Price Predictions: Bitcoin ($BTC), Ripple ($XRP), Ethereum ($ETH), Litecoin ($LTC), & Tron ($TRX)!

Oh Man I just Wow ah, man, I just went through all of this awesome information with no sound ah This sucks anyways Welcome back. I guess um Now that you all finally hear me I guess now that you have the ability to actually listen What we were talking about was the overall pattern here. Sorry about that But we were looking at this overall flag here. That's been forming since December of 2017 really during the latter part of that month now heading towards March And as you can see we broke out of this overall fly back down inside and as you guys know I like to use basic indicators, so we're gonna be talking about that.

Sorry. I know that volume was down Everybody's talking about it mr.. Cotton f Google just free said finally He said working Thank You Siddhartha for the shout out there Mike Wiley in the house who else we got Sydnor ha HR Tryman Gill good to have you Who do red said yay on twitch sorry about the voice in the audio issue there um, but yes? Somebody said name look at the 4-hour chart Bitcoin and connect the MACD. You know it's funny about that easy I was doing that while the volume was down showing the MACD and talking about the actual Histogram showing more of a favour towards sellers right now And then the mic wasn't even on so anyways now I can go back into the technical analysis as you all know I like fundamental indicators like the Fibonacci Retracement the RSI the volume these are really True indicators that show buy and sell volume that show supply and demand which is what determines price at the end of the day And I think that if you guys read the description We're talking about the market today reminds me of the eye of a hurricane right in the eye of the hurricane It's calm, but around it is this storm, and I think that's what we're seeing right now, so I want to make sure most for the most part and everyone watching tonight understands that this is still a very very Unhealthy market based upon the fact that we broke back into the flag And now we've seen that strong consolidation of course we're gonna see some green like we saw today But if you do look at the average Convergence divergence is the MACD you can see these histograms here which Determine buyers and sellers and really the strength of them And you can see here where the sellers at first this was really during the first Consolidation the sellers were really being weakened out over time where we finally saw a little bit more of that by volume and going towards the favor of the buyers Now leaning back down and you can see the moving average Convergence divergence has this blue in this Orange line the blue standing for the fast orange standing for the slow value And you can see how that's now converging back down and as soon as you see that convergence is really when you start to see it peak back down the histogram is starting to go in the favor of the sellers and In my opinion it makes a lot of sense being the fact that if you open up this Resistance in the three hour you can see we're heading right back towards that flag resistance Which at this point is now back the back to its original position of where it was Several weeks ago where we saw that resistance here We couldn't break through it until we finally saw that impulse and in that ABC correction back down to now have us back under this flag Unfortunately, but it is the reality of the market so if you all are putting positions in make sure to be taking profits at this Point it really isn't the most the best time to really hold in my opinion long-term I know people talking about ha tooling but in my opinion You do have to keep in mind that there's still a big potential for this to go a little bit lower and see more lows And that's really we're going to be talking about today taking more of your requests on the live stream as well as going through more of the price predictions for other coins like aetherium Tron ripple and litecoin so Somebody said what about LDC we're gonna pull up LTC Sanjay David Williams says WTF do you not hear me? I'm sure it's working now.

Hopefully somebody said bull trap. Yes. That's a bull trap so when you see a bull trap It's pretty much Where you fool the Bulls right you put a little bit of green in the market and then people are like oh? It's going up and they put the money in and then next days back down so I understand we saw a very strong consolidation Yesterday in the day before so today of course we're gonna see some green But at the end of the day is it the safest time to put your money into the market it really is it? Unless you know what you're doing, and if you're shorting That's a whole different story as you all know we made the video yesterday about how to make money while Bitcoin is Down and a big part of that is shorting the the coin on the way down and shorting is fairly simple When you're leveraged trading especially when you know there's known resistance and support levels you can almost predict that we're gonna see Resistance right here along this flag Which looks to be right around 95 40 which would? Most likely be the level of resistance where we'll see that pullback in which you can eventually short Bitcoin if you are margin trading so Somebody says what do you think about XRP trimming bill? We are gonna be looking at XRP today an ani moose said you rule thank you brother your rule man that helps? I love the appreciation guys you can never get enough of that Carlos, Jim said LTC first Please we will do LTC first Carlos.

Just because you said that Net and cash would be a beast we're actually gonna be having an N cash review soon on the channel So we'll give you guys a little bit more of an in-depth perspective on what our opinion here on snipers tube is on n cash Trimmin grill in the house. New ray 9 said. I had to refresh the page to get audio back well I'm glad that you have audio now. I apologize for that earlier, mr.. Not said you are awesome here you go ATM smasher said lacroix crack cocaine for geeks I Don't get that one somebody says thanks for the motivation brother.

Here's what I'll tell all of you trust me I've been through some market cycles. I've been through Corrections, and I'll tell you the biggest thing to understand during a correction is the strongest position is having cash on the side to take advantage of obvious bounce and support levels and going ahead and swinging those, but Understanding that on the way down when you see a sharp decline the best thing to do is have feet on the side Don't let Institutional traders or more importantly the whales that are shorting the market for you to go ahead and grab your money because that's what happens A lot of time and especially with the new margin traders what I find is they will lose a lot of money Being the fact that they don't know what they're really doing when they're shorting they leverage over 1x Which is pretty much a lot of money for most people especially even if you're trading $100 if you lose $200 That's quite significant right so if you only have a hundred you want to keep the hundred Do you want to gain 200 right if you have a thousand or ten thousand a hundred thousand you? To be able to keep that and gain more so the biggest thing to do is Understand the mark you understand the cycles of the market and know the difference between a bull market and a bear market or at least a bear trend or a bull trend because Typically bear markets will last in its stock market in 12 to 18 months up to 24 months But the crypto market is like 3 – I'd say 1 to 3 times faster than the traditional market so in reality in this market you would probably see a bear market lasts from 4 to 8 – Maybe even 12 months in which that doesn't I don't want that to scare you because I understand this We've already been through about three months of a bear tread so we are either Halfway there or on the way out of the bear trend which I think is important to understand being the fact that you're seeing price Levels go back down to where we saw previous low is around 6,000 over the past couple of weeks And now we're seeing prices start to go up back down now seeing a little bit of resistance back in that flag but the point is we're back in the flag pattern which is a pattern that has formed since the latter part of December of 2017 which is where most people need to keep their eyes on so let's go ahead and pull up LTC USD and then go ahead and take some questions from the viewers here on twitch Facebook Twitter and Fate what is it periscope and YouTube somebody said what's up credits versus ETH versus cos? That's a pretty complex question.

We can probably go into that for like two hours Sanjay But I'll tell you what I'll tell you about ETH and he OS very good platforms D application platforms I would go long on a lot of D application platforms being the fact that they have intrinsic value in their coin when you have icos on these platforms Those I sales almost attach their value to the actual coin in the d application platform itself so when you look at aetherium You're looking at a coin that has all these other coins like a misko and iOS Which is now transferring back to its own native blockchain? But you see all of these coins that have an attachment to not only Bitcoin But the actual D application platform like in this case aetherium where you're using the eth tokens or even neo iOS stellar There's so many great applications even siscon which is actually in our top 5 for March Truman Grill Treeman Gill, thank you so much for the super tab brother to keep up the good work I definitely will I really appreciate that F.

