PolkaDot Mornings Season 2, Episode 2! [Hair dying, Ft. Caleb]

let's grab some coffee and have a good polka dot morning with sebastian and diana the great hey hi peoples oh that's right yeah hey guess what our topic is today how are they going to guess we can't hear them i'm the doc that he made my cup is actually empty mine's not empty though so i'm not i'm not a liar sounds empty i told you so i have i can't it's like this guy dyed his eye hair no i didn't i said why not he's got blonde hair and i dyed my hair it's natural color oh except you didn't diet my mom my mom said i couldn't diet and i decided to rebel when i died it's natural color so i'm a rebellious person but i don't get in trouble for it i beat the system i'm genius he often does i always beat the system so kaylee tell us about your hair dying experiences my hair is pink okay i had to bleach it first which is kind of don't bleach it so it parts oh yeah i have to do it twice in the room it makes your head feel like it's like it left a burn on my head right here it's not there anymore i kissed it but i had to i kissed it better than that i had to wear like a um a trash bag over my head and my friend was using yeah and fashions sebastian why is she wearing a trash bag on her head kaylee has low self-esteem that's why she wears trash bags okay tell us i think you're worth more than trash a lot more tell us about your hair dyeing experience what else happened what about it so you bleached your hair and it hurt and then what happened yeah and then it was blonde and it was looks kind of weird blonde i don't i shouldn't go bond like him yeah i'll look like him you shouldn't go blonde like him he shouldn't go blonde oh i'm just in frame she said that she said it i mean she should be laurie because you're good at twisting words yeah you're good at twisting words please continue and then i put the pink in it while i watched a movie what movie crooks being wolf you should watch you should have watched pretty in pink i should have because it's a good one oh i still have the bar perks of being a wallflower from you i'll take it okay and then i put the pink hair dye on and then i walked out and i was like wow that's really pink it's fluorescent i appreciate fluorescence like fluorescent light bulb exactly oh that's cool that's her hair when i dyed my hair i dyed it one time and well like actually originally it was going to look like jack frost's hair from as the guardians but now it really doesn't but anyways when i dyed it the first time it was like really yellow and not blonde like yellow and it looked really bad like like his hair was snow and then some dog peed on it probably i wasn't actually there yeah he wanted it white and then he was cute did you cry no and then i had to bleach it again and since i had to bleach it twice it burned my head really bad but then it was like really really blonde yeah that's what happened yeah when i when i um i went down my hair i found this guy in like the back of a van inside a garage and i was like hey i want to dye my hair it's original color and he's like oh okay you were in those that's what it was so then he put a blindfold on me and he brought me to this like underground mob boss lair of hair dying and i didn't know they had those but apparently there's like a big market in that for rebellious teens who don't want to be in put in trouble you don't really want to rebuild this i don't know it's complicated and so then they um they hit me with a stick and i passed out for a while when i woke up they had dyed my hair and dumped my body like in an alleyway that's horrible they took the payment from me like like they told me what the payment was and then like exactly that much money was missing from my wallet it was pretty cool i would do it again i really would yeah well just make sure just make sure you have enough money in your wallet because i'm pretty sure if you don't they like take a finger i don't know any plans for future hair dyes oh i have i have the plans one time once i'm out from under the man don't touch my jacket call me anymore oh don't touch your jacket get your hand out of your pocket okay i'm wearing squash's jacket and sometimes he puts his hand in his pocket when i win at frisbee anywhere it's happened and then one time he was wearing my shoes and i was tying my shoes while he was wearing it that was a lot of fun anyway yeah so once i'm in college not from out of the man i'm gonna dye my hair white kind of like how this guy tried to do except i'm going to succeed hopefully i'm going to do better at it it's not your fault it's not whatever you just need to continue you just didn't have the right opportunities so i'm going to dye it white and then get like black streaks in it so it looks like a zebra that's brilliant i'm gonna have zebra that's awesome hair it's good it's gonna be the purple zebra print ever purple zipper like my purple zebra pen hat that's like a purple zebra yeah we already established yeah i want to have rainbow hair or black hair rainbow or black black rainbow but yeah but i don't know how you do that otherwise it'd be like what's your future plans for your hair i just said it just said oh yeah after the zebra thing gets like cut off or whatever i'm gonna dye it leopard print which is actually impossible like it is possible after you google it find your like favorite picture of leopard print hair dye and put it in what happens when it's like half zebra and then like that's awesome okay okay i could have like the food chain on my head

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