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hi crypto fans welcome to ccs cryptocurrency state my name is antiagua i'm a web developer and investor and in today's video i'm going to do some quick technical analysis in dot to see what's expected of the price and we are going to review some news about polkadot on the next steps remember that i launched the most amazing giveaway of crypto i will be giving half of a bitcoin to one winner and five ethereum for each of the winners so link is in the description it's very easy just a couple of clicks and you will be participating for the giveaway before we begin please like the video subscribe to the channel and click the bell to get the notifications to participate on the giveaway you need to be subscribed if you are one of the winners but you are not subscribed to the channel with the bell on you will not receive the prize so please subscribe before go to the giveaway and leave me your comments below the video about polka dots what are your price predictions and what are you doing right now in terms of speculation are you holding it are you staking it what are you doing right now without anything else let's go into it [Music] going into the bitcoin dominance for the last month and a half i have been showing this resistance support line rectangle here and i told in all my my technical analysis video that once we broke this we will have an alko incision and that is what we are experiencing um the first target was broke also as support as support here this line was very important for support in this direction here here at resistance here of resistance to and we broke that line and now we are facing our second line of support which is the place that we are right now at 53 and i think if we continue broken this we will go to 49.74 which has been also resistance on the pass and support all the way here so that will be a chart for bitcoin dominance to review but we are completely overextended here so i will expecting some balls from this level i don't think that we will continue to for 49.

Um if we do that that will be a very strong sign of a continuation on the altcoin season this previous thing here was our previous circumcision on the wood market of 2017 2018 and you can see that we went all the way into the 36 so even if we get rejected here and consolidate on this range it's very healthy and if we broke this we still could drop 39 and go all the way back here for another coin season but that probably will means that it's the end of the world run dot against bitcoin it's very healthy also from january we are that is our performing bitcoin with this uptrend and we held this line of support here here here like four times here and again right now two days ago so this line is very important on that trend and we have a double top here which this could lead to a bearish pattern it's nothing confirmed here but this line of resistance is very important around the seven eight uh 095 satoshi's so this is something to to check out this is an ascendant triangle uh usually breaks to the upside but we need to check that because a double bottom double top also could mean some bearishness so watch the three angle that we are forming right now here and if we broke this that will be amazing to dot against bitcoin and maybe you can move some of your bitcoin to dot to get that hype but if not you need to see this structure to see what's happened in terms of dot against usd usdt that will mean dot against the dollar basically uh we also have this uptrend line which is very important because we hold it as support all the way up on this uptrend then we broke it down broke it up broke it out again and now it's acting all the way here this six times as resistance so probably that's something also to watch if we break this above the the trend line and we called it a support again that would be very very bullish but in the meantime we have this support line here that coincides with all our previous heights here so these two lines are the most important right now as support and resistance and basically you can see all here with support and resistance and analysis of the price action so if we are about this line we can have some consolidation or maybe another leg up but if we broke this 39 almost almost 50 40 40 range dollar that would mean that we can go again back here to 34.

