PolkaSwap Can Make You Millionaire – Here is Why PSWAP Crypto And Polkadot DOT Ecosystem

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Currency State. My name is Santiago. I'm   a web developer and investor and in today's 
video I'm going to be reviewing Polkaswap.   I'm going to compare it with the competitors. 
I'm going to explain to you what Polkaswap   is and I will tell you why I think PSWAP could be 
the token that could make you a millionaire. Next   I will also send the 300 to the winner of my last 
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about the video. What do you think about Polkaswap   and the opportunity to enter into the distribution 
of the token? I think this will be one of the last   chances to make you a millionaire in this bull 
run. Without anything else, let's go into it.   Hey guys , well Polkaswap is one of the 
projects of the Polkadot ecosystem. Polkaswap   is going to be the decentralized exchange 
for the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems and it   will be hosted in SORA 2.0 Network. This project 
already launched the test net in the Q4 of 2020.   And for Q1-Q2 of 2021, I think near June, will 
be the Mainnet launch of Polkaswap.

It will   also work with HASHI Ethereum Bridge, so 
you will have the ability to trade any   ERC-20 token with decentralized exchange. of 
course. And for Q2-Q3 of 2021 we will have   version 2 with all the advanced futures, so this 
is something that is really close to coming out.   What is the difference between Polkaswap 
and Ethereum based decentralized exchange?   So from my perspective Polkaswap will 
be the direct competitor to Uniswap and   also to PancakeSwap. So we have Uniswap based 
on Ethereum. We have PancakeSwap by Binance   smart chain. So Polkaswap will be the utility 
decentralized exchange for the Polkadot ecosystem.   So one of the advantages versus Ethereun DEX 
is: a multitude of assets existing on numerous   chains. So “”the traded pair on Polkaswap 
are not limited only to the ERC20 tokens like   other decentralized exchanges, but can be any 
blockchain that can be connected to Polkadot.”   So this is very important because you will 
always have the ability to get the interpolation   that Polkadot will also launch on the mainnet 
-and this is also for the Kusama environment-   And so with interoperability and also the 
possibility to get bridges to other chains,   you will mainly be able to trade any pair 
of tokens into this decentralized exchange.   Also we have, like with PancakeSwap, gas 
fees are very low compared with Uniswap   and the decentralized exchange for Ethereum. 
Polkaswap will also get lower gas fees   and this is because the gas feeds 
will be lower using the SORA Network   because the core infrastructure, which uses 
substrate, is more scalable than Ethereum.   Also another advantage here is the one-time 

If you are currently using the   Ethereum decentralized exchange blockchain, you 
will find that these decentralized sections are   simply too slow, as there is a time lag between 
the time a transaction is sent and the time it is   validated and that will not happen with Polkaswap. 
And if you use Uniswap you might be experiencing   those kinds of lags. Polkaswap project also 
gives us one main token which is PSWAP.   PSWAP will have a 0.3 percent trading fee per 
transaction, like Uniswap. The trading fees   are used to buy back and burn PSWAP tokens 
and so new PSWAP tokens are minted to reward   LPs. Rewards to liquidity providers start at 100% 
of burned trading fees and gradually go down to a   flatline at 35 % of daily burned tokens after five 
years. So it will basically be deflationary so   the token will get more value over time. Before we 
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now from what I’ve found we have a market cap of   10 billion tokens for PSWAP. So that will be the 
supply right now. And in the ecosystem with this   SORA v2 and the Polkaswap Soft Launch, we 
are very close to the soft launch before the   main launch in Q1 or Q2. The important thing 
is that we have three tokens to manage here:   XOR which is the token for the 
SORA Network, we have VAL which is   mainly an airdrop and then we have PSWAP. So the 
XOR distribution, his fair distribution 350 000   tokens were recently put on Uniswap, so you 
can buy them there.

The VAL distribution, these   tokens are distributed in three groups: former 
value of 1 XOR token Holders within Q4 of 2020.   The ERC20 XOW holders as an airdrop, so you can 
get VAL for owning XOR tokens; And for PSWAP:   10 billion total supply which will decrease as 
tokens are burned. The price will be dependent   on the market but the distributions of PSWAP will 
be announced on the soft launch, but anyways. How   can you get the token bonding curve? How does it 
work? Simply put, you can buy XOR tokens using   ETH or DAI, and be rewarded with PSWAP tokens on 
soft launch with one click. The interface is very   simple to use, there is also an incentive in PSWAP 
for users buying XOR from the Token Bonding Curve.   So basically for now you can be rewarded with 
PSWAP if you own XOR tokens, that is what I'm   planning to do right now in the next week. So 
SORA Network tokens can freely move across the   HASHI Ethereum Bridge which means that the three 
tokens on the SORA Network can be stored both   on the SORA network and also on Ethereum Network. 
This is where you can store those tokens.