Google said bless up 9 Thank you, brother. Trust me this stuff. Helps so much steve-o's. It's so good to finally see some green again. It's good, but remember It's like a hurricane well. You've got a hurricane I Don't know if I'm saying how I think I have an accent when I say that but when you're in a hurricane Is it hurricane or Huracan or no? That's a car? But the eye of the hurricane is calm, and then you've got a storm around that's kind of what we're seeing right now It's it's a little calm right everybody's oh, it's green It's all good, and you know happy all jolly But at the end of the day understand that we just came back from this huge double-digit correction over the past two days and the whole market was involved with that so Seeing a little bit of green right now should obviously be uh you know optimistic for those of you that are Swinging it, but for the most part.

We're still in a downtrend right we saw that five-way pattern down We saw ABC correction, and now we're seeing a little bit of another impulse But that's gonna see resistance right at that flag, and we're gonna be looking at LTC USD as well It seems like we got a ton of questions here eMac said name. What do you mind explaining? Why you think it's a bull trap? Absolutely if you pull up the MACD and will actually pull a BTC we actually looked at it earlier But when you look at the MACD this answer the moving average Convergence divergence You can see on a one day chart how the MACD is actually now starting to cross back down and this Histogram right here is actually what determines the buyers and sellers so obviously these are sellers These are buyers And you can see how the overall Correction when we started you can see the sellers got less and less and that's actually what we talked about when we saw Bitcoin Consolidating we looked at the history And we said well now that we're seeing the sellers any of y'all were part of the live stream and we actually talked about the histogram and the MACD starting to converge and most likely going to start flipping back around and that's really where we started to predict the bottom who said it say I If you're on the live stream when we predicted that Somebody said I I II said what is wrong with Ripa David was is Google at lamb silver string 25 say in Spanish, but again our – stock or in the house risky Benz this somebody says David williams says google it Treeman Gil shouts a treatment.

Thank you so much brother said can you look at xvg tonight, please? Yes, absolutely we will definitely look at xvg tonight Let's go ahead and actually write that down here for y'all so that we can make sure that we actually get to xvg so Xvg verge I was looking at it today. I'll leave my opinion for later once. We're doing the actual technical analysis How about that somebody says that'd be risky explained shorting, please Kimberly I go out I'm good to have you back shorting is actually betting against bitcoins, so there's companies like bit max for example the u.s.

Actually if you're a u.s. Resident you can't necessarily apply for it, but there are other platforms like bit tricks where you can short certain coins But when you're shorting a coin you're betting against it, which means that instead of saying that hey bitcoin is gonna go up You're betting out contract that it's going down, so let's say it's at 5,000 years I have on a short Bitcoin say it's going at 4,000 Well now you're shorting it And you can also leverage for the most part of your margin trading and leverage is where you're using either 1x 10x 100x To certain degree were you actually? Trading a certain amount of funds and then also leveraging more funds in the Contract so the difference is where you can actually go ahead and make more profit so you can also lose a lot more So there's a lot of risk involved with leverage training But I would recommend if you're starting off with margin trading Open up a margin trading account and then only short with 1x because now you're not necessarily leveraging too much But you're also giving the ability yourself to go ahead and short and bet against Bitcoin Which you typically can't do using a typical exchange like cheat ax coinbase or anything of that nature So somebody says 90% accurate stop hating Thank you.

Just free whoever is hating we're 90% accurate. Thank you brother I'll tell you what a lot of analysts recently have you know been almost? flabbergasted by the prices of Bitcoin You know I've seen analysts predict 13,000 14,000 15,000, and then we crash right some mt.gox comes out of nowhere so it's really been a Zone for Bitcoin in which a lot of people were almost surprised that what we've been seeing going back into the fly I mean it Wasn't necessarily as expected because you can see we were pretty bullish on this MACD You can see we were swinging all the way back up By levels started to increase and now we're seeing that swing back down You can see sellers are starting to come back to the market and at that point Mac DS Histogram is actually leaning more towards the sellers now as we talked about before so back to litecoin Let's go ahead and do our quick Analysis here before we take more questions and requests from the viewer so if y'all want to request your coin Put that on your chat, maybe even save it there, and then we'll go ahead and get that there somebody said is leveraging how loud Is it how long Cerises talk about the flipping and Charlie lis f gu or we can get into that whole conversation Maybe we should have a discussion on that somebody is there a mastermind yes There's a mastermind after a ruby and above mastermind afterwards somebody says do you think bitcoin is for me a cup and handle on the daily I think so but This would mean that Bitcoin probably going back to 6 K and maybe lower.

What's your opinion? We'll definitely have to look at that I don't think it's forming a cup and handle you can also actually probably look at it as a head and shoulder so I'll actually Talk about that in just a sec once we finish the light coin analysis because I think people want to look at light coin It's been acting fairly well prices If not consolidate is as steeply as Bitcoin has and you can see we're finding some strong resistance right around Support right around 124 US dollars now we see this little bit of an uptrend a little uptick now We're seeing a little bit of a consolidation Which is obviously expected once you see these huge run ups and now we're seeing a little bit of a support level forming right around 169 US dollars and what I'll say about light coin in a fundamental perspective is I'm pretty bullish about it if we pull up this Fibonacci retracement here, I'll actually go ahead and draw potential support resistance levels that may occur over the next couple of weeks And you can see here How we're finding some support right along that Fibonacci retracement around the point two three? Heading back towards the point 38 and in my opinion since we go back to the point 38 We're going to see a little bit of resistance But as soon as we can break past that like we did here We actually went above and beyond back into the blue, which is the point 61 and once we enter that that's that? 61% in my opinion as we start to head back up We're gonna constantly see this channel starting to form until we can see some significant Volume come in because you can see the one thing we're packing right now Is that volume or the volume here was fairly high you can see volume here has been fairly low So I think the volume is really the biggest thing for Litecoin and even Bitcoin right now in the market compared to what we saw in December there was so much more volume Driving these prices higher and now that people have exited the market to a certain degree and there's a lot of money That's outside of the market held in Fiat that's causing volume to go a little bit lower now Resulting in these type of price movement that we've been seeing over the past couple of weeks So looking at this right now in my opinion We're gonna be right between this Fibonacci retracement and this is a good time where you can actually go ahead and swing if you'd like if you want to take that sort of Risk but understand in this type of market these type of consolidations will happen out of nowhere You can see how we find resistance and support right along sagashi or tracers But out of nowhere we break through these ribbon onto your trace mint levels at this point We've found some support, and this is why the Fibonacci retracements so important.

Let me show you this right now This is one aspect of it that I think is so important you see these big drops you can almost Predict that we're gonna find that stuff not that support because you can see that fibonacci attrition It was right there than the point one eight over the point two three And you can see we bounce right back up and then going back down and seeing a little bit of extra Consolidation from that point on so somebody says learned a lot of you in the last three months legend status shout-out to Chris So I think right now with litecoin if you aren't trading there's gonna be this channel here That's pretty consistent reliable so that I see the resistance right about two thousand or two hundred and twenty eight US dollars I think I'm very bullish in my opinion for the long term Litecoin has seen a lot of mass adoption Recently if you go and look at most of the major retailers that are accepting Bitcoin a lot of them also accept either Litecoin or some of them aetherium as well But like coin really has those intrinsic value properties that Bitcoin holds which in my opinion is why I'm a little bit more bullish about Like core than I am for other coins that don't have as much intrinsic value And then there's also those d application platforms as we talked about before which also are coins that I'm a little bit more Long-term for somebody says can you tell me where Tron is gonna head now Vishal.

