Price Predictions: Cardano ($ADA), Ripple ($XRP), Stellar ($XLM), IOTA ($IOT), Tron ($TRX), and More

What is going on snipers lamella baby here This is our live stream You guys are watching this after it's already published feel free to use the 1.25 x speed in the settings below Let's go ahead and roll our intro get started with tonight's price predictions So what we're pretty much gonna do right now is take a look at several different price predictions over the next couple of weeks and Then also take some requests from our viewers We have a ton of live viewers on right now And we're gonna make sure that we can bring you guys the best quality and value Adding content during this live stream, so let's go ahead and just start looking at bitcoins price obviously This is the big mamuh Jamo of all cryptocurrency everybody knows about Bitcoin But now we're seeing all these other coins starting to roll on into the scene And it's exciting to see that so let's go ahead and just kind of start talking about What we're seeing here with these coins, and what's happening guys, so if we're looking at price movements right now.

You can see here We've got the RSI open if you guys are new Welcome to snipers – this is where you guys are gonna learn so RSI relative strength index And that's the RSI if it's over 70 something is overbought healthy levels you're looking for RSI between 30 and 70 Under 30 you're pretty much under Bhat so that's not necessarily gonna work We just got a super chat by the way from ordinates Oren's Thank you so much orange for the super chat you said hey 19 want to discuss xrb no rush awesome. Good one Thank god you put it in in the beginning because now we can go ahead and put that in our sticky notes So we'll go ahead and go over xrb Before the end of this livestream we're also gonna be givin away some books today. Maybe one book two books. We'll see But we'll definitely be giving away some awesome books if you guys are not on our discord by the way we just updated our Resources if you guys wanted resources we added some new resources here if you guys want to know how we use these charts if you Guys want to know what exchanges we use it's all under our disk or the link is in the description below I highly implore you guys if you're not there already to get on there trading 101 here Let's go ahead and look at these charts here guys we actually had an awesome video today one of our first content creators talking about these price movements and Let's kind of look at this channel here, so Bitcoin has been in this channel for quite a while now if you look at the channel We're finding some clear support right around twelve hundred and one Thousand two hundred and seventy seven dollars if bitcoin was twelve hundred dollars I would probably buy some what about you guys would you guys buy Bitcoin if it was at two hundred dollars right now? Let's see what you guys say.

What do you guys buy bitcoin if it was at two hundred dollars right now? Let's see what the audience has to say Yes, yes yes, yes, yes Bitcoin professors new patron member thank you so much Yes, if you're a patreon you're receiving our training alerts So you guys saw this today when I put that I? Posted that on our patreon if you guys are under that tier somebody said yes somebody said nope well, Mr. Munroe You're not gonna. Have a good day man because you'll miss out on a lot of money somebody said yeah Yvette Jackson said yes, Quran said yes Craig Bryan said no way Tito said yes Yanique said tons. That's what mr.. Parker. I'm not a financial advisor. Yeah me either guys. I'm not a financial adviser no advice here Legally nobody can get financial advice because then you're held liable right Thank You Mitch appreciate the superjet, so let's kind of look at this price pattern here So I'm gonna be using some new indicators for you guys today first time that I'm adding one in a week, so I typically like to do this I understand the Psychology of learning and you can't just you guys ever heard this This is what my mentor taught me so name when you're trying to teach somebody something You never want to open up a fire hydrant you wanna.

You don't open a fire Hose you want to be able to give them little sips You know you want them to just go walk up to a water fountain take some sips of water And then there it's a lot more enjoyable then open up a fire hose right into somebody's face So I'm not gonna fire hose any of you guys But I am going to give you guys some sips of water here and some sips of knowledge some sips of wisdom some sits of Education not for me, but from the mentors that have taught me so what is These three lines here right so if you guys want to actually click these lines by the way we're using our trading view chart Link is in the description below for trading view if you guys saw our video today There is another chart mention there, which is coin G.

I believe don't use that however I'm gonna show you guys how this works so first of all which indicator is this right? So I'm gonna go ahead and actually make these lines a little bit thicker if you guys don't know you can make these lines thicker Since we're gonna be using this today, so if you right click here. You can click insert indicator This is one of my favorite moving average indicators you type in three Moving averages and this pops up here the moving average is extremely important in trading guys. Let's go ahead and Give you guys the dummy version here Maybe it will explain it better than I can but you type in moving average here on Google if Google were to work here on this new computer that we have that doesn't work with Google apparently moving averages let's see if there's a better definition yet a succession of averages derived from successive segments typically of constant size and overlapping of a series of values a Simple moving average is an arithmetic Some of you guys are gonna.

Ask. What is arithmetic mean arithmetic means a Branch of mathematics that consists of the study of numbers especially the properties of the traditional operations on them addition subtraction multiplication and division That's what arithmetic means so when you go to school they teach you arithmetic math Adding subtracting multiplying and division for those of you that don't know so it's an Mathematical quote-unquote moving average calculated by adding the closing price of the security for a number of time periods and this is the key here Time periods and then dividing this total by the number of time periods short term averages can act as levels of support when the price Experiences a pullback and that's exactly what we're gonna look at here in bitcoins chart so it's about the time periods and that's why I like the three moving averages because it does show you the 50-day 100a and the 200-day and you can actually program it to do that the way you do that is you click on it And you go to inputs 50-day 108 208 And then the source which is where the arithmetic numbers are coming from arithmetic means Mathematical numbers are coming from the closing price Which is what you want to look at this is how I was able to predict that big Correct to the levels that it corrected to and I'll show you exactly how so let's get out of this one-minute chart because it doesn't Look that good, but the one hour chart always looks good right so when you look here guys.

I actually Predicted that we were gonna start heading towards the 50-day moving average if you pull up this one day chart You can see exactly how that happened so This is really where the 50-day was here if you are by the way if you don't know how to tell which one is which You go here link the one length to like three and then up here One two three if you guys don't know how to input these on the right hand side you just double-click the background here double click These little arrows Let me pull this up, and then you can pretty much change the chart However you want so you go to properties, and you can change everything here if you want to add these little indicators I'll show you exactly how symbol labels Indicator labels and so forth so that can help you if you are a beginner So I know we got some super test to $20 super chance Wow thank you so much Are you guys learning a lot so far by the way? I know we're going through this piece by piece piece by piece, but it's beginners Training here guys.

I know a lot of you guys are new But yes, we'll do xrb. Thank you orange We did get Mitch Thank You Mitch God fear seventeen two bucks Smash the like everybody smash the like let's see how fast we can get the like button to go up Let's see if we can break it you guys ever seen the like button break. Let's all hit it in five four three two one let's see if it breaks I Can't even tell you our awesome love the lessons charts and life. Thank you sweetie our preciate that Tom Ashley rivets shut up snipers tubes mods and admins we're all going to the moon. Thanks to snipers tubes Yes guys our community has been there's thriving and it's not because of me It's because of our content creators is because of you guys engaging in our discord. We've had such an awesome time Everybody is saying yes that that this is helping right.

Yes, is this helping Ben Schultz says you've taught me so much that's good so um Let's go ahead and continue this little mini lesson that we're doing here Mr.. JP. P. Thanks snipers tube you're welcome brother Thank You Ben documents at cardinal price in three weeks. We'll look at card on o today, so Bitcoin long story short we corrected to the 50-day moving average guys so the 50-day moving average was right around twelve thousand seven hundred twelve Thousand five hundred and that's exactly where we corrected to if we went below this number I would have been concerned, but I'm not concerned because we stayed within there found some support levels now We're seeing the prices starting to increase but not necessarily increasing in my opinion we're just following the channel that we were meant to follow so I Was able to profit off of all of this because of the fact that I knew we had a channel form here guys You see this is support.

This is resistance We're gonna be going back and forth between these channels until we make a break out whether that break That's gonna be positive or negative right now. We have a higher chance of that becoming positive as we're 50/50 percent towards this top of the channel so As long as we can start testing these resistance levels that means the demand is being tested right supply and demand determines price Then we can start seeing prices breakout for Bitcoin go back to these all-time highs around nineteen thousand eight hundred to break through twenty thousand and then Possibly see a fifty thousand dollar Bitcoin. I can see that happening as long as we continue this upward price movement Worst case scenario we break support levels down here So this turns red right we break these support levels we drop down in price guess what happens We'll probably start correcting in my opinion in my humble, but accurate opinion I'd say around six thousand dollars because that's where we found previous support here other than that this does not This for me is it considered support What I do like about this will go ahead and also pull up the EMA, or should I not confuse you guys I don't know Should I confuse you guys are you guys okay with multiple indicators? I don't know, maybe we should ask before we do something like that right you guys.

Okay, if I use multiple indicators Are you guys still learning? Let's see what you guys have to say who's on right now So hopefully that helped you guys Let's take some requests Aaron said humble, but accurate lol that is Elise in spirits that EMA alright. Do it. Yes do it. Yes, do it do it? Julio tourists that confuse us my dead said yes Fabrizio, please give me your opinion and then it run away you vet said learning. I'm glad you're learning Yvette daniela is here Good to have you teddy Kim is here. Good to have you Stefan Kennedy Mike Taylor is here John you see me Ryan hilberg Danielle wax You good to have you Johanna's here is in the house Raymond's in the house look at that Paul's in the house Tim Beck somebody said look Cruyff, and yeah, thank you. That's what I was missing. I was missing my Lacroix 88 88 always here tell her sparks that always here good, man hello, Danielle you said hi again and again and again I Guess you're trying to get the attention right? arm in tech analysis boost Sabian TRX gate ok let's not read that one Haha, all right guys.

Let's cut it. Let's get let's get started We're gonna take some requests guys obviously you guys want to see card down you'll want to see TRX Glen thank you so much. We'll do, bcn I'll put that on the list here. We're definitely look at card Ah, no, we're gonna look at these bigger coins of course Michael Cirrus, and II see a mooning Talk about oMG. Please. I think oMG is undervalued. That's what I think xrp. Yes. Thank you so much Mitch will do XRP What else do we got here? Mr.. Big 70 set 777 77070 anybody here ever flew was 777 of Boeing anybody here flew Boeing and buy here floating Boeing 777 Let's get down to the business guys let's not playing around here you guys come on.