So which   are the best ways to acquire PSWAP tokens? Well, 
there are three incentive programs right now:   the first program will be “Reward liquidity 
providers on Polkaswap for the next four   years. About 25 000 PSWAP will be allocated 
daily to liquidity providers on Polkaswap,   and after a vesting period, users will be able 
to claim them.” “The second program will reward   buyers on the Token Bonding Curve (TBC)” 
what we discussed before, “25 million PSWAP   will be provided as special bonus rewards when 
buying a newly minted XOR from the TBC. And the   third program is for market makers on Polkaswap, 4 
million will be reserved proportionally for market   makers that have at least 500 000 transactions 
winning an average of at least 1 XORl in each   transaction.” So right now these are the ways to 
get PSWAP tokens. Of course after the main launch,   you will be able to get these PSWAP tokens too. 
But the important thing because we are close right   now is how to get those tokens right now. How 
to buy SORA (XOR) from the SORA Token bonding   Curve. You can enter into Omar Khalid right here 
at omar-khalid.com, and you can enter here and   see how to get this exactly..

How you can get them 
exactly. So the main thing right now is to get the   XOR tokens and be rewarded with PSWAP, i 
think that's the very best strategy right now.   So hi guys we are here, i'm going to put the url 
from my last video and we are going to see who   wins the giveaway from the 300 ETH. And the winner 
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So the question 
is “What do I need to do to get in on Polkaswap?   and is it worth it to get into Polkastarter?” Hey 
man, I found this on reddit which is very cool and   says “there's good and bad news. Bad news is that 
technically no one can buy PSWAP tokens until the   Polkaswap decentralized exchange is launched. The 
good news is that liquidity providers can start   harvesting PSWAP tokens (claimable at launch of 
Polkaswap) using pairs of either XOR/ETH, XOR/VAL   or VAL/ETH on Uniswap or Mooniswap. So 
the game is called the Sora farming game.”   And if you can go here, you can enter and connect 
with your wallet and enter into that farm to get   your PSWAP tokens there.

And also, if you go 
to sora.org you can know more about the SORA   Network and how the SORA Network is connected 
to Polkaswap and the technology behind this, and   it's very cool. So why do I say that I think PSWAP 
can be your next token to make you a millionaire?   Because I compared this with the other 
tokens for decentralized exchange. Uniswap:   you could see a 10x on Uniswap, if you enter at 
the end of december it was around $3 and right now   even with the dip that we are experiencing it is 
at 35 dollars. So this is more than 10x the price   of Uniswap, and also it's ranked at 9th position, 
so it's very very high in the total of coins.   And if you check PancakeSwap now, you can see 
a more exponential increase we were around   40/50 cents, I mean half of a dollar in January 
and right now we are at 32 dollars, so this is   what's very exponential, like 60x that you can be 
making if you entered in PancakeSwap in January   and that is only 3-4 months from now. So i am 
expecting that Polkaswap and PSWAP will have   a similar impact into decentralized exchange as 
what happened with the decentralized exchange of   Binance and Ethereum and that's why i think that 
you have the opportunity if the bull run continues   to make a minimum of 10x on this because 
it will be also at a similar time that   Polkaswap will be launching and everything will 
be tested on Kusama.

So I think for June and July,   maybe the end of May is a very great time to 
enter into Polkadot and have some DOT tokens   but also waiting for Polkaswap’s lunch. I think 
that will be a game changer for decentralized   exchange. So I think you can see 10, 20 or even 
30 % x on your investment and if you move your   cards correctly you can become a millionaire with 
PSWAP, I really think so, you have an opportunity.   This of course will depend if the market will 
continue being bullish and we continue on the bull   run that we have experienced, right now we are in 
a dip.

I think we are going to recover from this   without major problems. I don't think the bull run 
is over yet but if we are very bullish and we have   a lot of hype in the environment I think by the 
end of May-June or maybe July will be extremely   profitable for the entire Polkadot ecosystem. 
But mainly i think Polkaswap (PSWAP) will be   exploding in price. That's all for this video guys 
and if you have any doubts about the information,   I know it was not very clear because a lot of 
things about this are very new.

But you can   write to me and I will be answering 
everything that you need to know,   but I think right now it's a good time to enter 
and start getting PSWAP tokens. Before we leave,   please like the video, subscribe to the channel 
and click the bell to get the notifications.   Remember the Giveaway, it’s very easy to 
enter, the link is in the description. Also,   if this is your first time here, welcome to the 
team and I will see you in the next video! Bye!.

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