We'll definitely have to look at Tron Abraham said long-term investment any coin that has the intrinsic value either of Bitcoin where it's limited And it's been around and it has mass adoption or if it's a D application platform our obvious coins that have intrinsic value There's also coins like V chain for example that have really good use cases in supply and logistics Which also have a high intrinsic value to them Which we'll eventually see Prices starting to rise as it's used more and more so I think there's a lot more to that just free said you should write A book name I'd buy it Statistical analysis topic here's a question for all of y'all. Here's a question to y'all well first and foremost Where do we have people from today's live stream? I want to see like do we have anybody from out of the United States anybody here from India Anybody here from Europe anybody here from Australia? Where do we where do we have people watching from I'm so curious to know somebody said Amsterdam somebody said which coins does your portfolio consists of at this type of This type of a time framing of the market where we're seeing some significant consolidations I like to typically either have my US dollars in hand waiting for those high dips or Going back into Bitcoin to ensure that I'm watching the market and what's making the market move because bitcoin is what makes the market move And it's the fastest to react to the market so somebody says London and Hagen's from grow dajin.

I hope I said that right Lebanon London Jack from London mr Not from Lebanon crit Christ good off from India Hong Kong Wow Hong Kong is a beautiful place Boston I love that, but you're in Japan why didn't a pan man come on Evander Donny said Germany I love the Germans. They have some really good bakery some Pastries out there the bakery is out. There are really awesome meme up whole from Estonia Wow One doula uses a from the UK I love that man Colorado Andy Ramos Steve Chavez at Los Angeles, man we gotta meet up soon brother somebody said North Pole Aaron oh you gotta grow up said zan dude Slovakia Martin wow that is quite a Our drive if you could even drive there a mod chod, Harry said Australia Jessie you want to view once in the Aussie Brazil New Zealand London Wow we got people from all around the world That is amazing another super tap Wow we do appreciate that treeman Gail Thank you so much.

Brother is iota a good investment good question mr. Gill I I'm glad you asked that I am. I'm not a fan of iota If you look at the tangle Network, it's actually built by I would like their development team actually built and pretty much Worked on their own cryptography which is unheard of in the cryptocurrency blockchain Marketplace you know typically you want something that's MIT approved you know like sha-256 stuff like cryptography that's been approved and has been through various various tests and stress tests and you know the tangled network was something that was created by the Iowa team and that's typically unheard of in this type of Marketplace where you're creating your own cryptography.

You know you typically want to use something that's actually approved and has been through trials and Tribulations already to where the coding is very safe and secure so I see a lot of security Holes in iota some people are fans of it. I just I personally you know my mentor actually His name is he is on he actually just had a successful a coin listed on coin market cap called the Jibril network He talked to me about iota because he actually had a couple friends that Worked within the team there and some of them had left and not necessarily getting a biased opinion But he just kind of talked about their Fundamentals and really what the tangle network is and what I'm you know kind of giving you the layman's terms up And it really kind of distressed me about investing long term for iota. I just see it as more of something That's here today And it most likely won't see in my vein that the type of long term Use case that you'll see with other coins now some people are fans I'm not against it But you know that's something that I was almost you know given the wisdom of by somebody that was extremely credible and it's something that I look up to so you know I like to learn from people that are where I want to be or At least have had something or have created something of significance because that's the people that know what they're talking about For the most part right you're going to get around people that know more than you right you want to get around people that will Uplift you people that will help you grow now people without putting you down You guys have to get away from those people putting you down.

You got to get around people putting you up Lifting you up telling you man, and somebody says cryptocurrency is gonna. Be gone in five years you say take a hike man It's gonna be around why it's the future. There's actually a restaurant here in in, California That I walked into the restaurant and there's literally a sign That says we don't accept cash And I'm sitting there like whoa you guys don't accept cash Like I can imagine who carry on the chat tonight can imagine a world that Doesn't accept cash and only accepts digital currencies right I can totally imagine that think of how? Outdated it is tax they ask physical cash to be used. You know how much more secure how much more Reliable how much more efficient and be to half things on a blockchain in digital form man I'm telling you this revolution is here now whether or not we're gonna be in this market You know five 10 15 years from now I know I am so I hope y'all are also gonna be as optimistic about it So somebody says man get away from that bully nightbot to it Joe he's always on that night bomb man Wow We had somebody one of our developers help out in fluent that you're very welcome trimming yell Thank you so much brother for the super chest man.

It's highly appreciated here, and we'll definitely do this xvg analysis you because I know a lot of people are actually in verged and I want to show you something interesting about verbs because we See this pattern happen quite a bit, and I'm gonna be really honest. This is a breakout pattern I probably would it would expect some sort of some breakout here with xvg sometime soon Being the fact that it is forming this sort of pattern. I'll actually draw this out. It's it really in my opinion It is a coin that has been oversold because people don't understand that when you see these huge Exuberant run ups you don't necessarily know where a coin is gonna correct – right It's happened with ripple it went up to three dollars and people don't know is gonna go all the way back to $1 so you Can see we have this contracting falling wedge forming here in this pattern if you guys know – Contracting following wedges And you all should be on our discord But if you all want me to pop it in here show you the contracting following wedges in our trading patterns here You can actually see what this pattern is an indicator of and usually when you have a descending reversal pattern like that Typically as it gets tighter and tighter and closer to the apex Which I'll show you that's typically when you'll see that potential breakdown This is actually the falling wedge here that contracts and you can see how at the end of it that Ends up going like that and that contraction in that tip is actually called the apex And that's really where that pressure builds where you eventually see a breakout, and I'll show you exactly what I'm talking about here You can see how we're ending this and you can see this is a perfect falling wedge here You can see how these levels and these wicks actually correspond exactly with this pattern, and now we're ending it We're heading towards the tip of that apex And typically this is where you'll start to see some price action being that it is definitely becoming oversold And I'll give you one indicator right here If you all want a little bit of a tip you can see that ball you
volume here is more on the buyers side than on the sellers side you can see there's more by volume on the MACD on the Histogram and you can see even with this fast line it starts starting to converge here About to point up this right here is a perfect indicator of a potential break out sometime soon So I would say xvg in my opinion would be a good place to have your money here especially in satoshi values even though bitcoin may start to drop That doesn't mean that this Satoshi Valley is going to drop because and at the end of the day when Bitcoin had the huge drop Yesterday so a lot of coins were up in Satoshi value so and if they weren't they were just not as Affected as the coins that were affected in the u.s.

Devaluation so the USD valuations always gonna be a little bit different, but looking at satoshis if you care about your Satoshi's That's what you should be focused on now understand if a lot of you are not doing as well in this market You really have to just start understanding where to keep your money during these drops because these drops or what end up Taking your money away and out of your pocket because those stop losses aren't set in place Properly, so just so you have that idea somebody says is there a mastermind tonight Yes, roofing above mastermind after the live stream We're gonna be taking questions from some of the guests and the audience that are gonna be present at that livestream and that night out So he says nearly all coins are oversold right now, man Peter Walker.

