Price Prediction ETHEREUM 2021 – 2025 | ETH BULL RUN IS ON!

today we're going to talk about ethereum now ethereum isn't just the second largest cryptocurrency in the world and one of the oldest, it also has a market cap of over 200 billion, but what makes ethereum so amazingly so spectacularly good from my point of view ethereum is and will be future funding the foundation of the future of finance I believe that ethereum is so much more just ethereum in today's video we are going to look at various future price forecasts ranging from 2021 to 2025 and eventually I'll give my opinion too about where ethereum is going, but in case you're new to this channel and want to stay up to date of the crypto world, click on smash subscribe so you can be kept informed every time we upload new videos so you can protect your wealth keep your wealth and maybe even increase your wealth my name is nicola and i am the host of the bitcoin channel live when we talk about ethereum we tend to compare ethereum with map ano or with polka dot or with other blockchains and everyone sees them as competitors you see I see the one little bit different i guess if you go back to ethereum basics this is clear and has been attributed to vitalik buttering but there were actually four let's say vitalik's main founder was there were three other co-founders in fact there was charles from kadara there was robin hood dr garvin wood from polkadot and then there was joseph lubin now joseph lubin he chose to a bit different approach from polka dot and kadana in fact he set up the software store as I like to call it consensus and already in 2016 consensus was able to in basically the first non-consent list to implement, but the first allowed blockchain on ethereum and they did for jp morgan now qobom has sold the company back to consensus, but it is consensus that basically takes care of everything to do with consent from jp morgan blockchain onwards we see so many central banks working around the world with consensus likely to base their payment systems on the ethereal blockchain as well, probably in line with the world of JP Morgan, but that remains to be seen, even if I think That there is a lot of evidence that does not mean that neither cardano nor polka dot have a huge and successful future will have remembered at the end of the day kadano polkadot they all come from the same theory, even the programming language of polka dot programming is solidity now kadano a big break has made let's say improvements and that's you can program in traditional programming languages ​​on cadano, but it will certainly be interoperable with ethereum if the ethereum blockchain becomes the primary blockchain for all things finances and I don't forget that nfts is also involved that nfts is nothing but a non-functional token, same as tral bank's digital currency will all be the same anyway these are my thoughts a little bit different, but now let's get into the Today's future price forecasts and the first price forecast comes from and them base their future internal price prediction on their own algorithm and they believe that ethereum will hit a record high of two thousand one hundred and forty dollars by 2021 2021 2022 they see a high of two thousand six hundred thirty seven dollars in 2023 a high of three thousand one hundred and eighty four dollars in 2024 they see a maximum of three thousand seven hundred six dollars each.

The second price prediction comes from and they base their future price prediction on their internal algorithm and they believe we in 2021 will see a maximum of twenty $ 2823 a high in twenty two from three thousand five hundred thirty-five dollars in 2023 or four thousand three hundred and seven forty-two dollars and by 2024 a maximum of five thousand three hundred and twenty one dollars of which they believe in 2025, we can see a maximum of six thousand dollars and 36. cryptocurrency price that base their future price prediction on an internal fundamental analysis they already see one high four thousand six hundred and twelve dollars this year let's see hey you know we still have eight months to go it could happen 2022 they see a maximum of seven thousand two hundred eighty-five dollars 2025 nearly 30,000 each wow in 2030 they see 58,000 .

Well, no one ever thought that one bitcoin could reach 50,000 let a reasonable time of 62 behind on a loan. hey, i think bitcoin will probably see 100,000 soon even coming this year today's latest prediction from and they predict a future price of a 2021 high of 262 in 2022 of 3712. they believe we can see a maximum of 4951 in 2023 and in 2024 6311 they believe that in 2025 c I would see one each worth seven thousand Seven hundred sixty-eight dollars each, as always the last slide is a closing slide I hope knowing this, this shows the lowest lows and the highest highs of the platforms we have here in this video I hope you can use them for your own future price prediction analysis so that's it for me today i hope you enjoyed it i tried to make it short and precise for it if you enjoyed it well then you know what to do hit like smash subscribe and what else more importantly, you may want to come and join us we do daily live streams we talk about the market we talk about the crypto market we talk a lot about ethereum because i strongly support it believe the future of finance is built on the blockchain and it is mainly being built on ethereum, please check if you do or don't want to hear about the enterprise ethereum- Alliance, we even made a video about it that might even give you a deeper insight into what's in the future keeps ethereum safe stay at home don't think because you can you make you depressed

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