Price Analysis – BAT, REN, OGN, THETA – Jan 27th

certain network of carrying me fargo and stuff you see this huge potential about braverizer products the interesting point is hi hello i'm mr masa so this is applies analysis january 26 so let's start and from bat brave browser first of all i want to tell you the pretty good news about brave brothers the privacy focus bread browser become first browser to support ipfs this is amazing news about future product and user development of the brave browser why because ipfs is a p2p file sharing network like big trends or firecoin stuff so brand browser since it's applications okay so once you're gonna download that application to your laptop or your smartphone there are certain sizes stretch in this you know personal computer right once you're going to give the permission to the bread browser to use this extra space of your stress here so brave browser they can use those huge amount of straight space just like a big trend model like firecoin model then you know since you're going to provide this extra stretch to the p2p financial network you can make money as an incentive staff maybe you can get the bit token something okay then the key point from here is actually active user stats so these are the you know braille browser competitor about p2p filing sharing network like sierra network helium frey equine ethereum also in the future once they're gonna make this complete about free dsm class credit computing system they also can take care of you know p2p storage stuff too so it's kind of like still under brave and dense then once we're gonna look at the daily active user 7.8 medium every day they're gonna play just like you know active note certain error carrying me fargo and stuff you see this huge potential about brave browser products the interesting point is actually price move here because so here's a you know four chart of the braille browser so they plus least the news is here january 19th but no price reactions here but actually i tweeted you know this idea stuff on my tweets because i already predicted those potential in my analysis of the breadbrowser if you want to understand this point please check out my other video about bat token then that timing was january 20.

Since then the b80 price it's bridge momentum here okay then this kind of timeline might be come from you know i'm kind of unique crypto investor here in the market you know deeply analyze technical elements of each product stuff no one recognized that huge potential of the browser about you know p3 fire sharing network then since you know japanese investors can buy the bat token on a japanese crypto exchange so that's why this kind of price will be happening here at the same time you know bat market itself is relatively small to other but bat investment markets still smaller than other major crypto assets like bitcoin ethereum style these kind of price reactions would happen sometimes that's the things we can learn from here okay then once we're gonna move out you know daily chart still the you know price variety is relatively high but you know once we're going to analyze the brinjal band here looks like price move is throwing up of the middle line of the bollinger band so which means that they still keep the british momentum in the market so which is good okay and the next one the ram so let's start for the four-hour chart january 12 the price was 0.31 now they're gonna hit the all-time high 0.7739 january 18 then as you can see these flash actions also following up the trend of the bollinger band here so from here once the price hits on the middle line of brinjal band it's pushed back again here same things then they're going to update their all-time high here they even ramp price experience and correction momentum once the price hits the bottom line or the range event it's pushed back again so this is also another good figure out that still the ram price itself keeping british momentum okay then once we're going to move to wikichar here actually bullish momentum of the rent is standing from here 2020 march 16th price was 0.02654 okay then now here this candle chart means it's kind of turning point on the ramp price itself then you know as i analyze in the bollinger band here still the rank keeping the british momentum and also in my analysis around british momentum will continue until the beginning of february so from this analysis rambian can try a little higher price around this number here then you know once we get the trend volume developments here also quite positive news so overall rent itself still keeping the british momentum okay and the next one ogn so let's stand for the news so origin protocol begins accepting compensation claims throwing civil media exploit which is really good news right then what about the price reactions so daily chart and weekly chart then once we look at the daily chart still the volatility is relatively high but as you can see here price moves you're throwing up the brain j-band once the price hit the middle line on the brinji bed push back again here then they're gonna update you know these supplies generally 21 0.2145 so still they're going to keep an impression momentum then once we're going to the long-term analysis the weekly chart actually when binance list ozna token the lower set implies was this one 0.0989 then last summer in a mini bubble moment over d5 they're gonna hit the all-time high 0.6426 but after this along with you know their scanner about the origin dollar staff they're going to hovering around about the pretty bottom line here but the great things i've done here is plus never hit lower price than this old-time mobile price here okay once you look at the volume level it's also developing well now once we're going to look at the kdj here the show timeline on the middle timeline and then long-term line here and the short term line still there's a space room here which means that bullish momentum on aussie and c containing okay overall aussie market conditions is also good okay and the next one theater so daily chart and weekly chat so dz sitter is pretty good plus move january 12s they're gonna finally updated the all-time high 2.51 dollars here and it's still price is throwing up the brilliant price move here as you can see the once the plus hit lower side of the brilliant price line it's pushed back again okay then now then now the theater price try to hit over this middle line that's the thing is happening here then once we're going to move to weekly price four things i want to pay attention to here is actually this one 2020 march 9th price was 0.035 54.

Huge success as a project then to me this weekly plus move still still the bleach power and the bearish power is competing each other so the frog forming like this way but once we're gonna look at you know this kdj the conversion happening here this means probably until beginning of the february i told you that our coin bullish momentum will continue but after that that momentum switched to the bitcoin so it looks like in a theater network's bleach momentum almost close enough in the moment this time so that is why pricing combustion like this way but if you were thinking to have the long term hold the theater network these conversion moments it's kind of good timing to think about additional investment for the theater okay all right final slide hotel is the best for retail investor to minimize the risk and maximize the return because investment in our coin just like an investment in early days with google facebook once we can look at the legendary investor subtraction such as ron conway peter 2 rita hoffman's all the time they're going to take the simple investment approach it's a long-term investment and here's another evidence from the binance so this is a bitcoin case but all the time longest hold of the bitcoin maximize the return in this case you know all this holder made the 220 return compared with other short term holder here i'm gonna basically also take the long-term investment approach so i'm going to also recommend you guys in the same approach too okay so there's all this time so i'm going to make this video for the educational purpose so the contents of the video cannot guarantee you any kind of certain limited investment outcomes so all the financial making of your investment is your own okay then you know i'm gonna make a lot of interesting video on the crypto and blockchain space so thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe to this channel bye you

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