Presidential Dollar Coin: 2008 James Monroe

hello youtubers and coin collectors out there this is Big D coins with you I do mostly coin reviews also some random travel videos here and there but this coin that we have here that I'm going to give you some information on is the James Munroe Presidential dollar coin now this coin came out in 2008 it's metal content is 88 percent copper 6 percent zinc 3.5 percent magnesium and 2 percent nickel and some interesting facts about the coin first what you should probably look for is the inscription on the side the Presidential dollar coins have inscriptions on the side that tell you what meant that they are from I won't show you this one on the side because it doesn't have a great camera angle however I would check that out because if there is an error with the coin it might be included might be included on that side so as you can see James Monroe what the was the fifth president he served from 1817 to 1825 and so the mintages for this coin there were 60 million produced at the Denver Mint 64 million produced at the Philadelphia Mint and there were two three million produced at the San Francisco mint and those three million that were produced at the San Francisco mint we're all proof coins so those ones have kind of a shinier finish to them unfortunately this one right here is not a proof coin if you have any questions about this coin feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you if you're into coin collecting please check out some of the other videos on my channel enjoy [Music] [Music] you

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