It's not playing around you guys Let's pull up on xrb right everybody wants to look xrb But it's not even on here so that's fine even though they just added all by Nantz coins on to Trading view so I do apologize for that super chat request. We can't look at ray blocks however I know we did a video on ray blocks, so we'll actually pull up Sar be on this side here nobody's ever flown in 777 Dillon W.

Said yeah, I fly bro, that's awesome Dylan. It's a big freakin airplane, man hopefully that Arman set flew in one That's good shout-out to England Interesting alright guys. We'll do ray blocks here, so what is ray blocks It's this whole new technology Everybody's excited about because you know it has this super fast transaction speed and it's not even like regular blockchain It's it's own blockchain, and it's only available on certain exchanges and people are predicting and I I did too I said you know if it gets on a different exchange the more major Exchange like by Nance or Paul an extra bit tricks, then we can certainly see price movements heading upwards I still agree with that. I think it's definitely gonna be interesting to see where this heads Just know this guys when you see these type of parabolic price movements you always have to be cautious. You know We saw this huge run up yesterday with Ray blogs after I posted that video And what was interesting about this run up if you look at it? We're finding support Which is good? And as long as we continue to find support when you see these huge run ups I think that's always the best sign That we're gonna be able to maintain these prices because support levels are important Without support levels you have no real ground and to have ground is to have confidence and to have confidence Allows you to make your trades with boldness and authority knowing that I know exactly where this trade may end up heading Based upon its previous support levels because the best predictor of the future is history shout-out to Angie a super chat donations Thank you so much brother and your opinion is it still worth it to buy t-rex at 0.07 88 $1.00 10 is stellar Oh 75 s or wait for the dip thanks Goodwin age.

We'll talk about that today Here's what I'll tell you in a market like this where we're heading towards a trillion dollar market you guys have Heard this time and time again from me, and I always talk about us heading towards a trillion dollar total market cap right now We're hitting all time highs guys. We're at six hundred ninety five billion. I don't expect that to stop I expect our market cap to head towards a trillion and heading towards a trillion We're gonna see a lot of coins rise in value which coins are even primarily see rise in value the ones that are undervalued right so a Lot of these coins, there's a difference between having a speculative value an intrinsic value And I'll share something with you guys that my mentor who actually had an ICO called the dribble network raised ten million dollars taught me recently He said, Nayeem he said you have to understand this In the market that we're in and the market that were playing in a lot of coins specially Bitcoin has had a lot of attention and Speculative value typically goes towards the asset class that has the most attention why because that's what's in the news That's what people are talking about you Go around you say you ever heard a Bitcoin somebody's like yeah, I've heard of that thing I just don't know what it is right.

What do people say when you ask Let's let's pull up the chat here. What do you like if you guys have ever asked somebody? Have you heard about Bitcoin? I'm sure some of you have what responses have you guys gotten. This is what I've got before you guys answer I'll tell you what I've got oh, I've heard of that. I just never I don't really know what it is I've never really looked into it. I've heard of that. Yeah I've heard of it is so crowed is that like the illegal payment method or that digital currency? What what have people told you guys? somebody said Passed my super chest substratum later. Please Zakaria. We got your brother will do substratum.

Don't worry man. Don't worry brother Thank you for the super check. I don't know, bro They asked me if they have to buy a whole coin Good one, Android like that you mentioned that so for those of you I don't know you don't have to buy a whole Bitcoin you can buy a fractionalized version of Bitcoin It's called satoshi value So you guys don't have to buy a full Bitcoin you want to put $100 in Bitcoin you can do that if you can buy? $100 worth of Bitcoin, that's what it was designed to do That's what Satoshi Nakamoto the founder of Bitcoin wanted Bitcoin to become somebody said AHA I have heard of it It's that thing that you used to transfer money to another person.

That's very good I would've beat I would be so rich if I'd gotten it a year ago. You hear that all the time It's a scam. Oh my god. How dumb now everyone I tell about this knows about all the alts by now I Don't know Ponzi scheme somebody said uh predication for land Unregulated yeah, I just don't know enough to get into it. I heard that a lot, right So here's the difference guys now when you go to somebody and somebody daniel said bitcoin is the gateway drug If you go to somebody you say have you heard of ripple have you heard of aetherium? What do you typically get right? What do you typically get um? No, what's that? I'll tell you a story, right? There's a real real case real case study here So I was with my mentor having a conversation about investments because he's been a day trader for over 30 years Traded through the dot-com bubble traded through the net in late 90s traded throughout many different points of time That were significant in our history here in the United States of America if you're international welcome to snipers tube, but he had really honed in on the fact that If you don't know Something you don't know about it right when you find out about it that right there has now become a form of speculation, and I want to keep you guys here, so understand this Bitcoin is in a speculative bubble That's for sure.

Why because there's no intrinsic true value to it. You guys don't know what intrinsic value means intrinsic value intrinsic Value it's the tangible value the intrinsic value is the actual value of a company or asset based on an underlying perception of its true value including all aspects of the business so we don't understand all aspects of the business right now with Bitcoin so with that being said I Believe if you're gonna put a position in altcoins right now It's definitely a time where all coins are starting to thrive in the market and I think in 2018 we're gonna see a lot of these coins especially coins that you're currently seeing in the real world adoption like ripple and aetherium Start to head towards higher market caps filling in this market cap towards 1 trillion dollars We're we have a long way to go we have 400 billion, but understand this Four months ago in October.

I remember this market cap being under 200 million consistently around 150 billion Shooting itself up already more than 100 percent growth so what does that mean for Bitcoin that means? Bitcoin I'm not saying bitcoins gonna go down. That's not what I'm saying We don't know Bitcoin can Continue to rally and take up more of a market cap I have holdings you guys want to see my portfolio I've posted my portfolio for our patreon skies If you guys don't know I actually I do special things for our patreon the link is in the description below And I'll show you an example of so this is something. I posted today on our Patreon I'll show you exactly how it looks so this right here is Our patreon. I'm not going to show you guys everything because you have to be a patreon But I pretty much do this for a special special group of you guys and I posted my portfolio today I don't mind pulling it up here for you guys.

I do my trade alerts on here every single day today I did like four of them if you guys want trade alerts the link is in the description below to become a patreon but this is my portfolio currently, so this is what I posted for our patreon and This was only for our third tier patreon which have the trade alerts and I Pretty much showed you guys exactly how diversified that I'm currently My current portfolio is looking like right now, so I've got XRP aetherium and Bitcoin pretty much taken up more than 50% of my portfolio why Because they're stable currencies in my opinion I know where support levels have been built. I know ripples price action. I know how it typically ends up After these huge run ups with Ripple. I'll show you exactly what happened so when I see Ripple I see a coin that likes to go up It likes to go up and then find support go up find support and go up find support go up find support We sell this pennant form right if you guys don't know what a pennant is Not only do we have a patreon we also have a free resource here It's called this cord The link is in the description below where you guys can see what a pennant looks like ok here's a pennant? Where does the breakout occur right here on the right hand side you see the snipers logo? This is where breakout occurs, so I know how ripple acts.

It's it's it's like it's almost second nature to me, so That's how I know how to position myself, and I'm not saying this is the best portfolio in the world I'm not saying that I know more than any of you guys, I just know that I want to at allocate my Assets properly in order to maintain my risk management and here's another thing I'll tell you this isn't where I want my portfolio to be I want at least 20 coins right now I'm looking at more coins I could have added TRX and Tron to this But I didn't and we saw this break out is it a good time to buy now I'm still watching prices, so we're gonna look at these today, but hopefully this is helping somebody out is this helping out anybody Say yes if this is helping anybody out right now Let me see you guys are saying yes, yes, this is when I let's see portfolio Somebody said what the f is Bitcoin yesterday? Haha good to have Joe fridge said yes Hey, Thomas.

Said yes the cosmati said no well there's an X button on the right hand side buddy You can click that it's red you ever seen that Johnny Johnson said yep David said yes. I love it. I love it Alan Jameson said yes Andrew said yes. Hell. Yes. I love it awesome guys. Just want to make sure Just want to make sure love it. What portfolio app you use event I use coin stats coin stats It's actually all of my resources are actually on our discord So I'll actually show you exactly where to see this so go to resources I actually found a new app called Delta as well Delta. Type in Delta Bitcoin and you can find that too But if you go under tools and you go under Let's see oh yeah mobile applications. I've got coins. That's sure haven't added Delta yet because one of them Yeah, one of them The long story anyways um the patreon link is in the description below We actually just crossed 12,000 members guys, so it's very exciting we had a huge run up by the way tonight We're gonna be doing a night owl after this livestream so if you guys want to actually talk to me ask me questions one-on-one through your voice chat if you guys don't want to talk and you're an introvert you want to listen and that's Fine as well.

We that's where we really get into in-depth uncensored crypto Talk as you can see we have a full house already under this voice chat, but we're gonna be under It's gonna be under live stream night owl chat tonight So we're gonna have a night owl like we do every single night And then you guys can have an actual dialogue two-way conversation with me And that's gonna be open to everybody watching this stream.

Not just our Patreon today, so let's go ahead, and uh pull up this chart guys. Let's take some requests from you guys I'm gonna add to the request list we do have a couple coins like Substratum that we want to look at let's go ahead and complete our ripple Analysis here, so we're pretty much still within this pennant guys. It's just extended itself just a little bit here You can see it's forming extremely nice Prices are getting more and more narrow you see here. We saw a little bit of red consolidation We're over the EMA. If you guys don't know what the EMA is it's this blue line right over here I'll go ahead and darken that for you guys so that you guys can see it stands for the exponential moving average and Something you want to look for when watching the exponential moving average you want to see if something like the if you see this Candlesticks bouncing on top of the EMA. There's three ways that you can use the EMA it's either gonna be a negative price movement where the candlesticks are below the EMA if it's on top of the EMA then it's moreso gonna form a channel But if it's over the EMA you're gonna see positive private price movements and what you're really looking for is this right here where you see it bounce so I would have been able to predict this breakout based on this one bounce here bounce bounce and I Would have known right here, okay? The EMA is bouncing on itself This is an indicator that price movements start heading up, and that would have been a positive gain for me Not only that you could have looked at the RSI.

