PREPARE! An Airdrop Bigger Than Uniswap & DyDx Is Incoming!! Biggest Airdrop EVER!!

Let’s talk about alts baby, 
let’s talk about you and   me…let’s talk about all the 
good things and the bad things,   altcoins bring! Let’s talk ALTS…you know 
our Salt N’s time for Chico Crypto! Yes today, we are bringing the heat with 
altcoins. A flurry of altcoins alpha and   informations that could make your head spin! 
So keep that head screwed on tight.

You don’t   want to miss this altcoin alpha! So let us begin 
with my favorite savior of MEV…alchemist coin! There has been big news dripping from 
the alchemist faucet which needs covered   as alchemist coin is changing the 
decentralized exchange game through   MEV. Alchemist Developer Nathan Worsley dripped 
the news late last week saying “MistX now has   positive-value MEV extraction built in. If 
your trade generates MEV, we extract and give   you a kickback. The process is transparent 
and free of frontrunning.

Positive-value   extraction funnels MEV back to where it rightly 
belongs: the hands of users who create it. What this means, is if a transaction on 
the DEX would have been sandwiched and   MEV extracted from it, and the user traded through   mistx…the value savings of that potential 
extractions are now distributed back to the user. So going to the flashbots MEV leaderboard, we 
can see the some of the latest MEV transactions,   and looking at the MEV transaction sender income 
column, there are a couple transactions that   almost equal 1 million dollars in profit for 
the MEV extractor…the miner who sandwiched   the trader was able to extract nearly 1 
million dollars from the DEX user and trader.

If the trader would have used mistx, 
an extraction of that size could have   been stopped as transactions go through a private 
mempool called MEV-GETH where miners take tips to   route the transactions privately. The MEV savings 
that mistx provided were in the past given to the   mist community as a whole. Savings were sent 
to the alludel rewards program and enriching   alchemist crucible holders…but now a portion of 
the value saved is routed right back to the user! At the mistx exchange they now have a leaderboard 
button, and clicking on that will show the biggest   rewards given right back to the traders, 
through positive value MEV extraction.   Making a trade on mistx, now gives you the right 
to take back what is yours. Your value! MistX   is the first, cashback, or Ether back 
exchange in the history of cryptocurrency. But what most people don’t realize 
is…mistx isn’t a decentralized exchange.   It’s a decentralized exchange 
layer that works on top of DEX   infrastructure.

Initially MistX was built to 
work on Uniswap v2. It was layered on top,   so users could use the mistx UI and interface 
to protect their trades with v2 liquidity pools.  What this means is MistX can be used by 
exchanges and integrated directly into   their DEX. Which seems to be happening with 
the biggest swapping DEX out there….Uniswap! So earlier in September, a $DeFi on twitter 
tweeted a screengrab of a Uniswap interface, which   showed frontrunning protection through flashbots 
and mistx integration directly into the Uniswap   UI. This was just a screenshot, and from the top 
it looked to be on a private server. Sooo, this   couldn’t be confirmed as it was just a screengrab, 
and no one I knew of had the private server link…. Until now! A crypto overview on Twitter posted 
the direct link and clicking into it, it takes   us to a Uniswap interface.

Uniswap v3 interface. 
Clicking onto the setting gear, we can click   frontrunning protection on, and hovering over 
the question mark a popup says “your transaction   will be protected from frontrunning attacks and 
it’s powered by flashbots and mistx!! And then   we can see once it’s turned on, it says below 
frontrunning protection: ON…clicking on Swap it   says regarding the estimated gas fee “estimated 
gas fee for your frontrunning protected swap” The proof is in the alchemy pudding that 
Uniswap v3 will be integrating mistx!!   But there will be the naysayers that say..well 
someone just forked uniswap v3 from the alchemist   team and is creating this themselves. There 
is no proof of Uniswap helping with this…. Oh REALLY!? Going back to the URL of this 
private server link with mistx integration,   we can see at the top that dire0x is included in 
the link.