So that's what we need to expect the indicators are very neutral right now we are a little overextended but not too much so we are very neutral on that mainly we need to see what bitcoin does uh in order to check the both charts before we continue with the video remember that i am doing an amazing giveaway i will be giving half of a bitcoin to one winner and five ethereum to five different winners if you want to participate it's super easy just a couple of clicks follow the link in the description but remember that you need to be subscribed to the channel with a bell on to be considered in terms of news with polkadot and dot token there are a lot of news on the last week week and a half i will go very quickly with a lot of news to put you the big picture of how the project is going and there we are going to check what is next with polycadot if you are not too familiar with the police dot project you don't know what a parrot chain is check my my video from polkadot the price prediction that i did and i explained the project in detail so you understand everything about polycardot in this new tether usdt to launch on kusama with polkadot to follow kusama is like the beta a blockchain that police has so everything it will be first launched on kusama and then we will move to polkadot uh it's like a test nest something like that we can consider it and kusama is like the canary network it's called theater is said to go live on a polkadot following a launch on the network costume kusama uh in another news regarding the adoption and shin writes almost 19 million in private token cell to build polka dots per chain for nfts so uh engine token cell will help in shim to build its nft platform away from ethereum high gas fees we know this is one of the problems that we have with ethereum right now and that's why bmb also is in a high because of the binance smart chain i did a video about that the other day and that's why cardano also is so promising when they get smart contracts in the middle of this year um people and projects corporations are looking into alternatives for ethereum because of the high fees mainly underscalability too and we are not going to see very soon an update on ethereum maybe it could take almost a year to have the stake in an ethereum to a 3.0 so in the meantime there are a lot of partnerships and interoperability into different coins and blockchains and polkados is one of them blockchain plant aforementioned has secured multi-million dollar funding rates in a bid to migrate its upcoming public blockchain affinity to polkadot another news also related to partnerships with polkadot polkadot and cosmos connect as plus a secret network release bridge mvp the two projects seek to become the foreigners of cosmos and polkadot interoperability plus network and secret network to project based on polkadot and cosmos respectively have launched the first iteration of a bridge to connect the two ecosystems each representing a different layer zero protocol so this is something that we want to see uh regarding polka dot all partnerships and updates that will be exploding the price of polka dot of dot when all the parallel chains are in action and um the project starts to run finally so there's a lot of expectation here also raise a p e and t to polka dots new index token sixth of project sign up six of polcado's top rock check have already put their hands up to future in the polkadot index network token and sit on its constitute council the source code for the upcoming polka dot index network token or pin has been made public with half a dozen projects putting their hands up to be included in the index the project has outlined a four phase roadmap that is expected to culminate in the main net launch within three months so it's very quick the pin token seeks to offer investor balance exposure to the emerging polkadot ecosystem helps in the volatility of individual projects against the broader performance of the sector that's also an awesome project or or news how will sora price perform after the launch of polka swap remember polka swap is expecting to be the the uni swap for ethereum or the pancake swap for binance smart chain it will be the the main um the centralized exchange on polkadot so polkaswap could be one of a great investments to do still thinking in the future the two largest problems are scalability and the segregation of multiple blockchains that exist independently and cannot share information the polkadot-based project tries to solve both of those but little next by offering cross-blockchain transfers of any type of asset it also provides transactional scalability by spreading transactions and validation across multiple parallel blockchains remember to see my my video of polkado if you don't understand some of the terms a connection to polkados through the solar network allows the new polka swap the centralized exchange to future a much higher transaction output compared with its rivals while also maintaining reasonable transaction fees that's also very important for this and refine the finance which is a project based on polkadot aims to simplify defy investing through basket protocols uh refinance is a centralized finance ecosystem powered by polkadot has released a new investment product aimed at helping passive investors gain access to a broader portfolio of cryptocurrencies so all this news there are a lot of more news about polkadot projects and partnerships or even different ecosystems connecting to the blockchain of polkadot of course first we will be testing fusama but you have a picture of all the progress that polikados is doing is connecting all the dots before have the complete launch of the auction of the pilot chains and that will be an expected moment of for sure the price will will rise up even when the situation that we have right now we are in a bull run and that will also help to the hype of police when all the power chains in action start to function and the ecosystem starts to to claim in price and valuation there are a lot of next steps for polkadot project and partnerships we have the token mean team this is that they killed protocol mainnet which is slid to go live in around 11 months will be the first project to mean tokens this is based on polkadot blockchain we have the test net for the centralizations taking on q2 um we have i i'll run also a building a bridge for polkadot iaba and elrond during q3 of 2021.

We have the polkado integration for polka city another project based on polkadot and a lot of migrations or partnerships that will connect the ecosystem of polkadot with another existing project or new project also so that is all for today for that expect you enjoyed the video remember i did a more clear uh explanation of how polkadot works what is the power chain work how the blockchain works in my price prediction video of polkadot and i put in that price prediction at 200. dot but now i am considered that probably we could run a little higher than that right now we are 43 that will be 5x but i think that middle of the year we could expect a more hype yeah for polkadot remember the giveaway you can go into the link of the description it's a couple of clicks and you will be one possible winner for the half of bitcoin or one ethereum which will be five different winners and before we leave please like the video subscribe to the channel and click the bell to get a notification and i see you in the next video

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