what Mario touts itself ask And that's what Virg is implementing in the Wraiths protocol It's allowing you to use that private ledger and the public ledger with an on and off switch so you can literally turn it on and off on and off if you want to use a public ledger you turn it on if You want to use private ledger you turn it off.

So that's what the Virg protocol is good question the Wraiths protocol Somebody says where's the night owl tonight? The night owl is going to be in our discord under ruby plus You can see where do you have four people here? all Rou being above patrons if you guys are not patreon the link is in the description right on top of the discord link and All rubies and above will be able to come in if you become a patron.

I know we just had a couple patrons just kind of Roll into it without even realizing it well We got tons of them actually shot it – Audrey shout – Peter J Noda shout out to Kings Wang Samuel friends Shout out to Christy McFadden look at that Christy made a decision that it upgrade there And then shout out to Tyler for becoming new patreon it will automatically assign you the discord role And then you guys can actually come into this Rubina bub night owl I want to keep it a little bit smaller because we're gonna be going over a little bit more of this future of snipers – And I want more of a smaller environment people that are actually Vested in – snipers – because I wanted this cuss where I want to take the educational resources And how the future can look in the next couple of months especially utilizing the discord and then for those of you not Ruby's It's fine We have a voice Voiced one area you guys can come in here chat along with your peers tons of people here tons of knowledge and you guys will Certainly enjoy that for yourself as well let's go ahead and Look at the chat one more time See what we've got somebody says Let's see Sasha, I love your channel.

Thank you. I appreciate that Greg burson EV the stop-loss he says how do you do stop losses? We have a stoploss tutorial on our channel? I highly recommend just utilizing it But you know a stop loss is extremely important want to go through the whole tutorial people get bored of that But it's actually the bit the coin is called how to trade bitcoin in a bubble something like that Just type in Bitcoin bubble on my search, and then you guys can do that. Let's take a call We got a call coming in a sniper's is calling in we're doing it three two one five nine What is it three two one five nine three five zero one six let's go ahead and take a call Hey, what's up? Oh really I thought I was going to pay in Bitcoin Can I pay in Bitcoin Okay do you accept Bitcoin? How many Bitcoin is it delivery driver is gonna be there Alright, I'll give him the Bitcoin.

Don't worry. That's fine That's funny alright guys let's go ahead it uh That's good it. Uh look at there So he says that's a recorded one. Yeah, I didn't know Pitt was somebody real I mean I would've been interesting with even little should we do prank calls on this channel? I'm just kidding. Let's not do that um So he says does anyone know a Bitcoin really gonna it go really going it. What about I don't even know? They said how did he? How do you utilize certain Fibonacci levels an uptrend downtrend buy and sell good one Haig good question Let's go ahead and utilize Fibonacci levels as we analyze this next chart here, which is going to be neo Let's blow up neo BTC.

How do we use Fibonacci? Retracements so the Fibonacci level is an age-old principle we had another call should we take it? Let's let's finish the Fibonacci Sorry, whoever's calling call back an assist is saying so in order to look at the Fibonacci retracement the Fibonacci retracement is an age-old Principle and it's all based on arithmetic math right. It's all just math and numbers. There's certain Fibonacci levels here You can actually do it with manual Fibonacci retracement by right-clicking this third line here in trading view going down to Fibonacci retracement and then the way you set it up is based on what you're trying to look for you want to click the Highest point in the chart with the wicks right so go on a 1-day chart click the highest point with the wicks And then you want to drop this down all the way to the lowest point that you can find on the chart That's observable so this is the Fibonacci levels that you're seeing here And once again once you have that set up click it in Actually there was one Wix that was all the way down here.

If you see this so we actually might have to go down Unfortunately that was not the right area right here's the area and That's actually very accurate so check this out Fibonacci There's many different Multiples, that's what I call them. There's a 38 0.5 to 0.6 to 0.7 the 1.3 point to some traders don't like to use all of these They only like to use the point 38 maybe and the point 7 8 or the point 6 But for the most part just utilizing Fibonacci and doing a basic tutorial You can utilize the Fibonacci to determine potential support and resistance levels now What do I mean by that well check this out you can see here when we pop from this red? You can see when we went under this red we found resistance right on that red We didn't break this red Fibonacci until this price point where we broke through and then look at that the first red candlestick occurred at the top of this fibonacci line because this is where we've started to find some resistance so Potential resistance levels can occur at these ribbon achi levels you can see even here this Fibonacci That was a lot thinner we found resistance immediately at that Fibonacci Look at that went back up fibonacci resistance This one broke through the second Fibonacci, but found resistance here at the top of the fibonacci and then here's another Instance where we found support at the fibonacci right here.