If you guys don't know how to use the RSI. I'm sorry You're looking for healthier size between the and Seventy so anything over seventy would be considered overbought and that's not something that you would want to look into it doesn't always work There's no guarantees once again However, it is pretty foolproof To a certain extent as much as it can be so Let's go ahead and pull up some requests guys so let's fill up some requests here and take the request and put them on our list here so that we can ensure that we go through all of your requests tonight and Have an awesome live stream here, so what do you guys want to look at Rey blocks? poly said LTC Craig said a DA Somebody said xvg Virg that's an interesting one isn't it? Brent said I don't even know there's so many people now.

Oh my gosh We're gonna have to use the super chat at this point There's so many people talking here a TA Byron said a DA in Austin 88 ok we'll look at card Auto in Just a second that will be next sorry, I'm just making sure this is done, so let's look at Card on Oh after extra fees so by the way for xrp the way you play a pennant if it breaks out of here That's gonna be a good move I'm still holding my ripple because I've seen it break out Multiple times break out forms the support break out forms the support breaks out form the support I'm expecting another breakout if it does start falling no big deal.

Just set up my stop losses right down here I would set up a stop loss if you guys Would like to know exit price, right? I was having a conversation today by one of our legacy members is it's it's one of our dynasty members It's a tear on their patreon so on our patron. There's one level it's called dynasty where you can have one-on-one conversations With me you know is pretty much as much as you want, and it's almost like a private mentorship course And I was having a conversation with this individual very successful in his own right his you know started multi-million dollar businesses Looking to get into crypto and invest in crypto. We were just having a great conversation He actually lives right by me, so it's gonna be really cool It'll be meeting up soon, but he talked about finding your entry exit points right your entry in your exit points So I thought that was huge it helped me so much that he mentioned that like yeah, you're right.

That's actually a good way It's so something so simple But so important so my exit point right now with the ripple beam that I'm already at a profit I bought at the breakout. I would say obviously Prices did go down here. However. I wouldn't risk that completely the channel is pretty much forming support right here around 113 1000 let's see thirteen thousand eight hundred seventy Satoshi's and at that level I would probably set up 50% of my sell profit loss Right here around Thirteen thousand two hundred forty-four Satoshi's and then set up another fifty percent right under this if it breaks this support right around twelve thousand to ensure that I'm Maintaining as much profits as possible. Let's pull up ad a BTC card on Oh, we got a request for card on Oh so let's go ahead and pull it up and see what is happening here with card on oh and Pretty much right now with card on Oh, you can see very similar to ripple we form these breakouts form support form to break out form support But what's cool about card on oh, I don't know if you guys have noticed is But it likes to curve if you guys see this it loves to curve and If you look at the three moving averages here, I know this is we're getting a little bit more technical We have a lot of new viewers here right now I don't want to be too technical, but these lines the red green and blue signify the moving averages and we're looking to see where are the candlesticks based upon the moving averages and The best way to look at is to look at a one-day chart and see Exactly, how skewed it is so you can see we're far far away from this moving average And then all other moving averages as you can see are pretty much not even showing itself here and With this price movement what I would say with card ah no because I am Positioned in Cardno right now.

You can see a couple different channel and support levels form here Let me go ahead and clear this out for you guys so that this can be a little bit more Self-taught here, so you guys aren't as confused so there's clear support levels right around it looks to be 5050 Satoshi's, and then we're finding some resistance right and looks to be about 5,000 998 Satoshi's which we've just broken the resistance level now what I'd be interested to see is are we gonna be forming support around This resistance so in my opinion we're starting to see the Potential break out of card ATO being that we saw this initial breakout now what I like about this graph is we're under 70 RSI and we're bouncing on top of EMA so It's Cardinal gonna go up. I think so in my opinion, and I'm holding car down already So I don't even even need to make this trade you guys just saw my portfolio We will see upward price movement remember this guy's you can never determine exact prices? And you can never determine the magnitude of an increase or decrease, but you can always determine The price movement which is the up or down so? Somebody said how do you predict price movement so? The best way is to use patterns and indicators because patterns and indicators are looking at historical charts and Prophesizing the future of this chart because of this past chart that makes any sense so What do I mean by that well we have this free resource? So none of you guys are obliged to do this, but if you're watching this you obviously have an interest in cryptocurrency well Why don't you get into it out front and get out of the outside world and get into the inside world why? because the people in the outside world or you guys ever heard the The saying by the hype sell the news well guess what if you're in the outside all you're doing is Selling you're buying at the news were.

We're selling at the news making profits, and that's why 90% of day traders lose money Because it's a market where if you want to make money you better be able to take money away from somebody else This isn't fuck this isn't a game this isn't a board game guys This is the true nature of the market like this is real life This is real money that we're playing with I was having a conversation with this individual today. He's one of our Dynasty members in snipers tube, and you know he pays a pretty good amount He shall I said he invests a pretty good amount to become a remember and get that one-on-one time with me But you know he's run multi multi-million dollar businesses.

He doesn't have time to go out and just Research all the stuff on his own. He works. He was running two companies He's got a small team helping him and at the end of the day you have to understand. I'm you know obviously a Lot of people are working nine if eyes a lot of you guys have families you guys have children you guys have other Priorities and what am I talking about all this? I'll tell you why because this matters in trading if you're not trading then just be a value investor there's three types of investors if you're writing notes a value investor a day trader and a swing trader a day traders trading 20 or 30 times a day a swing a swing traders trading every three days every four days week to week month to month a value investor Looks at a technology looks at the team behind it looks at the leadership looks at the potential of the future and then invests long term inside of that technology, so Tonight our focus is gonna be on value investments for the night owl so after this livestream guys We're all gonna be heading towards the night owl, so instead of having a one-way monologue conversation where I'm talking to you you guys could actually Dialogue and have a two-way conversation and for those of you that don't want to talk or ask questions you just listen in we get tons of introverts that like to come in and just kind of be in the inner circle and What I'm telling you guys right now in order to succeed in any market.

You must be part of the inner circle and Being part of an inner circle allows you to get information faster than the outer circle or the outer world or the majority of people so you Know we hit 12,000 members on discord That's a huge feat for us, but here's another thing my mentor taught me guys and that this is really important This is really important in trading if you guys know about artificial intelligence you guys know there are certain types of super intelligence Right there.

There's there's different types of you know there's like making the computer Artificial superintelligence where you have these super computers that have you know all these different programs And you know they're just wired in a way where they have almost like this humanistic Intelligence right that's one form of super intelligence there another form of super intelligence where it's more so a form of intelligence That's gathered upon you no technical things like numbers and things of that nature, but the most powerful form of Artificial intelligence in my opinion is collaborative intelligence and collaborative intelligence I firmly believe that this blockchain system and The the distributed ledger technology that we have that allows you to make a transaction get it verified with no proof of fraud no sort of Vulnerability to manipulation is gonna create this new type of world intelligence called collaborative intelligence where we collaborate together and Come up with these new ideas, and that's why we have the discord.

That's why we have our patreon That's why we have all these resources for you guys, and it's so important anyways Sorry for rambling on so obviously there's a break out here for card. I know we're over EMA I can definitely see price movements heading upwards. We're under 70 RSI There's a lot of room to grow here, so if you're day trading. This could be a potential day trade once again This is not financial devices legally I can't get financial device however What I will say is I can definitely see price movements heading upwards here for Cardno being that we're breaking this channel positive It's done it a couple times before we're heading towards a trillion dollar market all the signs are there all the lines are Lining itself up.

We're right on track to see this start heading upward so Let's go ahead and take some more requests. I know we had XRP that's done. We did xrb. I know we didn't do as much with Rea blocks, but like I said I think as soon as Rea blocks gets on these major exchanges We'll see some huge price movement, so let's look at your requests guys who's on tonight who do we got on tonight? Let's see who's on tonight Who do we got? Somebody said VRC some he said, eth Aetherium you guys saw athenian breakout. We called that one.

I told you guys I see a theorem over $1000 in 2018 for sure 100% I think it hasn't seen the prices. It's supposed to see Let's see what you guys are talking about here Savage said xvg Mohammad said verge We did get some super chats. I do want to address those Thank you so much for the super chats any chance of a video explaining iced tea oh
And how they work how to make money from it etc good question Sweet child so what I would say for an IC o—- I have a criteria that I look for there's three things four things that I look for number one. I look at the team.

What is the team behind this? IC o—- it is the team reliable does this team add value to this specific project and I look at the CEO. I look at the foundry. I look at the co-founder I make sure that there is a reliable stable team there number two What I look for is does this have a potential to have mass adoption right so you look at any IC o—- you want to See alright does this have an Opportunity to be adopted by the masses because if it doesn't then what is the point of investing in something like that unless you're day Trading or swing trading making trades off of volatile price movements. That's completely different. However.

That's kind of like the gist of my IC o—- Analysis, I also looked for a third aspect of does it solve a problem Is there an actual use case to this does this have my mentor Tommy? This is a name if you want to succeed in life Just help as many people as you can't solve their problems all your problems will be solved That's what he said. This is just how people solve their problems, and you'll be solved I'm like okay sure let me let me go on YouTube and just show people how to look at charts even though I could just look at the charts and trade it myself and Do it myself why don't I just share the knowledge? Why do I create a community? Why do I add value in other ways you know that's what go through a mind every single day guys And I'm so blessed to be a part of this community, and you know be you know at the forefront of it And you know it's not about me, but I think God every single day.

I wake up I wake up, and I'm like thank you God for putting me in this position guys Thank you so much Lars Congrats on twenty thousand. Yes. Thank you so much brother We're gonna take these requests somebody said Tron we're gonna definitely get Ron. Why no EA Wesson you portfolio I was looking to buy a large amount a snap good timing for a long hold Daniel Shaw I was actually waiting for a position iOS is one of my favorite coin at least in the anticipation of 2018 being that it's it's such a great technology it's like an aetherium on steroids if you guys known about iOS I definitely look into it Brock Pierce who actually heads you know started EOS is very very very very Focused individual if you look at us here on the charts here.