I would not agree a hundred percent Peter Understand that a lot of coins are up in Satoshi's and in big in USD valuations right now You can see that typically is what happens after strong consolidation and typically especially because bitcoin is heading towards these highs where we're gonna most likely see resistance because of the flag in My opinion, we're gonna see a little bit of another drop here sometime soon You can see we're right along that flag patter if you actually pull up a little bit of a closer chart You can get a better view of that and see exactly what we're talking about you can see here And we're starting to see that a little bit of a resistance We're pull up the one hour you get a little bit of a better view you can see we have this pattern up one two And then BAM right there and in my opinion We're gonna see a little bit of some downside sometime soon over the next couple of hours being the fact that we had this Zuber and run-up over the past hours and in my Opinion as well.

There's gonna be further downside, and I'll tell you what if you're in our discord you talk to our analysts You'll get the same vibe We actually had a pretty big analyst come into our disc court And he's pretty known on Twitter for up posting some very accurate calls And he actually is an analyst here if you go to his chat here He actually popped in this guy's a little sneaky, and he literally just posted this 6118 on or before May 17 of March, so he's obviously shorting Bitcoin I'll tell you that he's probably leveraged trading that one so Very credible analyst and in my opinion as well as my Anna's as I showed as I've shown you this Resistance has acted as a very strong resistance over the past couple of weeks and all the way up until the latter part of December so in my opinion, it's also gonna act as resistance coming back up which is right around the 9440 level maybe even 9500 ish is where we're gonna most likely see that so somebody says is longing clear to buy I Wouldn't go long at this point.

I say that at this point I would more be towards shorting that so somebody says thank you you're very welcome Somebody says book giveaway. Yes, we'll do a book giveaway. We'll give away some bucks. Here's a really good book I highly recommend this for those of you I haven't talked about this one in a while But if you guys are a little bit more advanced Mastering Bitcoin right here will give you so much of an understanding about the fundamentals One of my favorite parts of the book is really where to go distributed ledger And it gives you the power of it and what it really means to be decentralized right because people to understand Decentralization people just kind of think it's this phenomenon in reality.

It's extremely important to understand that Decentralization can really create a world of I don't say equality, but equality um Somebody says n cash is more of a long term hold what's your thought on that jyoti? We're actually gonna Have a video on that Jo. I don't want to just kind of blur Tenny thing out at this point Yeah, I actually have one of our analysts in the mode right now Researching that and he's gonna have a video out on that soon, so just stay tuned for that Jo I'd rather give you the full scoop rather than half a scoop, so somebody says made 5000 this week awesome Kakashi I'm sure you were either shorting or buying at the right time which is awesome man. Good for you Somebody says I had a killer barbecue tonight sleeping well sued Steve. Oh that is awesome You're very welcome.

Joe for sure Maya Maher said I see X we do have a couple coins here I think a lot of people want to look at Tron So let's go ahead and pull up Tron BTC and take a look at what's happening here with Tron Tron Formed a similar pattern to xvg where we saw this huge condescending falling wedge here now seeing a little bit of a little pop but in all reality in in hindsight You know a lot of people are still at a big loss fear of a Tron and you know I can definitely understand that Being the fact that it had such an exuberant run-up and Justin son just hit over 400,000 followers on Twitter I just felt like I need to throw that in there Just so y'all know because I like to look at Twitter followings as an indicator of community support Some people like to kind of hash, you know kind of go against only why you're looking at Twitter that doesn't matter Yes, it does it matters. Who's supporting right? Looking at community consensus is such an important factor because It's all about getting community adoption and mass adoption right that's why one of my favorite icos that came out which was a light trinium Has always been a phantom I was actually in our dis court today.

Just listening in on this individual That said he's been mining electrum him for like so long and he's so excited Knight prices are starting to head up He's like this is awesome And I think it's so cool because I think Electra name has been the one coin that I've heard more and more people talk about Because it's such an easily accessible coin and if you read their white paper it talk about a potential future of having a coin that can be mine on an Xbox the PlayStation on a phone And I think that's so cool because you have people in other countries that don't really have as much technology They might use cyber cafes They might go into other means of getting onto the Internet, but now they have the opportunity to use whatever platform, whatever gaming system Whatever they have that has a CPU or GPU to go ahead and mine And I think that's so important because it can really provide some sort of an side Income to somebody and if you think a couple dollars isn't a lot in the United States Well if you bring that to another Country some countries will die for a couple hundred dollars right it really could help a family could really help people so I just want You all to know that it's important to understand that There is a lot of intrinsic value in coins that have that sort of mass adoption that mass appeal Thank you treeman, man.

You are a baller tonight brother you just Thank you, brother. I appreciate that you're very welcome, man Thank you for showing us xvg is a potential break out. I'm sure you helped some people tonight, man Somebody says amazing point thank you. Just free I appreciate that man I appreciate that man Confident factor right there, so he says I'm holding bags of Tron. I'm tired of it. Hey Joe. I'll tell you what brother When people said they were holding bags of rippling they're tired of it, and then it shot to three bucks They weren't really that tired after that so sometimes when you're holding something for a long time you want to hold on to it So I will pull this up though you know what I'm looking at this Fibonacci retracement I'm not really gonna go into too much of this exuberant run-up Because I think that was just quite the run up there for Tron I will actually pull up a graph here that has a little bit more data I think the by Nantz chart will have a little bit more You can see here this actually has the run up here You can see this was actually one of the most impressive run ups I've ever seen it was almost a perfect Way up, and this is a perfect J And you don't typically see these J's when you're looking at any sort of stock Market unless you're looking at penny stocks to get pumped and dumped.

You don't typically see that but you can see here It really did get dumped pretty hard here when we saw some major consolidation now We're seeing some lows and that continuous low and now we've actually got a very very strict Contracting falling wedge he actually draw this out with some support and resistance level So you have a better understanding looks like finding some support right around 387 Satoshi's right now which I would really call support being that it is in the contracting falling wedge Because that is gonna be a descending level so actually draw that towards the body of the candle being the fact that don't give you A more of a clearer perspective on what's happening here Then you can go ahead and draw up these descending resistance levels as well highly recommend If you guys are using graphs Definitely draw it lines because lines are we're gonna give you a perspective on where we see a potential Breakout because you can see where the end of that apex is as well as how tight or how? Open a graph is because looking at the lines are important you can see at this point will actually pull up the 50-day moving average here and bold that for y'all will have three moving averages pulled up I do want you to see what the moving average looks like here So I think it's really important to have a moving average open especially behavior fibonacci Retracement as well because you can actually look and see if there's any correlation between Potential support levels and looking for when that's gonna have a potential breakout So we'll actually drop this ribbon onto your trace when actually right over here from the top where we did see that exuberance or actually Bring it all the way back down turn on these levels actually zoom out right over there So you get an overall view here on what's happening? So you can see we're actually draw this out and pull this open you can see how we're now approaching the bottom of the fibonacci Which is also gonna be the end of that apex so what I would say at this point is if we were to look at this price graph in these price levels I would wait until this starts to get really about you know the 350 ish satoshi level heading towards that 335 satoshi level which is the overall? Confident support level here in my opinion, so we'll go ahead and draw that one out in red So you guys have an idea of where that's at and I think as we start to approach that level I think that's really where People are a little bit more optimistic in terms of market sentiment And we're gonna see a little bit more of a run up there and you can see here with the moving average I actually go ahead and bold this here the style opened up and you can see right here in the back.