You can see support at the Fibonacci level Very interesting right so that's another way you can utilize to find really good entry and exit points So there's also an indicator instead of using the Fibonacci retracement Which is like the manual if you're driving a manual car how many here? How many people here drive manual? That's a good question. Oh, I wonder I know it's a random question how many here? drive manual Let's see somebody says Name, I will get a sniper's tube tattoo on Venice Beach, if you give me one BTC That is hilarious man people will do anything Somebody says I do I do Ryan Travis Garrett, Donny FOMO Tyler I used to drive manual high Renaissance Oneness says I do that is interesting more people than I thought Manuel Jeep renegade from off lease only Son that is awesome and Off lease is a huge company I'm gonna manual semi right now ten speed that is awesome James Schatz who are truck drivers.

They get underpaid without truck drivers You wouldn't have all these Amazon packages I mean theoretically maybe in the future the drones, but for now you need these truck drivers so shout out to the truck drivers We're getting the food Distributed across everywhere they get all the utilities and supplies out to different industries mechanics Tons of different stuff buff muff says do you date trade I've I? Probably want to consider myself a retired a trader at this point. I've done so much day trading At this point I'd rather teach it. I'd rather have engagement it's like doing something for a while you're like man There's people they've done a lot longer than me I mean don't get me wrong But I find more passion in engaging with the community growing a community and teaching what I've learned through my day trading so Right now more so a value Slash swing investor. I do have some long term holds I still day trade every now And then if I'm doing it for a tutorial or something if I'm doing a one-on-one with our diamond Patriots I'll do some quick sessions one-on-one, but for the most part.

I have some long-term hold set up I have some swing trades that I have occasionally here and there but my main focus right now is growing this community enabling you guys to be able to become traders and Understanding these different patterns. I started my first two patterns the cup and handle and the head and shoulders so one Breakout pattern and one reversal pattern that was perfect for me at the time I highly recommend you guys start one at a time if you guys are on our discord under trading 101 you guys can actually go In there and see exactly how that works Somebody says ask a question. I'm trying to win a book you guys want to do a book giveaway So we got this book here the internet of money internet of money who wants this book Let me read one quick portion of this book maybe a portion that I've highlighted before so let's see a highlighted portion here.

Oh Man, this isn't the one that I highlighted Somebody says now we have Bitcoin bitcoin is in my mind a pretty radical transformation It's as radical as the change from precious metals to paper money perhaps even more radical So what does Bitcoin the fundamental issues in describing Bitcoin is that you use references to our existing experience that experience is based on thousands? Of years of understanding what money is in a very physical form now We're trying to explain a form of money that is completely abstract It's a token that represents acceptance in a network a network centric form of money But that doesn't even begin to describe what the thing is One paragraph in this awesome book that talks about Bitcoin and distributed letters We're gonna go ahead and give one away highly recommend it if you guys don't win You're more than welcome to tune in to our discord, and if you guys go to helpful reads I have all of my favorite reads here if you're a little bit more intricate and more understanding of blockchain and distributed Ledger's for Those of you that have invested in Bitcoin for a long time mastering Bitcoin is also a really good book It's meant for programmers.

However in my opinion. It's a book that can really assist you with understanding White papers that you start to read on a daily basis if you guys are investing in these newer icos Because it really goes into the distributed ledger and that is Universal with all blockchains right so how many got free is also a great book for the ladies that are a little bit more of The sensual individuals that want a little bit more emotions tied to it because it really goes in the past present and future a bitcoin Really good book even for men.

No. I'm not you know discriminating I'm just saying you know sometimes the coding and stuff isn't really attractive to Some people principles. I Ray Dalio is a great investment book as well. He ran one of the largest hedge funds It's one of the first books. I've read that incorporates personal development emotional trading with personal and technical trading, which is really cool, so Here's gonna be the the question for this giveaway Somebody says Doug Polk, and I'm are both great to watch Thank you.