Let's pull it up here Go ahead and type mini. IOS here. I've been looking to put in a good position there. I've been waiting as you can see prices are down Satoshi level wise and Let's go ahead and just pull it up actually we just lead right into it Thank you for the super chat by the way, and I do want to give a couple new shout out to you We did get some new patrons And that truly does help us with the the building of this community shout out to a Boehm Bach Cheung Thank you so much brother for becoming a new patreon shout out to Keith moonshower Becoming a new patreon shout out to a Richie Mitchell I look forward to seeing you in our patreon private calls that we do on discord shots anneal doshi Become a new patreon shoutouts a Tyler met avec Aiden Lewis sounds like a football player Michael silver shout out to Michael Schatz a CN wolf She's not too Armand Darvish Thank You Armen shot too Aldi Shout out to Allen James son.

Thank you guys so much for becoming new patreon members that truly does help our community and Actually, yeah Allen you're gonna be getting trade alerts some of you guys got VIP Tiers and stuff so all of that has different things involved, but where am I gonna put my position here on iOS? Why don't we take a look at the chart? I am looking to put in a position just because the technology and where it's at but the reason I didn't put a position is because We broke these support levels and whenever we break support levels. I'm cautious as to where I want to put my position and Right now we're forming this new channel down here however I don't see as much stability as I'd like to see When buying a position in my case the one thing I do like about where the price is at right now is our size extremely low of course We're still heading towards.

This curve and in my opinion what we were forming here is A clear pattern here you see this rounding bottom down here And then you saw our size stayed really low down here, but then we move up to this area. We're seeing the starting to consolidate form a little bit of support and now that we're not over the EMA it kind of You know it did scare me I don't ever get scared by the way you should be scared because this is an emotional game if you were emotional about your trades You're gonna lose a lot of money you have to be a logical member To understand the psychology of your trades not necessarily the emotional aspect of it however when looking at this chart You know there are some signs here that I'm just kind of uncertain about and when I'm uncertain I'm 100% uncertain You know there's no such thing my mentor taught me that name There's no such thing as kind of uncertain you're there uncertain.

Are you sure like? This is probably a bad example But like you're not gonna go up to somebody and say like are you sure you killed that guy? Like if the guy is like well, I don't know like What did you kill him or not? You know what I'm saying like you know There's no uncertainty there if you're uncertain then you're unsure so I think some people they kind of they wobble back and forth between certainty and uncertainty when making their trades and When I feel unsure I'm uncertain that's just the case of the nature I'm not losing anything by not trading this right now and not putting in my position, so I'm watching it I'm just not putting in my position so I'm still waiting to see what's gonna happen.

We're well and above and Beyond the 50-day moving average here, which is also you know a different You know there's a lot of things about this chart that I don't like right now And I'm waiting to see what price movements and what patterns are to mature Occur as this this matures, but us in general as a long-term hold for me is definitely there however I would like to get it at the most discounted prices And you should do so you're looking to get discounts guys by in the red Cell in the green that is a basic principle of your writing notes down.

I've been talking about this for a long time by in the red cell in the green one of the most basic trading principles that exists so Let's go ahead and dive right into this guy's Let's take some of your requests I know we have a couple more requests here from super chat somebody said sub let me pull up this super chat because I know I probably missed some and I do apologize. We just have a ton of people here, so We pull up the super chat here guys. Let's see what everybody's saying now. Thank you so much for the super chats guys Smash that like button somebody said guys. Let me ask you a question. Let's let's take a poll really quick We'll actually do it live here if you guys have any sort of holdings in ripple I want to see how many of you guys have ripples like this video right now Let's see how many people have holdings in Ripple.

Sorry at 391 it's the best way to do a poll right just use the like button so We have 300 I know so I guess two people have ripple right now. Not bad That's what I was looking for just wanted to make sure I just wanted some confidence that you know That people were holding it may. I might end up selling Oh look at that four hundred five hundred twenty six likes okay, so a lot of you guys have ripple all right I'm a little bit more confident now the fact that it's you know twenty five percent of my portfolio Z crypto said me okay, everybody has it then apparently Awesome, then.

I have ripple to Zechariah said subscribe Thank You Zack uh Angie I Would you know you're talking prices here? I'd rather look at the chart before I look at the prices Us please naman. We just did that Daniel Shaw. Thank you Daniels. Thank You sweet, Chau And yeah, we'll have videos of that guys This is a community channel so we have multiple content creators posted on this So we'll have tons of content you guys will get all the stuff that you need why not us in your portfolio We talked about that group Congrats on twenty thousand. Yes, we hit 20,000. Thank you guys. Not me.

Thank you guys It's awesome might have missed my super check could you check us yes? We did thank you so much sunny said could you do coal X yes? we'll check out coal X as well, so we'll pull up coal X after this one and Then can you look at QSP? Yeah, we can look at QSP for sure just bought some of it Thank you, John Linz Thank You Senator for the super chat Why don't you have any light cornea portfolio does it have anything to do with Charlie sales LTC um? Good question max you know to address that question what I would say and by the way Thank you stand for the super chat we will do va ven But let's look at litecoin for a second guys cuz this is a good question If you guys don't know the founder of litecoin sold all of his litecoin and the question is is that a good move or not? and What I would say is that wasn't really relevant to my decision It wasn't it wasn't I think that you know his coin when he sold it was at this really high price And you know he took his profits.

I mean, what are you gonna? Do what are you gonna say? But as a leader is that something that you want to see in a leader? Um probably not But here's the thing to be honest with you. I think he lucked out on himself. I think he screwed himself over I think this is what is gonna be one of this It's gonna be kind of like the pizza right you bought ten thousand you use 10,000 bitcoins to buy pizza If you guys don't know the story somebody use 10,000 bitcoins Let's pull up a calculator really quick and see how much that is worth today.

Let's take an average price of a Bitcoin Let's say, it's 12,000. Well lowball it right you spent 10,000 Bitcoin and let's say it's worth right now 12,000 he paid 120 million dollars for a pizza, let's take a quick survey here Uh has anybody here ever had a pizza for 120 million dollars. Let's see what everybody says Anybody here ever had a pizza for a hundred twenty million dollars, and if so did it taste good Thank you so much for the super chat nivo expo from canada. I love my kid eighty in toronto Love Toronto, Ontario, British, Columbia Sasquatch and such school. I don't eat it can't even say Alex thank you so much for the super chat so he said yes very good Michael Dennis well, man that must have been really good eh polo said never Raymond said why did Charlie Lee do it? Why did he do it? Why did he do it charlie Papa John's Yeah, right? peak season I wish ender said I wish Racquetball says his I own a pennant Stuart Hill Papa John's once delivered one yep It was gold-plated Yeah, it better be gold-plated if I'm paying that much for a pizza better be gold-plated Somebody said lol shoot myself twelve million times have I had 12 million dollar pizza.

It's 120 million dollar pizza Teddy 120 million dollars not 12 120 you kidding me verge VP Li and said verge Bacardi man you know bahtman monaco monaco I Dunno about monaco toronto william from toronto good to have you thank you for the super chance great channel Can you go over I owe de and Tron yeah, we will do I owe Don Tron Those are actually two that we were definitely gonna do so You came in at a good time guys Let's go ahead and pull up our LTC chart here, we'll talk about LTC so The reason I don't have LTC my portfolio. Yet is because we're in a descending pattern right now and in a descending pattern I'm looking to see where support levels gonna form now.

We do see some support here forming around one. Let's see 106 1 million six hundred and twenty three thousand Satoshi's if you guys don't know what satoshis are let's do a quick lesson here Some of you guys are new and that's fine. That's the point of this channel is to educate the newcomers why because if you help people solve their problems your problems wanna Metheny solve so let me help you guys the Satoshi represents 100 millionth of a Bitcoin so Satoshi Nakamoto is who invented Bitcoin nobody really knows where he's at now But he's had a minor influence with bitcoins progression over the first couple of yeah, I think a couple years of its existence He did have a role to play and you know there are emails and interactions that people can find of Satoshi And he was more of a conservative type of guy.

He was not as open to different ideas He was a type of guy that would be like I don't think we're ready for that yet He was a very you know probably an analytical you know introvert type of man I mean nothing wrong with that and those are some of the best leaders right so Satoshi Represents 100 million for the coin when Bitcoin was created was created to be a coin That could be fractionalized many many times in order to be used In everyday marketplace, and that's where Satoshi's come from it's almost like looking at a dollar So if you have a dollar bill in your hand and you have cents right there's a fractionalized version of the bill So the social represents 100 million of a Bitcoin small denominations make bitcoin transactions easier to conduct transactions with the gen unit structure Bitcoin has one Bitcoin equivalent to 1 million milah bitcoins 1 million micro bitcoins or 100 million Satoshi's so If you guys want to know how to look at that on this right-hand side these decimal places these are Satoshi values He goes up to 8 decimals what am I doing? This is not even open yet? That was the ending stream look Kroy? Somebody said is that soda? No.

This is water. I don't drink soda. Why would I drink soda? This is a sparkling water? With some essence inside of it So yeah, we're in a descending pattern. I'm waiting for this chart to mature guys That's really what I'm looking for I mean These are just some ridiculous patterns and jumps off the EMA bounces back on the EMA It shows me there's an in stable market here does that mean you can get it and good prices For sure definitely I mean these could be good prices for litecoin. I'm not saying it's not gonna see a run-up But you know with what we're seeing right now. It's just a little bit too sporadic for me you know one of the biggest things about investing you guys is it's risk management you have to ensure your risk is properly allocated and you have Correct assets right so let's go to take a vote here who here has All right, why don't we do this vote? I have about let's say I have about I posted my portfolio today to our patreon so if you're a patreon the link is in the description below I posted my portfolio for all of you guys, but my Portfolio right now is sitting around.

