Polkamarkets: Crypto Token Review, Whitelist, Coin Prediction, and Price Predictions!

Hope you guys, my name is eq and welcome to another episode of Stonkaholics excel On the most popular coin of this week which will be showing the polka markets A simple explanation of what you'll put forth in the tokenomics the ta white paper And last but not the least price predictions on this token, the sky is the limit for this token, So you definitely want to watch the video in full Before getting into it if you can spend some time liking the video, subscribe In the channel anything like that would be greatly appreciated and let's get started on Brought it up, so we've had big news recently from polka markets lately, You can see the currency gecko positioning them as the best conflicting currency in the United States This week has huge news on the doge bitcoin v series, all these monsters, even money coins, It's pretty impressive so we'll dive into this a little bit more which we touched on in a previous video.

It has gone down a lot since this video finally started arriving or at a very low price with Taking into account where it has been, so let's get to the poker markets that currently ranks at 6.95 at 19 Dollars per coin given the market cap of 27 million is very low, I got a rolling offer Pole has roughly 23 million on offer with a maximum of 100 million and a total of 100 million in supply, so it is Limited symbol is an easy way to describe it as putting the best to something like who will win With the president, when Biden won, he was going to go into the real world with an oracle getting some information That brought it back to the blockchain and then the winner could have paid for that either a or b like so that users can derive income from their expectations of future results and events within An unoperable and decentralized infrastructure where your beliefs become valuable financial assets Openly traded in the marketplace Buy and sell portions of event results or even create your own events Where others can take their own positions and participate and provide liquidity to earn More than just a prediction market, the poker markets will have a significant entertainment advantage, which is Includes Nft-based Live Streaming Integration for Play Sites in E-sports, sports and daily cryptocurrency price markets, and will be shaped Live chats, virtual events, and online communities are also a major entertainment value They will add to our platform live chats and virtual events And online communities also add a major value entertainment to their platform that was launched on January 28 this year by a completely remote team based in Bali Markets London and Lisbon Polka aims to solve problems in forecast markets, such as the lack of liquidity in Markets, shortages of traders and duplication or confusion of markets by incentivizing liquidity providers And traders to facilitate and take large positions while ensuring the regulation system The solution is for markets to be reliable and efficient.

For the polka market, the token is used To coordinate incentives to bring about a network s influence to solve the problems that markets predict plague Like low volumes, low liquidity and very low daily use we're going to jump onto the site A real quick look at this before you jump to the other stuff you can see here I will Biden is president, you can say yes or no, whoever wins, whoever does not get paid, no Gets paid, it's like a gambling betting system basically a great way to say it Because you can see that users of the d5 forecast market can achieve income forecast Buying and selling fractions on entertainment events d5 is more than a prediction market, it is We talked about it a little bit, so here you start to open up and stimulate liquid market liquidity providers On providing liquid markets and earning trading fees and cultivating returns it is rewarded Rewards model users supported by d5 and lps tokens bundled by making predictions and provisioning Liquidity, giving exclusive access to the special features that the entertainment value poker market will have Live streaming of the daily in-game markets, e-sports, and cryptocurrency markets with daily sports Live pricing feed and virtual events in online communities you have a user-based fee economy, So all platinum form fees in the poker market go directly to the users and liquidity providers , Polk symbol is needed to create forecast markets in the polka market as one of the main use cases Forecasting markets will be coordinated by the survey holders to ensure safe and open markets, So we have a little timeline here that you can see that they're actually going to 2022 and it's a great show For the first quarter of the second quarter, the futures market for the esports market, providing liquidity to the portfolio, The curated list d5 features and mining that enters the third quarter is a migration to the sports market Backed by artificial intelligence, information market, pull policy, manipulation, live broadcast events, Fourth Quarter You will see liquidity provisions and governance tools And the dao rd model and then moving to 22 is the Dao Rule Going Be Big Constant coin integration to add more value, use case and finally cross fractions trade, So we are only at the beginning of this and that is why the price is so low on the dollar that we can see this It's soaring especially at a market cap of only 28 million which is pretty crazy If you want to dive into more things you can do Out, and I'm going to do some instructions on their white paper so you can see the main problem that is They try to do the solution is the d5 intersection and the information exchange is a forecast market It is an area where traders can utilize their knowledge of the past, present and future to make a prediction The current prediction markets suffer from concrete outcomes in the real world Major problems such as lack of liquidity in the markets.