Somebody says men are emotional. Actually. I heard men are more emotional. They just know how to hide it better So the Anisa said I've been watching your channel for over two months in your awesome. I would like the book That's awesome two months. Well you have to answer the question correct and the question for the day is What is The ICO that no I'm just kidding I'm not gonna do that question I want to do something easier What is initial coin offering stand for? What does the initial coin offering stand for oh? Okay, I never mind.

I died that was bad. I said it in the question. Sorry. No that's that's raw I new question I wasn't saying what is ICO stand for um Man, I got a dump myself, and I always try to remind myself to dumb myself down No, but it's not ICO. I always Let my mentor Tommy's his name if you're ever teaching you have to go back to your first day and understand it from that perspective When you first got into that industry or whatever you're talking about so Somebody just sent me a text.

Thanks for all you do for the community. I'm new to this field Can we trade as many times possible until we're moving to USD non-taxable, can you build the perfect round portfolio? For long okay? There's more complex question. It's a little bit complex whoever sent me. Thank you for the the gratitude The portfolio questions a little bit more complex. You know you want to build a diversified portfolio include large caps small caps mid caps but Diversify it properly where you have anchors is what I call it an e-portfolio where there's a majority in a certain point so The summary says initial point offering equals initial coin off right so the question for this book is let's see here Mana, I'm trying to think so the question for the book giveaway is going to be What is V let's see Who was the founder of ripple and Whoever is the third person to answer it gets the book? Who's the founder of gripple? Who is the founder of ripple the third person gets the book the third person that's on my screen BAM Jed McCaleb somebody said Brad Garlin house.

He is the current CEO of ripple Chris Larson actually Chris Larson was a part actually That's actually Google Chris Larson really quick yeah, he actually did co-found did he Co found interest a Co-founder and former CEO of Chris Larson so he did Co-founded with Jed McCaleb so Jed McCaleb also, so I'll take both of those answers But Brad Garlin houses the current CEO. He was actually the ex CEO of AOL Jed McCaleb though is The one who developed January McCabe's ripple token ownership So he founded the company ripple in 2011, so we'll take Chris Larson as one so this is number one Number two and then the winner is untie cup Perdana And I think that's funny cuz and aiko is the same person that said I've been watching it for two months wonder that was Anissa sorry but shout out to and I cup her down a third person on my screen you one send me a message on Twitter and We'll verify your YouTube account you won.

The book. We'll go ahead and send that out to you so good job Somebody said name-calling Okay, that's fine. Somebody says we all googled that Somebody says I am the founder of ripple, Kasim Muhammad if you're the founder of ripple, man Send me a text dude, so we can have a interview here live on snipers too. That would be awesome Let's go ahead and do our next coin here LTC so looking at this by the way just so you guys know with Neil in my opinion looking at these price levels We're really high with MACD really high with RSI and we're fairly high from that 50-day moving average unless there's going to be some sort of news and fundamental aspect of neo that can make this breakout I don't necessarily see any further breakout in the near future especially because we have this huge huge channel forming here and This is a good thing in certain manners because it's tight But at the same time you can see we're still finding that resistance here right around 1.4.

Million Satoshi's so In my opinion with ripple unless it can break this the one thing I would watch for here Actually, let me talk about this really quick because this is important to note a if ripple break Or if neo breaks out of this channel there could certainly be a break out here with neo and the reason I say that is because It's starting to kind of test these resistance levels, and you can see here it never really broke that resistance typically when something is at a point where it's Messing or I guess you can say it's I wasn't say messing around with the resistance, but it's more so testing resistance multiple times or at least staying within the resistance zone in a horizontal channel that is a sign of potential upside That can certainly come in the future as the cell volume starts to decrease More by volume comes in and all it takes is one wave of by volume To really bring this price up so even though the MACD in our size high So we'll go ahead and actually look at this here We don't want to contradict ourselves, but you can see the MACD is high for sure But it's not as high as it was here So it has room to grow so there's a potential that what I would do is set up and alert here if neo passes this price zone here Right around one point four six million satoshis where right now We're at one point three five million Satoshi's, then there is gonna be a huge upside potential for ripple or neo So I'm gonna actually set an alert there, too So I can actually possibly trade that because I'd like these type of channels that form at the top of the resistance Because when it breaks that resistance There really is no stopping it from going a lot higher than where it's currently at but you can see volume is too Low right now, but it's good that it's maintaining these price levels with these low volumes that it shows you a sign of some strength It's gonna take this type of volume though to really see it push and see some crazy upside So we'll continue to watch Neil and then LTC BTC Just go ahead, and uh look at LTC here and while we're doing that let's look at some questions It looks like we're having a fun time doing these questions Do you have somewhere where you give lessons anything like that? That's funny.