Let's say 10 12 Let's say 12 coins right and I'm trying to get it to around 25 to 30 coins because that's really good asset management But how many coins are in your guyses portfolio, how about this? We'll give away a book. I'm actually gonna grab this book here We're gonna give away. I'll show you guys right now We're gonna give away. This book right here the Internet of money We're gonna give away the Internet of money to one of you guys, this is a basic Bitcoin book if you guys Don't know about books. This is something you can open and read. I know you guys haven't read a book in 10 years, but It's so important guys. You have to know what you're investing in somebody said twenty five to ten twenty seven eight Armen said five Alec's that five cranking said six Kody said 22 Joffrey said 22 Jason Raj said fifty The Bitcoin Danny said 20 alex call us at 50. Please review 88 possible, bro. I bought 18 Thank you for the super chat Kelly b88 into the mood.

I like it. I like it man 80 I think we already went over that but we made just touch on it for you once again Paul said 11 Fatal fury said 27 so for those of you new to the crypto market you can see that a lot of people hold a lot of coins Right Tanner said 12 coins including 2i cos. I like it and diversified 42 Ramu puri said 42 I like that that's a Good amount that means you're it's called asset allocation fango said 66 You're welcome brother, thank you mr. Toeffler by stellar excellent on fire six to ten four or five eight to five So if I'm mentoring you guys Jesse said 14 Lizbeth said 10 Hugo said four out of five.

That's good Talk about why you won't saw I hadn't heard of into I saw on your portfolio Jared Salt is for people who are Bitcoin rich cash broke And they want to lend their montt another Bitcoin and receive actual cash and then they can avoid taxes because you don't pay taxes on Lending money in the United States I have eight but none of them are the same as in your portfolio Well event you might need to get on this livestream and do it on your own then I mean apparently you have your own mindset I don't mind that you know what at the end of the day guys you guys if you're copying somebody's portfolio You know you're just as good as that person But if you take perspectives from me and this person this person this person if you go in our discord And you're talking to people you're asking questions You guys can ask questions about any coin here you want to go to stellar talk about stellar Go talk about stellar you want to talk about IO to talk about IO you want to talk about Bitcoin talking about Bitcoin want to talk about there and talk about a theorem you talk about likely you Want to just talk about anything go to voice channels to pop into the voice Channel will pop in right now and say what up? Guys and then disconnect we can do whatever you want, and I'm just kidding don't do that.

That's a little you'll get banned, but I was probably a really bad Mentor said always lead by example. That's not a good example um but By the way guys the helpful reads if you guys don't win the book giveaway. Um if you go to our discord I have all my favorite books here. You might not even want to read this book.

There are other books here This was the first book I ever read. That's why it's close to its dear to me and dear in my heart However, there is other books like mastering Bitcoin. Which is a little bit more advanced? I also have that book here as well I'll show you that book right now. This is actually one of my favorite books Pretty much these two books here amazing amazing titles here What I'll tell you right now if you guys are looking for some good book recommendations mastering Bitcoin here This is as you can see it's a little bit bigger It's a little bit thicker. It's almost like a textbook, but it's written in layman's terms. I mean if you look at it It's just everything is so simple here it helps you understand the distributed ledger helps you understand the blockchain it helps you understand What centralized and decentralized is what are the differences? This book right here Very good book if you're into investing so this one is called principals Ray Dalio runs one of the largest hedge funds in The I'll show you right now, so you type in Ray Dalio Net worth his net worth is 17 billion dollars one of the world's largest hedge funds and You know very very intellectual individual, and he's done it all through the market And he talks about his principles actually at one point in the book if I find it here he says in order to have us a The the most amount of risk management you must have at least check this out guys look at this I do have it right here So this shows you the risk Versus having a specific amount in your portfolio in terms of I'll show you right now Let me let me zoom this in just a little bit here, so If you see here this right here you guys see it This is Nayeem.

This is principals I Ray Dalio this right here is a graph showing you what happens when you add more to your portfolio. What happens to your? So you can see your risk? Ends up dropping. Oh by the way, that's my I went to a wedding with some friends and my brother We can put that down um so That right. There is risk management guys understand understand risk For those of you not willing to do all that work, then you might as well just join our discord Be a VIP or something shout out to our new patrons by the way, so Daniel Santana you're gonna be getting my trade alert so all of my trade alerts will be coming to your email instantly Shout out to Daniel for becoming a new patreon Jin Kim shots a Jin Kim you're gonna be getting the VIP Tier two so you actually be getting actually a VIP tier one so you'll be getting into all of our private life calls IDs moolah Hasek shoutouts ID soar become a new patreon you're gonna be getting all the trade alerts as well Rochelle you're gonna be getting all the you became a patron.

Thank you David. You'll be getting the trade alerts in the private life calls SM Hasan Thank you becoming a new patreon brother. You're gonna be getting some good stuff as well Let's go ahead and dive right it back into this technical analysis get out of this Let's let's shrink me a little bit. It's not about me.

It's about others, right? So Let's pull up some requests here. We have Substratum let's look at substratum here or matter of fact. Let's look at Iona first and then pull up substratum, so where's Iona headed guys by the way anybody here feeling good Why don't we give away a book? Let's just give away books since we talked about the book before we get into this we're gonna give away the Internet of money right now for Anybody anybody here that was paying attention. I want to ask you guys a question What is this is for the book guys get ready to type some of you guys get mad when you don't win? I don't want you guys to get mad Somebody said yes, this is helping awesome.

Glad. I love you all I love YouTube and curry powder Why do you need a graph for a common sense yeah, right? I agree. You just wanted to zoom in on that picture No, I didn't Will be TCB the future of Satoshi intended I just go BTC I think you should diversify I don't think you should ever jump into every you know all in on one coin Because what happens when that coin doesn't do it. Can you please look at SIA coin looks promising yeah, I can do that Thank you for the super chat brother will do that for sure and Let's get ready for the question so This is for the book guys the Internet of money by Andreas and Tomales What is the name of the largest hedge fund founder that wrote principles? What's his name? What's his name? What's his name? Shout out to Ernie. Thank you for becoming a super chat What's his name? Let's see who wins? BAM Galan off 17 Gallon off 17 said Ray Dalio nobody said it before him right there Girish sk said risk management Ray Dalio increase the number of coin, diver, so I don't think that was the Actual that was right before the question was asked so Yes, Galan, ahthe 17 message me on discord you won, brother you won Message me on discord private message me the discord link is in the description below.

Send me a message let me know who you are and then we'll verify your account and get you that book and We'll do another giveaway at the end of this guys, so let's uh, let's look at let's pull up the technicals here Let's get back to business So our size is extremely low let's see why? Does this happen quite often so Typical typical channel break guys so pretty much. What happened is we broke through this channel. We saw this happen twice. It looks like here So we're finding support levels right now right around 227,000 Satoshi's and We're forming this channel here, and it looks like we broke out of this channel We were on top of the EMA, and then suddenly we saw this sell-off. What does that mean? that means people were looking to sell and take profits and the buying demand just didn't exceed the Selling demand so at this point what I would say is we're back in this channel and being that we're back from this channel Now there's a potential for prices to fluctuate within this channel, so it doesn't mean that it's gonna Just jump right back up this means that we're back within the channel This could certainly see prices start heading back down around this channel So I would be a little bit cautious to where the prices right now for Iota being that there is no channel forming You look at this whole graph here, and you know we're under The EMA at this point, so we're not even over there's no indication of price movement setting up the one thing I like about it is we're still close to the 50-day so as Long as we stay close to the 50-day.

It could show some support and that means that we're in good price levels We won't see a dramatic drop and as long as we don't see a dramatic drop then We'll all be fine right as long as there's just minor fluctuations, and I'm sure none of you guys Are we worried and hopefully we don't see dramatic drops like this now The one thing about Iota, which concerns me is We continuously get ourselves back in these descending patterns. You know you see it here. You see it here You see it here and even here. It was kind of just channeling itself. There's just not as much upward price movement and When that occurs you know you see here downward This that went up, but down once down twice down three times down four times It does go up quite a bit, but for the majority of the time It's going down So I would say let this chart mature a little bit because we saw the significant drop that changes everything right now Everything is changing all the numbers all the arithmetic is Altering at this point and everything is kind of morphing into what's gonna mature and the chart That's gonna become so I would say to wait with iota right now I wouldn't put any price move it even if we clear these graphs I mean You could argue that there is some support here around 260 260 thousand Satoshi's, but how reliable really is that you know so what I would say in this point is to just kind of caution You can see here.

It kind of rounded itself about I wouldn't consider this a cup and handle or even a rounding bottom being that it formed this overstretch here If you guys don't know what those are those are different price patterns that are indicated here If you guys go to our discord trading 101 Pennant come and handle ascending triangle triple bottom descending triangle all this stuff is here This is a free resource open for all of you guys watching right now. This is something We made for you guys the link is in the description below And then if you didn't win the book you guys can go to helpful reads and just check that out So let's move on to our next request guys post it in the comments Let's take a comment request here that we got a couple super chats Let's look at the super chats as well you guys will be noticed for sure Let's see what we've got here Somebody's saying Ray Dalio still Please don't forget ven analysis Thank You Stan will do ven Thank you brother Grats on 20,000 Thank You cocoa Neal.

Thank you brother appreciate that man. Seriously that means a lot Look at all the Ray Dalio you guys are paying attention at least right unless you just looked at somebody's Answer and then copied it kind of like school right my mentor said he said everything that Everything I got in trouble for in school like copying and talking to people is what made me a multi-millionaire.

I'm like That's a pretty good statement that makes a lot of sense because most jobs that pay significant amounts required talking and networking right so Somebody said funfair bad. Well Franco said Tron. We'll look at Tron how about that? We also had a super chat for trunk? Let's pull up TRX BTC See what we've got going on whoa look at that, baby guys oh man So classic classic classic love this um Man, I don't know why it's so exciting for me to watch graphs now You guys can see this Formation here, we saw this cup and handle form you guys know what a cup and handle is I'll show you guys here on the discord go to trading 101 if you guys have double monitor screens Let's see who has double monitor space who here has double wanna tour screen say yes in the chat if you have double Monitor screens say yes the chat Lets you hear has double monitor screams I'll show you guys a quick little technique that I use with my new setup here double monitor screens Which I don't know why I'd never had them until now because they're so useful Somebody said yes triple somebody said triple.

