Prepare for AirDrops (2021).. BIG Money “Drops” Revealed!!

Uniswap, they started a trend in Mid September…airdropping
their governance tokens to those who had interacted with the automated market maker protocol. Then came badger, tornado cash’s torn, and
just recently 1inch. Well ring the sirens, and happy New Year because
there’s gonna be more. It’s time for Chico Crypto! Who doesn’t like a good ole Airdrop Friday
from the only channel who can spot them before they happen!? But before we get into this massive airdrop,
we gotta understand why this one is going to be extremely special. And guess what!? It all comes down to ethereum scaling. You should know that there are more than a
few “scaling” solutions out there. Multiple flavors of rollups like zk, optimistic,
and arbitrum. Sidechains like xdai and matic, and then the
one not spoke much of state channels like raiden and connext.

If you haven’t noticed, there has been a
fragmentation of dapps choosing scaling solutions. Some are choosing rollups, but not the same
flavor, some are choosing xdai, some are choosing matic. Now one of those dapps, Synthetix, who has
chosen rollups put out a 2021 year prediction tweet thread and he started it out with this. He predicts “L2 migrations and attempts
to consolidate around a solution will take up most of the year, fragmentation and forks
will ensue across different scaling solutions. Basically what a lot of VC’s imagined in
2016/17 but their L1 bags will still end up worthless” Fragmentation, forks, no agreement on a solution.

That sounds like a major problem?? That sounds like what Synthetix is using,
rollups, isn’t going to be the “ONE” rollup chain like some assumed…. So this means Silos, layers that cannot communicate
with eachother. Yeah, they can communicate with the bottom
layer 1 ethereum, but with a dapp on an optimistic rollup layer 2, how is it supposed to communicate
with a dapp on an arbitrum rollup layer 2!? Where is that interoperability coming from
and when is it coming?? Well this leads us right into the airdrop,
and its one of the scaling solutions that is not talked about very much, but ties everything

Scaling with State channels and it’s from
Connext. So in Mid November 1 and a half months ago,
Connext tweeted this “Cross-chain interop is the biggest barrier to L2 adoption today. Over the last few months, we've quietly built
Vector: a x-chain routing network that works with L2s, Eth2 shards, and even other L1 chains. Vector is now on testnet! Learn more…with a link to their medium article. Yes they have built Vector…a routing layer,
which will allow different layer 2’s to communicate, which will allow the communication
between rollup chains & beyond! And it’s been live on the testnet for over
45 days. So we gotta back up a bit to understand Vector. Remember the reddit scaling bake off challenge
in July? A competition between the layer 2’s?? Well connext submitted as well, and their
submission was called spacefold. Spacefold had a great UI, and it demonstrated
easy cross chain transfers, even from layer 2’s like from matic to xdai. Here is what Spacefold worked with, Matic,
Optimism, xdai, skale, arbitrum, and omisego. But it looks like ZK flavor rollups were unable
to work with spacefold. Well luckily spacefold, was just v1, and vector
which they launched in mid november is the next iteration of the communication layer.

And diving into the Vector blog post, from
the Connext team in November they said..not only will it work with any EVM compatible
chain, but it will also work with non EVM including zkrollups…but down below, they
say the important stuff. “We’re scheduling a contract audit and
expect this to be completed in mid-late December. That means Vector will be on mainnet by the
end of the year!” And then they say “We’re looking for a
few early router operators who can provide liquidity to/from L2s and earn yield. Hit us up ASAP if that sounds interesting
to you!” So they were and probably still are looking
for LPs, liquidity providers…and the mainnet for vector could be coming any day. It’s the new year you know, and the end
of the year has passed…. So, I’m sure some of you are like freaking
Tyler, where is the news of this Airdrop…well thanks for sticking around. Here it comes. So back to their November tweet about Vector…some
wildchild asked “What is the ticker token for ConnextNetwork? Is it traded on exchanges? Of which the Connext twitter replied “We
don't have a token….

At the moment!” WHOOOOOOOO so, like I said airdrops have been
trending. I wouldn’t doubt Connext takes a similar
route, of airdropping their network’s token to those who have used it in some form. Remember how they said to hit them up about
being an LP? Well, I might just do that. Use spacefold on the testnet? I just might do that….and links for all
this is in the description. But I would be paying attention for that mainet…which
could be dropping at anytime…and the opportunity to test out their routing laye because Hands
down, vector is the glue of layer 2.

But regarding more Airdrops, yes more….there
was a big nothing burger from Matcha. Their “surprise airdrop” many thought
was coming from this Christmas tweet…was this “50 dollars worth of ZRX tokens to
50 lucky users. An airdrop of sorts, but not a new token,
like I said over the live stream this weekend. This one is not airdropping a NEW token, matcha
is from the ZRX team. So if you wanna find an airdrop from the ZRX
ecosystem, you need to look for something not built by the ZRX team. And that is one that has been around with
the ZRX team, building alongside as a relayer since 2018. Who am I talking about!??? Radar Relay… Now Radar Relay, caught big hype in 2018,
big investments, but that cooled down throughout 2019 and into the beginning of 2020 as the
0x protocol struggled to find its liquidity shoes.

But, 2020 has been nice to 0x, and liquidity
is really picking up, getting over 1 billion in 24 hour volume here recently. That is good news for Radar Relay… Now, Radar put out an end of the year tweet
saying “It's been another wild year on the frontier building products for our next financial
system! We couldn't have done it without you. We are so proud of what we're building together
and can't wait to show you what's next! Check out our 2020 Retro, which is their end
of the year update letter.

And in they said this “Most public companies
include a letter to their shareholders alongside their annual report. This letter is a rare opportunity for operators
to speak directly to shareholders on vision, milestones, and strategy. This year, we continue that ritual (read 2018,
2019). While most of you aren’t shareholders (yet),
you’ve invested your time and energy to help us grow. This letter is to you…. While most of you aren’t shareholders….YET. Aka it sounds like those who have invested
time to use Radar Relay, may become token holders. AKA an airdrop…. Now the final thing I wanna update everyone
on, is Etherisc. Yes the decentralize insurance protocol I
brought up on Tuesday. I am superebly bullish on this one, not only
because of the use case, and what has happened with other insurance protocols as of late….

But also because Vitalik likes what they are
doing. November of 2018, Camille Besse asked Vitalik
“do you think insurance is a good use case of blockchain?” And the Vitalik replied “Things like
are definitely really cool! And going to that, it's decentralized hurricane
insurance, and it’s of course powered by etherisc. Now going back to etherisc’s products, they
also have something in the prototype stage, decentralized crop insurance. Well guess who was promoted by the Ethereum
Foundation, specifically one of the three on the executive board, Aya Myaguhci.

Etherisc was, and only a few months ago in
October at ETHOnline, in her keynote speech… And she describes their crop insurance program,
going on right now in Kenya in collaboration with Chainlink. Booyakasha. Cheers I’ll see you next time!.

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