PREPARE! An Airdrop BIGGER Than Uniswap ($UNI) Soon!!

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BTC would volatile leading up to this day.

Pulling out the 1 week chart, the price has
been bouncing around furiously, in the 13k to 14k range. And this volatility isn't going to go anywhere
anytime soon….the rest of november & into december will be very similar in my personal
opinion. Why do you ask? It’s called unknown territory, for the price. Above 13k , we have spent a total of 51 days
now above it. With 8 of those days coming in the past 8
days and the rest, 43 days happening back in late 2017, early 2018. How about above 14k? 32 days, all coming back in the last parabolic
run. Above 15k..just 32 days, back then too…and
the days get shorter and shorter, with each 1k move up to 20k.

Now, I just want to pull out the chart’s
from the last run, 2017 to today, and the 2014 run over a similar time period. Now, the 10k level, I like to compare to the
500 dollar level back then. As you can see with both charts, this level
was broken for both, July 2016 500 and July 2020 10k. Back during 2016, the price tested the 700
to 800 bucks range before coming back down and testing 500 once again. This dollar level, I compare to that 13k to
14k range we are testing today. Which back in July of 2020, we tested it…and
then came back down to test 10k.

Just like before… After the summer of 2016, into October and
November it was extremely volatile for BTC, but an overall bullish push up, and it wasn’t
until December, that the price officially broke 800, extremely unknown territory back
then…. So…once again, the more things change, the
more they stay the same. BTC is unknown price territory, between 13k
to 14k…and I have a feeling like November back in 2016, it’s going to be very very
similar. Bouncing in between here, and the official
break of 14k coming in December.

But, there could be some violent movements
coming, per election outcome. 2016, also had an election, and the outcome
was decided on November 2nd. Zooming in back then, we can see the price
had pushed into the 700 to 800 range…about the middle, and then on the day of the election,
November 2nd, it had a big ole dipster, back down to out of the range. So, we’re not out of the clear, if things
are like the past, today should be volatile & since this is going to be a special election,
unlike the one in the past, this entire week may be especially volatile. But Bitcoin is bigger than elections.

It’s an asset that has no direct correlation
to anything in the typical economic environment-stocks, bonds, currencies, gold, commodities, or property. Thus it has no correlation to governments,
and no correlation to a political party or political outcome, anywhere in the world. And this was true back in 2016, after the
November 2nd dump, BTC shook it off and like we showed, finally broke 800k in December…and
that November dump, looks like little blip, because by January we were back to testing
the 2014 peak of 1200. So 20k coming in early 2021? Well, BTC is gonna need some help, to get
it to that level just like it did back in the day… What helped BITCOIN get a hype cycle moving
in 2016? Well, it’s a little thing called the ICO,
initial coin offering. Checking out google search terms, throughout
2016, interest was about the same…but then there was an abnormal spike in December of
2016, before coming back down. Hmmmm, we have this thing today, called DeFi,
decentralized finance, and looking at it, interest was pretty much the same for the
beginning of the year, but this Summer we had an abnormal spike, and now we are back

So, if you expand out the ICO trend chart,
you can see that the December spike became just a little blip, throughout 2017, the ICO
hype continued and continued. Reaching its peak, at the end of 2017. DeFi, will it’s hype continue like ICO did? Well today, right now, it doesn’t seem like
it, Huh? Seems like the DeFi has lost all of it’s
steem. So back in 2016, ICO reached it’s little
peak in December of 2016. As we can see, 12 major ICOs launched that
month, the most throughout the year. As we saw, interest died out for ICOs, after
this, and this can further be seen by the number of major ICOs launched in q1 of 2017,
only 7 in 3 months, January, February, and March…while December 2016, saw 12. People were saying ICOs were dead, especially
after the DAO ico debacle…. But, as we know ICO interest surged, and so
did the number, 25 total in q2, then over 60 major ones by q3, and finally nearly 120
by q4 2017. So DeFi is dead? No, the hype is only just beginning…we are
just in the calm down stage, before the real fun begins in 2021.

Now DeFi, is much different than ICOs, and
in a much better way. ICOs were just usually ideas that raised funds,
launched a token, and then planned on building out that idea…some did it, and succeeded
with their idea, some completely scammed, and some did their idea but still failed. DeFi on the other hand, usually has the product
built & then they launch a token. Uniswap is a great example of that, and the
best DeFi products will likely come the same way. So what could be another Uniswap coming in
2021? Already has a successful product built??? That’s DYDX, the decentralized derivative
exchange, built with smart contracts, thus you can trade margin and even perpetuals,
and it can’t be shutdown & with regulatory crackdowns on their centralized competitors,
BitMEX ring a bell? this one seems to be falling right in place. So, dydx, is defi infrastructure, that doesn’t
have a token. It’s been live & running, using borrowing
and lending pools to power it’s exchange. Pools? Pools like the Swap has LP pools? Yes, you can interact with DYDX, by not even
trading, you can lend the traders liquidity to Margin trade with, through pools.

Now, I just want to play this clip, from DYDX
founder Antonio Juliano, on the cryptotesters podcast…they asked about a dydx token, let’s
listen in. So, Antonio, he basically leaked that yes DYDX is coming with
a token…he said they are seriously considering it…. So, if they do, I wouldn’t doubt it will
be similar to how Uniswap did theirs, they will be distributed to early supporters, and
those who interact with their protocol.

I’ll let you know, I’m interacting, because
I wouldn’t doubt their token launches sometime in quarter 1 2021, right when the hype starts
really moving. But that is future gratification, if it pans
out. I’m sure some of you wan’t instant gratification,
a token that is trading right now. Well this DeFi semi pick fits right in with
my view of decentralizing the large margin, perpetual & option exchanges, which I think
is going to seriously ramp up in 2021. This one is a decentralized options trading
exchange, and it’s called Hegic…and the interface makes it easy to trade options,
right now for both wrapped bitcoin, and Ethereum. So Hegic, just launched in the middle of October,
and the protocol already has 20 million locked up, pretty damn outstanding, while DeFi isn’t
in a hype cycle…. Hegic tokens, like I said they are launched,
and they can be earned, by using the protocol. Liquidity mining & liquidity utilization,
actually putting in options. And all the settlement fees, paid in ETH or
wrapped bitcoin, are distributed to the token holders….

Although, the founder of Hegic is anonymous…duh
duh, duhhhhhhh…..and actually Hegic was supposed to launch, earlier this year..” What happened? Well there were bugs found in the contract,
and the Defiant interviewed the anon dev, molly wintermute…she was the one who found
it & she personally refunded over 47k…. After this, Hegic has gone through multiple
audits from Bramah Systems, and the top notch security firm peck shield…plus people like
Larry Cermack are tweeting about it today, which gives it validity…

but like I always
say, be weary of anonymous in the crypto space, rugpulls can happen, and they can happen quick. If Hegic interests you, DYOR & never put in
more than you can afford to lose. That should be your crypto motto. Cheers, I’ll see you next time!.

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