I have six months Katya six monitors blackfeet said triple for Tito has four That's sick, dude sixteen George has sixteen George send me a pastry with sixteen screens growing discord. I don't believe it I'm not calling you untrustful. I'm just saying I don't believe that's possible I'm not saying that I mean of course you go to NASA's headquarters of course they got sixteen screens in there I got 24 strains of fent if they wanted, right Got tons of screens here But that is awesome, that's good, that's that's a good amount of screens right there Went ahead and opened up some more awesome somebody said Haha I Have three screens Why just get three get four right get an even number Extra bytes xpy check out this coin yo alright.

We'll have to look at that too then Let's go ahead and pull these requests guys, so if you have multiple screens. This is what I would do I would look at our Discord on one side if you're new this is for the newest Raiders or any pattern it doesn't have to be a discord But this is an easy resource and then just pull this up on one screen Pull up another screen just look for a pattern do one pattern at a time You know you guys can tune into our nightly live streams you do this every night We do a video in the day not a lively a live stream at night You can learn but you can also self teach yourself. You can help yourself You know the best form of education is self-education because it's intentional So you pull up the cup and pin all right, how does a cup and handle look? This is our cup and handle looks you see this initial breakout followed by this rounding bottom followed by minor consolidations into a breakout And then you pull up this right here same exact thing you see that initial run up you see the mind rounding bottom Initial consolidation popped right up all that is predictable See you could have predicted this price pattern and made profits, right so Right now though.

What is the price doing right now right? I would say at this point. We're forming some Support levels and were forming some mature Patterns looks like we're finding some support right around 475 satoshis. We found heavy resistance right around 574 satoshis and I would let this chart mature a little bit, we're on the EMA. We're not over it anymore We're close to the 50-day And we just came out of this huge run-up after the cup and handle formed So I would say let this chart mature a little bit's kind of how litecoin was when it first saw that rally And then ended up kind of maturing itself But they ended up going down so what if this starts going down right so I would say at this point for Tron We saw this nice run up.

I'm you know. I'm kind of mad that I didn't get in on it it wasn't watching I was watching other coins and Now we're seeing this minor consolidation forming this horizontal channel I would say let it mature a little bit So you have more confidence that what's gonna happen following this channel and going from there, so Hopefully that added some value by the way guys Let's take some requests through our discord as well somebody said are we doing on a night owl tonight? Yes, so our night owl is going to be on our discord, so I know this is a monologue Type of conversation here, I'm talking to you guys you can't talk back through your screen to me But we're gonna change this up tonight like we do every night and do our night owl It's gonna be open to everybody so typically it's just patrons only or it's open This is gonna be open and you guys go on this left hand side on our night I will click night owl chat and we will be unlocking this area soon It's locked right now But we'll have our admin team lock that and we'll have our leadership team there our admin team there as well as some of our Analysts, and our promoters.

I think we'll also have our developer and some moderators in there so for you guys to chat along Introduce yourself to our team and then also ask me questions if you guys are introverts you don't want to plug in your microphone you Can just listen in there's gonna be hundreds of people there like always So just so you guys know that that's gonna be tonight on our Discord by the way discord has a mobile version a web version and a desktop version, so it's a free resource There's no ads.

It's the platform We chose to bring you guys the best quality resources for Cryptocurrency so we have this little tool section that is used every single day by different traders And then we have our crypto chat here so for those of you that are new just wanted to make sure you guys we're aware of that and let's go ahead and look at our other requests your substratum, so we did have a request for substratum, and I do have a graph already pulled up here, so very easy guys When you look at this chart What you're seeing If I make this guy's will giveaway book I Made it we got a giveaway book guys book giveaway all right What is let's see book giveaway guys, let's see who is paying attention here, so How about we do this What is V ah? Let's see All right We talked about the I SEOs, right Maybe that's a bad one right um, okay We'll do this so from the chart that we just Looked at what was the pattern that was formed on that chart right before this chart.

We just pulled up What pattern was formed somebody said cup and handle right here? right away No way all right. No. We got to redo this Wesley said Cup and Hale But that was before I even mentioned it you guys are just no no no he can't do that I wasn't I didn't even ask the question. Yeah, all right you guys want to play about you guys want to play with me I'll play with you, then you guys want to play with me I'll play with you you guys were saying all this stuff that genera through you guys are saying generic turn I'm not stupid you guys think I'm stupid.

I'm not stupid so you guys want to play with me I'll play with you. All right. Here's what we'll do member said LMAO All right, this is haha Charlie said dammit Wesley Haha, dammit dude now. We can't get into the theme park anymore for free Somebody said Tai Lopez haha oh my gosh alright Somebody said you're a genius. I'm not a genius. I'm just not stupid. I have common sense Gosh, so, uh here's here's a giveaway guys. I always talk about this So there's four things that I look for in an ICO when I'm analyzing it what is the first thing that I look for Let's see Let's see BAM team team Somebody got it somebody got it. It's the team it's the team so we're looking at this so we got satoshis Hot ol Fiat Tai Lopez no no no no and then big clue no your mentor no use No price. No Emrys Emrys got it hey. He's the guy that said Whatever LMAO or said all right Emrys Joined the discord send me a private message on Discord and let me know you won And we'll verify your account and then we'll have that book sent out to Emrys so good job brother.

Good job for you, man So let's go ahead and dive right into this guy so this is substratum You can see guys Reforming this by the way Somebody said how do I get that book um good question if you don't win the giveaway guys Just go under helpful reads, and you guys can actually see all the books that I have here. These are my favorite books I haven't added much because I want to add only the best ones and I've read a couple of them that I was just kind Of iffy about but these are the ones that I think can really add value So you might not even like the internet money, you might want to read a different book You know you might want to read mastering Bitcoin.

You know you might want to read? principles by Ray Dalio these are all great books that could help you guys with understanding the blockchain and the investments that you guys are making so So obviously you see substratum you see this channel back and forth back and forth um what I would say right now Just follow the channel, man, you know at the end of the day we could sit here and start drawing these triangles. Oh, yeah We've got this. You know. We've got this pennant forming here and But let's not do that let's just let's keep this one simple guys. Even as a trader like myself I like to keep things simple sometimes you can get into all the patterns and stuff When you see a simple Pattern just act as if it's a simple pattern don't over technical eyes it you got a clear channel here Just you know if you're a day trader swing trade this pattern as it fluctuates You see the pattern kind of breaks here, but for the most part.

We know we're supporters. We know where resistance is and This is almost like common Sense you buy low sell high buy low sell high buy low sell high if you want to date rate if you want to you Know if you're value investor buy it a good point here Which this is a thin channel you can buy at any point set up your stop-loss is just in case typically value investors Don't set up stop losses But I'd like to because sometimes in a bubble market like this where there's so much volatility. You don't you know for me? I don't mind setting my stop losses then if there's a breakout there's a breakout so That's pretty much what I would save for sub strand just follow the channel see where it's going You know obviously it's going on this huge drop. I like substratum as a project I love the fact that they're trying to decentralize the web if you guys known about substratum.

It's an awesome project I don't think it's that close though. I don't I think it's gonna take a lot more time for it to actually happen You know you pull up the website they talk about the decentralized internet, so you see they want to decentralize the web It's it's an awesome You know I think it's awesome and just I don't see it taking over in the next two to five years I may be in the five five to ten year mark Just because there's so much aspects to it that have to be done You know peer-to-peer networking and nodes need to be said like there's not a lot to it so Yes, so we did that We did litecoin we did iota Let's see we did iota we did Tron.

We did ABA. I know somebody asked for a TA We just can't we have a lot of requests right now. I do apologize you can always rewind this video tune in tomorrow We'll do the other coins for sure We only can take in so many requests here, so let's do QSP. We did get a request for QSP BTC I'll just kind of shotgun these requests to I don't want to give you as bad analysis So I want to make sure that I'm really looking in here at what's happening guys so Pretty pretty simple here. I'll show you guys example this so If you look at this pattern were forming some support right around 2715 Satoshi's as you can see here It cleared descent there if you guys want to know how to indicate this through yourself. Just go down here you Can pull up these patterns it looks like a falling wedge? It looks like a fly continuation, but in reality what you're seeing in this case I'd say descending triangle the reason I say that is it's starting to go down and then it starts to form this Lower and lower forms of support try to watch this if you were to trade this coin right now.

I would say Be cautious at this point just based on this channel where it's forming RSI is obviously low However, we're not as confident that this is gonna be the support level being that it just made this run-up And it looks like these previous resistance are now becoming support too. So that's a good thing I like what I see resistance turn into support because that shows a little bit of confidence there the fact that you've inversely Separated those two aspects of the price, and then when you look at the moving average on the one day Let's do it and see how that looks here Looks like it's not apparent apparently Yeah, it's just not enough chart data there for that one So what I would say in this case is to just be cautious at the fact that we're now seeing this minor consolidation after the run-up So the profits that were to be made for a coin like this were already made and at this point you really have to watch to see whether or not you're gonna be able to take advantage of this curve, so We're gonna be heading over to our night owls turn I know I know we didn't take every request guys, but understand that we are trying our best We're gonna do some more we're gonna do some more Good stuff here, but I don't want to give a couple shoutouts for our new patrons that are gonna be Here in our community now.

We do want to say. Thank you for being patrons first and foremost we got some awesome Yeah, tons new patron shout out to Ryan Anderson for becoming a new patreon. Thank you so much Ryan You will be receiving all of our trade alerts as well as our top five weekly picks Andrew brown now shout out to Andrew you'll be our top five picks as well in our trading alerts Robert Fraser shout out to Robert you'll also be receiving the top five picks and the trading alerts Delshaun Harris Thank You dal Shawn for becoming a patreon you'll be receiving all of our recordings so Dal Shan is at tier two you'll be receiving all the recordings of all the night owls all the live streams all the live calls That we do so it's called on the go if you guys are on the go You don't have much time we have something set out for you guys since we do these night hours We're gonna record it edit it for you guys put that into production so you guys don't actually have that on the go all that Will be released to you guys Exclusively so set up to that Tino Luna You'll also be receiving that Thank You Y if s88 becoming your patron jerk tinleigh.