Dire0x is an alchemist coin developer,   specifically focusing on mistX development. 
Now going into the Uniswap github,   specifically the interface section, 
there is a closed issue titled   “Frontrunning protection mistx” which was opened 
by Dire0x…also adding commits to this issue?   As we can see from his Github profile…Moody 
Salem is the Senior Software engineer at Uniswap… Uniswap is going to have direct mistX integration 
here soon! This means crucible holders are about   to be enriched on a level never we could 
only dream of…billions of dollars per   day get traded through Uniswap, which means 
millions of dollars of saved MEV extraction.   But also, Uniswap traders will also soon 
get the feature of cashback on their trades.   BIG stuff all around, that 
is just around the corner… Buuuut now it’s time to bring the future altcoin 
heat…predicting another airdrop and a BIG one   like the ones I’ve predicted before.

DyDx ring a 
bell!? Yeah I predicted that one months before it   happened, and it was a big one…some people 
making out with nearly a million dollars!   Actually that is worth more than a million 
now, with the recent price increases! Now, everyone should know about Paradigm. They 
are one of the largest crypto VC firms out there,   who has a stellar portfolio of projects. 
DyDX is in there..airdrop. Reflexer Labs,   creator of RAI stablecoin is in there…airdrop of 
which I also called. Uniswap is in there….airdrop,   but there is a certain scaling solution too. 
Optimism, the creators of the optimistic rollup! And they haven’t done an airdrop…YET!! Chico 
Crypto thinks they are going to do one REAL soon!! Why!? Well #1 reason has to do with Paradigm,   it’s obvious from their portfolio projects, 
they like tokens and they like airdrops. I   wouldn’t doubt Paradigm, one of their lead 
investors, is pushing for them to do one… But the next reason is the biggest reason 
of all which will push them into doing an   airdrop. It all comes down to competition…Going   to l2 beat which tracks value locked up, and 
looking at the optimistic rollups…Arbitrum   is smoking optimism, with 1.5 billion locked 
up compared with their 214 million.

That is   7x the value locked up…and optimism if falling 
fast and farther behind their competitor #1… But then the fastest growing l2, which is up 
over 50 thousand percent over the past 7 days,   is an optimistic rollup…and that is BOBA network! Going to the press release of the BOBA 
mainnet, we can see that this is from   the OMG network and it’s actually based 
on the open source optimism codebase!   Also they say “In support of the Boba mainnet, 
OMG Foundation is releasing a new governance   token for the platform, $BOBA. $BOBA tokens will 
be airdropped to existing $OMG token holders   who have bridged their $OMG tokens to Boba 
Network by a snapshot date later next month” They are doing an airdrop…that is the reason 
for the explosion in TVL, the over 50 thousand   percent growth in just 7 days!! Now 
Optimism is already behind Arbitrum,   and if they don’t want to fall behind BOBA, they 
better incentivize people to go on their rollup.   And the best way to do this 
is…is through an airdrop!! Sooo my friends to end this episode off, I’m 
going to show you how to use optimistic ethereum,   and get yourself in a position to potentially 
get a future airdrop.

The optimism bridge can   be found at, and of course a 
link for the bridge is below in the description.   Once there you will connect a wallet, and we 
are going to use metamask. Once connected to   your wallet, you will put in the amount you want 
to transfer from mainnet to optimistic ethereum!   For this example we will use 1 Ethereum. Click 
deposit, and then confirm the transaction in   Metamask and your ledger if you have one, and the 
deposit process will begin. Wait for the required   amount of confirmation, and when complete you 
will know…you get showered with confetti! Now,   that could be all you need to do, to be eligible 
for the airdrop, but just in case, I would make   a trade on uniswap on Optmisim…as they are 
telling you to try it out on the bridge page. Clicking on try it out, it takes you to the 
Uniswap interface. In the top right corner click   on Ethereum to switch to the optimistic mainnet. 
This will automatically enter the details into   Metamask, so it makes the switch. Click approve, 
and then switch network and it will finally land   you on uniswap on Optmisim.

Then enter what you 
would like to swap, for our example we will do .75   of an ethereum into Dai…approve the transaction on 
metamask, with super low gas fees and a ledger if   you have it. And boom, the transaction is done in 
a blink of the eye. And you can even trade back,   if you don’t want to stay in DAI…just making 
the trades with their known partner Uniswap,   will give you that much of an upper 
hand, if they do plan to do airdrops. And we here at Chico Crypto think, that is 
the plan! Cheers! I'll see you next time!

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