Polka dot man lego batman 3 -1

hello everyone welcome to a lego batman video this and i'm going to be showing you how to get polka dot man so you just got to talk to kevin smith here yes he is behind you Kevin Smith sorry why are these guys now all right 10 more now can I please just get polka dot so I have my alma polkadot man and a gold brick Oh need that so yeah now that I will often he he looks ridiculous to be honest I'm gonna get a better view of him here we okay so we are at the base yeah he's definitely a psychopath wait look at him he's got polka dots um he that has a ball he just walks in a ridiculous way that's one of the worst parts about this guy I wouldn't say he's a waste of time though I mean who wouldn't want to have a guy that it just polka dots I mean come on that's just awesome wait I can't hit while the polka dots disappear so he's a cool guy though I still think he should be working at the circus rather than being a villain so yeah it's how you get polka dot man and legobatman 3b on Gotham I

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