Thank you so much dirt Guy Lightfoot just became a new pitching as well shots a guy Lewis Washburn your beginning those recordings as well on the go. Thank you so much brother Daniel, Santana. Thank You Daniel Jim Kim as well, you'll be getting the private life calls access on this moola Hasek Thank you Addis. You'll be in those trade alerts Rachelle Kahn, thank you so much for coming patreon and Let's go ahead and finish up some requests here guys and start to head over to our night owl tonight Which is gonna be awesome. I'm gonna be talking about value investments That's going to be our focus for the night owl here So let's go ahead and take a look at what we've got here now We have a couple super chaps so we do want to address them Excel em for the win yes Thank you guys for the all the super chat seriously Matthew said did why did you ban Bruce Wayne and Hugh, honey? Well you want I mean we you want it really let's not talk about that Matthew send me a message And I can show you exactly my abandom.

I mean I don't want to release personal information here. I think they're both great people And to be honest I didn't even really it's not I don't really Moderate the discord other people do but this is what I will tell you on our discord we have very very experienced traders there we have a lot of investors like I said I had a Conversation for hours today with an individual that is part of our dynasty team now And you know he runs several multi-million dollar companies I just can't have individuals in our discord Breaking the rule so you have to follow the rules if you don't follow the rules you're out of our discord That's it no exceptions We don't need you like I I'm sorry like I know it's kind of harsh But we don't need you we have over 12,000 members right now, and we don't need invaluable content there We need only value-driven content I know that's kind of harsh, but that's the truth guys like I I'm straight up here guys And I'm not trying to you know.

I'm not trying to bubble this up, but at the end of the day We don't like we we are trying to build a community here. We don't have time for rubbish we don't have time for Stuff that doesn't add value, or is productive And I'm sure some of you guys would agree with that some of you guys might disagree and that's fine But that's just where we're at right now guys we have a team we have a leadership team you have an admin team we need to make sure that things are in line and You know in maturity isn't tolerated. That's the fact. There's a one time rule. That's it You know we just hit the top 20 largest discord servers You know there's awesome numbers that we're gonna be talking about tonight at the night owl, but Yeah, guys. We just don't have time for the stuff. You know we have an awesome team running This we got Lando shout outs and Lando by the way that guy's working so hard guys So thank you so much Lando if you are listening to this he's one of our leadership team leaders, and you know sparks working Right alongside with Lando and then Alan of course to my right-hand man.

He's been helping out a ton, so That's just the fact guys. You know we're trying to provide a community for the masses now So we don't have time for little bits of you know drama here and there I mean that's not the point of this and you know and we're gonna enforce that and that's the truth You know you have to have a verified phone number to be part of our discord We have the highest Security settings on everything you know we try to make sure everything is done right everything we do is encrypted You know we have a lot of security measures to ensure this community I mean everything has been planned out is what I'm trying to say so hopefully you guys can appreciate that Now let's go ahead and finish up these requests guys.

Are you guys okay with that? I'm not just gonna talk and then not get your opinion on that. What do you guys think is that fine? Is that all fine everything I said guys is it fine to be a little bit stringent and have some standards Is that fine guys Somebody said everybody saying verge We're definitely gonna do verge guys. Don't worry We'll do Birds right now. You guys keep asking Is that fine Yes, yes yes, yes, that is good awesome guys good love it awesome awesome Can't always count on three things during these live streams He's gonna give the great analysis.

He's gonna say discord is a free and open resource available all of you and my mentor said Nayeem I love that mic. Don't even know what that ripple. Chat is anymore Oh by the way never banned Bruce by the way just to clarify things he left on his own terms so Bruce that's a different story Andre Smith 20 bucks, thank you so much brother. I love the channel man Just got tuned to you major props and keep doing your thing Reed Xlm and req for us fortune chills them all the time.

Yeah. We'll definitely check your look at all those Let me make sure that's on our Request list here. I know we have a ton of super chats today guys. You know we try our best to do everything Obviously so except we're gonna look at Manero, and then we'll look at Our EQ as well I'm sorry xlm stellar, okay, so we'll look at stellar Thank You Antonio appreciate the super chat brother awesome guys So let's go ahead and dive into this Somebody said never seem to do anything wrong awesome What you did is fine, baby your baby? I like that Mitch Awesome guys, so let's go ahead and pull up Virg Everybody's talking about Virchow. We've been looking at Virg for a while Why don't we just clear up all this gung-ho sometimes just gonna clear it all up, right? Let's look at what we've got here, so All right some of you guys might be saying okay. This is bad. I like this chart. I'll tell you exactly why I Instantly can just look at a chart say all right.

I like this chart. There's some good stuff about this charts and bad That's the about this chart, but for the most part. This is a So in this chart what we're seeing here you guys pretty much, um we're seeing some support levels form here right around the 808 satoshi level we're seeing some clear resistance right around 1889 Satoshi's there's obviously a channel forming here And we're heading towards the bottom of this channel slightly heading upwards at this point Here's what I would say for Virg if you are a believer in the technology It's a good time to buy why because it's been oversold after the huge run-up Just like there's speculated value that brings the price up.

There's also speculative concern that brings the value down and that's kind of what you see here and What I like about this is you know where the support levels at therefore you can set up your stop losses to ensure minimal Profit loss you can always set it up right under the support level you can set up three layers So you can set up 25% of your sell there 25% there, maybe 50% of your sell there So you don't lose out on all of your profits if it does drop down if you guys know what stop losses Are it's automatic orders I'm you know Bit tricks offers it finance offers that most places offer it so This is pretty much. How I would level out this trade and when looking at this What I also can tell you is when? Prices are at this low level on the bottom of the channel if you guys are gonna buy the bottom of the channel there's two ways to trade you can buy if the breakout you can buy at the Descent, and if you're buying at the descent you want to look for where the support levels forming buy it as close to the support Level as possible so that if it does start to drop back down and trigger these stop losses then you're still going to be safe and your investment isn't gonna be completely gone, and you're gonna be able to you know maximize the You know you're gonna be able to make up your losses.

It's what it is But if it starts to head up you know that there's this channel already forming You know it's done it before it's done it pretty much twice once twice There's a probability that it may do it a third time That's what swing traders do right swing traders are more of the two to three day. Type of trade They traders are trading back and forth day by day so I Would say at this point it is at a good buying level if you're looking to get a position And you don't believe it's overvalued. It's also a good level for swing traders could also be a good level for day traders You know you can see there's previous run ups other than that Any other patterns here, I would say Right here, you've pretty much got let's see oh Wow interesting so The EMA was bouncing here, then it dropped under the MA back on something in me Went under the EMA now It's starting to go back on top of the EMA and let me see something really quick here about this one day um Wow okay cool, so We're still close to the EMA surprising.

I thought this this saw it to like a different I thought the run-up was a little bit more dramatic than that, but yeah, so yeah That's that's pretty much my technical with that. I mean you've got a clear channel here You can know where to trade this I mean these are your channels here, so hopefully that helps out with xvg. I mean I know the Wraiths protocol like it was released on jib there was some minor bugs and stuff like that so I would say with the Wraith protocol and Verge as long as it releases And it does have the i2p protection with the private ledger and the option to use a public or private ledger Which is what the Wraith protocol is supposed to implement? Then the technology is definitely gonna be advanced compared to Manero especially with the transactions fees that you see with verge versus Manero However Manero has a larger market cap right now They're also implementing their own version of their update protocol which allows for i2p protection Which will then make it pretty much similar to Virg the only differences you can't turn it on or off But if you can't turn it on or off.

I mean why just use the same current so you can always use different currencies, so You know I've heard different perspectives of that. Maybe we'll talk more about that at the night owl tonight and We'll go ahead and look at some other requests here somebody keeps saying ty Lopez. I don't know why people are saying – hi Lopez Yes, so let's take one of those requests We did get xlm in that request that was a twenty dollar super chat list let's let's do This isn't the title as well so Here's the interesting about stellar I'm glad we're pulling stellar up now because I wanted to talk to you guys about what does it mean when the EMA is going? In and out of itself right, this is a healthy in a pattern the fact that it's bouncing on top kind of finding It's going on bouncing on top of Finance turn on bouncing on top finding its ground This is a little dramatic here, but then it bounced right back on top, so you can see it's following the EMA It's close to the 50-day and in my opinion what we're seeing right now with xlm is an ascending pattern That's gonna continue to ascend, and if you guys remember what we called this breakout I told you guys if it broke out in this area that your stop losses should be set here I actually drew this out for you guys, so here's another thing you guys can look at with EMA And I haven't talked about this on the stream yet But the EMA exponential moving average if you guys want to know how to insert that just go here type in exponential moving average or EMA stands for moving average exponential And then you can literally draw like an arrow here to signify where price move is headed And that's exactly what we did here a couple days ago on the live stream I told you guys hey prices look like it's about to break and especially if it goes past this channel Then that right there to trigger a buy order so you can make profits And you would have profited on that but EMA is still pointing up You know it's showing some slight horizontal movements, but it did point down here went back up what I would say right now if you're trading xlm be cautious at the price movements and the volatility and Set up your stop losses properly to ensure that you are covering your losses if perhaps.

It does end up Dropping significantly in value just be careful and kind of follow it as it trails up so what I mean by that is You know if you're putting a buyer and follow it you know follow the order stay you know continuously watch it It's not like there's this trading add ascending or descending channel is a little bit different than trading a Horizontal channel that has a potential breakout point you know with these channels you really have to be cautious Okay, when is this thing and start consolidating? What is the run-up gonna stop? I don't like trading these ascending channels as much I like to trade here where I know there's a breakout and then make those profits, so that's what I would say right now Forex If you are looking to make a position in that and let's go ahead and look at our request I know we have rivets bcn colex QSP ven modem saya coin ven extra bytes Req sorry if we don't get through all of them guys We just have so many requests guys, and that's fine.