I have a diamond patreon called muff. Med I Don't know if that's you mr.. Cosima Med but probably not because I give Muhammad personal lessons, but um you know I try my best to do one lessons But it's really you know it's something that gets requested quite often. I like a lot a lot You know and I have to value my time in some shape or form so I do reserve that for VIP certain patreon levels But I would say just watch the videos to be honest with you. You know the videos are free You don't have to be a patreon to watch these videos and you guys can get a lot of knowledge on these videos you know Patrons are people that want a little bit extra like tonight We're going to be doing a ruby and above night out for All rubies and above so if you guys are Ruby patreon above you guys are gonna be allowed to come into that night owl and then feel free to do that so Somebody says sapphire is sold out yeah unfortunately the system will automatically Refresh that so you can always check back and see if there's any availability but typically it does have some sold-out periods You know, but as there's you know obviously retention and stuff so somebody yeah, you know? It gets filtered out of that then it will add that position back so you can always refresh that quite often somebody says Sapphire sold out Julio just continue to refresh it man People have had I had one time and say diamond is sold out and he kept refreshing and then it opened up so Somebody says are those glasses Gucci.

No these are not Gucci these are Not good see at all I Haven't treated myself in that way. Yeah, I probably should right have a little bit of a self-respect and self-confidence get a little bit of a nice Bling-bling on me somebody says name. Do you still owe me 20 shekels from the ballade? here funny BTC is gonna break resistance at 11 K could it be headed much lower any questions that you guys have any good questions Somebody says I need knowledge gains name you own two books good Somebody said let's see I'm Jed McCaleb sniper's tube Buff buff how many Lambos do you own? If I'm gonna ever have a Lambo I wouldn't own it because they depreciate really fast if you guys know anything about depreciation then Sometimes it's better to lease especially if you can do it as a business lease That's why you see some people make videos with their Lambo because they can even easily report that as a business expense so if you guys know about Finances at all then you guys know how to you know be smart about it You don't want to necessarily buy a Lamborghini They depreciate really fast as soon as you drive those things off the lot they depreciate so You want to be careful with how you do that? Why don't you do a morning bird instead of a night owl? We might do a morning bird soon for the rubies right we'll do a ruby and above morning bird maybe Somebody said is what do you think extra gee? We'll go back to 13 cents um I think Virg might take a little bit time you me saw a huge run-up well we got to do LTC and just to say so I think Virgil take some time we did a price prediction on that today on the video so you can watch that Shut up to a galvan Selwyn just became a new Ruby.

I'll see you tonight Galvin. Yes We're gonna be doing our ooh being above night owl So that's gonna be under the night owl rue being above you can see we have a couple people here Bitcoin billionaire Brando tech cuddle puddle indie chick Holly's here, but if you guys want for those of you They're not rubies and above we're all gonna be under voice too Not me, but a lot of people are already there So if you guys want to just join in top voice – there's always chats happening here but
the one I'm gonna be in answering questions and going through the future of snipers – but I'm gonna do a little bit of a discussion tonight, and I also want to talk a little bit about the stuff that the mine and CEO talked about You know it's so much enlightenment that I got from that so much wisdom and knowledge from the by Nancy I mean it was surprising It was really the first time he's actually spoken on stage, so it was at my friend's conference He is on and one of my mentors from the Jibril network And it was astonishing to hear what he had to say I mean he was talking about you know receiving million dollars Million dollar offers of people that want them to list their icos on his website and him denying those offers because he said quote unquote He literally said verbatim.

You know I don't need any more money You know so he's definitely making a lot of money as a by net CEO And I think he said it's only been up for six months. He said that the highest Day like he said within one hour there were like 300,000 registrations at one point and this was after that little sporadic spur off He said they they open up registrations randomly not the day so that that people can kind of fairly get into it And they'll open up for two to three hours, and he says hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people will flock and register he says the biggest thing with I Ciose our liquidity. He says that's the biggest thing with I ciose and he says the biggest thing that attract people to buy Nantz is the liquidity on buying in so a lot of these things I Mean we'll talk about more of that in the night out tonight for those of you the Rubies in above But it was just astonishing and eye-opening You're a good new name.