We've got this EMA which is the moving average exponential which I'll actually go ahead and bold for you And we'll put that in bright blue so you can see where we're at in terms of the EMA We're still under the EMA so I think we have a little bit more of that Downside to be seen and we actually pull up this RSI ohm and actually To show you what we're seeing you can see we're kind of smoothing Ourself out right below that 40 and remember for under 40 of the RSI That's extremely bearish until we hit under 30 is when we'll determine something is oversold so looking at this right now I would say it has a little bit more of a further Down side to see a little bit more of a correction But as it ends towards the apex as it heads towards the bottom that fibonacci support and as it heads towards the the top of the EMA because the EMA will eventually flip and the our side drops below 30 I Think that would be the perfect opportunity to start dollar-cost averaging your position in and then if you're holding at this point We're in bearish trends, so I would wait and see once we can see that a little bit of volume come in that run-up We're gonna see some sort of upside you can see volume is starting to increase here So as that gets a little bit more dramatic I think that's when we're gonna start see a little bit more of that price action there for truant and of course I think Justin's son is not gonna let his ego down and let this coin go to drain I think he's gonna keep working hard.

He's an inspiration to a lot of the Asians in the market of course He's had opportunities to speak to the United States and other opportunities of that nature, which I think is important Especially when you are the CEO of a company you have to be able to go ahead and broadcast your message in a global way So somebody says could still dump 1 cent. Let's go Somebody says Tron is worth eighty six thousand five hundred and eighty seven Satoshis to me so if we go all the way back up here And I'm even in in my home of inaccurate opinion it has never been worth that much Somebody says what about Neil I am hyped on tky for the future. I love me of what you wear I'll tell you what man Neil one of my favorite coins In the past month because I kept watching some keynotes from the CEO And I'm just falling in love more and more with their platform, and what they provide so Somebody says do you have any plans to do any live trading? That was one of my first videos I watched from you, and it was a great way to connect with viewers in this sniper community tbh It was also so exciting yes I definitely plan to the issue we have live trainings because we're so Delayed with the live stream people actually try to copy my trades while I'm on a live stream doing live And they end up losing money, and then I'm almost not blamed.

I guess corny coal, but people are losing money I don't want people to lose money. That's the least of you know my It's it's the least Interest I have for people to lose money obviously, so you know there's certain ways to prevent that obviously is to set disclaimers So I definitely plan to do some more live trading I just think there's a little bit more of risk and liability involved with that, but it's definitely possible You know I used to do live trading I love doing it So I'm glad you were there when we did our live trading because I did that a couple of times And it was really fun. We were able to interact so much a lot of people learned some stuff They saw how you really have to trade with different swings with different price levels using different indicators now Really, you know when you're trading you have to use a multitude of indicators But you also want to get good at a certain few you don't want to just be a jack of all trades and a master At none right you want to master some indicators, and I started training remember I only had a hundred dollars in my pocket and I was working full time I was grinding myself And I was on these Platforms trying to get an extra dollar an extra two an extra three and it took me so long to just double my money in Which I eventually? lost all of this I went from 100 to 200 lost it and that's when I started seeking out more of that mentorship and that Helped and I started to learn more about patterns the first two patterns I learned over the cup and handle the head and shoulders and once I learned those.

I had a grasp of okay I understand now that the market has some sort of predictability too and that led to my journey of where I've come now You know coming from traditional markets down to the crypto market You know I had the background crypto when I was with machinima accepting Bitcoin So somebody says what do you think of miners learning trading from twitch who do read I think that's great I don't think there's nothing wrong with it brother. I think miners are what drive this community You know at the end of the day the miners are the ones racking that dough of course They're putting up some sort of an investment, but you have all these individuals like John McAfee You know really honing in and focusing on these huge mining rigs and these mining I would call them.

You know Specific that there is a lot of potential future Profit because I had actually this is an interesting thought somebody said this to me. They said name What do you think is the best hedge against this market? I said what you said mining I'm like whoa that's an awesome concept that I really never thought of it I I kind of thought of that a little bit deeper and deeper I'm like man that makes so much sense Mining is a hedge against the market because at the end of the day all you're doing is mining the coin You're not really trading it, and if the market is going down It doesn't really affect you to the highest degree Like a trader would be affected unless they're shorting But a lot of traders that don't have the ability to short obviously are not in the best position in a market That's consolidating like this somebody says when to put in morphia good question I would say at this point I'd be trading for me personally 42.

You know I'd say 30 to 40 percent of your Investable assets, but in terms of capital. That's on the side I would say you want to start dollar-cost average net when you know that bitcoin is about to hit a bottom And I would say watch for that one day on our side because I told y'all it hit under 40 that's bearish so my opinon If we can go back down under 30 that would that would confirm the bottom like it did for the previous rally in the previous consolidation which then could be the perfect point to dollar-cost average your position back into Bitcoin to now go ahead and take advantage of those Highs and if you are getting the alerts of course we aren't posting any that are extremely risky in this market That's so uncertain But we definitely are watching 24/7 ensuring that we can make sure we find the perfect point to get into the market and have that sort of confidence that we're Gonna see that upside and at this point in my opinion all we're seeing is a little bit of an uptick from a huge Consolidation which is most likely going to lead to more? consolidation so for those of you taking advantage of the shorts, those are the happy people in this market right now, so Let's go ahead and move to this next one somebody had a really good question here somebody says 500 likes put on lipstick I'll take the bet well 500 likes we'll put on lipstick start down Y'all always have to throw in something extra.

We'll do a book you boy as well now that we're talking about Lipstick oh my gosh now the laughs every time every time Man, I can't man. Oh wow we haven't quite a bit of viewers. I should've never said that oh, man I'm not putting lipstick on, but I'm just gonna. I'm a man of my words gosh Do you know those you know what it is you I have this Adrenaline rush and like I just end up making like quick calls I was on the phone my friend stays in man you always make like you always jump before you I'm like yeah I definitely got to work on that one so um let's do a book giveaway though So this was actually written by Andre on the bananas I probably murdered that name, but he actually wrote an another book called the Internet of money I want to give a giveaway and we'll ask a question to see who was paying attention today I talked about the moving average Convergence divergence Quite a bit today, but what I want to know is what is this called right here in orange? What is this orange called here in the moving average MACD for short? What is this orange call? That's it's a type of graph style.

Let's see if somebody Remembered or listened for the book the Internet of money, let's go ahead and do the Internet of money giveaway There's this four hundred people on YouTube and only thirteen likes now. We're a hundred. Oh my gosh If we hit 500 oh my I'll probably pause Elijah. Let's stop it right at 499. I'm not putting that lipstick on God – Mike Wylie on YouTube, and we'll give another one We'll do another one Mike Wiley said histogram you won that one brother Send me a message on Twitter and we'll verify your account. Let's see Josiah WF Lam Abd atm oh, you know Let's see eeny meeny miny moe catch a tiger by the toe The winner will be the next winner Let's see let's let's let's keep going um Let's do a lady Nina Ling Shots Anita laying on YouTube you was all doing that a book giveaway, so don't worry Uh, uh, ah if you didn't get that one um now.

