Price Prediction Enjin 2021 – 2025. ENJIN COIN news.

engine has truly been a surprise in 2021 so far 
but i guess the question on everybody's mind is   is it still a good time to buy well here on this 
channel we like to identify potential market   leaders of tomorrow we believe engine is exactly 
that now even though engine reached its all-time   high of three dollars yesterday it was also 
among the most discussed stickers on stock width   furthermore it was announced that the engine coin 
will also list on ob so far engine has soared 1885   here to date and currently ranks the 46th largest 
cryptocurrency in the world with a market cap of   2.2 billion dollars in this video we're gonna look 
at some future price predictions in case you're   new to this channel well then please hit like 
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your wealth preserve your wealth and maybe even   increase your wealth my name is nicolarachi 
and i'm the host of the bitcoin channel live the engine coin is unique in that every token 
minted with engine platform the company's   blockchain platform is directly backed by enj 
giving in-game or other kind of digital items   real-world liquidity engine coin users use a 
series of smart contracts to which game developers   send engine to mint new unique functional 
or non-functionable erc 1155 tokens   these tokens can then be traded on the engine 
marketplace which launched in september 2019   or exchanged for their backing at any 
time as more custom tokens are minted   more engine is removed from the ecosystem 
making it scarcer and now let's get into today's   first future price prediction which comes from seeing a high in 2021 of 3.44   22 3.58 and in 2023 they're seeing a slight 
retrace down to 3.09 and then 2024 a high of 3.63 next future price prediction comes 
from and they are   basing their future price prediction also on an 
in-house algorithm and they're in fact seeing   a high in 2021 of 4.22 and 2022 they're seeing a 
high of 4.99 2023 they're seeing a high of 6.26   and in 2024 they're seeing 7.49 
with an all-time high in 2025 of 8   and 60 and the last prediction comes 
from cryptocurrency price   and they're basing their future price prediction 
on their in-house fundamental analysis approach   which i prefer versus the technical ones 
anyway they're seeing a high in 2021 of 6.61   2022 nine dollars 12 cent and they are 
they believe that in 2025 we could see   one engine token trading 36 dollars and in 20 30 
at 72 well let's hope that they're right as always   we have prepared a slide a conclusion slide where 
we show you the lowest lows and the highest highs   from the platforms that we have provided in this 
video perhaps you can use it for your own future   price prediction analysis so this was it from me 
today short and precise i hope you enjoyed it in   case you did well then you know what to do hit 
like smash and subscribe i just wanted to give   you three reasons three small last reasons why 
i believe that engine still has future growth   potential already 1.5 million engine wallets have 
been installed they have so far created more than   2.1 billion dollars in assets and they have 
already created or had marketplace volume more   than 43 million as always stay safe stay home 
and don't think because it can cause depression

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