Polka Dots Skidoo w/ Josh & Blue! | What I Like About Blue | Blue’s Clues & You!

[barking] Wow! This must be Polka Dot's bedroom. And there's Polka Dots. – Ahem, hi, Polka Dots.
– Hi. Hi, Blue. [barking] Polka Dots is a sleepy head
who's getting ready for bed. [barking] Polka Dots needs something
comfy and cozy to wear. Oh, well… what do you think
is comfy and cozy to wear? [barking] Hmm. Oh. The pajamas! [barking] Pajamas! Ah, yeah pajamas. Pj's are comfy and cozy. Comfy, cozy, comfy, cozy. [barking] So comfy, so cozy. [yawning] Polka Dots needs something else! Polka Dots need something warm and cozy. Ah, it's all about the cozy.

I get it. [barking] Come on. Oh. What do you think
is warm and cozy to sleep with? [barking] Hmm. His blankie. [barking] Ah! Yeah, his warm and cozy blankie. [barking] [barking] Umm, warm and cozy, cozy, cozy. [snoring] Polka Dots needs
something to snuggle with! Something cuddly and cozy. [barking] Okay. Ooh. Okay, what do you think
is cuddly and cozy for bed? [barking] The monkey. [barking] The monkey stuffy is cuddly and cozy. [barking] Thank you. [barking] [barking] Good night, Blue. And you. I love you. We love you, too. [barking] ♪ Good night, Polka Dots
Good night ♪ [snoring] [barking] [snoring] [barking] You can ask your parents to subscribe
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