We're gonna pull up our next chart here I think this is gonna be a very important one to watch and it's it's gonna be as you all know ripple x RP BTC Now looking at ripple. We're gonna head and clear out a little bit of this graph And I'm gonna show you something interesting about ripple because yes, we're seeing this contracting falling wedge as well Which we're seeing with a lot of coins and satoshi value cuz remember the market almost Follows Bitcoin in terms of satoshi value, and you see the market act very You know Kohi Sibley in terms of how it reacts to satoshi Value you know? consolidations or even any sort of exuberant run-ups And you typically see that that cohesiveness Throughout the market in which you really want to make sure that sometimes you have to hold Bitcoin because if you're holding Bitcoin you're not necessarily losing Satoshi's and if you focus on Satoshi's which you should be because you're trading satoshis for altcoins then holding Bitcoin will ensure that you're not losing Satoshi since you're actually holding the Satoshi's so whether the USD value is going down or not you're keeping the Satoshis, but I think is what matters because here's what I'll tell you if you're not focusing on satoshis Give yourself a month or a week Focused on satoshis use Satoshi charts not USD charts and see the different Type of results that you get because now you're actually trading the pairing that you're actually Trading you're not almost trading a deceiving pairing where you're buying substratum with BTC, but you're looking at the substratum USD chart Right which I don't know if there is a substan USD chart So look at this contracting falling wedge on the one day.

There is something to note here You can see when we saw this huge little rally here out of nowhere for Ripple it was right when we started to actually go right below that 30 RS high now You can see we actually touched just a little bit under and that's what initiated that oversold market sentiment Which is why the RSI and the relative strength index is such an important indicator because you can see as soon as the market Realized okay? We were fairly oversold. We saw that exuberant run-up, and then if we pull this up You know people talk about the coinbase news, and it couldn't be a coincidence but in my opinion There's a lot of technicals that had to do with this run-up and now we're starting to see RSI back a little bit higher and what you want to notate when you see that is did the RSI past 40 which it did at 44 now, we're seeing this tip back down So it's very simple when you see this when you see an RSI hit bottom Go ahead and find momentum back up breaks over 40 bullish Your next focus is to see all right you see why we actually stopped at 40 this Resistance in the our side was right at 40 because this is where you're gonna watch to see is this gonna get back to a bullish trend or a bearish trend and This is exactly where I think we should drop the line to stand or if you have a position in what in Ripple? Watch the RSI as well make sure it doesn't head back down towards that 40 because if so we can see some further Consolidation I wouldn't be surprised because intrinsically XRP in my opinion doesn't have as much worth as coins like litecoin and bitcoin that have limited quantity or coins with the application Platforms where you have AI cos go on X RP is more so used within their own Circle if you did if you should save we actually if you actually are in our discord We actually had a ripple developer come in and I'll tell you the story He came in about a couple months ago And he actually he actually worked the JED McCaleb who originally co-founded ripple eventually moving on to the stellar project He actually had to do with mountain GOx for a little bit until he sold it and then a year later was when it actually had the huge hack so Jen Michaela and this ripple developer worked guy together In conjunction with each other and he said gentlemen Caleb was an awesome guy a great leader But he really talked about the intrinsic value of ripple and like what it really does do like what is the ripples value? What is its worth, and you know he himself? I'll just tell you this Somebody asked him in our mastermind He was there for about three days somebody asked And I said are you bearish or bullish she said bearish and we said why are you Bear? She said it just doesn't need to be in a high price XRP token is not meant to be at five ten sixteen twenty dollars right it's meant for a whole different purpose It's not like Bitcoin where it's limited in quantity It was met at first to be a peer to peer exchange now becoming the storage of value so that's kind of the vibe that I got with the ripple and then like I kind of talked about before with the ICO, and my one of my mentors He is on I like to listen to people that have that credibility.

I don't like to just listen to the phone I don't like to listen to the news. I want to hear something from a developer I want to hear somebody that has an action. You know if I'm gonna talk about Truong Talk to me about Justin son like where's Justin let me talk to Justin right? I don't want to hear all this fun Where's Justin? Where's the actual you know the meat and potatoes not the fluff not the appetizer given the meat so That's my opinion on Ripple Somebody says histogram. They're still calling that out. They want that what was the developers name man I couldn't is if you're on our patreon mastermind. If you I think a Rubio goal I don't know what it was but if you go back to around I think it was beginning of January ish we actually had him in the mastermind so all three of those Podcasts are still up on the patreon so so he says I would like to inform 11,000 people in the discord what I don't get that somebody's There as his ripples going to zero I don't see that happening Treatmen shout out to treatment again brother.

What coins you suggest for long-term investment very easy to be Bitcoin litecoin Aetherium very very prominent coins the original 3 in my opinion all have some sort of intrinsic value I would skip ripp WOD go down to a OS I think a OS has some huge potential in the future doesn't have as much Intrinsic value just yet But as a D application platform with the restriction of 21 nodes that centralized versus having like a platform like etherium Which has more of a spread out system it allows us to be more efficient and faster Which I think a lot of supply and logistics and other different industries will be? Attracted to more than they wouldn't be with a coin like etherion that has more of that spread out consensus and spread out nodes where it's a little bit slower because the more nodes you have the slower it gets if you watch the keynote with the by net CEO We talked about decentralized exchanges and why they would be so hard to be adopted if they don't have any sort of quantum computing aspect to them to where they're Extremely fast because when you have so many nodes it slows a lot of things down if you guys I don't know it's all you can think of them as like computers or servers right so it's verifying the Transactions if you're looking at something that's proof of stake or even if it's a proof of work Or I'm sorry proof of work if even if it's a proof of stake though It's a certain regard you have to have those coins maturing in some place right so somebody said So yeah, those are my long-term investments by the way Somebody says well experts he at least touch one point five dollars in the future.

Oh another long-term investment. I haven't talked much about Recently, but I have talked about it before a stellar I think stellar and xlm great platforms And I think Jed McCaleb as a leader as you all know my preference when looking at I SEOs especially I like to look at the leader right. I like to look at who's the quarterback if you got a good quarterback He'll get to the endzone so if you've got a good leader like Jed McCaleb in my opinion you have someone that will take Stellar to the next level and will continue to develop it and no matter if he fumbles or not He'll go ahead and grab that ball have that he'll marry thrown and then hit that touchdown somebody says three coins for beginners bitcoin aetherium and Bitcoin cash maybe because that's on coinbase now Somebody says XRP will make you rich? Go ahead, and uh spread that one around on reddit We have space berg sag Jim C Onge in the house Joe Young said what about Neil? Very bullish about neo as well as a long term investment.

