Polygon (Matic) – Ethereum’s Internet of Blockchains | Polygon Layer 2 Gaming Explained

most of you out there are probably well aware of the major series of ethereum 2.0 upgrades that we are currently experiencing and as ethereum looks to shake up its ecosystem and improve on issues such as congestion and network traffic the team has gone on record and stated that is extremely supportive of the multiple layer 2 scaling solutions available of the most prevalent alternate chain scaling blockchains geared at ethereum the polygon protocol formerly known as the matic network is one of the most dominant in the space and set to dominate across the next generation of blockchain protocols perhaps the most attractive feature of the polygon network is how well suited it is as a blockchain gaming platform who knows great of you to join us today at cryptopuffy as we are going to take a very close look at the polygon network as well as some of the most exciting new announcements from the polygon team that reveal their true intentions toward the future of the ecosystem and their platform in regards to blockchain gaming make sure you stick around and pay close attention till the end because you do not want to miss out on the exciting news developments we have in store for you although the polygon network and the magic token has seen some huge booms across recent times the ethereum layer 2 solution has been in the works for a while and rebranding from matic to polygon signified a huge shift and direction of development since then the polygon ecosystem has exploded over a matter of weeks and is soon looking to become the primary layer to solution in the upcoming years the matic network was originally founded in 2017 by three founders and seasoned software developers with one of the polygon developers actually sitting as a core designer behind the ethereum plasma project plasma was an ethereum style project looking towards scalable autonomous smart contracts and was originally proposed by vitaly buttering polygon combines a number of ingenious developers alongside an innovative delegated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism in order to validate transactions utilizing this hyper-efficient and next-generation blockchain mentality the polygon network has rebranded in order to become ethereum's internet of blockchains this indicates that polygon wants to become the primary entrance for any investor looking to get involved with ethereum based assets as of now polygon currently operates its primary plasma chain but aims to further implement a number of other secured layer 2 blockchains that look to take advantage of the huge improvement ethereum network this is featured alongside the polygon software development kit that allows developers and teams to create their very own stand-alone chains that remain ethereum compatible with reliability yet whilst maintaining the freedom and control of their very own blockchain protocol layer 2 solutions are all the rage right now with the major polygon competitors being projects like polkadot and the cosmos ecosystem however polygon is able to offer users some unparalleled benefits thanks to its revolutionary technological implementations and concept behind them polygon provides users and developers with a security robustness and network effects of the ethereum blockchain itself the most exciting news out of the polygon network in relationship to blockchain gaming arrived earlier this year in q1 2021 and it was announced that there was a partnership between polygon and the chain link team tailing introduced a source of verified randomness into the polygon ecosystem which serves to introduce many use cases into polygon that relates directly to gaming and gambling both of which rely heavily on random number generation his unbelievable integration of verifiable randomness and into the polygon project was further embodied by the six segments kind of combination alongside the gaming industry giant atari atari is an absolute icon with the gaming sector but it's certainly not a fresh face to the crypto world having also partnered with the other return-based project decentraland in order to develop and build an in-world casino to be powered by polio but this virtual casino is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to considering the close relationship that the polygon network and blockchain gaming are set to further develop blockchain gaming is a seriously booming sector with a formal half of 2021 earning blockchain gaming companies a sizable 476 million dollars from investors alone although that does still exist the numbers of issues within the sector it is clear to see that this is an avoidable space that is set to see an unprecedented levels of growth blockchain gaming is undergoing a massive overall and has since been matured by a number of interesting and unique play to earn models that have seen continuous success across various platforms and decentralized apps the sort of global marketplace that this gaming titles appeal to is forecast to rival traditional gaming companies in the near future with two of the primary organizations at the forefront of this wave as ic labs and polygon technology having recently combined and announced an exciting new product gamify gamify is a play to earn elt guild as well as a launch pad that shall look to serve as a hub for game finance aimed towards blockchain gamers investors and traders users will be able to trade gaming assets cross-platform