And you are prepared for a new explosion in the price of Bitcoin look at this analysis here it will show you that this fall in Bitcoin in the last few days was not an Apocalyptic fall is not a sign that Bitcoin will fall now down there ok good is simply a better opportunity it was a buying opportunity and at that moment I believe that yes 20 will renew the top of its money segment and if you still do not coach our YouTube channel I want you to enjoy and subscribe here on the channel now and leave your like in the video that we will do an analysis here on Bitcoin that show why this drop was not such an alarming drop and that in fact you have to prepare yourself because my tcoin is going to go up in price ok Gosh, so let's start another video bye hi kkk look what a thing to do nothing personal sign as you can see I'm here at the moment on the weekly chart okay on the weekly chart and I can show you here that this week right Today is Saturday I'm recording this video I don't see you We didn't have a drop in Bitcoin here of about 24 percent of the price and that's why a lot of people have already sent me a message Many people have already come to talk to me Bitcoin is falling for [__] what is happening make a video making it if he does it here guys look at the big one a week we see the video when it fell and it’s 24 percent right You are so concerned about the fall of Bitcoin that you they simply did not see an opportunity first look at this one here fell 20 percent was shown how many times my price fell this price is only here Bitcoin dropped from percent assistance and you look here the last sharp drop before the high real bitcoins came down sixty percent and after that, it’s me Fact, you don’t even put it up and if you come here on the daily chart if you can ask for some interesting insights right when the subject is entered for analysis got it You have to manage to have some insects first of them as you can see here mythical in Here we have these two regions here look at the daily chart it will be much clearer we have this region we have this region here of fall ok it's this high culture back than yours in this region, expansion and attraction when we have this movement, you know, we couldn’t have several LT traces in this region, this one is one of them I can have for example or it’s one that we partner with more or less from this point here and here on the graph and on the daily graph this region couldn’t wake up anymore I bet you send it it would n’t exist exactly so in a week for example I could take this point here to be more specific and I have this region here and the price is good for this region here as a draw zone on the weekly chart it all shows us that Bitcoin It is still in an upward trend okay in Makro okay in Makro whether we have no bigger cream week l daily Bitcoin Ah ok there will be no upward trend but if in fact you go there in 4 hours on the four hour chart you came in fact that Bitcoin right There is a downward trend here in it show it has a downward trend and it just It showed exactly resistance in this region here good're price and engine and showed it to the people who have an area here right from strong demand and price a lot of fighting between buyers and sellers for the price simply break this region the pocket right here on graph four hours we can see it too and this one he had here it has already been broken Ah understand This one he had here has already been broken in the market he didn’t respect it he understood the market at the first touch he respected Look just broke it came down better better right saying they won’t the market made this movement made this movement see down here it’s just this movement here also an interesting pattern if the market didn’t break by breaking it from here making this movement is already kind of stranger is good Possibly he will come to fetch this region again here and around 37 thousand dollars more or less this region And not to mention here we have small sharks from the market here We all here ate, Bitcoin is falling to [__] and look at this news here that i'm going to show you now look at just multi-billion dollars with strategy investments right ten Million more in bitcoins that is to say I buy another 10 million dollars in Bitcoin that's right you heard 10 million dollars in bitcoins when he got there at a price of about 31 thousand dollars this one follows here I loved multibillion dollar company ok multi-billion dollar microstrategy investment and look here long ago microstrategy multibillion dollar company seen in the city bought more bitcoins with the last purchase Crypton's ten million dollar coin The company now has 70 1784 bitcoins in its treasury Microstrategy's stake has increased to 70,000 884 right, we can see that this company, this company, here the mother thinks it's screwed up in the Nasdaq search, right, with more than 5 billion in market capitalization, she bought some 314 bitcoins and you, Michael Sailor, are the ones who announced this to people and we can get here that she bought some 10 million according to this and look here with her Treasury reserve policy at an average price of approximately $ 31,000 political now we have approximately 70 1784 24 hours they bought bitcoins when the price of Gios is $ 31 and eight hundred and a little and look at when it was that look at only 31,800 look at just 30 follow the price here okay place this is the price value 30 in 1808 it was more or less in that region that price that they bought bitcoins because it will be like I said to you guys Bitcoin o and the fact of breaking this one he had that air he understood telling the truth he still has this one to eat, right, but at this point here, breaking this making this problem that I believe that the next point is this one who knows how to have an assistance here, Fact, if he also and breaking through it looking for this region, breaking through this region, we already know, right now, that the price of Bitcoin is about $ 50,000 more or less like the price next price Decongex several children here talking about it for you who want to see it clear just go through the channel Okay so I stopped by just to show you this here I will leave the link here for this this article is the video description for those who want to catch it ok A big hug and everything I want to ask you also to subscribe to the right channel subscribe to the channel then leave yours there and that mainly because and I have seen that many people watch the videos, more than ninety percent of the people who watch videos here on the channel are simply not subscribed until there are a lot of people who are subscribed to the channel but a lot of people who are subscribed to the video watching channel I have most of my audience who are older ninety percent right in my audience watching the videos and they don’t subscribe I want to ask you to subscribe to the channel to give a helping hand here to the right people subscribe to the channel there and let’s get it understood And that’s it, people have a life in screen now for you to come too Bora up and neither Pinheiro and she just stay inside Bitcoin now up

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