You'd love talking about use on here yeah, man I mean he's a mentor of mine in this and he's helped me a lot No, I'm not the same as moment you might know. Lol, but do you think Trinity Network credit? I've never heard of that What does hate to get to Ruby level Steven sieminski? It's actually just a patreon level so if you go on our patreon website. You can actually Go on there There's different tiers that we have so slash snipers, and then ruby is right here You just want to click become a patron and then I'll show you all of the different availabilities here We just added a couple new ones so I think there's Yeah, there's a couple remaining there, and then ruby is right over here But this is where you guys at the bonus content live calls and night owls, so let's go ahead and finish this LTC chart really quick so I do want to address this being the fact that there might be a potential break out here you can see we're at these higher highs and We've seen these run ups occur I Think we already looked at the LTC chart right bouncing off this you can see here If you look at where we're bouncing on it's writing that 50-day moving average So we're finding resistance right now around that one point nine million satoshi level in if we went over.

I'll do it again We're the stronger resistance is right around two point 1 million Satoshi, so Right around that big even you can see we formed a double top Here's how a double top looks guys remember we talked about the double top Look at this another double top top one top to test it twice and That double top drops down so I think we have that do we have the double top on our trading view You guys are on our trading view.

I think we have a double top. We have a triple bottom Yeah, like that double top BAM so Exactly what you're seeing here So you have this neckline that forms? Then you have those two peaks that's how the double top performs, and that's a form of reversal That's nice These patterns work guys that like I'm telling you uptrend first top second top breakout, so same exact thing that we saw here And that's how this double top form we saw this reversal very predictable our side was high Same exact thing and then now you can see we went up here.

We hit top once didn't form a double top this time Potential let me see here potential horizontal channel gonna form here I don't really see this dropping yet being the 50-day has been able to caught a catch up here but understand this though the 50-day was around this price level at one point and That dropped below the 50-day, and you can see how far down it went at one point So don't let this fool you here, if it stays above that 50-day You still want to continue to watch this price level? And if I were to set up stop losses the one thing I'll tell you if you're trading litecoin you set up your stop-loss right over here You know set up your alert there And the reason I say that is because you can see in the past here when it dropped below that 50-day Look how steep it went down right drop a little 50-day went down drop below the 50-day It went down, so if this drops a little 50-day guess what my most likely happen it's gonna go down so I Would set up those stop losses if you're trading like corn right now.

They are trading at high levels not the highest levels They've been at higher levels before but in terms of satoshi level It's definitely high, so don't let the US devaluation fool you because if you pull up the LTC US devaluation It's a lot different, so that's why it's important to look at satoshi levels. You can see right now We're back at these higher highs that we saw previously when those USD valuations were high Somebody says Samuel. What do you think of gas? Thanks for all you do gas Well if you want to do a technical on gas you Can always look at the technical here? Let's see here looks like we just popped on top of that 50-day looking like we're seeing a little bit of a break out here and interesting I Don't know how long this is gonna last though cuz leave this RSI It's trying to curve up, but it's not It's still below It's trying to it very may well curve up here and then Cross with this slow line and this RSI might end up going up here And this will probably reach a little bit of a higher level I don't think that's gonna be enough to take it back to these previous resistance levels So that should be quite frank with you I think it'll take a little bit more for this RSI To be a little bit lower for it to see that steep run-up the same way that we saw this year where RSI hit bottom and Then we saw this run-up right, but now our size here So there's only so much it can go up before it's gonna find that zone where it's overbought and it's gonna come down so Obviously, I think there's a little bit more upside here, but I don't think it's gonna be substantial enough for any sort of you know breakout here in terms of this this high of 653,000 satoshis, so that's what I would say with this coin So let's take some questions here.

See what else we got So he says robbery err. I said gasps looks pretty good though Yeah, I mean it would probably go up, but it's just not you know like I said It's not probably gonna see a huge pair locker room especially being away from that 50-day right now It was under at this point now It's over and not only that RSI is still high so a lot of coins right now a little bit higher than they need to be Somebody said Hey, buddy Have been with the Ruby sniper's team for a month now your content is great and have enjoyed the condos in the content Will you be able to give me an update on xlm dapper by the way for sure Elliott Sheena.