I'm sure we have even more requests But at the end of the day, we're doing as much as we can here and the rest can be done on discord so Let's see. Thank you guys for the super chasis doesn't mean a lot Thank You Ernie Thank You Stan ven analysis, please Ven analysis We got v & do ad a student, please I want to hear your opinion, and my first coke is just fine my first name coke is just fine XB y that's still in our list I'm heavy annex eg hot or solemn sure you've gone over this But I just find your channel love it keep it available Thank You Lance um For xbg being that we pulled that up earlier.

Let me just mention this one really quick So with xvg what I would say is I don't ever buy at low points if I'm not a profit I'm holding xvg right now. I'm not gonna sell I bought like right around here. I took this whole break out I didn't want to date Trey because I have this kind of like as a long-term investment So you know it's coming back to support levels you know I don't see I don't like I I don't sell in the red guys most traders selling a red buy in the green I don't get it you want to buy in the selling price guys who here wants. Why don't we ask the question? What do you guys rather buy something that's on sale or a retail price? Retail or on sale. What do you guys say? Let's see what happens Retail or on sale retailer on sale Let's see somebody said Funfair okay somebody said sale somebody said sobbed Somebody said on sale, Ricky said retail Ricky T. Always going against the grain, huh? Said sell Jonathan sand something I think he's at sale Resell bargain shopper Rocking at nine him your machine.

Thank you brother. Thank you brother appreciate it Black Friday. I like that Black Friday wholesale Bryce said host help Ron said on sale Williams said free Well you probably never mind. Let's not get political here knowing Ward said for free a wholesale wholesale awesome window shopping I Don't buy a window shop, so you want to buy something on sale so buying the red guys What are typically sales the guys if I type in on sale on Google? What is the color that comes up so? By the way the market you're buying and selling right so on sale. What color pops up When you put on sale oh? Whoa I'm so confused. I thought we're supposed to buy in green because we're spending green paper, so we might as well Just buy the green and use our green paper No you take your green paper, and you exchange it for a red paper or in this case red Isn't that cool guys you can type in on sale, and it's red That's what you want to buy in so don't sell don't sell don't sell You're on sale item keep it on so item and sell it at retail when the prices are high TD.

I said I see what you did there calm down how him yeah, I probably should be a little counter at 2:02 a.m.. Right? That's twice in 20 minutes nineteen said he was going to look at V, and then went to xvg Christopher alright, we'll look at ven man Alright so mmm interesting. Let's pull this up here Um you got some clear ascending patterns here of course You know what I would say this chart, so I'm just testing my sometimes I like to What I would say with a chart like this guys I Think this is a little bit too. This is too steep. I would like to look at the market cap on this one because a Chain v. Chain 775 million not bad ranked number 42 21 percent. I this is a little steep for me Just saying you know you Can see it's slightly starting to curve It really saw a lot of steep growth here steep growth here And then typically what happens with this one is it steep stuff curves out steeps curves so if it starts to curve back up what I would do with a coin like this if If if it's historic patterns, you know it goes up, and then it curves What I would say is look for this look for this point at which it curves, so So you see this area right here You can tell it breaks out because it breaks out of the channel So what I would do at this point is draw this out as a channel And Watch the price pattern At these levels so you see support right around 16,000 Satoshi's and then you've also got some resistance and Both peaked out in different areas I would say to watch this channel if it breaks out of this pattern it can certainly see some more price movement heading up But if it starts to consolidate and head down, you can certainly see this price going down negative So that's what I would say watch this channel It's a little bit harder because it's so steep you see this hugest parabolic the way it goes up But then it's still on top of the EMA right now.

It's right by the 50-day. So that's not bad But I would say at this point is to continue to watch this for another breakout so you're looking for these breakouts I'll show you the example here because you can yes gonna use this for a lot of coins But you see these really thin channels are easy to spot breakouts That's what I like about these thin channels, so you could have followed this one Even if you were following it from this left-hand side you just follow follow follow Don't purchase don't purchase and then BAM as soon as you see this right here BAM I would have bought right here because I would be like ok.

This is breaking out now That's called confirmation When you buy it the breakout, then you would have been able to profit off that so do the same thing I just drew out here, but do it in this scenario So free that helps out Wow somebody said when do we get the patreon trade alerts so if you're a patreon? You're gonna be getting those trade alerts on patreon on a daily basis. We actually post them to the patreon matter of fact Why don't we just go ahead and give out some quick shout outs to our new patreon shout out to? Jotting just for becoming a new patreon you're gonna beginning your trade alerts Christopher Keenan you're beginning your trade alerts this wall brother Clint.

You'll be getting trade alerts I'll boo G hora J. I Like that you'll be into your trade alerts nicholas. Al's ayo You'll be getting trade alerts brother and then Demetrio root Gaea you went with the tier 2 So you actually be getting the trade alerts the top 5 picks? You'll get access to our live calls and you'll get all the recordings of everything to ensure that you are set in place While you're on the go, and you don't have much time because that's meant for me But I don't have much time you got kids you might have a husband or a wife You're busy a spouse May be elderly get like a grandmother Alright let's go ahead and Finish up these requests guys.

I don't we got tons of requests here We can't do it all what I will tell you those. We are gonna be heading towards our discord guys We're gonna be doing a night owl tonight The night owl is going to be exclusive to all of you guys watching this live stream, so head over to this area I'm gonna go ahead and open this up for you guys so under live stream night out Oh, it's already opened up. So we already got a full house here guys you guys can come in now and The link is in the description. There's a mobile version a desktop version a web version This is where we actually talk back and forth you guys can ask For me my leadership team I admin team and moderator team my promoters Developers our analysts whoever you want will all be in there for the most part, and you guys can ask us questions We'll all see you guys there in the night owl tonight It's gonna be a fun night outs, and I'm gonna get uncensored guys and once again guys.

If you guys haven't read your books Understand what you're investing in it's the most important part of investing guys if I didn't understand distributed Ledger's I didn't understand difference between Decentralization and centralization, I wouldn't have been able to even look at us and say okay This is an ethereal on steroids or look at stellar and say okay. This is the same as ripple it's a fork of ripple, and it also wants to establish a different type of mission and See I was able to make investments based upon my knowledge that I gained from books, so I highly recommend it guys If you go to our helpful read sections right here all the books are here all my favorites um But I know we got tons of requests guys.

I wish we can do all of them Man, you know I know we got tons of requests guys You trust how do you buy an IC o—- thanks again you're very welcome Thank You Andre God for your rocket, and I'm your machine yes How do you buy an IC o—- I look at four different criteria Scott the team the mass adoption potential? The ability for it to solve a problem, and then number four what is your intuition? Xlm before the win you trust versus qlc I am foe mowing uh You know you can't follow man, Johnny said five bucks. Thank you, brother Awesome guys. I know I didn't take every request I tried it my best. It's just sometimes you get worn out We do this live stream every single night though, so we're all gonna be heading towards our night owl tonight guys Thank you all for becoming patriots.

I will be posting all of my trade alerts tomorrow as well as soon as I get up I pretty much get straight to that and I'll give a couple shout outs here Demetrio sent out two Nabi Dre for me coming pitchin Thank you so much brother and with that guys we're gonna start heading towards our night owl tonight So the link is in the description follow our discord This is a free resource for you guys you have tons of places if you guys want to post the video on our sniper soup's Channel and gain some exposure if you guys are just now getting into YouTube starting a cryptocurrency channel And you more than welcome to do that it's under the opportunity tab here. We also have the The area here that you guys can actually go in and see all the resources that we use all the charts the best hardware wallets The best exchanges like by Nantz is one of my favorite all coins exchanges all the tools like coin market cap Crypto calendars pretty good tax information as here as well.

If you guys want understand a new tax laws. This is a tax tracking tool All of that is here under our resources in our discord, but we're gonna be heading over to our night owl guys We already got a packed house looks like it's more than packed The link is in the description below just go on the left hand side under live stream click night owl right here You have to turn on you push the talk click your settings and then just click voice and video and then click Push the talk here you have to have this enabled it can't be under voice activity for you to get in so Yes, did you guys enjoy this live stream? Did you guys have fun? let's do us a Thanks, 19. Thanks Alan. Yes, awesome guys. Good to have you Daniel will see on mr. Parker Jonathan good to have you guys Paul s at snipers out Paul Hopefully you got your thing figured out brother fire clan said yes, Dave McClure's said no unfortunately crystal ball said maybe It's kind of creepy you got that weird icon now.

You're saying maybe Good stuff awesome guys. Will enjoy your time. Glenn said you didn't do my coin What was your coin again? I'm sorry Glenn uh Glenn Glenn Glenn let me see when What was your coin, brother Bcn I'll do be Sanrio foot I apologize man, I try my best Bcn BTC Easy very easy line look same thing we saw earlier You got a support level right around 40 Satoshi's. This is a very small coin, too By the way you got support level right around for our resistance at 48. Let me pull this up really quick What is the total market cap I don't trade anything under a hundred million? Well this is pretty big that's good So we're at oh, that's why max supply one hundred eighty four billion rank number 33 what I would say Glenn I'm gonna look into this. This is interesting That's a high market cap but Oh max supply what I would say follow this pattern, bro People are making tons of money off this one pattern right here swing day traders are just easily BAM Buy sell buy sell buy some people are just banking on this one And then you can also bank and find your buying position so if it drops below, that's indication It's gonna drop down will probably drop down back around previous support, which is around 28 Soto.

She's but if it goes up It'll test its all-time high around 66 Satoshi's, and that's what always happens with these types of patterns So this is a really good pattern guys BC n BTC it's forming these clear channels here, which can indicate amazing price movements being that it's so tractable and predictable so Hopefully that helped out brother And we'll start heading over to our Yeah, that's it guys. Thank you so much for watching guys and with that being said guys like always snipers out.

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