Power Money Moves in Crypto (Digital Currency Group EXPOSED II)

in the world of crypto there are a host of principalities and powers providing for influence controlling history changing amounts of wealth they see this as a moment to become the next carnegie vanderbilt or rockefeller but the power barons of the early 20th century have businesses and decision-making was centralized in one person to grab a large slice of the pie today it's better to operate as a cartel what's a cartel and how is the digital currency group positioning itself is the first cartel in crypto i'm gonna break it down for you try not to get killed let's get it welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bit squad the largest and greatest crypto community all the interwebs my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto if you like money and crypto then make sure to hit that subscribe button in this video we continue our investigation into the digital currency group i'm going to take a moment to show you the scope of what is at stake in crypto but before we get started if you haven't seen part one of this series it's gonna be tough to follow along with the details i highly suggest you click this link above to watch part one before watching this video what is driving all these power players into the cryptoverse as fast as they can get in this is a once in a millennium moment to acquire a new form of money but it's also a new form of commerce the american power barons of the 20th century were in a position to corner the market on new forms of commerce and new technologies to speed up commerce railroads cars electricity industrial production methods and so on this meant that if you were in the right place in the late 1800s and did the work you can make historical amounts of money these men had wealth beyond comprehension john d rockefeller had the ability to pay off the entire debt of the u.s government back in 1914 adjusted for inflation rockefeller alone was ordered more than two times the current richest man alive jeff bezos jeff has a measly 200 billion rockefeller would be over 400 billion dollars and that's just in cash he owned a ton of property also crypto is the new frontier but not just of the next agent commerce but in money itself that's why connected people are forming groups to influence manipulate and bully the other players out it's easier to do this in a group it makes you harder to target by other groups and governments a group of business owners that are colluding to manipulate a market it's called a cartel which is derived from the latin word for card you handed a written challenge to your enemies on a tiny cartel to do business it was a sign you wanted to collude fast forward to 2011 and you see the same game being played barry silbert sells his alternative investment platform second market to the nasdaq company yes the nasdaq that your parents have their retirement in that's not a government entity it's a publicly traded company so barry and the nasdaq have a pretty good relationship but the connection to the nasdaq is very interesting when we focus on one man glenn h hutchins glenn was the director of the nasdaq and currently sits on the board of the new york federal reserve but let's dig a little deeper see this glenn is on the board of the singapore government investment corporation or the gic do you know what company is under the ownership of the gic temesec the very company the bot barry silbert second market company gave him the capital to start the digital currency group it's important to understand that the digital currency group has deep connections to the highest levels of corporate and governmental power glenn hutchins himself worked in the obama white house and is serving on the board for the center for american progress and oh look he's part of the world economic forum too oh goody it's the you'll own nothing and be happy folks nothing says freedom more than stripping property rights from the individual am i right it's important to note that barry silbert or someone working on his behalf has put considerable effort into scrubbing the internet for anything related to his past online he's a ghost nothing outside of second market or the dcg shows up even after digging you can't even find his date of birth when were you born barry you go further down the rabbit hole on the web of the connections behind the dcg but that would take a long time and would involve one of those boards with strings and thumbtacks that they used to track serial killers in the movies you know like like the one from seven or zodiac let's take a look at some of the simple and not so simple ways they are influencing the market right now first of all if you aren't in the dcg you are their enemy or at the very least in their way they use their mouthpiece coindesk to push the narratives they want silence the voices they don't like if you're a project like cardano they really don't like you dcg hates cardano and its founder charles hoskinson that's no more apparent than how the other week they had one of their senior editors write an article comparing the work that charles and iohk are doing in africa to being a european colonizer they downplayed the effects of smart contract technology like cardano would have on struggling african nations it was pure fud propaganda that's just one example if you look at a deep eye project like our buddies at door chain coindesk is happy to run article after article about the hacks that they suffered this year with no positive news coverage at all wonder why that is thor chain has had great price action this year even through the hacks the community is solid and they're continually updating their platform oh wait it's not in the dcg and it supports ethereum and is a full-blooded device liquidity pool provider it's everything that dcg hates in fact if you search for door chain on coindesk you'll find article after article about thor chain fud and then boom and a glowing review about conflux a crypto liquidity protocol run out of china this is intentional don't forget that we've shown you the ties dcg has to china in part one but let's look at the more subtle approaches the dcg takes when it comes to messaging xrp is the crypto from ripple labs it's also controlled by the dcg but ripple has had a lot of drama happening over the past few years after they got sued by the sec all the major exchanges pulled xrp from their list of tradable assets to save face even coinbase took it down and they're part of the dcg portfolio coindesk never did that took her on their website the most traffic crypto news site in the world has never taken xrp off their ticker it's been right next to ethereum and bitcoin the whole time that's a subtle but important detail quindesk knew that xrp wasn't going anywhere because the dcg is working with ripple labs to make xrp and the projects from xrpl tokens become the cryptocurrency standard between the financial institutions uh remember glenn h hutchins from earlier that's not a coincidence i believe that this whole sec drama is a smoke screen for ripple labs to continue development out of the public eye secure all their deals well ahead of the competition that's how a cartel works they collude and manipulate connect the dots bit squad you're swimming with the whales that's all i got be blessed [Music] you

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