Thank you for the intelligent Comment let's pull up xlm we'll do a quick xlm update so xlm is still forming this handle This is actually something we drew out before this first red candlestick showed And I determined that it was gonna drop down so the best buying position in my pin See this is where you want to zoom in by the way so when you're seeing a chart like this and you're trying to get An entry point now you want to zoom in See the 1-hour what's happening on the one-hour RSI hit a little bit of a bottom here MACD is starting to cross up Now the only difference here though purple at the 4-hour Can see a little bit of a different scenario our size a little bit higher go into the one day our size really high, so? It's really more of a determining factor on is this gonna see enough volume to Actually push its way up You can see there's a little bit of by volume starting to come but for the most part volume is extremely low with Excel on Right now which is expected as this handle form is once again.

That's what the handles form. It's to rechart I think xlm may see a little bit of a horizontal price movement before it's in have a breakout And I'm completely fine with that That's how handles typically form right so you can see what this cup and handle we see the top right here But it formed and now we're seeing this crossover You're seeing it starting to form that handle in my opinion will see that horizontal price some of it We might see a little bit of a run-up might test these resistance levels once again if you are putting in a position a by position I Would say half stop-loss is set up Just in case it might go lower because there is a certain possibility that could go back down to these lower lows May be around these levels where we saw previous resistance these might turn into support But I think we're in better prices right now in terms of buying so they would it in my opinion would it hurt you to? Buy this and put an entry at these price levels, and there's nothing wrong with it But I'm still watching this one day to see if the RSI and the Mac – you're gonna become a little bit more appropriate for A buy because you can see that fast line just curved instantly if you pull this up You can see how this fast line just started to curve back down So it looks like it's about to cross back down And I have a feeling it's gonna go down at least until it hits this previous support and then start to reverse back from there so that's the case that means price levels if this goes down the price levels are most likely gonna go down – So I still feel like there's a little bit more Depth that we can find here once again my initial target was right where this candlestick ended here So this was my initial target.

It was right here. If you guys pull up This is actually from one of our patreon trade alerts that we posted I talked about xlm forming this cup and handles so if you go to our posts on patreon You can see exactly how that was forming here, and I'll show you Exactly how that looks here and let me pull that up So on our posts the way, we posted it on patreon looked a little bit different than how it looks right now You can see here The xlm post that we had Right here You can see the initial buy zone was right here with this Little gap occurred this was the training new chart that we posted for our trading alert so the buying zone was right here So we're in the buying zone just a bit see the look that we predicted this even before happened That's why I tell you guys patterns are predictable look at this We predicted on their trading alert that it was gonna go up bounce on this go down And that's where the buy zone was in that's exactly what happened look at that went up bounced back.

It's predictable. It's a pattern I'm telling you guys. I've been doing this I know what I'm talking about look at that, so I think the best buying zone though my opinion I'm trying to see if we can hit that level again And then buy right at that middle point so hopefully that helps out brother now We're gonna be heading over to our rue being above night out for those of you that are rubies that are receiving are trading alerts And such we're gonna be heading over there in just a second We'll take a couple more questions here, and we'll see if we have any more Somebody says yes, man.

Just hold it will go up. Yeah, if you're holding then you're fine Any thoughts on electrum you have Tony West brach we talked a little bit about that. I think that it's fine You know like the CNBC guy said if it goes fifty percent down don't be worried. You know that's the crypto currency market I'm not worried about that It's just a little bit of a sell-off that we're seeing Probably somebody that had a large holding a lot of people are mining it, too so that could have influenced the price a little bit – Somebody said don't play with me Do you believe in diversifying your portfolio? I? Don't know you're talking about I'll definitely be honest with you this market hasn't been the best lately.

I think a lot of us know that Somebody says I took 250 out of my mortgage to put into dodge coin at an all-time high because my friend said oh Zinn to keep moving it dropped 50% should I huddle thanks That's up to you man, Joe was just a bad decision you know you want to buy loads, so I don't buy high and sell low so You know I typically don't sell it losses because I don't typically buy them at a point where I have the potential having lost because I always have my stop-loss alert setup or In some way shape or form I have a risk management technique in place so Somebody said update on xlm yeah. We just did the update brother, so hopefully that helped out a little bit Let's see what else we got Are you a trained sniper in the US or Israel you're wicked smart chief represent, Jampa Thank You Man I'm not a trained sniper. No the reason we call this YouTube channel snipers is because if you go on if you go on The web browser and you type in check this out people don't know.