Yeah, they're a lot I mean we could talk over and over, but I've mentioned you earlier. I don't want to mention it again I wanted to bring a little bit of new spice to the plate But absolutely do you include the wicks you with the Fibonacci retracement tool? I it depends what I'm looking at you know the wicks are Definitely extremely important because that's where prices are right So if you guys don't know the wicks are these are the wicks of the candles right so if you're doing any sort of candles You know analytics, I guess You're looking at these wicks now if we're on a 1-day chart if you zoom into one Our chart these wicks end up turning into bodies, so these are legitimate price levels but to a certain degree There's less strength within the wicks right so It's really about the perspective of the time frame that you're looking at so if you're looking at a 1-day chart There's more strength than a one-hour chart because there's more data think about it It's a one-day charge So you've got one days of data spread across the board versus having one hour one hour one hour one hour It's more powerful, so if you look at a trend on a one day It's more powerful than looking at a trend out of one hour So that's why I always highly recommend if you're trading in general if you're looking at a coin look at the overall trend go from The one day and then zoom right in you don't have to go to the one week Even in the stock market though, you can go to the one week but typically what you'll see is just some sort of a consistent pattern because the more data the more consistency you see and that's where you actually can see those market cycles if you guys don't know how market cycles look pretty much any Market cycle kind of goes like this where it's constantly going up and down, but the highs are a little bit higher So that's why people talk about like the real estate crash if you were part of 2008 The best thing you need to do is either hold your properties or buy more because we knew that prices were eventually gonna go back Up and it might take a little bit long but at the end of the days Better than losing money because you only lose when you sell you know my uncle was extremely successful with real estate He talked about losing is only when you sell when you buy is where you make your real money So somebody says loggy gaming.

Can you talk about electroni and please love electrum? I talked about it earlier very very long term hold somebody says how do you feel about that stellar bullish? Triangle call that was in the discord. I didn't see that call to discord Mike Reilly Maybe we looked at a second somebody's our mastermind tonight. Yes. There is definitely a mastermind tonight If y'all are on the discord we will be in the Ruby above Mastermind and we've already got over a hundred people here in the crypto voice – so y'all can come in there chat Have fun in there as well Somebody says omg's good long-term. I love a nice girl great project as well if you guys know the music ot music It was actually around before you know they had their coin, so it's a great established already You know you use the company if that makes any sense, and I think that we'll see a lot of potential offs I was at a mastermind with a lot of like the prominent individuals here in the community And I am subscribed to a lot of the private groups You know wearing quote-unquote whales are and I've heard a lot of them talk about coins that are gonna come out that are disruptors within already established industries or Platforms right for example the telegram token by the way, there's a lot of telegram ICO websites that are fake so if you are gonna Look at icos make sure not to invest in that I'm actually doing a really exciting ico Comparison right now a I'm gonna be doing an IC o—- alert soon for the sapphires as you all know we have those ICO alerts And I'm comparing these two right now to see which one I think is better determined to be a long-term investment Because really what you're looking for in an ICO is getting into the white list or getting into the presale the ICO because that's where you're really getting at the lowest prices and Typically as long as you have the right ICO because some of them are only in accept accredited investors and to become an accredited Investor you have to have at least two hundred thousand dollars of income for at least two years Or a 1 million dollar net worth right so if you don't have that then typically you can't invest in a lot of these us-based ICS, but there are some that have kyc, which is know your customers which is almost like a security preventative You know measure that's in place to ensure that we are you know truly investing within right? Mindset somebody says by the way your full-time trader.

Yes a torch doctor said new subscriber. Yes, I was blessed with the opportunity in October of 2017 to go full-time You guys don't know sorry I walked into my job. I used to do a telecommunication sales I had a guy named Anthony who was actually Almost a mentor of mine definitely a mentor of mine You know he did a lot of options training very successful, and he was there And he's not full-time because he's actually huge family and and not really Necessarily so worried to me He was making quite a bit at this. You know corporate job of who wants corporate if you're younger right? He used a little bit older. He had like 30 years in options He actually worked one of the largest hedge fund managers in New York And by the way one of the best books that I recommend is called principals by Ray Dalio.

It's actually by Individual who runs Bridgewater which is the largest hedge fund that? manages over 175,000 billion dollars in capital And you wrote this book and he's a very introverted individual So it was extremely like it was surprising for him to write a book because people just never heard from him You know like he was very very closed off. Not really in the press. He predicted them. Oh a crisis He predicted the European crisis so highly recommend that but so Anthony I walked in he's in the cubicle next to me. He's like name You're making more money on that computer than you are on the phone Why are you here and literally that made me want to just die and quit you know I was like not die But I was like you know I was I was kind of like why am I here you know nothing die? I felt like almost not depressed And I'm like you're right like what the heck am I doing here like I'm actually making money trading Why do I need to make money here, you know so that literally just made a huge click in me and then I literally quit it was like October 19th and Ever since then I just walked away.

I started the YouTube channel just started talking about my you know my Passion, I guess and you know this huge following came and I'm very blessed and appreciative for and you know it's something that I'm so You know you know if you look at my room You know I've got a whiteboard and all I do is is map out you know the future You know look at that got my map my whiteboard there I've got all my stuff there, and I'm mapping out the future of snipers tube And I'm making sure that I can bring you all the best content and be the best leader I can be so With that being said we're gonna be heading over to the Reuben above night owl' soon. I really appreciate everybody being here tonight Did you guys enjoy the livestream? I hope all of you did I don't want to keep all of y'all here for too long anymore I want to be more clear and concise to go straight to the point we did all of our analysis Which is awesome, and we event you know we did get through that which is great Somebody says time to buy a whiteboard.

Hey Jeff H card said big fan, dude Yeah, I might board highly recommend it JC said always do Somebody's a stellar Michael Bryan homo Gaines Eric Jackson in the house We got everybody here so some of you said is there such pattern as an inverse wedge Yes, absolutely. What is the support and resistance or diverging rather than? converging um There's a typically it doesn't I would say that it would be the opposite of that so When you have an inverse wedge its opening up and That would be more of so it would still be considered a wedge because at the same time it's going in so if you actually Go on our discord You can actually pull up the trading 101 section or it's actually called trading patterns now And you can actually see exactly what I'm talking about here, but when you actually pull this up Oh wow, I just had something drop there Um but but you can see here There's several different patterns, but the wedge itself is anything.

That's Contracting together to see that sort of apex form so when it's inverses literally There's the opposite, but that would be considered a reversal pattern so typically people don't realize this But when you have a descending support level, it's a breakout pattern with an ascending support level It's a reversal patterns if you think about it think about like the common philosophy of buying the red cell on the green and that will just make sense so Somebody said thank you. You're very welcome vision board somebody says kudos yes Always have a vision board and have a broken light on your studio background So he says love your info always. Thank you.

JC. I appreciate that brother so he said early morning Sir said are you Arabian my parents are Middle Eastern? Yes, that's where I get the unique name. I guess huh somebody says B th is so choppy right now like I said It's still in a very very critical sensitive mode right now in my face very very you know uncertain right now in my opinion, and the only reason we're seeing this sort of Up rise that we've seen over the past couple of hours And for the past 24 hours is because we saw such a strong consolidation but we're still in a downward trend, so just notate that when you're looking at Bitcoin so Somebody says ta for ath police, and he says I love your TA. Thank you Ma'at I definitely appreciate that brother So I pull up eth BTC this will be the final technical analysis here But we will take some requests and some questions But I definitely want to do the ETH ta so we can go ahead and cover this now looking at this price here we'll actually do the e th if we want to do the USD chart – I'll actually go ahead and clear this out because I know we were looking at this Let's go ahead and clear this out I'll actually show you exactly what's happening here the USD chart because quite interesting because there are some really Strong support levels here, you can see the first support level is right around 670 US dollars, and we're finding that bounce once again You can see the MACD is looking bullish you can see there's about to be another crossover with the sellers starting to run out now one thing you always want to look at Is what the past is indicating for the future and looking at the one day? You can see how the MACD is starting to gain a little bit of more of those sellers But they're starting to weaken compared to what we saw back here on February so if we were to zoom into a three hour You can see there are more buyers now And you can see how this MACD has taken a sharp swing so that's a very bullish sign once you see those swings here especially When you see that column of you you see these you ease these you ease right here very bullish This is what we saw Bitcoin prior to that huge run-up that we saw all the way from 6,000 up to 1111 6 so looking at the MACD very bullish here for aetherium in my opinion were going to see some upside here Especially because even if Bitcoin starts to consolidate.

