POLKADOT Parachain LAUNCH! Polkadot & Kusama Parachain Auctions News! Polkadot News!

this is the moment everyone has been waiting for 
polka dot now holds the technical capabilities   to implement parrot chains auctions and crowd 
loans starting on november the 11th until   9th of december since the polka dot white paper 
was introduced over five years ago the creation   of parachains has always been polka dots main 
objective to create a scalable customizable   and truly decentralized infrastructure for 
the next generation of layer 1 protocols the web 3.0 is coming and it's coming 
fast but before the web 3.0 can launch   we need a fully decentralized interoperable 
cross-chain infrastructure transacting in a   trustless and permissionless way i guess you 
know what time it is it is time for polka dot   and kusama as they are launching their parrot 
chain auctions right now the top infrastructure   projects of the future polka dot and kusama 
ecosystem will all be competing for slots   we've already been participating in the first 10 
auctions on kusama and we will continue to do so   because it's been nothing but a home run uzama 
the test net of polka dot has recently implemented   the success of 11 parachain slot auctions now 
kusama was launched in order to give the teams   building the core polka dot protocol parachains 
and the communities an opportunity to test their   technology and teams before launching on polka 
dot now in addition to commending i would say near   a flawless process of the kusama auctions the 
official report also stated that 2.4 million   kusama tokens have been contributed by 49 000 
uniquely active addresses during the auctions   the first polka dot pair chain auction of the 
initial batch is scheduled to begin on november   11 and will continue at a rate at one per week for 
five consecutive weeks until the final auction on   december 9th now the initial bidding period 
will last for two days followed by a five-day   ending period this is different now there are 
further two features of this auction that are   different now first polka dot auctions will 
be held in a transit for a period of one month   unlike kusama because they would onboard the 
projects immediately after winning the auctions   in addition to this in a bit for quality over 
quantity there will be a 75 percent capacity   of projects to that what we saw on usama before 
we leave i want to leave you with some numbers 22   percent of total supply has been raised of locked 
funds on kuzama during the perijean auctions   731 million dollars in kusama has been locked 
in now according to masari they expected similar   numbers in the incoming polkadot auction can 
lead to 7.9 billion us dollar in dot now that   could be locked in the first 10 auctions and that 
would then ultimately lead polka dot into the   rank top five according to coin market 
cap and why am i pointing this out i'm   pointing this out because i don't think that 
these polka dot pair chain auctions are gonna   be anything like we saw with kusama now with 
kusama you had time you could participate and   participate whenever you wanted i do not think 
that that would be the case with polka dot i   think gotta be fast now another thing i wanted 
to leave you with and in case you enjoyed this   and please come and watch our live streams we do 
a weekly polka dot update now when it comes to   participating in a pair of chain auction doesn't 
matter polka dot or on kusama you should be aware   of what the rewards are you see in a way 
it is like uh i would say like an ido ico   however from my point of view it's much more 
secure you don't buy in you lend block your dots   and then you get rewarded with some my point 
of view that could be the top leading future   infrastructure dots within the polka dot 
ecosystem in case again if you any kind of   value well then please hit like smash subscribe 
and just remember kitty she loves polka dots

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