and maintain most gaming assets through a single platform perhaps the biggest announcement of blockchain gaming news earlier this year was the announcement of the ave gochi nfc gaming opting out of an ethereum mainland release due to the insane eth fees in fact the project opted towards the polygon network and further stated that layer 2 host would mean no gas fees faster transaction confirmations as well as a great gaming experience all around avigocochi ultimately launched in early march 2021 with 10 000 pre-minted nfts selling out within a single minute the highly anticipated yield brewing nfts have seen continued success on the polygon network and should look to show the primary organization behind avagochi ave should reveal that this layer to solution is a perfect home for an alternate version of its protocol ave enables investors to earn interest on deposits and borrowing assets and sits as one of the largest decentralized lending and borrowing protocols on ethereum currently maintaining in excess of a whopping 5.6 billion dollars in total assets this is not too far fetched as there are currently exists a bridge between the ave and matic token although official announcements are yet to be made this announcement in january regarding vegochi and this decision to be hosted on the polygon network as opposed to the ethereum magnet due to high cost fees is just the start of the faith of high profile projects in the polygon ecosystem since then there have been a number of extremely exciting blockchain gaming projects opting towards polygon as their network of choice zed run and sky waver to name a few the insanely high transactions fees on ethereum net are seriously detracting for many gaming projects that often rely on a number of fast and preferably inexpensive transactions x infinity is often considered the gold standard in blockchain gaming and recently hit or record breaking 350 000 daily active users actually opted to switch to its very own custom build sign chain in a desperate attempt to reduce fees and make transaction confirmation faster it is this dire need for low fees and fast transaction applications that are so desirable for blockchain gaming applications that have kept the polygon network in a perfect position to encapsulate and soon dominate the blockchain gaming space as of now the fastest decentralized application on polygon is decentral games this project a number of gambling games across the decentral land allowing users to both place play and own the very first metaverse casino investors are able to control profits vote on new games and earn money back to playing alongside classic liquidity providing and holding rewards it is clear to see gaming applications the central games is set to become the future of blockchain gambling gaming polygon is well aware of the multiple gaming related ventures that are looking to be featured and growth within its ecosystem as such the polygon team has since announced the launch of its very own gaming and nft studio with a total investment of 100 million dollars in order to bring further development to the network this polygon gaming studio is set to provide further support and assistance to any blockchain game developer and serves to further attract artists and investors toward polygon nft and gaming ecosystems polygon studios has been operating successfully so far and has since released its very first project a cricket based nft game called rario this project offers nft trading cards and memorabilia aimed directly at the world famous port of cricket an officially licensed cricket nft platform currently partner with the cricketing boards of multiple nations is the first of many exciting projects to be launched from the polygon studios blockchain gaming initiative sports nfts are truly staggering space with the daypers labs nba top shot project earning in excess of 700 million dollars in sales within a single year of a year of operations compare the heavily localized game of basketball with cricket's international popularity alongside a 2.5 billion members audience it should go without saying that this is a prime marketplace for nfts that being said polygon is still very much on its early day although maintains the title of ethereum's current leading scaling solution due to its fast and expensive transactions with many of the most exciting releases still very much on the horizon but as we see near the next generation of blockchain protocols will polygon truly be able to dominate the layer 2 and blockchain gaming space it is clear to see that polygon has plenty of projects focused heavily on gaming with in excess of 16 projects aiming directly at the blockchain gaming sector alongside heavy monetary investments from the polygon team itself as well as a number of interesting partnerships that look to further solidify polygon as the hub of blockchain gaming in the near future one thing is for certain the ethereum network and the most legitimately year-2 scaling solutions are set to see some unprecedented levels of growth in the near future and polygons shall certainly be riding that wave thank you for joining us today at cryptopuffy leave us a comment below and let us know what your thoughts about our deep dive into the polygon network and its future in the blockchain gaming space share this along with your fellow bullish investors and don't forget to hit that subscribe button see you in the next one bye bye

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