This is a little hack if you type in YouTube If you do slash snipers It literally takes you to our channel So We got a little bit of that privilege there for being such a large community If you do like this snipers slash live it actually takes you to the live stream. That's another hack slash sniper slash live you can actually go into these life changes before they start. It's a little bit of a trick so um Hopefully that helped somebody guys in some way So we're gonna start heading over to our Ruby above niteowl guys once again our Ruben above Night owl is gonna be a little bit more of a closed off environment So I do want to discuss the futures of snipers tube a little bit Go into a little bit more depth where I want people that are more vested into snipers tube there so we currently have a ton Of people there right now.

I'm gonna be heading over there, so I'll see some of you guys there for those of you They're not rubies you guys can actually chat here in the voice too. We got tons of other great individuals here like Bobby and EQ here that will go ahead and Run that chat so if you guys want to plug in your chats You guys can actually? Take advantage of that so I look forward to seeing some of you guys at our room being above night owl' Did you guys enjoy the night? Did you guys enjoy the night? Since his name. Are you gonna do a podcast about tonight's topic I? Don't know what you're talking about yes There is a podcast for all rubies and above you guys will also get the recording so if you're rooting above and you're not gonna Be at that I will be giving the record because all sapphires get Boardings of every single one of our night owls live calls and anything we do But the Rubies and above will get the recording of the roofing above night al tonight yes We will be doing that that was something that I didn't at first implement, but now I am going to start to implement that So he says yes, yes, everybody's happy and Aaron good to have you Kelly gets happy Marius Good to have you said could you Let's see here Hell yeah somebody said abdulrahim So he says can you look at a OS by an entry point? Hey, if I were you Mary see if you can get into one of the voice chats and ask one of our analysts here or? Maybe ask one of our mods.

I think somebody else can help you man. You don't always have to have me do it But I do have to go ahead over this Ruby nabob night out I want to kind of serve this up earlier than later So I know some of us have work and stuff Named when something's going on how you know when to get in position in the coin Look for Fibonacci retracements look for 50 day moving averages look for MACD and RSI those are the best entry and exit indicators in my opinion I love lecturing and just getting killed yeah, I know I'm putting in more More into election iam you know I'm buying more as it goes down to be honest with you.

I Was trying to actually get my order in soon somebody's appreciate work Thank You Colby The OS Didn't we do you Wes already I? Think we did EOS. You can always just start this video and Yeah, I think we did EOS. We talked about it starting to curve remember the RSI MACD going down So yeah, I think it's gonna start heading down look Mac Dean stuff are sighs.

Hi Mac D's curving I think we're gonna see a little bit of frustrated because you can see we're at these resistance lines Doesn't look like we're shaping up to fondly you pull up the one out you can see a little bit of a better perspective Now here's the thing I will watch and tell you right now if it breaks this level It will break out higher, so this breaks out it will break out higher And you can put in a bi position right on top of that by at the breakout there is strategies Where you do buy high, right? It's not a universal strategy to buy in the red and sell in the green but some traders You need to be a little bit more experienced to do that, but you can buy at breakouts, right? And then you just have to know how to take profits Don't get emotionally tied to the price levels so if you buy a break outs be careful I'm Justin to let you guys know that now So there you go Alright guys.

Take care. Thank you. I'll see some of you guys at the Nite Owl any questions is Ruby private group Yes, L salon. It is a private, but anybody can get on there You just have to be a patreon Ruby, so so I think somebody posted big be posted no no Sarah posted it Sarah Holly map one of our promoters here posted it so you can just follow that link slash snipers and then Ruby and above so All rubies, and you guys will also get the recording if you're not there and you go to sleep That's fine, but you just go to patreon and that's a group there for you But for those of you that aren't rubies you just go to the voice to chat. We'll be there Alright guys. Thank you so much for tuning in jorge ram see joe seedless donny top owned aaron gary klaus wax steph z pill Paxton I like that 2x man it stands out crypto brand Joe Morello Edwin Vargas owl Sloan, that's a slick name Hannah tech carmine Lamone, there's some really cool names here today, Marius Lang felt, you're very welcome mate Cheers Tony, West Brock Westbrook Samuel clash of the clown's robbery or Julio take care guys All right I'll see you guys at the Nite Owl tonight for those of you heading over to the Ruby night owl We're gonna be heading over there right now and with that being said guys Thank you so much for tuning in we remember to like this video before you leave so that we can get that exposure Get that ranking on YouTube Get more community members into our team so that we can have more knowledge to spread upon and some wisdom and like always snipers out You

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