PolkaDot Mornings episode 19! [Star Wars Episode 1]

she said she's gonna quit the show and she can blame me his kids asked her to get her own chair and not in turn on the light journal I can get a chill and I made this awesome video and he just delete him cuz it was a dream team it no it wasn't she was told she was eating that oh it wasn't too damn it wasn't gonna go on anything I was just telling you and you deleted after the first two seconds and I was so now you were lying anger that's a good way to start the show actually hey I get really punched you okay let's do that again but don't worry yeah we're done Oh what over get school then overkill yes ma'am oh that what you're supposed to like new okay so keep my anger in mind cuz it might help in today's cover interesting kind of does does da words make you angry no I'm saying yeah I was below as far as makes you angry yeah has a lot to do comment below and don't judge it take you angry please watch it's not worth it I'm saying it has to do with ear like the third one when you get so angry it's not worth the people focused you can get help oh yeah fudging it it's been like this all day no really are okay so yeah we're gonna talk about Star Wars okay okay okay but this isn't funny you're funny yeah baby okay so yeah we're talking about Star Wars Episode one so i gave you I told you I was gonna ask you this yesterday a second I'll get upset I bet you could look out but I know and by thanking try remembering who is boss nest it was even in the song the guys the cool name okay but who is huge boss nass so I'm saying gun coming he saw he's that guy from Star Wars you know that one thighs it has oh he has that mouth you know Kaylee you know Gungans are having okay okay okay never once you've witnessed 19 out watch out watch it sounds like yeah it's the stupidest one but he'll look one of the best villains dar small did doubles so yeah yeah ok so the Gungans wait are we doing number with one and two it is one today just one today said oh mama tomorrow with a romantic when Mars know what do in one sweet star wars until we're done security so we should like each day we should watch it okay pokey smokey flip watched it for this one's so it's my know the least okay so Gungans are jar jar binks people you you know who George arias right okay his species is the Guardians boss nass is their ruler okay if you guys if you guys like Star Wars and you know the song american pie we're gonna link that song to ya you need to listen to a weird al's parody of that called the saga begins cuz it's really good I'm heart you like um did you see him hidden on the Queen though he's just not and she's 14 yet he's probably gonna marry her someday I so weird though it's true it's their lives like we're weird so older and he's a little kid and she's like it's like weird but he's really skilled really skilled me so if there was like a five year old little girl was really skilled you would that's a diff that's not the right different actually I've been eight year old but still doesn't matter story oh yeah yeah Oh granting but he is pretty talented think about that he built c-3po he's he's not in right he built a robot that can speak like a bunch of languages and do a lot of stuff except she's really slow um he's a great pilot like at age nine must I remind you I'm each I'm not a good palliative you're not a pilot and those other heroes oh and he's like he hasn't even been trained by Jedi's yet and he's gotten force within him this makes it likely thanks that is so cool what do you lose that it was a mosquito bit me um so what was fun no kidding you know you know the Padres right yeah I love that level in lego star wars yes man it's all like me when when lego star wars won first came out I got it oh good honest my first tooth yes no it was mine and I think I got it was not it was but every day when we got home from school was it all asked mom after this Oh aren't you gonna swatch the video unless she's a shirt every day after home we wouldn't hit peak what if she doesn't watch it just won't ever you that yeah you're going exactly so yeah we come home from school and you are we eat your snack then do our homework and then we display lego star wars for a long time except i went to the side of chase bays research yeah so no but we usually played that at least every day for long because it was awesome and i know one day we went straight home oh and we started playing it and ask we got home and we start playing and then midas borned we were like i was we were about to leave for school word oh yeah happened a couple times I had to wake up like a time oh I just did my homework with the car you know because the idea madam I home and moms like kids whenever you wake up to your markets I got up like I'd no time with I was like one in the morning I like got dressed and stuff and I was like downstairs do my homework moms like you to be true I'm so mad at you for drying out this mark I wrong she was drawing hearts on my board and the she made the marker dry out it was awful he was that it was distant okay so yeah Darth Maul is really cool yeah yeah I used to actually figure of him do you remember that and since he had the red faced with the black stripes and the horns we always so freaked out you remember that is about like this tall what's that like a piggy bank a Darth Maul piggy bank there's an idea I know I know what I'm getting you for christmas hidden virgin ooh King works too Oh get like you know ken is hilarious and toy story 3 i'm hilarious in Toy Story you know 55 sorry no but it will be and I will be in it and i'll be hilarious but it can't leave the wharf a team huh breaking barney is awesome she's gonna go help too well maybe there's the botany in the second okay okay so um do you know that here I'll never do it was either like zero or twice is how many is like either Darth Maul never blinks in that movie where he only blinks twice or something like that for real yeah where did you hear that do you like cow on his bling no I don't remember i heard it be like this time I watching the spiced up a little let's go out how many times wow that would be lame uh Padme school she is cool I like her hair oh and you nude way no no I don't you don't oh you're thinking Princess Larin yeah but she has the big thanks cash yes Claire 20 I like the part when you first meet r2d2 you know where he saves the ship from the little alien robots and all the other ones can't do it he's a boss he's a stuff is awesome like a boss yeah Oh what else what else is in that movie um Jabba the Hutt you me my big fat worm he's so awesome though he's just like yeah I can do whatever I want a shorter boys do you remember that level on battlefront when you had to break into his palace yes horse so that game is battlefront star wars battlefront that's a great game yeah I remember because I like used to always play like all these you know fighting me like my friend and are you don't you know so no I do so at your games the minute I'm doing that oh well I'm if you don't you can owe ya know cuz I when I was like in third grade and stuff you know and so you know most of my friends and suffering too late cheetah girls and stuff and then we all went to like this homeschool thing and like there was some guys talking about stars and I was like oh yeah it's like start talking about video games and they're like you're a girl you can't play that what you forgot to accidents well I'm talking in bucks no we'll do that next time sorry I guess which one we forgot about cereal and accents watch another watch it love you

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