Polka Dot and Lemon Lime make Reese’s Puffs muffins part 1

hi I'm polka dot and on then we're back yes it's been the three years since our last video and now we're back and we're a lot more soup tonight well we're making on the line we are making Reese's puffs muffin mix yeah but I don't have a muffin pan so we're using this pan just gonna make a giant muffin we are kind of like a cake eat the reeses cup cake sounds delicious as usual all probably just fighting throughout this video so I'm going to let coconut take it over well first we're going to eat then 425 lunch because we need to make it or moving falls between 400 and 450 kendra mountain white alright also you want to piece this piece don't know even grease of it sorry it's nonstick though so we should have ruffled that's good I haven't had a problem with it ok so I just moved here and I have zero supplies what is that streusel on Belenko alright so very take our mix back over the sidewalk yeah we're speaking with it takes muffin nothing makes the water oil and a beautiful I don't know what having a laugh they drink the stir part person I got serious batter maybe you won't be cuz I batter up on muffin cups try me yay what am I like everything when the line and I just got back from an adventure to Carmel as usual yes you do it was an interesting adventure with that a lot of new stuff would you like to library I'm who we went to see know how old they are I don't know where you're measuring cups on cop why you doing I'm going to break the age what we get my potato peeler you jelly like that one-handed yeah when we need me in third quarter fourth of this royal only offers that one hit it did not go so well I drop the shell I don't know it it's not a lot of 34 scout so we have to do all that all right there's no such thing tougher stuff you have won this appointment up yes that's what I'm doing hey think about I give up she's jerk this is a jerk so rude all right do the oil first why it doesn't matter it's a water mix water whatever headed to hear I'm pretty big wine a city water too so what am i doing fourth at this so it's been a while one of the seven to three years I graduated from college I broke off an engagement and I'm still in college I'm a fifth year senior whoo you have a job of hiding in two and a half weeks I work at a pizza parlor this is my apartment though so I'm kind of going places you're going to wash dishes while want to put this in the drawer okay yeah let me not to do some really old hiller ok so what live in line is referring to we refer will see the Ghana I'm scene yes he is ten-year-old yeah there we go they're going to know this information yeah yeah we went hung out those first time little I'm watch media I just hit me and how do you feel about him he's okay no he's nice he doesn't want kids so I'm like not okay and as usual very good put it in the pan it's like a resi yeah so I feel like do you want a scraper this way to happen looks like something you like this this is gonna be really small cake here mi said of us can you do some beer ok here ok let's pick away I mean the hurt at all she's got that all over my cabinet it's not really well hey you should just make it as you have cake or whatever a muffin okay I don't know how this would be a muffin I feel like it fall more into the cupcake category oh it's not know you think I feel like we're much more funny when we were 18 and it's only 11 oh we're getting old we r started on my floor just watch out you're not supposed to be licking things yeah it is pretty good i would recommend it then other cereals to what they have had cinnamon toast crunch which i actually have like the actual serial cocoa puffs pre-sequel true sea pups as the current goes now we're ready to output put it on before after you make any porn you sprinkle streets over batter bicycle streusel I don't know I didn't make it up I'm about like burn on top sorry you're definitely not even close to tell me for used to be sorry told you was the one you told me do you say hmm say knock knock who's there Daisy Daisy who they see me rollin they hatin embarrassing Briggs is what it looks like and now we're going to let it bake for 13 to 18 minutes I'm also the time where she's my phone alright well I'll come back in 15 okay we'll see you 15 minutes we'll try to be more funny unless old

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