We'll go back to the BTC chart What I'll tell you is in the past We've seen aetherium act in an inverse manner compared to Bitcoin if we pull up a side-by-side comparison You can see here if we pull up Bitcoin. We go ahead and not draw that out here on the second chart You can see exactly on the USD chart of Bitcoin how acts in an inverse manner compared to what we saw here with? aetherium you can see in order to zoom out as Bitcoin Had dropped in value.

We'll do a one day chart here So we can get a better perspective of the overall trend and then one day chart here You can see here when you have that side-by-side pulled up when Bitcoin saw this huge consolidation you can see at one point ripple or aetherium was going up and Then Bitcoin saw it slow And then eventually when aetherium saw it slow Bitcoin solid rally and then eventually etherium just went parabolic compared to what Bitcoin saw which was a little bit of consolidation so in my opinion a Theorem has acted as a hedge against Bitcoin in the past, but it's still tied to it in a high regard You know it's not necessarily gonna stay alone and independent if you think about it, atheria.

M– in all reality is Still tied to Bitcoin and Bitcoin goes to zero aetherium goes Down right who here thinks that if aetherium or a Bitcoin goes to zero theorems are gonna stay up say Hi, if you think that if you think Bitcoin goes to zero theorem is gonna stay at eight hundred dollars say hi Nobody doesn't say I so people are saying guy It's not It's not it's just inevitable no coin will sustain itself with Bitcoin drops Even DGD right gold backed right no It's not it's most likely going to also go down because it's market sentiment its market psychology It's risk and reward people are not going to want to risk their money if they see the overall asset the first cryptocurrency Dropped to heck now long term yes There could be coins that will eventually rise that will eventually Overall have intrinsic value to them but in the short-term in the immediate of course coins will drop if it coin drops So if you expect Bitcoin to eventually drop then all these other coins are also probably gonna drop hard to and Eventually a long term you can see coins buildup intrinsic value, but they would have to detach themselves completely from Bitcoin Which you have you know coin, that's completely detached Send me a message and I'd love to invest in that one Because there's a there's got to be a reason to that it must be a good reason Somebody said compare tab top left is handy Naima, I like to do it manually.

I don't know we can always click the top left right it. Don't left one thing I like to show is the area I don't know if people look at the area But it's a very interesting graph because you get a really overall understanding Of like the the amount of strength that you've seen in the past versus what we're seeing now you can see when you're looking at Eth graph like this We're seeing some strength compared to even what we saw in december which is Quite lacking for a lot of coins like if you pull up you beat bitcoin you can see almost halfway not necessarily 75% there like we're seeing with aetherium so Looking at the chart though.

Let's go ahead and complete the analysis here We'll pull up these candles and kind of draw some support resistance lines out so we can get understanding first We'll drop the Fibonacci retracement here I think it's importantly I'm very important for a theorem because there's a quite a bit of data here that we can use and the More data the better right so if we actually drop this here to the Fibonacci retracement Why she just use this statistical data that we have here We're dropping finding support right along that figured out to your trace mean. That's why I'm telling you in my opinion We're gonna start to see a swing up and satoshi and USD value for a theorem I think it did see a little bit of Some oversell, and you can see we had a double bottom here in the RSI.

Where we both dropped right under 30 This is called a double bottom if you guys don't know Bamm-bamm dropped below within the same time period within a little short interval and that right there confirmed it Especially because that Fibonacci retracement as well is also that bottom there on the point 38 And if you were to hide a doom in here. We'll go ahead and do the four-hour chart You can see exactly what's forming here in terms of overall trend It looks just like a rounding bottom right so if you don't know what a rounding bottom is you can go ahead and go in Our discord you've got a beautiful beautiful chart here of a rounding bottom Which is a breakout pattern in? Comparison to a cup and handle except the difference is the cup and handle you come from a breakout with a rounding bottom you come From solid ation so the rounding bottom comes down and then forms and you can see here exactly We're seeing here with the rounding bottom as you come from that consolidation And now this is starting to form so in my opinion There's some further upside of theorem isn't a great position so thank you for mentioning that as the price? prediction because that was on the title so That's that somebody says USD T.

Massive games. You know what's so funny about the USD chart I like to look at this because This pretty much tells you the US dollar Value against Bitcoin and how Bitcoin is trumping it if you go to the tether chart because this is obviously Tethered to the US dollar you can actually do the BTC valuation which is the one in orange and you can see how literally this is basically showing you how the dollar is acting in comparison to Bitcoin right you can see the dollar literally goes to nothing right now. It's seeing a little bit of that Skiing trend I got call it the end of the slope for those of you skiers somebody says can oh F See strength of the on the ETH BTC pair would imply massive strength about to come of ETH USC or weakness consolidation in BTC USD thanks for that thought brother that's actually very important I'd love to hear that in the discord.

Ah you know giving that type of stuff is important somebody said histogram They're still go to the giveaway, so he says will you do a giveaway in a stream? Yes, let's do a giveaway, so we just talked about a pattern. What is the pattern called here? What is this pattern? Let's see who's paying attention for a internet of money giveaway. We'll do another one another one Somebody says and cache dopey Zac Dems in the house Denis Daniel cryptocat evolved Hcar Double-oh-seven didn't you win before man on twitch? I don't know I think you've won before if not you won that one Send me a message on Twitter. We'll do another one YouTube just in case Let's do oh Man so many people oh who was that Ron Thomas? Joe I almost got you mad But then literally I saw Ron Thomas right for that so rod Thomas on YouTube Send me a message on Twitter brother you want and didn't you guys enjoy this livestream did this help out any of the final thoughts any final questions It was good to have all y'all tonight Zach them sag Jim Josh Anna Christopher We're heading over to our Roux being above if you guys don't know we're all gonna be heading over here most of us are either In the Reuben above night hour we're gonna be in the discord main chat We have over 84 people already there right now.

You see the room being above night I was gonna start to fill up so definitely see some of y'all there tonight on our discord if you're not on a discord don't be stubborn get on it you'll learn so much and you'll really advanced your knowledge and I think it'll definitely help a lot of you, so he says yes. I have I'm lucky I guess You're welcome star. Del. You're welcome Joe.

Thank you brother Nirvana Leon Darrell Ron Thomas crypto brand Eric Jackson Zach somebody said neo nirvan Bug we're gonna do neo soon, man. We we did neo yesterday. We got to wrap this up brother Sorry HR, Sam RH carb Zack Elwin Sam sorry I don't get all the requests, but we try our best right Chris sparks Christopher Patti foots. That's a nice name Thank you guys for watching tonight And we'll be handing over to the discord love y'all and we'll see you soon Stay positive stay level-headed and make sure you don't make any irrational decisions snipers out.

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