Of traders and repeaters Confuse the Markets Polka Markets aims to solve these problems by incentivizing liquidity providers and traders To facilitate and take large positions while there is an organization and solution system. To ensure efficient markets And trustworthy, so there is currently no winner in this market, it has shaped the ability to leverage Information exchange and modeling are the basis for much of the modern capital markets With the rise of D5 and through the yield through the cultivation of decentralized commercial lending And providing liquidity to other market players do not offer all of this together.

So these are the reasons why it wasn't working, which they covered a little before basically delving into it On the strengths of the poker market over these other competitors and why you should do business They hold positions in all these different types of markets, the financial market And my information where you can encode your knowledge and gain it from prediction, So he'll go a little deeper into all of this if you want to dump Look at this I'll do it throw the link below so you can keep looking at this But there is a lot more to the world of pokemarkets and a lot safer than Lots of these [__] coins and coins used by others Instead of putting your money in pumpkins, you can buy polka dots That is a point and will rise dramatically in the long run Go for their tokens, so the utility token used for mining fluidity and fees One hundred million offers 672,700 15,000 total initial swap liquidity of 200,000.

You can see the distribution of their currency from the beginning Where you go how are marginally everything is transparent, Every version details sort of where the money was going and the percentage of tokens It will be opened after listing, we are not close to this area yet where their money is allocated Where it will be allocated the type of marketing actions will be used And the amount of funds to provide liquidity to uniswap and other exchanges So you can see polk which is very new currency when i write polk usd, You can see it is only placing kucoin at the moment on exchanges, So looking at this chart you can see the price pushed all the way down to roughly six dollars It is back down to where it is now when holding support in hopes of this one dollar range It's kind of the reason we brought it up again because we let it drop a very decent amount Slowly working her way back to this area, which hopefully is a sign that we will On a big push the resistance points, so we'll be here, there is a big reversal on sr, Here it will definitely be a major reflection of sr, you can see all These support gaps which have now turned into resistance resistance This would be a good last few resistance area Support and resistance points Moving up here I'd consider this a sr spot and the six-dollar swing tower would be the last, So we have a lot of room to grow in terms of support and resistance Look at this rsi we're going to g-test this 50 RSI soon if we get a break we should To get a nice move that should rise this up a little bit and submit this Oscillator in green again because it has been bearish for a good amount of time Get this by looking at it from a direction point of view, We have a nice little trendline here Now, we want to see a price breakout and find support on the other side of this trend line Which will indicate an incoming impulse.

We would like to play the safe game because if you don't, You will continue to see this price drop and decrease, some people may have seen this, You might have fallen for a nice backup loophole, Do you think the price will never go up this limit actually pushing you up Somehow you have a big old trend line that pushes him to be honest, But if you wanted to draw this, you have a nice trendline done He pushed it down because it couldn't be broken, and I couldn't break it, it tried to break out Depending on the support area but you can see that price has not held up and breached Resistance, and this slight drop in price has brought this down all the way to maintaining the dollar, So hopefully, we can get a boost above 200 ema which will indicate an upward move once that It starts higher, but at the moment is still in a bearish range looking to make a nice nudge Looking at the day we get to these red areas which are a good indication of movement Probably coming while you are in the oversold and super-oversold region.

I'm bearish across all rsis indicators so hopefully it pays off All this good news coming to polk this up in the right direction Until you hear the trend line we had on the other chart is very little, it's very clear Go here somewhere safe so ideally, once he breaks in here, we're looking for that propulsion Or at least to start the trend up, you can even see it from this vantage point, We are entering this triangle area at the moment, and hopefully we can break that Until we get to the critical point you get Now placing two candlesticks on the daily chart represents potential support, so let's see if it could split At least from here, so all the poker markets in all the poker markets are going to be a long haul game, and we still don't We know exactly where the price is going to go but I'll watch this to find out Whether this breaks the trend line if it's a good buy territory to see how far that might push it, Bear in mind that he's already earned up to six bucks six times as much Niche and we go to our market cap at 28 million, so it could move 100 times and be at 2.7 billion Which is crazy and that hardly makes it onto the Top 50 Coins list And it moves 100 times from here 120 coins so you're reaping a large chunk of Money from the local markets if you even think about getting into the Top 50 Coins, So my outlook in the poker market is very bullish in the short term and we're looking to pay To the three dollar range of the dollar looking at the long term, we want to hit the mark The hundred dollars and see what hectares of ppens from there but we have room to raise two hundred dollars And three hundred dollars, so the sky is the limit for the Pokemarks market.

That's about this video, Thank you guys so much for watching this video if you find anything Useful, please Like Subscribe to the channel with anything like that.

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